Author Topic: Comics, stories and games of bully that conquer the mother or sister  (Read 2292 times)

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I think that interesting things can come from here...

I would like to introduce 2 creators of content that I enjoy and I believe that they can capture your attention:

Karamazov [language in English mostly]: He makes comics of bestiality and NTR mostly and drawn women a little plump but quite attractive in my opinion and his most popular series is called 'Your Mother is Delicious' (or to shorten YMID), he likes forced sex scenes too, and humiliate the son, it is worth taking a look at his Pixiv and if you want to immediately follow YMID story you should follow him in Patreon (he publishes in Patreon and two months later he publishes in Pixiv)

RanneRO [English language]: ... I'm speechless when talking about this man and his content, his drawings and comics are spectacular and seem made by professional hentai manga authors, absolutely all his Pixiv is NTR from an older sister to his little brother and also from mother to his son, with the bullies of the brother / son getting his sister and his mother. Seita is the son, Yuuki is the sister, mrs. Kitamura is the mother and Ryuta, Hiroshi and Takashi are the bullies of Seita. I recommend that you start watching 'My sister can't be this bitch' and 'her new friends'. you should follow him in Patreon, he is creating an NTR game in RPG maker about Yuuki and his brother Seita.