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on: April 08, 2021, 06:52:11 PM

I will be posting stories here by amonlisa69420 with the authors request and permission.

Story 1: Mom Disgraced in Public in Front of Me
Story 2:
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Mom Disgraced in Public in Front of Me

My mom is ravaged and forced into a series of disgraceful public acts while I am forced to watch all of it.

Chapter 1

The first time I thought about my mom in a sexual light was when I caught my friend trying to sneak pics of my mom. It just amused me until I went through his phone. I was scrolling through his WhatsApp when I suddenly saw my mom’s face. Whaat? To my shock, there was group with a photo of my mom as the group pic. And the group was filled with my friends discussing how hot my mom is and how they want to fuck her and creepshots. It was freaking hot and I got an instant guilty boner! I was freaking angry with them but that kicked off my obsession with my mom.

So my mom is a cyclist with a tight athletic body. She always wears tight Tshirts and pants or jeans. Now that I think about it, my friends always seemed to hog around her at school events and stuff. She had really sexy shoulder length hair, usually in a bun but oh it never used to stay up so, she was always fussing with her hair, letting it down, putting it up and what not, it was always tantalizing to watch.

So, on that fateful day, we were traveling to some family thing in a rural town. Don’t ask me why. And also don’t ask me why of all possible options we were taking the bus. I hated it there. The townfolk always seemed to be ogling her and she never made any effort to cover up. My brain had a thing where whenever I was with my mom in public it jumped to scenarios of her getting fucked in random places. The same was going on at the station. She was as usual fidgety, stretching, playing with her hair, sighing in boredom. Did she even have any idea what a show she was putting on or did she just not care? Right from a group of teenagers to a couple of old men were busy taking glances at her.

But what was particularly disturbing me was a group of young guys who were being quite unabashed with their ogling. They looked like locals on their way back home and were being quiete ribald. They had wandered close to us and were passing thinly veiled comments about her. Oh what wouldn’t I give to see the lot of them having their way with her. Soon the bus arrived and people clamored to get in. When we finally got in, there was no seat for two left. The only two seats left were next to two of the earlier guys. We requested them to shift but they were quite adamant and rudely refused. My mom was forced to sit with one of them while I sat on the next set of seats.

They spent little time in starting to harass us. The one sitting with me struck a conversation with me talking about, guess what my mom. While the one in the lucky seat kept bending across her to talk to his mates. And of course looking down while doing so to stare at her cleavage. She was of course uncomfortable but what could she do? The bus was full of men and she didn’t want to create a scene. He kept crashing into her on bumps and grabbing her to steady himself. I was of course angry at what was going on but was also starting to get a hard on.

With no other option she curled to her side exposing as little of her as possible. Sadly the guy also seemed to settle down and she drifted to sleep. Soon though the guy next to me asked to shift seats and now my sleeping mom was between the two of them. I knew something was going down but scared and guiltily not wanting to miss anything, I pretended to sleep. The two of them took pics, posing with her. I had no idea whether they knew I was asleep or they simply didn’t care. Whatever it was, soon the guy slowly felt up her ass while the other took close ups of her cleavage. The others with them were enjoying it, peering up from their seats.

This continued for a while when it was announced that the we would be taking a restroom break soon. I didn’t know why he did that but the guy opened the window, letting the wind in. Grinning at his friends, he reached up and removed my mom’s hair clutcher. The wind caught her hair and it was flying all over the place. Startled she woke up, trying to figure out what was going on. She was frantically looking for her hair clutcher when the bus rolled into the stop. The guy calmly tossed it to her and got up and left.

The sight of my furious mom angrily putting her hair up was terrific. She got up and asked me to come with her to the restroom. As we got down I saw two of the guys talking to someone in a black SUV. We went past them, unfortunately there were already people waiting to use the facilities and she was last in the line. When she finally got to go in, almost everyone had gone back. As I waited for her I noticed the SUV roll in near the restroom. I had barely registered that when suddenly someone grabbed me from behind a put a knife to my throat. “Not a word, sonny boy. One word and I am slashing this across your throat”. Panicked and heart racing I barely nodded. Two people got down from the SUV and stood by the door. As soon as my mom came out, they grabbed her and pushed a hand on her mouth. Seeing me she quickly registered what was going on and stopped resisting.

They let her go and she started pleading, offering money and jewelry. They laughed at her efforts and one of them grabbed her hair and pulling her face close to his, whispered, “we don’t want your money, lady. We have got what we wanted”. “Now listen up. Here’s what you are going to do, you are getting in the car with us, and you he pointed at me are going to go to the bus and tell them that your mom is getting sick and you will catch the next bus. Got it?”.

With no option in sight, my mom got into the SUV while the one holding me escorted me to the bus with a knife at my back. I was so scared, I could barely stutter what I was supposed to say. The bus left and their car rolled in. He pushed me in the back seat, taped my mouth shut and got in the middle one with my mom and another guy. They had gagged her with a cloth and tied her hands back. “So, if you ever want to go home in one piece, you are going to exactly what we tell you”. I was both scared and a bit turned on thinking about what would happen.

On the road, they guys next to her were having their way with her, agressively pawing at her tits, squeezing them, twisting her nipples and slapping her. The one driving could barely keep his eyes on the road, constantly looking into the mirror. The one in the front pushed down the back his seat and reaching down the front of her pants, started fingering her. Mom was still resisting but now also heaving and throbbing at the assault on her pussy. The sight of her writhing was hot as hell and I couldn’t stop my dick from pushing hard against my pant.

Knowing that she was in the zone now, the guy to her left ungagged her, whipped his dick out and forced her head down. Unfortunately though all I could see was her head bobbing up and down. The other on untied her, grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his dick and started jacking off. He let go and she continued giving him a hand job. Turning around he smirked at me. “Look, your mommy wants that dick now!”.

I sat helplessly as my mom was pleasuring three guys while her clit was getting roughly rubbed. After a while they pushed her on the floor and made her take turns sucking each of their giant dicks. Correction, they no longer had to make her, she bobbed from dick to dick on her own while jacking off the other two. The driver though was missing out and soon, they forced her to twist down and go down on him, pushing her up from behind one of them pulled her pants down and started slurping on her pussy. The other guy continued to jerk off while starting to play with her asshole. When he finally put a finger in she jumped up. My mom was now being thoroughly violated by random strangers in a moving car.

Soon we neared a village, they stopped and put her back on the seat. I thought we were going to stop there and was hoping that someone would save us. But they had a totally different plan in mind. The guy in the front switched places and sat next to mom. I saw a worried look on her face. Now that she was not getting fingered, she had cooled down. He unbuttoned her shirt, she had a tight tank top underneath. Reaching down the back he unhooked her bra and pulled the front of her top down. The other one ripped her bra out baring her firm tits. “Yo! Open the sunroof”, he barked at the driver. A scary suspicion started to form in my mind. Turning to my mom he looked her straight in the eyes. “Now, you are going to stand up on the seat through the sunroof”. Mom started pleading but was shut up with a tight slap. We were about to enter the village now. Her hair had become messy and untangled. Reaching up he let it completely down and pushed her up. My suspicion was right.

