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Fapping Materials / IMO, How a good bully story would look like !!!
« on: November 12, 2018, 03:13:23 AM »

I have been asking for Mom-Son-Bully plays/storiesto many and many guys willingly agree, but when they try to execute it, I find it's not upto my taste or what I am looking for(there is no right or wrong here). So, this is not going to be a plot/Story, I will just give instances of a plot and discuss, how I like it should turn around !!! This is purely my likings, I wouldn't say this is the prefect way to do a play !!!

1) Mom needs be Windower / Divorcee / husband abroad / Not having happy married life

I find it to be a misconception when someone says above statement,at least for me. Those who have money would want to earn more and more money, same way, who is having regular and proper sex, will carve for more varieties and more sex. Also, when a sex starved lady look for sex outside, I see her with some kind of sadness and it is completely normal for anyone who is sex starved to look outside for sex. However when a happily married lady carve for more sex, it brings out the slut in the play and more fun to play.

2) Striking a deal/bet/agreement

Normally when you strike a deal or bet or going into agreement, make the play more predictable in almost 99% of the cases. I would recommend to avoid any kinds of bets,deal or agreement. For instance, most of bully story , I am seeing bully would strike deal with mom, if i have you , i stop bullying your son !!!  , I think that kind of deal kills the story then and there where they strike this kind of deals.

3) Mom is already a whore/slut at start of play !!!

Refer point one, like i said , sleeping for money with someone brings more sadness to the play. Also know the difference between slut and whore. Slut is someone who spread her legs for fun and her horniness, whore is someone sleeping for money. Also the best part of play is transforming from conservative mom (she may be slut inside) to a slut. Already starting with a slut, will dampen the perspective of the play.

4) Mom meeting Bully for first time !!!

99.9% of people i chat has very same plan when mom meets bully for first time, “If you are ready to sleep with me, I will leave your son” - come on that stops the play there. Let him put forth his viewpoints on why my son need to be bullied, why and how he is better man etc etc. I think the bully should be more intimidating not flirting or romancing . Why a sissy guys is bullied, because he is weak and bully is strong man. The mom should feel it, a good bully should make me leak when I meet him for first time and bring in the carving inside me.

It should be like he would be able to convince me that his bullying will do good for my son and in fact after some time he should make me plead to him to bully my son more.

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