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Melvin groaned loudly at the breakfast table. ‘Do they have to come here?’ he whined.

‘Yes!’ His mother, Moira, replied sharply. It was obvious she had had enough of her son’s complaining, but still he persisted.

‘There’s nowhere else they can go? It’s only for a night. Don’t they have friends they can stay with?’ he asked.

Moira just looked at him with a single eyebrow raised pointedly. Her chocolate brown eyes stared at him, saying quite clearly that she was done with arguing and her patience had reached its end. Melvin was used to this look and typically this would mark the end of any argument, but today was different. He was desperate.

‘I just can’t stand them, mom,’ he said.

Moira dropped her knife and fork onto her plate and glared at her son. With a carefully controlled voice, she said, ‘Melvin, I have already agreed with your uncle that your cousins will be staying with us for tonight. I don’t know what your problem with them is but I suggest you get over it. Quickly’.

Melvin shrunk into his seat and surrendered. He wanted to tell his mother what an annoying, malicious, racist couple his two cousins were, but he doubted she would listen to him. He resigned himself to the fact that he would have to spend time with the awful twins. At least he only had to deal with them for a single night.

Melvin didn’t feel like finishing his breakfast but forced it down anyway. There was no point getting further onto his mother’s bad side so early in the day. He had only just finished it when he saw his uncle’s white Mercedes pull into the driveway outside. Melvin felt sick at the sight and suddenly regretted eating at all. His mom saw the car a moment later and looked as delighted to see it as Melvin was nauseous.

Moira jumped up and quickly headed out the front door to greet the two boys. Melvin followed reluctantly behind, stopping at the front door instead of following his mom outside. He saw his uncle, Howard, in the front seat of the Mercedes and was glad to see the man stay there. Howard reminded Melvin too much of his own dad, Howard’s brother, who had died several years ago. Insead Howard waited in the car while his two sons, Keith and Heath, jumped out and rushed over to Moira. Melvin’s stomach turned at the sight of the two blond-haired boys giving his mom a hug. He hated the way they were so physical with her. Keith especially, who seemed incapable of hugging Moira any higher than butt-height. Melvin raged internally at the sight of Keith’s hand once again resting on his mother’s ass. Moira, as usual, seemed oblivious to it.

The boys broke away from the hug as Moira headed over to the car, leaning over to chat with Howard. Keith and Heath stood nearby, with both eyes fixed firmly on Moira’s ass. This, sadly, was a sight Melvin was used to. He knew his mom was hot and he didn’t need half the boys at school telling him that. She was African-American, but light-skinned the point that she was easily confused for a Latina. Her hair was pitch black and fell in flowing curls around her mature face. Even approaching 40 years old, her body was fantastic: curvaceous, smooth, and toned. Her best feature, according to the boys at school, was her massive pair of breasts. At 34G, her tits were the stuff of legend at school. It didn’t help that pretty much every top short of a turtleneck Moira wore created an absolute valley of cleavage that attracted the attention of every heterosexual male within sight of it. The outfit she was wearing at the moment was no different. A black and white patterned summer dress that hugged her body closely. For the ass men, however, Moira had just as much on offer. High, tight, and firm, it was an ass that could keep any man happy for hours. All this, Melvin had been told more times than he could remember, but still got used to people seeing his mother that way. It revolted him especially to see his cousin ogling her in such a way. While there was no blood relation between them and her, it still felt deeply wrong to Melvin.

Howard said goodbye to his boys and reversed out of the driveway. Keith and Heath waved goodbye, then rushed indoors, knocking Melvin to the side as they did so.

‘Hey, loser!’ Heath said as he shoved Melvin with his shoulder.

Melvin caught the door frame before he could be knocked to the ground, but the shoving had hurt. Melvin didn’t say anything, but quietly fumed at the two blond boys. Despite the twins being 14, two years younger than Melvin, both of them were both taller and physically more imposing than him. Melvin was a skinny kid, with little muscle and poor posture. The twins, however, were muscular and tall. Taller even that Moira. Melvin would stand no chance in a fight against either of them, a fact all three of them knew.

By the time his mother returned to the house, Keith and Heath had dropped their things in his room and were now waiting in the kitchen.

‘Could you make us breakfast, Moira?’ Heath asked, smiling broadly as Moira joined them.

‘Of course, darling. Did your dad not give you anything?’ she asked, heading over to the fridge to prepare them something.

‘No, he didn’t,’ Keith answered.

‘Some pancakes would be great,’ Heath said.