We zipped down the street, my mom popped out through the sunroof, tits bared, flashing everyone on the road. I could see nothing but I could imagine that she looked absolutely slutty, tits popping out, hair whipping behind with the wind. She could scream all she want, but at the speed we were going it would seem like she was just enjoying. Fortunately though, we were going too fast for anyone to take a picture or anything. The driver made sure to take the longest road through, making sure she flashed the whole village. As we left the village he saw a few teenagers and slowed down. They got a nice long look at her. One of them grabbed her bra and handed it to her. She started putting it on. Letting out a chuckle, he stopped her. “No honey! We can’t leave without a gift. Throw it at them!”. Mom shook her head but he whipped out the knife to my throat. “Remember the deal honey?” Sobbing she turned around and threw out her bra at the teenagers who were walking behind the car. One of them jumped up and caught it in delight.

As we zoomed away, I was glad it was over. But their public display of my mom was just starting. They were an uncouth lot but anything but kinky. Pulling her back in, he told her to get dressed. “Now, we know you are a slut but I want you to get dressed up all proper and mom like, alright.”. As he got dressed up, sans bra he handed her her clutcher. “Put it up in a bun, mom”. As she did her hair up, he fished around for her purse and took out her makeup and mirror. I had no idea what they were upto but I had a bad feeling about it. I had no idea about the depravity that was going to come next.

Hang on for Part-02!


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Chapter 2

Once he was done dressing her up, mom looked just gorgeous. Prim, proper but in a sexy way like a teacher or a powerful businesswoman. No one would ever imagine that just 10 minutes ago she had basically flashed a whole village. Maybe that’s all they wanted? Just to dress her up? Boy, was I wrong.

He signaled the other guy who turned back and without warning pulled me onto the seat ahead. Both the guys went to the back so that it was only mom and I on the seat. This was the first time mom and I looked at each other and while her eyes were filled with shame and worry, it soon changed to shock. She must have noticed that mine were brimming with only one thing. Lust. I was so horny and angry at this point that I had given up trying to fight it.

Meanwhile their leader had got down and was standing on mom’s side. Noticing my state he ripped the tape of my face and grabbing my collar gave me a rough shake. “So, boy did you like what happened.” I was frozen and didn’t move a muscle. He asked again this time more fiercely, hearing no response from me he grabbed my neck and gave a really violent jerk. “Answer me boy!”. I could barely utter a weak yes but that was enough to draw cheers. “So, do you think your mom is hot?”. I once again uttered a weak yes. “Say it.” He told. “C’mon! Say your mom is hot”. “Hey, say it” he repeated lightly slapping me. Furious I nearly screamed, “My mom is hot!”.

Yeah she is he muttered as he grabbed mom and forced his lips on her, lips passionately locked on he leaned on her till she was near lying with her head on my raging boner. It seemed to last forever before he let her go and turned to me. “Well boy, it’s a crime not to share a hot lady like your mom for everyone’s pleasure”! “So, here’s what we are going to do”. “We are going to be passing through a couple of farms now and you are going to do exactly what I tell you. Follow my instructions to the letter. Both of you!” “Got it”? As if we had any choice but nevertheless we said nodded yes. Even he climbed back into the back and nearly shut the partition. From the small slit that remained he pushed a knife so that it was just by my neck. For anyone looking from outside we might as well be a lady and her son with a driver.

We soon approached one of the farm and the driver slowed down. There was an old guy and and a couple of farmhands. The driver wolfwhistled and beckoned them over. My mind filled with dread. A whisper came from behind “Ask them if they have seen such a beauty before”. Of course they said no. “Now introduce yourself” “Tell them its your mom”. With a sense of possession, I did. Obviously surprised by that they became more interested. “Now ask him, what will make her more beautiful” The old men let out a toothy grin and pointing at her hair said, she will look better in loose her. “Do it” “Let her hair down”. I reached up and let her hair down, as it tumbled down the farmhands whistled in appreciation. Throughout this mom was just completely silent as her son showed her off to random strangers. “Now unbutton her shirt” I hesitated but a gentle push of the knife moved my hands. All of them watched in rapt attention as button after button came loose.

With her bra already gone, her nipples were poking out from her tank top. Their eyes were fixed on her tits undressing the thin fabric with their eyes. “Now let one of them grab one tit”. The old guy beamed as I let him grab mom’s dick and sqeeze it. His dirty paw on my mom’s sweet tit was just wrong and hot. After a couple of sqeezes the driver got out and pulling him away declared the show over. I was relieved but then he suddenly announced, “come to the last barn for more” and my heart sank. Grabbing mom’s shirt he tossed it aside and started the car.

We went like that from farm to farm, at each farm mom was enjoyed by random people and went on losing one clothing after another. By the time we reached the last farm she was completely naked. Her tits and pussy on fire, having been ravished by a dozen odd men. All her cloths strewn on the road somewhere. Except her panties which I saw the driver put in his pocket. At the last farm, all the men we passed and some more had gathered. Stopping the car, all of them got out, one of them removed my belt and tied it around my mom’s neck like a leash. He told me to go out and handed the end to me. He pointed out a barn behind the farm and pushed me along.

And so, head hung in shame I led my completely naked mom on a leash through a field, surrounded by at least 20 men who whistled and cheered as mom passed them. By this point mom was trying to cover her tits with her arm but one of the guys quickly tied them behind her. As we paraded my naked mom, everyone started following and after what felt like an eternity we finally reached the barn. As if they knew the script, all of them formed a circle. One of the earlier guys, forced mom on her knees while their leader put an arm around me and quietly explained, “now all these men haven’t had a woman like your mom ever, all of them are as horny as fuck and waiting to pounce on her” “if we leave her with them, there’s no telling what can happen”. “So you are going to make sure that your mom pleasures each and every one of them, if she doesn’t, we will just leave her here.” Seeing two dozen cocks whipped out, I believed him.

Gulping down, I led mom to one of the dicks, she pushed her head away but knowing what I had to do I grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her mouth down on the dick. After a while I pulled her over to the next one and then the next. But the fourth one though something changed and she jerked my hand away. I thought she was going to stop but to my shock she went down even more fiercely on the dick. She really was a slut when aroused. It was too much for me and I screamed and tried to pull her away but was immediately grabbed from behind, one of them shoved mom’s panties down my mouth and tied my hands. Knowing that the slut had been unleashed, they untied mom and her hands immediately jumped to two nearby dicks. The circle had tightened now and mom bobbed from dick to dick pleasuring three at a time.

And I was right next to her gagged and tied up watching my mom suck dick after dick. Breathless, her chest heaving, hair flying wildly around and skin glistening with sweat and cum, she was a fantastic sight. The guys seemed to have an endless libido as not a single one had cum yet. Mom was doing her best to release them as soon as possible. Her hair was whipping all around with lose strands going in her mouth. She quickly made up a lose bun and made on of the men hold it but it just wasn’t working. She looked around for something to tie her hair up and having found nothing she suddenly snatched her panties from my mouth. “You. Stay shut” she barked at me as she quickly put her hair up with her panties and doubled her vigor of going down.

With nothing constricting her, she became a godess of blowjobs, serving 20 dicks like that’s what she was meant for. There was no coordinating the release and dicks started spewing out long ropes of cum. Some landed in her mouth which she rapidly gulped down, some on her face, her tits, her back, her head until by the time the last guy came, there wasn’t a single inch of her body that wasn’t covered in cum. Exhausted she fell back on her back, gasping for air.

