Author Topic: Are we sick? How to go back?  (Read 1456 times)


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on: July 12, 2019, 03:14:51 PM
Sometimes i hate myself for it. This is affecting my life, affecting my psychology. It makes me feel bad. But if I don't do it, I have hard time cumming, and its seriously annoying that you feel the urge, but can't do anything to release that urge. I can't find anything to fap into like this. Watching regular sex is sooo boring now. Why watch what other men do to these girls, its not fun when you are not the one doing it. If I had a partner to have sex with, I wouldn't have needed to discover these. Should I do nofap or something? I've tried that once, for 4 days only. I hate to fap too. I fapped 3 times atleast today. But I can't focus into anything else if I don't fap.


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Reply #1 on: July 12, 2019, 03:51:55 PM
If it truly is bothering you, rather than actively avoid it, simply try to relax. Whenever you feel the urge to tap to this idea, don't just stop yourself - try and focus on the negative feeling and nothing else.

Eventually, your mind will correlate that negativity to the Bully-Mother subject, and immediately find it as a turnoff.


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Reply #2 on: July 15, 2019, 10:17:35 PM
I dont consider that have a fetish is being sick. It is just for entertainment. If you jerk 3 times a day you need to stop. Dont abuse because you wont enjoy the orgasm.

 I recomend no fap. Use that energy and time in study/work or do anything. 


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Reply #3 on: July 16, 2019, 07:55:27 PM
I wasn't planning on commenting until I saw KingHK's terrible advice. If you feel this stuff is having a detrimental effect on your mental health - which is totally understandable btw, as this stuff can kinda lead down a fucked up, blackpilled road if you have a hard time separating your kink from the other aspects of your life - the solution is not to keep doing it and "associating it with bad thoughts" or some shit. That will only make you more depressed and isolated. The solution is to do your best to stop using this fetish of porn. Cold turkey if you can. Reconnect with friends. Try to make new friends (trust me, I know how hard it is to make new friends). See a therapist if you're able, and let them know how you're feeling. Hell, there are baby steps you can take!! I know from firsthand experience that reconnecting with friends or trying to go out and make new ones can be extremely daunting and taxing when battling anxiety and depression, I really do, but the key is to really get away from the triggering material. Maybe, next time you feel like settling down and reading some hardcore ntr story, just go play a video game instead, catch up on a Netflix show, anything to get you away from the triggering material..

For so many people in this fetish community, it can be hard to separate the humiliation kink from the rest of their lives. That's what leads to destructive advice like KingHK's. But when you're displaying serious signs of depression, the answer isn't "relax. just wallow in those bad feelings while you jack off" it's "do whatever you can to stop triggering that specific chemical reaction in your brain."

I think a big part of the reason that this fetish in particular (and other adjacent, related fetishes) have a hard time "turning it off" so to speak is that a huge component of the bully-ntr fetish is the humiliation of the feeling that we aren't good enough, that we aren't worth it. But it's just a dumb kink. You are valuable, you are worth it, and you owe it to yourself to have a better life.

spiky green cactus

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Reply #4 on: July 19, 2019, 01:04:16 AM
Absolutely not, in fact it is actually very normal to have a cuckolding fetish. This is because it is evolutionary beneficial to have such a fetish.

Studies have shown that thousands of years ago 17 women reproduced for every male. 17 to 1! This means that almost all of the children were born to a very small number of alpha males. This trend continues to this day, where there are clear "alpha bulls" who have sex with many females and impregnate them. Alpha bulls are those males with stereotypical masculine attributes, such as being big and strong and having good tendon connections. This makes it very dangerous for a non-alpha male to fight an alpha for a females, because the alpha can easily kill the beta.

Evolution has caused a small percentage of male human fetuses to develop into alphas, kind of like how some ants are designated as "soldier" ants at birth and develop huge jaws. This is because if everyone was an alpha, then all the males would fight all the time and kill each other because they are evenly matched. So human tribes that developed this "alpha/beta" ratio of men were able to survive because there was less competition between males for females. This also allowed the betas to work to help the tribe instead of competing for females.

So in conclusion, being a beta who enjoys watching alphas fuck females is actually very beneficial for the survival of the human race as a whole. The beta is free to work to build a good society where humans can thrive, and the alphas are tasked with breeding the next generation of humans.


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Reply #5 on: August 02, 2019, 08:49:33 PM
Cactus that makes a lot of sense, beautifully put ;)


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Reply #6 on: October 26, 2019, 12:25:23 AM
There is no fucking alpha ideology.

Hitler was a considered a god (god alpha of Germany) and he did enjoyed femdom anyway.

Its just what happened during your childhood. If you had a strange relationship with your mother ecc.

Its just another version of "daddy issue"

The woman like to be degraded by hardcore sex, piss ecc.

The man loves feet, bullying and other things.

And Both masochistic man (usually feet slave) and woman (sex slave) (from what I seen by numbers of video on pornsites) like to play the slave ...

The bully version is just caused by the feeling of not being manly enough and you look to be degraded by man as well

Operant conditioning is the only way to cure fetishes. You will have hard time finding some doctor in the west though.

Stop fapping is useless everyone just relapse when feel weak.

There is good paper that explain masochistic brain

Its great that any for of masochistic fetish (useless pretty rare physical one) is curable just by removing the positive associations between humiliation and pleasure.

The paper clearly state that not all pain is liked by masochistic (difference setting lead to different result of just bad pain vs pleasure by pain).

I wrote this too fast but I hope I helped someone.

For operant conditioning seach for aversion therapy (many example of sissy fetish cured) (its used for alcoholism in different form)

Use shock or nausea, find a way to make it by yourself unless you live in India or other shitty countries.