‘Pancakes it is then,’ Moira said with a smile.

Melvin watched from the kitchen door, frowning deeply. There was something about the boys that made his mother incredibly subservient and Melvin hated to see them exploit that. How dare they order her around, the little shits. As usual, he kept his mouth shut.

Moira quickly cooked up some pancakes for the boys and served them fresh and hot at the table where, just moments earlier, she had been eating with her son.

‘Thanks, Moira,’ Keith said, giving her a hug with one arm that went under her dress and wrapped around her thigh.

Melvin saw it immediately. Keith had deliberately lifted up Moira’s dress, exposing her leg so he could hug her around the thigh. A few inches higher and his arm would have been brushing against her underwear. Melvin tensed up and wanted to rush forward and smack Keith’s hand away, but given his mom’s total non-reaction, he stayed put.

The boys ate their food quickly then jumped up and rushed out of the room, leaving their plates on the table. Heath stopped to wrap his arm around Moira as he passed, planting a long kiss on her cheek. Melvin saw the boy’s hand gently cup one of his mother’s breasts, but Moira didn’t seem to care or was too distracted by the kiss. She giggled and playfully pushed the young boy away. Heath let go of her and rushed past Melvin, who still stood in the doorway. Melvin saw the satisfied smirk on the boy’s face and instantly knew it was directed at him.

‘Melvin,’ his mother said sweetly. ‘Could you clear the plates, please?’

Melvin’s annoyance turned to his mother. ‘What do you mean? It’s their mess’.

Moira frowned. ‘I know, but they’re guests here. Please, just clear the plates, I have to go soon’.

With that said, Moira left and headed to her bedroom, leaving Melvin alone in the kitchen to follow her orders. The boy reluctantly did so, thinking how much he’d love to shatter both plates over the heads of his revolting cousins. Stain their blond hair red. The idea calmed him a little.


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Moira left the house not long after, promising to be home in a few hours. Melvin was glad that he wouldn’t have to worry about the cousins groping her anymore, but realised that he would be alone with them until she returned. Determined not to give them any reason to harrass or even talk to him, Melvin headed for his room and shut the door behind him. He couldn’t lock it, but hoped a closed door would be enough of a sign to the cousins that he didn’t want to be social. It didn’t work.

‘Her, loser,’ Heath announced loudly as he threw open the door to Melvin’s room. ‘Where’d your mom go? We want to check out her tits some more’.

Melvin clenched his fist and managed to just hold himself back from throwing his pen at his cousins.

‘She’s gone out,’ Melvin said, trying to sound firm and uninterested, but failing.

‘When’s she gonna get back?’ Keith asked.

‘I don’t know. A few hours,’ Melvin replied.

‘I guess you’re gonna have to be our entertainment until then,’ Heath said, slapping his hand onto Melvin’s back so hard it nearly winded the smaller boy.

‘Go away. I’m not interested in playing. I have to study,’ Melvin said, again trying and failing to sound strong.

Heath snatched the book off Melvin’s desk in a flash and tossed it to Keith. The other boy caught it and opened it to a random page.

‘What’s this?’ Keith asked.

‘It’s my chemistry textbook. Give it back,’ Melvin nearly shouted. He moved to stand up, but was held down by Heath’s arm, which easily pushed him back into his seat.

‘I thought you were born knowing how to make crack. Didn’t think you’d have to learn how,’ Keith said with a vile smile.

Melvin tried to move again but Heath kept him in place.

‘Oh, sorry, I forgot you were only half black,’ Keith continued. ‘Good thing your white side is there to help you read’.

Both boys burst into laughter while Melvin quietly seethed in his chair.

‘Normally I’d look down on my uncle for marrying a black, but I gotta say, Melvin, your mom’s giving me some jungle fever myself,’ Keith said with a grin.

That was enough for Melvin.He jumped up, shoving Heath away and lunging for Keith. The younger boy jumped back and balled his fist, bringing it up and into Melvin’s stomach faster than the older boy could react. The blow hit him squarely in the gut and sent him to the floor, doubled over in pain, clutching his midsection.

‘Watch it, loser!’ Heath shouted down at him, kicking him in the back just hard enough to hurt.

‘Just another violent nigger,’ Keith spat. ‘We’re going to find something else to do’.