One by one the men left, some patting on my back and thanking me or just grinning. It was bloody humiliating. They were leaving my mom drenched in 20 people’s cum and thanking me for letting them do so. The guys were kind enough to drag her to a nearby well and hosed her down but then to my horror they just left her there, bare naked and passed out from exhaustion. Dragging me to the car they pushed me in the back and disappeared for the night. From where I was I could clearly see my mom, they had made sure of it.

As the sun rose, the villagers coming out for their morning business were greeted with the sight of my naked mom. Some just ignored her while some groped her naked body. When the sun shined on her face, she stirred awake and the jumped up in horror, realizing her predicament. Spotting the car she ran towards it, giving them all a nice view of her running ass. She gave a sigh of relief on reaching the car.

Who would have thought that the SUV in which she was first violated in would now feel safe. Little did she know that soon even the barn would feel safe.


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Chapter 3

As the guys returned, they had mom take care of their morning woods, she did it so nonchalantly like it felt like new normal. My role over I was once again stuck in the backseat. But now they made mom get in the shotgun seat, their leader sat behind her and the rest with him.

Oh, she was still naked as hell and all requests for clothes were turned down with laughs. We soon cut to the highway, I was worried but it was nearly empty. That was until we turned a corner to see a long line of trucks. Mom trembled and pulled her legs up, crouching and covering herself. But as we passed the first truck, she was made to sit straight and bare her breasts. It took a while for the trucker to realize what was next to him but soon he responded with an appreciative honk. This continued with the guy behind her occasionally reaching out to fondle and display her tits. As we neared the truck he had her pulling her tits up and sucking on them. He had reached around and started fingering her and when he stopped, to my surprise mom’s hand instinctively moved to her clit.

Trucker after trucker got the heavenly view of my mom panting as she sucked her tits and touched herself. She was no longer being forced to do so, she was just in her own zone looking for the pleasure she had been taken close to but denied. The car was filled with wolfwhistles and appreciative honks. As we neared the end of the line, she arched her back, close to cumming when suddenly the leader grabbed her arms denying her release.

The rest of the day went by with mom flashing a couple of cars and getting groped by some road workers until we neared the edge of the next town. We got the side and slowed down seeing a couple of women, I was surprised until I noticed their clothing. They were hookers! The guys got out to talk to them. I couldn’t hear a single word but they seemed to be pointing at mom and telling something. After handing some cash, all of them except their leader left with the hookers.

Returning to the car he forced mom out. “Now lady, you have flashed dozens of people. Had your son offer your body to strangers, got groped by random people and taken the loads of over 20 men. You are practically a whore”. “Now it’s time to make it official”. With a pang of dread I realized what he was going to make mom do. I tried to scream but with a tape on, he merely cast a distracted glance at my muffled voice. Mom pleaded and begged but with a threat to my life looming, she had no choice. It was dusky now and he took mom to where the hookers were standing. “OK, the first trucker that asks you, you will offer yourself for free, understood?”. Returning to the car, he backed away under the shadow of a tree and we waited.

My mom was standing naked by the road, waiting to offer herself. A couple of cars and trucks passed, slowing to look at her. Finally a truck rolled in and after a short exchange, mom climbed up into the cabin. My heart was both racing and feeling hollow. As the truck left we quietly followed it. It took a side road and stopped by a secluded field. I was glad that this time I didn’t have to see anything but it was short-lived. Getting out, he dragged me silently and pushed me down by the truck door.

I could hear some movement inside and then his grunts. This was worse, imagining what he was doing to my mom based on just voices. The grunts were soon joined by mom’s moans. Hearing her moan made my dick stand up. Her moaning became wilder and wilder until I had a raging hard on. It suddenly stopped and I think I heard her scream ‘No’. After some silence there began a series of thumps and yelps. Mom was getting spanked. For hours I was forced to hear a variety of sounds as mom was put through one act after another. Once in a while her moans would reach a raging tempo, only to be suddenly cut short. My dick seemed to have developed a mind of its own throbbing along mom’s moans.

After hours, finally the trucker had enough and got out. He was surprised to see me but the guy with me quickly took him aside to explain. Before going he untied me and told to get my mom. I got up to find mom panting and lying in delirium. Lines of cum rolled down her leg and dripped from the corners of her mouth. Supporting her up, I started walking her to the car. There was on thing I couldn’t have possibly anticipated though.

Mom had been pleasured for hours. Taken to the very edge of an orgasm but denied, not once but several time. She was horny as fuck. The moment I picked her up, she nuzzled my neck and started rubbing my dick from over the pants, with the other she tried to push my hand to her pussy. She had no idea who I was. Or so I hoped. Shocked, I quickly dropped her in the car.

I stepped back, turned on and humiliated. My dick had just been rubbed by my mom and there was strangers cum on my neck from the dick mom had taken a load from before planting cum covered kisses on my neck. There was no word or even words to describe what I was feeling. I could barely stop myself from whipping my dick out and taking her right there.

The guy returned with the trucker, both of them grinning. “We are going for a show”. “What show?” I nervously asked. “Oh, you will see” “You already know the star of the show” though he said, slapping mom on the ass. I was once again filled with dread. He told mom and me to get in the truck and followed us in the car.

The truck was cramped and mom was half sitting in my lap, her naked body rubbing against mine. Every now and then the trucker would reach out to fondle her tits and pussy. Inches away from my eyes. After a while he took is dick out and pulled mom’s mouth onto it. As she started sucking him off, he piled up her hair and made me hold it. Uncomfortable, mom shifted, now completely in my lap and stretched out. And thus we drove, my naked mom lying in my lap and me holding her hair as she blowed that trucker. As ashamed as I was, I couldn’t help but place my hand on her ass but she angrily swatted it away. Just as he began cumming we rolled into a dingy truck stop, driving around it we stopped by a building behind it. Getting out he took mom in through a backdoor while the guy in the SUV who had picked up his gang took me to a door with neon lightning around it.

The room was packed with men holding beers with a stage at the back. With growing dismay, I realized where we were. I had heard of these but never really believed. We were at an underground sex show. The crowd was getting louder and louder, when it as at the very hight of restlessness, lights flashed on the stage and a large man came out and announced that there was a special treat tonight. Amid cheers the show began with a pretty basic show put up by cheap hookers, yet enough to get the crowd riled up. It was then that they brought in the star of the show.

Mom was wheeled in on a tilted frame, hands and legs tied to four corners. Mom’s legs were stretched exposing her pussy and her tits hung, ripe. Another table was brought out, with a assortment of sex toys and whips and stuff I had never seen before. As the crowd cheered, the burly man came out. Slowly walking around mom he quietly picked up a whip, there was pin drop silence now which was sliced through with a sharp crack followed by a yelp. This was received by a chorus of roars. It had began.

He continued whipping her as with a variety of whips eliciting various yelps from mom. Some had put a mic close to her and the hall echoed with her yelps. Moving to her tits, squeezed both of her tits till she yelped and met go only to slap them a couple of times. Returning to the table, he grabbed a rather large butt plug and spitting on it, she shoved it in her ass in one single stroke. She let out the loudest yelp yet followed by moan. Next he grabbed a dildo. Going in front of her, he made her open her mouth for the dildo. He rapidly fucked her mouth with it while treating the audience with her slurping sounds. Once it was covered with enough spit, he pulled out and after giving her a hard long kiss, inserted the dildo in her pussy from behind. He started with slow strokes, gradually increasing his pace and with it mom’s moans. She had started writhing now in response to the thrusts. His thrusts and her moans reached a thundering intensity and her body was making the whole frame shake. Sensing she was about to cum, he pulled the dildo out. As she cooled down, he grabbed a vibrator and rubbing it against her clit and taking it away at just the right moment. Her moans had become wild now as she was repeatedly brought to the edge of an orgasm.

