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on: April 26, 2019, 04:26:48 PM
 I’d like to share the first part of my experiences and hopefully some of you, who have similar desires and fantasies, will email me- and I can tell you about the other bits and continuation I have mention below.

I have a major fantasy to sleep with my Mother , or find a lady to roleplay as my Mother….and despite being married to my gorgeous wife for a long time, I have never dared confess my fantasy to her.
Here is my imagefap profile

My absolute favourite pics are saved in the folders named “2”, and "3". The pics in “2″ and "3" are mainly about ladies teasing boys about their Mother fantasies.

I love the idea of my wife or another lady letting me call her Mom/Mother etc or teasing me about my Mother….. I suppose it brings things closer to reality for me.

I am English, 48 yrs old and I am married to a very sexy wife, who looks a lot  Tina Hobley (English Actress) — pic removed!
Facially, Tina is the the double of my wife…….but my wife has bigger boobs …..(My wife is actually a cup size bigger than my Mum, 32 DD, remember that’s 32E in USA)
Pic removed
You can understand why I don’t want to loose her and have kept my fantasy hidden, despite being gorgeous, loving and supportive etc my wife is  as jealous as Hell, devil’s temper and suspicious as hell with my activities.
I think my lust and desire for my mother goes back to my teens, This later saw me having loads of affairs with married women much older than me, to try and satisfy this desire and fantasy.

One of these ‘older ladies’ relationships was when I was married, my wife almost found out and it nearly  cost me my marriage.
My Mother is in her 70s now and not as sexy as she once was, but I still thin about getting her into bed,or even just touching her “innocently” and would if I could…….and if I was certain my wife would not find out.
So, my desire and recollections have mainly stayed in my head. My mother has dementia now and being able to do anything with her is even more unlikely. Plus, I don’t want hurt my wife, It would be bad enough if she found me pulling myself off over any older ladies porn let alone mom/son stuff .
My Mother is 5’6” tall,she had long blonde hair, but now it’s just grey and she always wears it up. She looks a lot like a good looking version of Princess Michael of Kent , I know it’s a mans name, but Google it and look at a nice pic of her, like below, that’s like my Mother , but my mother’s boobs are 34D (I found this out later and remember that’s 34DD in USA sizes) with a full voluptuous figure, not fat.
(Pic removed)
So, my story begins when I was in my teens, I was starting to get acne, spots etc and wanted rid of them. I asked my mom to help as she was a hairdresser/beauty therapist.
She told me to lie on our sofa and she would give me a treatment for my skin.
She was wearing a low cut dress which was black with white dots, it was not very low cut,just showed the top of her cleavage. BUT, when she bent over me I could see down the neckline ,her cleavage must have been at least 6 inches long, those tits were in white lacy bra.
I became rock hard and thought my cock would burst.
I went into my room jerked off and felt very, very guilty afterwards.

For a while I suppressed all this but after a few weeks I gave in and jerked off thinking of her, but always felt like a freak due to my “perverted” thoughts.
After school I was always alone in the house, both parents worked, and were separating. I searched all her drawers, jerked into her bra and panties but cleaned them afterwards. I would always try to hug her, but took it no
further. I never had the nerve to spy on her.
I took any chance to get a hug or looking at her in her full length cotton nightie, Her nighties were always from neck to foot, but they were thin and  would sometimes cling to the outline of her body!

I sometimes ( very rarely) saw her in her lacy bra, while she was getting ready. She wasn’t super fit or toned, just “normal” and “soft” middle aged lady, with magnificent big boobs.
Then my parents separated and my Mother moved into flat nearby. I would stay there every weekend. Not because I preferred her as a parent, just so I could jerk off with her in the same location, look at her etc. If anything she was controlling and interfering, non of the girls I went out with were good enough for me, she told all of them that her and I had a “Special Relationship”, which annoyed me every time!
However, I would always talk to her about my girlfriends, not about my sex life, just normal stuff but she would say, “Well you are good looking you will have lots of girlfriends” and similar stuff.

She once told me that she thought I was very good looking and when we were shopping, she said, “I think you’re a ‘Boob’ man, not a ‘leg’ man” as she noticed me eyeing girls with big boobs.
I’d always try to hug her, and I always got a hard on. I would try to remember back to when I was a young kid and we took baths together, I could vaguely remember seeing her topless , but that was not good enough, I wanted more.
But nothing ever happened, I just took my frustrations out on my
girlfriends, always pretending in my mind it was my Mother when we fucked. I was thinking “This is exactly what it would feel like to be inside my Mother….”

At 17 I spent a couple of nights with a barmaid who was in her 40’s. She was an easy lay, but I wanted the 'Mature lady’ experience. When I split with her I told my Mother about her, she just said,
“How would you feel if I went out with a boy your age?”, I didn’t reply!

I tried to take a photo of her once, but mistimed it and only got her in a blouse and tights, from the side….I’d wanted her in her bra. I snuck up the stairs (the flat had 2 floors, her room was only room at the top) The door was wide open.