Keith and Heath exited the room, leaving Melvin lying on the floor alone. It took him a few minutes to get back to his feet, once the pain had faded away. His blood was boiling. He wanted to kill them. Bash their heads in on the floor of his bedroom. He felt the rage building inside him, then fall away and evaporate as he remembered how that would go in reality. He’d end up on the floor again, with a worse beating. He sighed and returned to his studying. At least now they weren’t bothering him.

Melvin enjoyed almost an hour of peace before the cousins returned. He’d heard them laughing earlier somewhere in the house but had chosen not to investigate. If they wanted to make a mess and get into trouble when mom got home, let them. It had nothing to do with him. But then they returned, throwing open his door just like before but this time covered in red, black, and purple fabric that took Melvin a second to recognise. It was underwear; lacy bras and panties. Melvin realised with horror that his cousins were wearing his mother’s underwear. He was too stunned to say anything as the boys matched into his room and tossed a red g-string into his face.

‘Damn, Melvin,’ Heath said, holding up a black laced bra. ‘Your mom’s got some pretty kinky underwear. Do you think she wears this when she goes on dates? Lets guys fuck her in it?’

Melvin threw the g-string away from him and got to his feet quickly.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ he almost shouted in shocked disbelief.

‘What does it look like, dumbass?’ Keith asked, twirling another g-string around his finger. ‘We had a look through your mom’s underwear drawer. Found a lot of stuff there. Want to see what else?’

‘No!’ Melvin shouted, snatching the g-string out of Keith’s hand and quickly grabbing the rest of his mother’s underwear from there.

Keith pulled something from his back pocket and knocked Melvin on the head with it. Melvin lurched backwards to see what it was. He went pale at the sight of it. Keith was holding an 8-inch, bright pink dildo in his hand, waving it around like a magic wand. Melvin lunged to grab it, but Keith pulled it away and easily pushed Melvin to the floor.

‘Nope. This is mine, boy. Well, actually it’s your mom’s but I’m not done playing with it,’ Keith laughed.

‘How often do you think she uses it?’ Heath asked between laughs of his own.

‘Not surprised it’s pink,’ Keith said, examining the ribbed toy in his hand. ‘Your mom probably loves hard pink cocks, doesn’t she?’

‘Think she’s ever stuck it up her ass?’ Heath blurted out, now wearing the bra like a hat.

‘Probably gags herself on it nightly,’ Keith said, waving the dildo in Melvin’s face now. ‘That’s what black girls love, isn’t it? Gagging on cocks?’

Melvin threw himself at Keith again, but the younger, stronger boy side-stepped him and hit him on the back of the head with the dildo. Melvin tumbled over while the other boys laughed. Their laughter was cut short, however, by the sound of the front door opening and Moira’s voice calling.

The two boys’ heads snapped towards the source of the sound and they quickly snatched up the underwear they had stolen and rushed out of the room. Melvin could see them rushing into his mother’s room nextdoor, presumably putting all her private things back where they had found them. Melvin decided he wasn’t going to let them get away with what they had done so easily.

The cousins rushed out of the room, closing the door quietly behind them, then cheerfully greeted Moira by the front door. Melvin moved quickly to join the cousins, only to see them once again embracing his mother. Keith’s hand lingering on her ass once again.

‘Mom,’ Melvin said firmly, feeling confident now that she was here. ‘Keith and Heath were in your room. I saw them’.

‘No, we weren’t,’ Heath blurted out, sounding entirely innocent and offended.

‘We’ve been outside all day,’  Keith quickly added. ‘Melvin didn’t want to play with us’.

Moira looked between the three boys, then turned her focus to Melvin, frowning. ‘What are you talking about, Melvin?’

‘I’m telling the truth!’ Melvin said, stomping his foot.

‘He isn’t,’ said Heath.

‘Why would we ever go into your room? We’ve been outside all day,’ Keith followed.

‘Honestly, Melvin,’ Moira said, shaking her head. ‘I do not understand what’s gotten into you. Come, boys. Help me bring in the groceries’.

Melvin was left standing by the front door. Alone, once again. He felt like screaming, but quietly turned his back and returned to his room.


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Melvin spent the rest of the day in his room, choosing to keep to himself as much as possible. As much as he hated leaving his cousins unsupervised with his mother, at least her presence was enough to keep them behaving. From his bedroom window he could see them playing outside in the backyard while his mother watched from the patio. They looked like harmless kids, but he knew the truth. He knew the real Keith and Heath. He wanted to stew in his hatred for the two blond boys playing in his yard, but he forced himself to go back to studying, ignoring their laughter and the encouraging shouts of his mother.