Finally he stopped it and pulled her to the very edge of the stage. He untied her and grabbing her hair and bent her over the edge. The man clamored to the front as hands reached out for her tits. He took out a vibrating plug and put it in her pussy. As her tits were being thoroughly enjoyed her pussy was once again being stimulated. Once her tits had been ravaged by everyone in the front he pulled her back and let go. She sank to floor. Moaning and heaving, she was rubbing her tits as her pussy continued to be stimulated. I thought that the show was now over but oh no.

I noticed that people had started showing wads of cash with raised hands. The guy with me whispered in my year. “Look they are bidding for your mom”. I don’t know how it worked but quickly, 10 men were chosen. By this time, mom’s vibrator had been pulled and mom was lying on the stage all hot and horny. How horny? When the first of the ten walked on to the stage she practically pounced on him, ripping his pants down and going at his dick like crazy. The crowd was wild at this point cheering at how horny she had become. As mom sucked his cock, he reached down to finger her pussy. After a while he tried to pull her off and then had to pry her off, pushing her on her back he started slurping on her pussy, penetrating her pussy with his tug. Her body heaved up and down in pleasure. He then flipped her over and pushed her to the edge, facing the crowd and tits once again within their reach.

Going behind her he removed her butt plug and shoved his huge dick in her ass. He pounded her ass, pulling her hair hard as her tits were open to be enjoyed by anyone who could reach them. Once he was done, he left her lying on the edge and left with a final slap on her ass. It was time for the next guy. One after another, man after man had their way with my mom, ravaging her tits, mouth, ass and pussy in all possible combinations until all ten were done.

The exhausted cum covered mess that mom had become was taken away amidst a last round of cheers. As we left and went to the back, there she was waiting to be returned back to guys with me.


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Chapter 4

It had been days since we had finally returned home. Mom and I rarely talked beyond everyday stuff and of course never talked about what happened. I could hardly stop thinking about it though. Every time I closed my eyes, scenes of mom being fucked and exhibited and ravaged would flash before my eyes. And as wrong as it was night after night, I jerked off to that visuals.

Mom had changed to and for a lack of a better word, she had become skanky. She had become careless about how she dressed up around people and around me as well. The gardener and security guard and all had always tried to see down her shirt and stuff, now they were treated to a button or two unbuttoned or a tight top with no bra. There was no way she didn’t know what was going on and every time I saw her like that, my mind jumped to scenarios of her being offered to them to be had their way with.

This also meant that my friends who came over now had much raunchy pics to click. I had managed to get added to the group with a different account and every time my friends came over, the group was soon flooded with messages detailing various things they wanted to do with my mom and various fantasy scenarios where they get to do so. I had jerked off for hours going through it. Oh! I would give any damn thing to make it happen. Soon my wishes would come true in a strange way.

One night as I sat before the computer, jacking off to a video of mom walking with a pronounced catwalk with my friends who were helping her carry stuff walking behind her transfixed, when I suddenly got a buzz of messages. It was an unknown number and I was shocked at what I was seeing. There was picture after picture of mom. There was mom asleep in her seat while there was a hand just about grabbing her tits, mom’s tits being fondled from the car window, mom on her knees surrounded by two dozen dicks, moms tits hanging with innumerable arms reaching for them and so on. My heart was racing, pounding away at what I was seeing. At the end there was just a single word. Enjoy.

I spent the next day processing things but by the day later, I had a nasty plan in mind. As mom walked into the kitchen in morning, in just a Tshirt which had rode up showing her panties as she did her hair, she was surprised to find me there. After a bit of small talk, I dropped the bomb.

“So hey mom, I have been seeing you for a while now. Dressing all slutty and giving an eyeful to literally every guy you meet,” I asked quietly.

“What the hell are you talking about?” she retorted.

“Oh don’t act all innocent now. You know what I mean. Always needing something from the top shelf when there’s people at the table. And you have to clean the room, all bent over when my friends are over. You crave that attention don’t you?” I smirked.

She just about stuttered a weak no when I cut her short, “So how about you offer them a bit more eh? Maybe someone will even make a move on you. That’s what you really want don’t you?”.

“Offer a bit more how?” She asked before quickly changing it to, “No shut up, I am not doing anything of that sorts”.

“Oh I mean you offer them something like this,” I said taking out my phone and showing off some of the pics of her being offered and enjoyed.

Visibly shocked it soon changed to a an odd expression. The conversation went to and forth but like I knew, a part of her was getting turned on. Besides that she just had a simple choice. Offer herself to a few people or let me offer pics and videos of her to a bunch of people anyway.

Before I put my plan into motion I wanted to test her though. Our neighbor was an old man who having nothing much to do spent the whole day on the terrace looking down at what was going on in the neighborhood and inside people’s houses. There was a nickname for him. Creepy Peepy. His balcony faced our house and thus the curtains were always drawn. I opened all of them and gave mom a clear instruction. For an entire morning, she was going to go about her business topless. I was turned on merely thinking about it. There is something so hot about abrupt nudity like just topless while dressed below. Besides the point imagining mom going about her chores all naked had been a long running fantasy. Needless to say she protested but after flashing Creepy Peepy throughout the morning her panties were dripping wet, which I discovered after making her hand them over to me. She had passed.

That weekend, I had called a couple of my particularly crass friends over for a school project, it was supposed to take the whole day so they were also going to stay over. Before they arrived, I had given mom a set of things she had to dp and told her what to wear and how to behave etc. She also had an important instruction. Take initiative and follow directions.

As we started working, she came in bearing drinks and of course herself, wearing a set of shorts which always seemed to show her thong from behind, a tight tank top and a buttoned up sleeveless shirt. She was looking just ravishing as was evident from the eyes that looked up and then followed every single move of hers from when she bent down low to place the tray offering a long look at her cleavage to her bending down to pick something up flashing a good deal of her thongs to when she left the room ass juggling in her short shorts.

As she left there was a collective sound of breath as they finally exhaled. Looks were exchanged and phones were out, ready to click pics at the next change. With no intention to delay that, I called mom and asked her if she was busy and then requested her to help with stuff. She sat down amidst us and slipping a hair tie from her wrist, started putting her hair up. I noticed that one of them had immediately started stealthily recording with his phone. ‘She is putting her hair up to suck a dick’ was a steady joke among them. Not to mention she looked particularly hot doing so.

As we worked they grabbed every chance to rub against her of course in an inconspicuous manner and she did her part as well, leaning against the shoulder of the one next to her while he showed her something, her tit pressed against his shoulder, resting against another one etc. The cheap thrills continued for a while until I decided it was time to up the ante. We were working with a strong glue soon both of her hands were covered in it. As one of my friends was holding her glass up for her to sip, I reached for something giving her a little shove. Pushed ahead the glass got knocked spilling all over her shirt.

