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Fapping Materials / Story Idea - Gamer Mom
« on: July 26, 2020, 09:42:41 AM »
Thought I'd throw in this random brainstorm.

Hot gamer mom; who used to bond with her son via Minecraft etc during elementary school; eventually teams up with the sons bratty gamer-wigger rival to defeat her son in 'Fortnite' during the sons middle school years. 

I really like the idea of a bully reluctantly experiencing the cuck-sons sub-fantasies. While the cuck-son gets a life of denial.

Like the son has shameful fantasies about being farted on by his mother and face-sat. Be her human-toilet. Tease him with her feet. Cock and ball torture etc.

He gets exposed well into the mom and bullies relationship. They find out about the son's sick twisted fantasies and shame him for it. The mom is disgusted that a ugly parasite like her son wanted her to do those things to him.

She devises a plan to twist the knife and rub it in. Making it clear that her son won't be experiencing these things. She asks her sons bully to act out being her toilet-sub. The Bully is reluctant at first as he isn't into that twisted shit, like the loser son. But agrees it would be funny to deny the son his fantasies by indulging in the his mothers kinky request.

The Bully begins being sat on and farted on by the big booty mother. The son spies, cries and masturbates in jealousy to the bully, as the bully is laughing hysterically and sniffing, snorting and blowing raspberries between her asscrack. He is having so much fun. Its the cucks dream come true, for his bully. The bully's brain gets reconditioned and he learns to love the losers fetishes and relishes stealing his victims fantasies away from him.

An alpha deserves to experience the joys of humiliation too. Why should the cuck be exclusive the wonderful 'electric' experiences of 'humiliation'? Why should a cuck experience what his bull can not? The idea that the bully steals away the one thing the cuck has left by experiencing his fantasies is hot. The one thing the bully should be denied, is DENIAL itself.

The cuck-son can have nothing left, except the humiliating experience of DENIAL. I don't think the bully will steal that particular fantasy/reality from him LOL.

Not really mum related.

But plenty of real life cougar and bully debauchery hehe

Why the hell couldn't she be hot like my mum?

The events are fiction, but the people in my life are real.

Pm me if you were always curious.

The site is called Lil humpers

Here is the link;

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Here is a link to my defunct ASSTR where my past stories were posted. Ill be getting into the writing scene again eventually.

'Mommy's Love Denied' and 'Netorare Mommy - My Parents Betrayal'  are the stories you guys are after.

Those new to this scene enjoy and let us know what you think.

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