The day moved on quickly and soon the sun was sitting low on the horizon. The noises from outside grew quieter and Melvin knew that dinner would be soon. That meant he would be forced out of his room and back to dealing with the cousins. He dropped his pen and got to his feet wearily, heading for the door.

Might as well get it over with, he thought.

He came into the kitchen to find his mother and the cousins standing around, guzzling down water. The boys looked sweaty and dirty and his mom looked the same. Her hair was a mess and her dress was stained with mud and chlorophyll.

‘What happened to you?’ Melvin asked, looking his dirty mother up and down.

‘Oh, just the boys dragging me into their game. Got a bit rough and tumble,’ she laughed.

Behind her Keith and Heath were smirking. Bastards.

‘I’m going to go for a shower then I’ll get started on dinner, ok?’ Moira said, finishing the last of her water and disappearing towards the bathroom.

As soon as she was out of sight, Melvin turned on the cousins, but they ignored and broke out into their own conversation.

‘That was awesome!’ Heath exclaimed. ‘When we fell over I had her tits right in my face. I thought she was going to smother me,’ he laughed.

‘I know!’ said Keith. ‘I had my cock rubbing against her ass almost the whole time. Fuck, it was good’.

‘You perverts shut the fuck up!’ Melvin shouted at the two of them.

The cousins looked at him the same way a person would look at a small, yappy dog. They stared at him for a moment, then pushed past him and headed out of the kitchen.

Melvin stormed back to his room in a huff. He hated them! Hated, hated, hated them. He sat fuming at his desk for a moment, imagining the many creative and violent ways he would get revenge. Then he heard giggling coming from outside his door. He marched over to the door and was about to swing it open when he spotted the cousins outside. They were down the hallway, standing at the door to the bathroom, peeking in. Melvin felt like he was about to explode with anger. The little shits were peeping on his mom in the shower! He paused and realised now was his chance. Rather than confront the bastards, Melvin grabbed his phone and switched on the camera. He poked the camera through the crack in the door and aimed it at the boys. He’d film them in the act then show it to his mom. There was no way she could ignore this.

He filmed them for a moment, enduring the snickering comments they made about his mother’s naked body.

‘Look at her fucking tits!’ said Heath.

‘Dude, I can see her pussy! I told you she was shaved,’ said Keith.

Good, Melvin thought. Keep talking. I’m filming all of it.

Melvin’s moment of triumph came to a sudden and unexpected climax when the door to the bathroom swung open. Melvin thought his grin would tear his face in half when he saw his mom standing in the doorway, covered by a towel, looking down at the two boys. Caught red-handed. Nothing could save them now. She was saying something to them that Melvin couldn’t hear, but she didn’t look as angry as he expected her to be. His heart began to thud loudly in his chest as he waited for the moment of glory that… never came.

With horror, bafflement, and utter disbelief, Melvin watched as his mom opened the door to the bathroom wider and invited Heath and Keith inside. The boys moved inside slowly, as in even they couldn’t believe what was happening. The door closed behind them and Melvin was left alone, his camera still recording…

Minutes passed and nothing happened…

Melvin emerged cautiously from his room and approached the door. It hadn’t closed completely. It was still open a crack. Wide enough for warm steam to spill through. He could hear the sound of the shower running and beneath that, the sound of voices. Three voices. Melvin’s heart pumped slowly, but each pump felt like a hammer striking his ribcage from within. He came to the door and paused. His body felt strange, like it was disconnected from his mind and operating on its own. Even though his brain was screaming at him not to look inside, his hand reached out and pushed the door open by just a few inches. He could see the shower now and his mom standing under the water. His breath caught in his throat. He had never seen her naked before and it was a stunning sight. Her breasts were massive, sitting on her chest like heavy, fleshy balloons. Her nipples were dark spots in the centre of each breast, surrounded by caramel skin. The rest of her body was just as stunning. Smooth curves, wide hips, large ass, toned legs… She had it all, glistening in the light.

Then Melvin saw Heath. He was naked too, standing in front of Moira, cupping both her breasts in his hands. Melvin couldn’t look away as he clearly heard them talking.

‘What are boobs for, Moira?’ Heath asked in a deliberately childish tone.

‘Umm, they’re for feeding babies,’ Moira replied. She sounded uncertain and uncomfortable, but did nothing to stop him.

‘So Melvin sucked on these when he was little?’ Heath asked.

‘Yes, he… he di-,’ Moira replied.

‘Can I suck on them?’ Heath asked before Moira had finished talking.

