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Thank you for this post. I've been thinking of doing this for quite a while now. I've cut back on my part time job because it was getting too monotonous and so much pressure was placed upon me. So now I got four days off in a row and sort of have nothing to show for it (catching up on some book and video games???).

I need to revisit this hobby at a frequent rate. I was thinking the only a way I would get more motivated and write, like, daily; is for me to get paid for it. Commissions etc, like Nebic.

But I don't know how I could even begin. My dream is to become a successful writer using a synonym closer to my real name that doesn't write erotic content in the future. But for now, this could be great practice for me and a good paid hobby to get back into the swing of things.

I believe iv'e written enough free content for people to be familiar with me to buy my work. I plan on writing more than just mom-netorare-cuckold content.

However, pretty much all my content will involve heavy humiliation consisting of power exchange. Strangers and brats and undeserving frenemies that will leach the protagonist dry and steal away the people he loves, all while the antagonist experiences the ultimate the pleasure of the 'Ass-Fetish' that the protagonist is forever denied'. That is pretty much going to be a consistent theme with my work for now on.

I realize that this paid hobby would most likely be 'pocket change' in comparison to my real job. But I dream to paid for something I am passionate about and not be some gear or wheels that help the corporate machine, like the job in my reality. I would love to be proud of what I'm being paid for, instead of desperate to get out and get home with my anxiety.

Do any of you have any recommendations about the best and quickest way to start this? I promise this will motivate be to write a lot more during my spare time. I'm very very interested in getting started.

Also, don't worry. I plan on continuing 'Mommy's Love Denied' and the 'Halloween' story for free. Though I may give early access to those who decide to pay?

We should both give this a go 'Thotslayer' and I look forward to reading your work.  ;D

Thanks so much guys. You are all so awesome in this little community. I love you!  :)

-Mathew Elizabeth

Fapping Materials / Story Idea - Gamer Mom
« on: July 26, 2020, 09:42:41 AM »
Thought I'd throw in this random brainstorm.

Hot gamer mom; who used to bond with her son via Minecraft etc during elementary school; eventually teams up with the sons bratty gamer-wigger rival to defeat her son in 'Fortnite' during the sons middle school years. 

Fapping Materials / Re: Need author for this INSANELY HOT story
« on: July 12, 2020, 02:14:26 AM »
I'm having more time off from work to focus on my hobbies and be more psychologically happy.

The outline you described is something I would love to delve deeply into by writing a detailed one-shot short story. Though what you outlined is a pretty common fantasy within the niche 'son-cuckold' community; its also a very powerful one. The idea for the situation to end in a feeling of comfort and security is titillating as well.

Though I do have a few questions and ask if I take a few liberties with the idea.

-Firstly, why 'Brad'? Is he a significant person in your life? Or someone you made up? Would you like me to describe him as some alpha male in real life? Or would you prefer him to be a completely made up character?

-Secondly, you said both you and your mom would be forced to walk around nude. What are both your body types? That's important.

I may have more questions later. But I'm very interested in writing this story. Happy to chat more.

My story, 'Mommy's Love Denied', relies heavily on that theme.

Scott is always masturbating this story.

Are you ever going to go back to the Mommy Love Denied sequel you started?

I'll see if I can write another chapter this week. I've got quite a few ideas brimming. Adult Ryan drives to Scott and Penny's place as all three have flashbacks. I'll also probably write scene 4 of my halloween story too.

Fapping Materials / Re: Hot mom dp in front of son video
« on: May 11, 2020, 12:55:56 AM »
Lol, Seriously guys. If you could find the full video or something of this gem, much would be appreciated.

Think you guys might like this one. Here is the link. Let us know what u think. ;)

Thanks, 'Stfe9' and 'Uglyfucker'

The cuckolding between Ryan and the parents are definitely a strong point in the first part. The dad is a willing and 'oh so happy' cuck though. The dad craves humiliation, albeit in a playful way; and Ryan slowly learns to indulge his fantasies, treating it like a 'buddy-buddy game'.  There will be no animosity between him and Ryan, as he gladly lets his 'new son' enjoy his wife's body. Ryan and the dad actually become good friends.

In terms of the progression and reasoning behind Ryan's actions? You know; I'm sort of thinking of making it a very-very dark black comedy where the power exchange between  Ryan and the protagonist progresses on a sort of accidental karma driven 'Seesaw'. Ryan ultimately doesn't seek power; he just receives it by taking advantage and 'freeloading' at the protagonist's expense whenever they cross paths. I'm thinking of framing each part years apart, maybe at least 10-year gap between each (Not sure if I should start it in the 70's or 80's to be a bit creative, or play it safe and start it in my own adolescent years which where 2002-2004). Ryan will constantly lose it all only to gain power and pleasure again from the protagonist; until the protagonist is ultimately milked dry. And it will be partly the protagonists fault too, as he slowly gets humiliation fantasies about it and that leads to his ultimate downfall in the third part. Even when Ryan sends the humiliating Video-Letters to the protagonist in prison; Ryan knows the protagonist is sort of enjoying it. Wow! Ryan is so generous!  ;D  :o

Thanks again guys. In the mood to write at this very moment!