“Oh I am so sorry mom!” I exclaimed while giving her a look nudging her towards what to do. Her half angry, half amused expression was freaking hot. She exclaimed that unless she soaked it immediately there would be a permanent stain and reached up to remove it. Notcing her glue covered covered hands, she turned to the guy next to her and quite coyly asked him to help her out. After pausing and passing a quick surprised glance at me he obliged. He unbuttoned her, spending plenty of time on the ones near her tits with the rest of them watching in rapt attention as one button after another was undone. After helping her slip the shirt off, she sent him off to rinse and soak it. The rest just stood dazed at what had happened and of course by her body in the tight tank top. And she had of course been not allowed to wear a bra. Her top had also become a bit wet and kinda transparent. Mom though just continued to work like nothing had happened.

After some time we took a break and had lunch and watched TV for a while. Of course less time was spent looking at the TV than staring at mom’s tits and nipples poking out. It was time for the next phase now and I took mom aside.

“Here’s what is going to happen now. You are going to complain that you have a headache and go to sleep. But not in your room. On the couch. And then no matter what, you are going to pretend that you are sleeping,” I instructed. She gulped down but agreed.

After she left, we continued chit chat and I casually slipped what a deep sleeper mom was, especially when she had a headache a couple of times. A while later I pretended that we needed something and told that I would go get it from the store. Of course no one else offered to come with me. As I passed mom, she gave me a scared furious look that I was leaving. While leaving I left my phone propped up with a view of the room. After pretending to leave, I sneaked to my room and sat down, with a clear view of the room on my computer waited in anticipation.

Hardly a few minutes later, they quietly entered the room. Mom was lying on the couch, turned a bit to the side, face buried in the pillow with her back facing the room. It was indeed a fine sight. They soon started taking pictures if her. They had never got a chance like this before. They clicked close up pics of her toes, legs, ass, thong poking out, exposed back and tried to take pics of her tits as well which unfortunately weren’t much visible. One of them even shot a video, walking, slowly moving the phone over her stretched our body.

Having recorded to their hearts content, one of them gave her a small nudge to see if how deeply asleep she was. Oddly enough he cupped her calves, which I gotta admit looked magnificent. Seeing this, another one started playing with the strap of her thong while running a hand over her ass. As she was to her side, only one tit was half accessible but that was enough hold her nipple between fingers and cup her tit. They took turns going at her ass and of course taking pics and vids.

She had her hair in a ponytail, curled to the front. One of them gently dragged it back and started playing and sniffing with it. After a while, he slowly pulled down the hair tie letting her magnificent mane down. Her hair spread over her shoulders and hung down the couch. He stroked and rubbed his face in her hair. Others had got bolder and were rubbing their crotch against her ass. A couple of them had a hand down their pants as well.

Unfortunately though, being afternoon and knowing I would be back they didn’t go much further beyond gently squeezing her ass and pulling on her thong. I was surprised no one tried to feel her pussy from below. Maybe anticipating that she will wake up or I will return they sadly stopped feeling mom up. I was more than pleased though. They were bold enough to feel her up and mom had proved to be obedient. I felt a light feeling in my stomach, an anticipation and excitement. The night was yet to come.


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Chapter 5

By the night I had made mom change clothes with the door left a bit open, join us in just a bathrobe and what not. I was starting to get worried because they had taken naked pictures of her now. But I was enjoying it too much. After dinner and all, mom went to bed with the same instructions as before. As we watched a movie, one of them went to the bathroom and after coming back winked at the rest. One by one, all of them excused themselves to use the facilities and returned grinning. Curious I went to check up on mom. She was lying on bed, actually asleep and her robe had been undone such that one tit was popping out. I nearly cupped her tit but stopped short.

After we decided to sleep, I pretended to sleep knowing they will try something and soon all of them left stealthily. A minute or so later, I followed silently. The room to mom’s door was around three quarters closed. Peering in, I saw all them inside, surrounding her. A couple of them had climbed on her bed. Unexpectedly, they immediately started grabbing her rather roughly. I was surprised as that seemed a bit too bold.

Her tits were being mauled while one of them kissed her on the lips. How did they expect her to stay asleep!? Mom tried to stir a bit, indicating she might wake up but they didn’t slow down. When one of them started fingering her though, she turned completely, sleeping on her back. She was in an odd situation now. If she showed she was awake, it would create a very embarrassing moment. But as the hands on her body refused to stop she finally got up and shouted, “What the hell are you doing?”

They seemed unfazed though and one of them immediately retorted, “Shut up, bitch! We just want what you have been offering the whole day”

Mom stood up and pulled her knees up, and wrapped the robe. But they closed in on her, “Oh now, you have been teasing us the whole day. Leaving us with massive hard ons. You have to take care of that now”. I was frozen at the door. I couldn’t go in and make matters worse and I couldn’t control what was going on. As she vehemently resisted, he calmly told her, “Besides, whether you want it or not, you are ours tonight. Unless, you want this to end up on your son’s school group,” he showed her a naked picture of hers, “Or it can turn up on the school computers. Or maybe your family or colleagues”

This had gone horribly wrong. Leaving mom no choice they started roaming hands on her body. Pants had come off displaying rock hard dicks. As mom’s tits and pussy was being pleasured, she had reached out on her own and grabbed a dick in each hand. Somehow in the jumbled bodies they didn’t really note on that. They switched positions, with different dicks getting jerked off. One of them turned her head to the side and put his dick in and started throat fucking. And all this was being videographed.

Soon they made her half sit up and suck their dicks one at a time. The position was becoming uncomfortable though and they pushed her to the floor on her knees while the sat at the edge of the bed. She started blowing them, one at a time while jerking off two more. Mom paused and quickly put her hair up before resuming to suck dicks. One of them joked, “Look at that. She actually put her hair up to suck dick!”

After getting blowed for a while, she was taken utop the bed and pushed in a doggy position. Two of them quickly grabbed their positions, one taking her from behind and other put his dick in her mouth. The others fondled her tits while she jerked two of them. Over the hours, one by one, switching positions all of them thoroughly fucked her. Done for the night, they left her naked in bed. I quickly rand down and pretended to sleep as they came down, guffawing about what they had done.

I stayed up for a long time, scared and angry at how things had suddenly changed horribly. Somehow I drifted to sleep, waking up quite late. As I opened my eyes, I saw mom bent down blowing a dick while the others jerked off, still lying down. Aghast, I realized they weren’t done and had got even bolder. Ah. I had thought prematurely. I pretended to sleep as she took care of their morning woods. Done she left to make breakfast and I could finally get up.

I was regretting every single thing from yesterday and especially that I had invited them for a whole weekend sleepover. As I sat down for breakfast, one of them put an arm around mom, she tried to scoot away but he had a firm grip on her. “Your mom is so fun! Thanks to her we had such a great day! And an even better night!” Everyone snickered while mom squirmed. I was freaking angry but had to pretend that I didn’t know anything and forced a confused sheepish smile.

Looking for any distraction, I begged everyone to start working. Mom was not coming in today. Sometime later, one of them disappeared but I couldn’t get away to go see what he was upto. After quite a while he returned and told me mom had called me up to her room. Puzzled I went and as I opened her door was jerked with shock.

He had tied mom in her own bed, arms and legs stretched in 4 corners, and a blindfold on her eyes. I panicked thinking about what they were upto but that was overridden by the sight in front of me. I found myself walking to her, admiring her body from up close. I had almost cupped her tits when suddenly the door flew open!