‘I don’t kno-’ she began but Heath had already guided his mouth onto one of her breasts and was sucking on it hard. Moira moaned in surprise.

‘Hey, that’s not fair,’ said Keith, suddenly appearing in Melvin’s view. He jumped into the shower behind Moira and immediately pressed his naked body against her.

‘If he gets to wash your tits, can I wash your ass?’ Keith asked.

Moira didn’t even have a chance to reply before Keith was rubbing soap onto her ass, sliding his hand over each cheek and down the crack, clearly relishing every second of it.

Melvin remained frozen in place. He watched, unblinking, as his mother’s naked body was groped, caressed, squeezed, pinched, and fondled in every possible location. Seemingly under the impression this was an anatomy lesson, the boys were bombarding her with questions that she struggled to awkwardly answer. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable. She would try to remove the boys’ hands from her body but they would just move somewhere else, violating her with even more force. Melvin watched as Keith spread apart Moira’s ass cheeks and stuck a finger inside her anus. She quickly pulled his hand away but while she was distracted Heath bit on her nipple. When she turned to half-heartedly chastise him, Keith pushed his finger even deeper into her asshole.

‘What is this hole for?’ he asked, innocently. ‘Is this where Melvin came from?’

‘N-No, that’s my- ah!’ Moira yelped as Keith twisted his finger deeper into her.

‘Why are these so big?’ Heath asked as he jiggled her large breasts.

‘I don’t-’ Moira began, but was interrupted as Keith slid his arm between her legs and caressed her vulva from behind.

‘Why does my penis get hard?’ Heath said, grabbing Moira’s hand and yanking it towards his throbbing erection.

Moira grabbed it and held it for a second as she seemed to consider her answer. Keith, meanwhile, got to one knee and slid his tongue up Moira’s ass. Moira jumped, but Heath kept her hand wrapped around his cock, encouraging her to stroke it…

Melvin fell backwards, hitting the floor like a sack of bricks. Suddenly snapped out of his stupor, he rushed to his room and slammed the door. His heart was pounding. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. The room around him was spinning, and between his legs, his cock was fully erect and weeping cum…


Melvin didn’t remember dinner apart from some vague noise coming from the cousins and his mom looking very embarrassed about something. Before he knew it, he was back in his room, still in a daze. He was staring at his school work but all of it was a blur. Perhaps it had all been a delusion. Perhaps he had never left his room but had just awoken from some strange, awful nightmare?

If it was a nightmare, it was an on-going one…

Once again, the cousins were in his room, surrounding him and trapping him in. Their faces were masks of supreme confidence and smugness. Melvin knew at once that what he had seen in the shower was real and they were here to rub it in.

‘I’m jealous of you, Melvin. Your mom’s tits are super suckable. I can’t believe you got to drink from those babies,’ Heath laughed.

‘And her ass is to die for,’ Keith joined in. ‘I see why you black guys get so obsessed with him’.

Both of them laughed and continued to taunt him, describing in detail everything they had learned about his mom’s body. Melvin heard it all, let it fill him with rage. Then Keith finally broke him.

‘Her asshole’s pretty loose. How hard do you think it would be for me to get my cock up her?’ he said, bursting into laughter.

With that, Melvin threw a punch that connected exactly with the centre of Keith’s nose. The boy’s head jerked back and he tumbled over, clutching his face, crying in pain. He got to his feet, still covering his face with his hands.

‘You fucker!’ he shouted. ‘You broke my fucking nose’.

Keith dropped his hands to reveal a small, but bloody mess in the centre of his face. His nose wasn’t broken. Melvin could tell, but he’d hit him hard enough to bleed and that felt pretty good.

Heath and Keith quickly ran out of the room. ‘We’re telling,’ they both shouted.

Melvin didn’t care. He’d given that prick something that was long overdue. He sat back down in triumph, still wondering if he was dreaming all this. It all seemed so unreal.

A moment later his mother appeared in the doorway.

‘Melvin,’ she shouted at him. ‘Why are you starting fights? What’s happened to you?’

‘He deserved it,’ Melvin said calmly. ‘They were saying things about you! Perverted things! Racist things!’

‘I don’t believe you,’ she said right back.

Melvin was speechless. He stammered for a moment trying to find the words to defend himself but nothing came to him.

‘I’ve had enough. You’ve had it out for these boys since they arrived,’ Moira said, sounding exhausted. ‘They’re going to sleep in my room tonight and you’re going to stay here for the rest of the evening. Maybe tomorrow we can work on your… shitty attitude!’