I took the pic openly, She was shocked….not annoyed, she put her hands between her legs to cover herself……but remember I couldn’t see anything, only her from the side, though her legs were nice……. Shapely and not skinny. I told her it was 'revenge’ for the time she took a pic of me on the 'potty’ when I was very young.
She just said, “That’s terrible!”….. I thought about it later. I saw no knicker line inside her tights…… Why cover herself? Was she wearing any knickers?
The pic was NOT what I wanted, but I still jerked silly over it. (I tore the pic up when I bought a house with my wife)
One night there was a water leak, my Mother woke me. She had dressed in a baggy but thin jumper ( sweater) and jeans… bra!
She knelt down on all fours at one point, I was behind her. I saw right up the jumper (sweater) and there were her tits, swinging freely, I only caught a glance.
I don’t need to explain how hard I became!

We went on holiday together, I was 18 and was recuperating from broken leg, my Mother and her friend [another milf] let me go away with them. The friend took a single room, I was in the double room (2 single beds) with my Mother.
The friend had a slim toned body with small firm boobs and she went topless!!!!
But, I was was seeing my mom in the bikini then at night in her nightie…..I was like a dog on heat, plus I had no privacy, I couldn’t jerk off.
She told me that some of the hotel staff thought that we were a “couple”, that I was her, ‘toy boy’, which got me hard straight away, but she didn’t comment anymore about it and I didn’t say anything.
One night , just before we left, she and her friend got a drunk , after our evening meal.

Back at the room, she did her usual routine, bathroom, wash etc, change into nightie come out and laid on her bed and went to sleep. She was facing into the centre of the room, she always slept on her left side. I spent an hour or so on the balcony, watching all the hotel guests at the outside restaurant/bar.
When I went quietly into the room, she was gently snoring
I knelt next to the bed, staring at her face and covered boobs I started to jerk myself off, as I was kneeling next to the bed, if she woke she wouldn’t see my cock, just from my stomach up. 
She was lying right there, her magnificent breasts covered with thin cotton and nothing else….gently moving up and down as she breathed!
I reached out and gently rested my hand on her breast....I could feel the nipple under the fabric, they were very soft and sooooooo heavy!
I shot loads under the bed. It was one of the best orgasms I have had.

That was the only time I got close to anything.

As I got older she became flirtatious but not sexually, and was always critical of my girlfriends, saying they were not good enough etc……(side note-  she has never got on with my wife and always asked why I didn’t stick up for her and always backed my wife. The truth was my Mother started rows because she was being a bitch to my wife ….. I told her that!)

My Mother eventually met someone when I was at Uni and used to stay with him a lot, when she was staying with her Boyfriend and I was at home during the breaks, I’d take my girlfriends into her bedroom, I told them it was cos it was a double bed and bigger than mine, but it was really to help my fantasy of being inside my Mother.
Few years ago I had sex an “aunt” not a blood relation but friend of the family, I’d always called her “aunt” she was 10 years younger than my Mother. I was married, but I couldn’t resist! My “aunt” was nothing like my Mother, she was skinny, but very very nice firm and shapely legs,

She had even said “What would your Mother think?” As we were fucking on her sofa and I exploded a short time later, it was a fantastic orgasm.

My “aunt” was having a split with her husband and it was simply the rightplace at the right time!!

I'm not saying my sex life isn’t good, but I am frustrated to Hell and back with this……
When the light is off and my wife is on top (she has a similar body to my Mother, but bigger cup size 32DD that’s 32E in America ) I hear my Mother’s voice in my head….
“Darling, you’re back inside me!”
“It’s where you came from, fill me young man, fill the cunt that made you……oh son you’re making me cum”……
I need to try and find a mature lady who will pretend to be my Mother, or tease me about it saying,
*       'Thinking about your Mum when you are fucking me?’ ,
*       “I bet your Mother did want to fuck you’
*       'Your mother’s cunt would feel the same as mine, bet that excites you.’
*       'You’d like to go back to where you came from’ and ‘If I was your Mother I’d still fuck you’

I love chatting to anyone with similar experiences or desires. I find “real” stuff (if it’s descriptive) turns me on more than any of the videos I can find.

That’s why a lot of my fave pics are about wives pretending to be mothers (again,see my folder 3 on

I’ve asked mature Sex Cam workers to do Mother/Son role play, but they say it’s against the rules….. So I’m not paying any money unless I get exactly what I want.

 I’ve also found some 'escorts’ who will do role play, but I don’t know how I can disappear from home, pay a load of cash and just return home. You know what women are like!! They are are tenacious when trying to find you cheating.
I also have an account with the porn site

And if you check my profile, I have a two “mom” favourites folders, that has a brilliant collection the best Mom vids. It’s viewable to anyone and there’re even vids of mature sex cam ladies pretending to fuck their sons, (but I can’t find their websites)
I’ve loads more to chat about, including my Sis in Law, some pics and some more  of the Mother’s flirtatious behaviour… if anyone replies, I’ve even written a short fantasy piece about my Mother.

I would love to swap pics, but I don’t have any of my mother…..(it’s one of the first things I am asked)  but I do have pics of others.
(Ncluding my Sis in Law)

If you have any Mother Son experiences I would love to hear them, or where I can find ladies….even online… role play or tease me about my Mother please tell me! (Frustration, lol)
Hope you reply or email soon,

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