“Ha! Were you about to feel up your mom!? You walked in on her tied and naked and your first thought was, let’s get a feel eh?” “You are a bad bad son,” he chided. “Did you really think we didn’t know you had joined that group, perving on your mom?”. “Oh and those guys just randomly sent you those photos?” he laughed. He explained that they had seen someone offering her pics on the dark web, thinking it to be a scam but not being able to fight the temptation, they bought them and hit the jackpot.

“So do you want to fuck mommy now? He mockingly asked me. After everything that had happened and might happen, having sported a hard one for a whole day, I ended up saying yes. But that was met with loads of laughter. “Oh you do, do you?” he laughed. “Well you can’t,” he suddenly exclaimed in a serious voice. “Why? Oh because you don’t deserve her,” he announced. “We know she is a cheap slut but you are too pathetic to deserve even that,” he barked at me as he climbed on top of mom and started fucking her. I was pushed to the corner as once again all of them fucked her one by one.

This was way more horrible. There was no physical danger or anything like that but they had us completely cornered. Any one of the photo ending up in the wrong place could destroy our lives in a jiffy. The rest of the day, they just hung around the house ordering pizza and pounding beers. Mom was forced to stay naked and every once in a while groped by someone. I was of course just there, helpless but not allowed to go to my room.

In the evening, they told mom to get dressed up ‘all nice’ and worse, they made me pick out clothes for her. Mom came down in a knee length red dress, it fit tightly on the top. Her hair was down, framing her face. She looked elegant and sexy. This was treated with whistles as it was announced that we were going to the movies. Dread started filling me again.

We drove and as we arrived, my heart sank seeing where we were. It was a theater in a neighborhood full of auto shops and small factories and such. It was just a normal theater but the kind that was rarely visited by women. Also the cheap kind often visited by guys from my school! Mom in her fashionable dress couldn’t be more out of place there! Literally everyone there was visibly surprised. They made mom go and get tickets and the cashier could barely function.

They immediately occupied the last row, pushing me in the corner, with mom in the middle. The theater was hardly filled but a fair number of them had come to the last row. As the movie began, the two sitting besides her started feeling her up but soon they pushed her on her knees and she started blowing one of them off.

She continued down blowing each of them. As she neared the last one, other men in the row had noticed and all eyes were fixed on her. When the last guy, was done he pointed her to the other men in that row. She shook her head but with a stern gaze and push she had to comply. As she started blowing a burly mechanic, a couple more guys came to that row and soon it was filled.

Through the entirety of the movie, one by one she moved down the row blowing every one them until they came. She bobbed dick to dick and maybe to not spoil her dress she gulped down every load of cum that was blown in her mouth. Some of them tried to feel her up but she swatted them away. Once the last one was done, she walked back to us, getting her as slapped by a few of them as she passed them.

I had seen mom do far worse but in a random far away place it almost seemed like something that had happened with someone else. Here in our own city, close to home and a good chance that one of the men she blew could very well be someone we knew was much much horrible.

We exited the theater from a side alley and as we were walking down we saw a drunk guy, half passed out. In his drunk state he was subconsciously rubbing his crotch. All of them laughed at that and I could see an evil idea pop in their mind. Pulling mom by her arm, he took her near him. “See the poor guy is horny but can’t even get his pants off to jerk off. We can’t leave him like that. Go help him out,” he told mom. After some coercion, mom squatted down beside him and unzipped his pants. Repulsed she started jacking him off. Mom in her sexy dress was squatted in an alley, jerking off a drunk passed out guy.

With that much alcohol in his body, his dick was barely getting hard so he told mom to go down on it, reluctant but looking to get done the soonest, she took his dirty dick in her mouth and started blowing him. Her hair tumbled down and not wanting it to touch him, she held it up with her other hand. One of them pushed me forward, “Be a good son and help out your mom”

Appalled, I bent down and gathered mom’s hair holding it while getting an up close view of her mouth on the dirty cock. Hands free she started both jerking and sucking him. Soon she could feel his cock throb and there was no way she was taking his cum. She quickly moved away finishing him with her hand, although he barely cummed some of it dropped on her hand. Getting up she wiped it away on my Tshirt.

Laughing at that, one of them announced that it was time to take the ‘nice lady’ to a ‘nice restaurant’ for some fun. I was hoping we would be going back but now was scared about what he meant by that.


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Chapter 6

To my surprise, ‘nice restaurant’ actually meant a nice restaurant but I was also shit scared when I saw a couple of mom’s friends there. After waving hello, we sat in a corner table. Seeing there were people who knew us had brought an odd gleam into their eyes but it was mom who seemed to be most affected by it. Something had come over her, she looked flushed and was biting her lower lip. She almost seemed excited.

There seemed to be nothing amiss and we were just having dinner until one of them announced that it was getting bored. I gulped as he turned to mom, “We are getting bored”. “Why don’t y...” he was cut short as mom grabbed a hair tie from her wrist, put her hair up and ducked under the table. What the hell!? I quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Relieved that no one had, I glimpsed under the table to see mom blowing the guy next to me.

For what seemed like an eternity, she was down there. Faces getting scrunchedup and sweating one by one, was the only indication of what she was upto. I just sat there until what I was terribly afraid of, happened. One of her friends came over asking about Mom. I was just about to answer when suddenly a hand grabbed my crotch. I uttered a half yelp. Mom’s friend asked what was wrong and I brushed it off and told that mom is in the restroom. All the while a hand was rubbing my dick. I could barely talk and mom’s friend just wouldn’t shut up. It was torture! I could barely keep a straight face.

Finally, she left. I looked and was shocked to see that the hand belonged to mom. Looking at her down there, holding my dick I hoped, maybe just maybe she will blow me. But giving a snort of derision she let go and moved to a different dick. Why the fuck would she do that? Once all of them were done, mom emerged from under the table and wiped her mouth with a napkin like nothing had happened.

We left soon and drove to our house. Mom was made to sit on the lap of the guy next to me and he made out with her the entire time. I knew that they were once again going to fuck mom all night. Just before reaching home he pulled mom off and whispered something in her ear. As the car stopped mom turned to me and told me to go home. I didn’t want to leave her alone but putting on a stern voice she made me go out.

I got out and saw him pull her mouth back to his as they zoomed away. I went in the house, no idea what was happening to mom. I didn’t sleep a wink that night waiting for her to return. It was late dawn when the car finally rolled home. There were already early morning joggers and people out on a walk on the road. Mom got out, hair disheveled and by the way she was holding it, her dress ripped in the front. She walked home before the judging eyes of the early risers.

She asked me to help her undress, she reeked of cum. She went to take a shower dumping her clothes in my arms. Her panty was dripping wet and even though I knew it was covered in cum I ended up jerking off while rubbing it on my face. My mind kept going back to mom half jerking me. I just wanted to barge into the shower and take mom right there.

The next few days, my friends were over all the time fucking mom all over the place. On a couple of nights, she was taken away, where I don’t know. Morning after morning she was dropped off clothes crumpled after a night of fucking. Whispers about her were spreading among the neighbors. Day after day, I jerked off in her stained panties. But nothing had prepared me for what came next.