Moira left, slamming the door behind her. Melvin stood alone in his room, still searching for words. Eventually he settled on a single, sharp FUCK, shouted at the floor.


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It was night now and Melvin was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. He was trapped between a state of sleep and wakefulness. Unable to fall asleep, but at the same time, feeling disconnected from the real world and lost in his own imagination. Today felt like it was stretched over several days, if not weeks. All too unreal and traumatic to be a single day, surely.

In the distance he could hear and his mom and the cousins talking in her room. Sound travelled better at night and their conversation, though muffled, was obvious. They were talking about sex. Keith had started it, getting Moira first to spill the beans on her own sex life and then go into details on every encounter and action, rating the men in her life, comparing penises and techniques. Melvin told himself he was dreaming it all and not actually hearing about his mom’s one night stands or that time she got talked into giving two men oral sex in college. He didn’t hear Heath say how much he wanted to feel that. He didn’t hear Keith asking her about how much anal sex she’d had or goad her into calling herself a white man’s whore. He didn’t hear his mother admit to liking it when men came in her mouth, or hear Keith casually drop the n-bomb… He didn’t hear any of it. It was all a bad dream.

Finally, the voices died down and Melvin felt he could sleep properly. Then he heard something else. Movement. His first thought was that the boys had gotten some second wind of energy and were now running around his mom’s bedroom, being annoying, but then he heard her voice, telling them to be quiet and to calm down. Something about the worried tone of her voice concerned him and he felt more awake. He rolled slowly out of bed and inched towards his door. His mom’s room was on the far end of the hall, so the noise travelled well between them. He opened his door to get a better sound but discovered it was blocked. Not locked because he could open it just a crack, but something on the other side was keeping it wedged shut. Melvin put some force into it but the door refused to move another inch. He pressed his ear against the crack and listened.

His mother’s voice was clearer now.

‘Keith, no, stop. We can’t... ‘ she said. She clearly sounded irritated and a little afraid.

‘No, Heath, Heath, don’t…’ she said a moment later.

What the fuck were they doing? Melvin pushed harder against the door, straining as hard as his feeble body could muster, but the door remained still. Whatever was blocking it was giving him zero wiggle room. Melvin heard a smack on flesh on flesh and hoped that his mother had just slapped one of the boys, but the ‘ow’ that followed was hers, followed by indistinct giggling and whispers between the boys. 

A moment passed before the tapping began. Melvin had no idea what to make of it at first, but a definite rhythmic tapping of something solid was coming from his mom’s room. Between taps he could hear giggles and odd noises coming from the boys, joined by occasional broken sentences from his mom.

‘...should be doing this…’ he heard her say, followed by another slapping sound and more giggles.

Melvin slumped to the floor, listening to the sounds until the tapping became louder and more frequent. His mother wasn’t talking any more. All he heard from here were tired gasps and heavy breathing. Melvin stayed put for the rest of the night, hearing nothing but the tap, tap, tap growing louder and faster as he imagined all the evils in the world be played out in his mother’s bedroom where she was alone with those two boys. Melvin was trapped out here, unable to do a thing to help or save her. She was in there, helpless and defenseless against Keith and Heath and every perverse desire their minds could create…

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Hot, back some inconsistency with Keith hugging her at butt height, then later being 14 years old and tall.


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Reply #5 on: March 09, 2020, 05:38:09 AM
Racist, young, not completely consensual, and unfair. What else can we ask for. Great story and can’t wait for more.


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Reply #6 on: March 15, 2020, 11:44:46 PM
Great story!
I love it
can(t wait for another chapter!


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Reply #7 on: March 19, 2020, 07:52:58 PM
I just wanted to add that this is great!

I can't wait for the next chapter


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Reply #8 on: March 20, 2020, 11:16:53 AM
Wow guy I'm glad you liked it! You know I originally intended just to have it be a one shot but since it's so popular I might have a sequel written. What I want you guys to do is PM me your ideas/suggestions for what you'd want in the sequel (new characters/locations/plotlines) and I'll try to fit my favorite or a mixture of the ideas into the next chapter. Thanks!


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Reply #9 on: March 24, 2020, 08:39:26 AM
Very hot story.


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Love you story btw i new in this forum

I hope you can help me to enjoy the fantasy... i not good in english

Ps. We are not arabian... we are asian


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Send me Pics of your Mom please. And Tell about her