There was an old storeroom near the gym which the jocks had made into a secret guy zone. Anyone feeling horny in the day could go there and find some dirty magazines and photos of hot girls at school for a quick jerk off. I never went there but one day, having undressed and put mom to bed, I was particularly horny and sneaked off. As the guy who was in there before left, he looked surprised to see me and let out a laugh. “Enjoy,” he smirked at me. I was puzzled since I hardly knew him.

I sat down and started jerking off vigorously. I was randomly skimming through the smut lying there when suddenly a cum covered picture of my mom popped out. I was taken aback but it wasn’t unexpected. As I fished around for more, I got the shock of my life. There was a whole stack of mom’s pictures and these weren’t just sneak pics, there were some full on nude ones. My pace increased as I jacked off furiously. I had no idea how many people had got off to these. How many had seen her naked. I was also well aware that even the janitors used that room. All this just made me jerk harder though until I dropped a huge load on the pics of mom.

That weekend there was a basketball game and mom was informed she had to come. I pleaded against that but there really wasn’t anything to do. On the game night, as she walked to the gym with me I was greeted with smirks and winks. But, I was half relieved that not as many guys knew about the pictures as I was afraid off. Those that had, went out of their way to say hi to her. Although unaware about why, mom seemed to be enjoying the attention.

As the game went on, my fears started to settle. Finally our team won and amidst huge cheers went to the locker room. Shortly after that I got a text, ‘bring your mom to the locker room’. I texted him back begging him to not do anything at school. Immediately a phone buzzed nearby. I turned around and saw a guy check his phone gave me an odd look and leave. My phone buzzed, ‘every minute you waste, more will join the party’. I told mom that we have to go to the locker room. She didn’t even ask why and began walking.

The guy who texted me was waiting outside, as mom came he grabbed her hair and led her in. The team was in various stages of undress and looked up as we came in. “Here’s our reward for winning, boys”, he said as he let her hair down. Pulling her down he gave her a hard long kiss. Everyone had started gathering around her now. Letting go he pushed her into someone else’s arms. He started groping her tits while random hands slapped her ass. Someone pulled her down backwards and stuck his tongue in her mouth. She was now half arched back, tits being pawed like crazy, mouth locked in a furious kiss and ass being grabbed and slapped.

As they continued having at her body, someone brought the champagne out. Popping the cork, he sprayed the team but mostly mom till her Tshirt was soaking wet. She didn’t even have a bra on and her tits were all but bared. The bottle was passed on until someone took hold of it and made mom take a long chug. He pushed her down on it and began thrusting with the bottle. Soon he stopped but she continued bobbing on it.

Pulling her away, her top was ripped by someone baring her breasts. Bending down he started sucking on it while another one mauled away at the other one. Someone poured champagne on her tits and as it trickled down it was slurped up by eager tongues. Soon her pants were pulled down, her pussy was dripping wet and with no panties, juices were literally dripping down her leg. The first one who felt up her pussy, lapped it up and as he brought his hand near, she eagerly licked it up.

Lifting her up, she was placed on a table and as dicks came out she began jerking two of them up. Someone had once again made her give a blowjob to the bottle. Once it was covered in her saliva, it was replaced by a dick. As one of them spread her pussy wide, the one with the bottle gently slid it inside her and started thrusting. Mom was being fucked with a bottle in my school locker room.

As she was edged close to an orgasm with the bottle, mom continued to jerk them off one by one. Denying her an orgasm, the bottle was removed with a plop and mom was pushed on the floor. On her knees, she was engulfed by dicks as she blowed, bobbing from dick to dick. The ones not being blown were being jacked off. Her face was soon streaked with precum and spit and salive dripped down her neck.

Seeing her cleavage glistening with all that saliva, one of them sat on a bench and pulled her towards him. He slapped her tits with his dick and began rubbing it in her cleavage. Mom let go off the dicks she was holding and pushed her tits closer. Swinging them up and down she started giving him a titjob. Others were slapping her ass while one was banging her pussy with her fingers.

Their dicks no longer being pleasured by her, they had taken things into their own hands. Those that weren’t groping or enjoying her were jerking off in a ring around her. But not for long, the one getting a blowjob, pulled her up and layed her on her back. Moving to the front he pushed his rock hard dick in her dripping pussy. The moment her hands were free, they were wrapped around dicks. Her mouth soon followed as one of them started fucking her throat.

But there were so many hyper horny dicks and only so much of mom. As the next guy started fucking her he twisted her to her side as she half lay on him. This had bared her asshole and within no time, a dick was thrust in. This was was so intense that even with a dick in her mouth, her moans and occasional screams could still be heard. One of them put a hand in her hair and pulled it back. Gathering it up he wrapped her hair around his dick and started jerking off. With a dick in every possible hole, and in her hands and now in her hair mom was rapidly pleasuring six dicks. Correction, seven. Pushing her feet together one of them had started thrusting his dick in the ridge that had formed.

As each one was done someone else took their place as everyone got to ravage her body however they wanted. This continued so long that I had lost all sense of time. Once they had fucked her in every way possible they were finally done. As they left to take showers, I went to mom and was about to help her up when I was stopped. It was the same guy who had planned all this. “Your mom needs to be cleaned,” he mocked pointing at the door. As I looked over, I realized how much time had passed.

The lights were out outside and there was silence all over. Everyone had long gone. Everyone except the janitorial staff who were standing by the door. How long, I had no idea. Upon his cue they walked over to us. Pulling mom up, he pushed her over to one of the janitors.

“Take her to the showers, and get her cleaned up or whatever, you know...” he snorted. With a grin on his face the janitor led mom to the showers while the rest of them eagerly followed.

Hang on for Part-07!


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Chapter 7

The next week I was surprised that my fears hadn’t come true. News of mom fucking the entire team had not spread as much as I was afraid off. But there was still that one group who grabbed every chance to harass me. I banged your mom jokes become mocking taunts when they are utterly true. When they were not busy smoking and passing beers in the backyard they were at my home fooling around with mom. I never knew when a random pic of mom being fucked would pop up on my phone.

But nothing was worse than a couple of guys who loved degrading her and humiliating me. One evening they showed up at the house and told us to come with them. After picking up some stuff we stopped by an adult store. One of them whispered something in mom’s ear and she went in. After a long while she returned, disheveled and clutching a brown bag. “So they do accept a whore,” one of them joked as she got in with an obvious smell of cum.

It was starting to feel very weird and more so when we rolled into a dingy hotel. As we got in, the guy at the reception winked and led us to the room. Mom immediately went to the bathroom. By the looks of it, the room was decorated for a party. And that seemed to be it until one of them left and returned with his younger brother! I immediately got what was going on with a sinking feeling.

“So, Lil bro, I have something very special planned for your 15th birthday!” he told him giving me an odd look.

Mom was still in the bathroom and they had put some music on and offered him his first beer. They were riding him asking whether he had a girlfriend and stuff and in general teasing him. As he became more and more awkward, they announced it was time for his special gift. One of them knocked on the bathroom door. And then he got a first look at his gift.

As the door opened, mom came out. Dressed in the tiniest of skirts, long stockings and a whit shirt tucked in with a tie. Her hair was up in pigtails and she looked absolutely slutty. There are no words to describe how slutty it looked, a sexy mature woman dressed up like a schoolgirl in pigtails. The boy literally turned red with nervousness. His brother led mom by her tie and pointed her towards the birthday boy.

She stood in front of the 15 year old boy and started putting on a show, turning around and jigging her ass. After a while he gingerly reached out to touch her ass but she pushed it away and sat on his lap. As she grinded against him, she pulled his hands to her tits and he started fondling them. For a long while she danced on him, rubbing her body all over him. Awkward at start he had become bolder in feeling her up.

Mom then started feeling up his dick over his pants and then pulled them down. Wasting no time she took his young dick in her mouth and started blowing him. The others teased him if this was his first blowjob but he was hardly paying attention. Soon he grabbed her pigtails and started controlling her movement. He quickly got hard and his brother told mom to stop and strip.

Getting up, she slowly removed all her clothes showing off her body to the young boy. His eyes gleamed in wonder and delight as he admired her up and down. Mom sat on his lap again and started jerking him while making out with him. He was dripping precum like crazy and once he was all lubed up, she stood up and plopped down taking his dick inside her. He yelped as he entered her and she started riding him.

As her tits flopped up and down she grabbed his head and pushed him to her tit. The sight of the 15 year old, sucking on my mom’s tits as she rode him was just hot and humiliating at the same time. Even mom seemed extremely turned on by the whole situation, reaching down to rub herself as she rode him. Of course he didn’t last long and quickly came as he lost his virginity to a mature woman.

It was over quite quickly though and I was glad it ended. But mom wasn’t, as the boy’s brother pumped his shoulder, mom turned to him and grabbed his dick. But he laughed and pushed her away. “Ha! Looks like the bitch is still in heat,” he mocked his brother. “Well, I am not having my lil bro’s sloppy seconds. Gotta a find some other way to cool her down,” he continued looking at me. For a brief moment I thought he meant me but noticing my expressions he burst out laughing.

He told mom to get dressed up and we got in the car. He gave his brother a vibrator and as we drove he continued to pleasure her. She was sitting next to me panting and heaving, rubbing her tits. She was practically begging them to fuck her and they just brushed her off. After driving for a while we entered a dimly lit alley. To my horror at the end there was what looked like corner with a couple of homeless guys sleeping. They stirred up disturbed by the headlight.

He turned to me, “your mom is horny as fuck and wants a dick. There is a bunch of guys who haven’t had pussy in a long time”. You know what to do. This was beyond what I had imagined and begged not to do that. But he turned to mom and startedfingering her, “you just want a dick right now right, bitch? As she panted yes, he made us get down and led her to them. I found myself following them.

All of them had got up now and were leering in wonder. As we reached, he ripped mom’s dress from the front, baring her tits. Mom needed no more instructions and unzipped the guy nearest to her. As his pant came down, there was a distinct stink but mom didn’t care, within moments her mouth was on his dirty dick blowing him as tried to figure out what was going on. Mom was literally blowing a hobo but it was about to get worse. Much much worse.

Her hair was piling down all over him and like several times before she made me hold her hair up as she sucked his dick. One by one she went down on their dicks, as I meekly held her hair back. Soon they had realized that mom was game and had started groping her tits and ass and fingering her pussy. Their dirty hands were all over mom’s body.

I was right next to them as mom’s tits were grabbed and sucked on and her pussy fingered by a bunch of hobos. Mom had seemed a bit reluctant at start but all she cared about was the dicks she could lay her hands on. And she had one in each. Soon they pushed me away and bent mom down in a doggy position. One of them sat in front of her, pushing her mouth down on his dick as he piled her hair up, his dirty hands in mom’s sexy hair. Meanwhile another guy had started rubbing his dick on her pussy.

Mom continued to jerk off two of them, her tits still being fondled wildly. The guy behind her finally penetrated her and started thrusting hard. Who knew after how long he was getting laid and that too with a sexy lady. He came quite quickly though and mom was still denied but he was soon replaced by another one. One by one they fucked her from behind but each of them came too quickly for mom. She was literally radiating horny at this point, still sucking on a dick and jerking more off, trying to get them hard again.

As she continued, I go the shock of my life. Someone had started sniffing and licking her pussy. The guys jeered but mom had still not noticed that her pussy was being licked by a fucking dog. After my shock subsided I tried to jump in but was held back. Everyone was shocked but eagerly watching. The dogs rapid links had mom heaving in pleasure but her face down on a dick she still hadn’t noticed.

Done licking, the dog jumped up on her. As his feet touched her back she finally noticed something was off and turned around. Startled she tried to move away but was grabbed by the guys, holding her down. The dog started riding her but hadn’t found her pussy yet. His angry red erection was being grinded on her ass. Mom continued to squirm until something changed.

He finally found her pussy and as his dick entered her, mom let out a gasp. The dog thrust into her at a rapid pace, using its entire body to pump his dick in her. Mom was moaning and heaving like crazy. Any qualms of getting fuvked by a dog were thrown aside at the pleasure she was getting. It was so humiliating. Mom being fucked by a street mongreal surrounded by a bunch of hobos.

The dogs pace was more rapid than she had ever experienced and his vigor seemed to have no limit. Mom’s face was flushed with pleasure, eyes practically rolled back into her head. Her moans now screams in throes if pleasure. She had gone numb and stopped jerking anyone off. No one seemed to mind though.

Her body heaving up and down, screaming in pleasure she finally came. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, screams subsided into moans and pants but the dog was hardly done. She hadn’t even orgasmed completely and was once again riding high. The combination of screams and moans and panting continued forever when the dog was finally done after having put mom through who knows how many orgasms.

The others who were jerking off all the time also came again landing their loads on mom. It was then that I noticed that no one was holding me back and all of them had left leaving mom and me alone with the homeless people. Really worried now, I quickly helped mom up and dragged her away. Luckily I could quickly find a cab and I couldn’t wait to leave.

I keept looking out the window and it took me a long while to realize that in my hurry I had overlooked something. Mom was still in her tattered dress, barely covered! Having been taken through throes of pleasure again and again she was also in the zone where though tired out and barely aware she was still fucking horny. Eyes closed, she had started rubbing her pussy while fondling her tits.

Even though I hadn’t noticed the cab driver had and he was staring in the mirror, barely keeping an eye on the road. I was so angry at mom that I didn’t even bother to stop her. I just wanted to go home. I was so relieved when we finally reached home. As I tried to open the door I realized it was locked. The driver had something else in mind. He quickly climbed into the back seat and grabbed mom’s tits. Her eyes fluttered open and before I tried anything she reached out for his dick.

He seemed to be in a hurry and within no time he had pushed her down and unzipped his pants. Mom was lying on the seat head in my lap, telling the driver to hurry up. He soon started fucking her and as she arched up and down her head rubbing on my dick. I started getting hard and angry as what had happened flashed before my eyes.

Finally done, he climbed off of mom. I quickly took mom in and to her room. She could barely stand up at this point. I helped her into the shower and was about to leave as she started cleaning her pussy with a hand shower. To my shock she seemed to be getting turned on again. Was there any limit to how horny she could get tonight. Her eyes were closed now and I found myself reaching for her pussy.

As soon as my fingers touched her pussy she opened her eyes and giving an annoyed look, pushed my hand away. In that moment, a bolt of anger shot in my head remembering all the guys and she had gladly fucked. She had literally fucked a dog! She seemed to notice the anger in my eyes and let go of hand. I pulled her up and bent her over the tub. Pulling my pants down, I thrust my dick into her. As I started thrusting, anger fuelling my pace she stopped resisting. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her face back and whispered, “you are mine now, mom”.