Going to try to get started/continue on multiple projects tomorrow during my couple of days off from my corporate job.

Here is a few idea's that have been cooking up in my mind today, before I start my final shift of the work week. Sort of a more fucked up, alternative spin on the story 'Bully Takes Three' by Remnick13.

It's a new trilogy (maybe series) called 'Ryan Takes All'. Its sort of broad in a BI way. So not all of it will be for everyone.

Part 1: Young Boy Ryan get me emancipated from my parents through extreme lies. So extreme and convincing, that the legal system saw me as a special case. He fills the void by getting adopted by them.

Part 2:  Ryan steals my job; reveals my gay love affair to my wife; convinces her to divorce me; marries her; (and fucks the boyfriend I had an affair with, LOL)

Part 3: Ryan dates my beautiful twink gay-son (Marylyn Monroe but 18-year-old boy) and becomes his "Sugar-Daddy'. They conspire to steal my remaining fortune by falsely accusing me and telling the authorities that I'm a pedo, through lies/stories told about my sons childhood  :o  I get sent to prison, get beat up daily and get sent mocking video-letters from Ryan showing how much he is enjoying everything he took.  :o :'(

Is this going to far?? LOL. Sometimes I think I break too much ground, when I'm really just humiliating myself here, cuz I'm a naughty masochist  ;D . Yet iv'e received death threats in the past from other sites.

Would love to know what you guys thinks of these fictional story idea's, including the others I listed. Would love to hear from you while I work my final week-shift. Anything at all. Even that comment about how my 'wigger cripple' story made one of you LOL, gives me the giggles sometimes. Would love to chat. On this thread or discord.

Talk soon, and hope to have some content out soon too ;)

Was hoping to get into my writing during this lockdown thing. But my corporate casual job refuses to let me go.

Out of all the ideas I listed, which should i start with? A vote? Poll?

Hi Matt,

I see that its been a few months since anyone posted, but curious to know where you have got to with the various stories. I love your work. In particular, I always loved the Younger Bully Owns Joey series (the original one with 9 parts). Would be great to bring that back at some point.

Thankyou '88huntert'. I'm glad you like my stories. I haven't written that story for a long-long time. I kind of concluded it with the 10th chapter; don't think its online anymore.

My writing style has changed quite a bit since then as well, as has my maturity, age and the subtleties of what I like and whatnot.

I plan on continuing 'Mommy's Love Denied' as a fun project over the course of my life until I think it reaches the right conclusion. I plan on writing many one shot stories, that I may or may not follow up or make a trilogy out of, both in the gay and straight categories.

Here are some idea's that I don't mind sharing, because its not just the idea's that impress me anymore it's how it's written in prose that truly gets me going

1.Shamefaced Brazilian Classmate earns Surra de bunda right of passage from my mom

2.Sheepish Teenage Boy, Learns the power of spying and exposing my family on webcam, which is in every room.

3. Meek Skinny Slob Kid, who hates me and pissed all over my workplace bathroom, got a lift home from my milf mom.

4. Self-Effacing Christian Boy, pretends to be my boyfriend while slowly convincing my love ones to be homophobes

5.Skinny Timorous Friend who makes 'Fat Jokes', steals my BBW wife

6. Self-righteous Str8 Friend, Outs me in front of Str8 Gym Locker Room, and gets me banned from Str8 Gym bromance

7.Homophobic Rugby Coach Superstar Idol Bull falls for my Gay Twink Son

8.Curious Str8 guys watching, recording and exposing fags as they poop

9. Banned from the Secret Fantasy Highschool Toilets (Bromance Denial, Toilet Exhibitionism, Shower, Sauna, Early Morning, Secret Hidden Toilets hours before class)

10. Angry Psycho Pale Beta male is offered my Mum, after mom-cuckold party with Alpha Males.

11. My jock Dad throws a party for my Bullies

12. Slave to Handicapped Wigger Cripple

13. Plantation Owners Son Steals Slave's Mother and makes her his Sex Slave.

If any writers want to use these idea's feel free. I would love to see your take on them before I write my version.

Fapping Materials / Re: Hot mom dp in front of son video
« on: March 11, 2020, 09:39:28 PM »
Can't believe I missed this one. It looks fairly old too. I'm actually surprised they had something like this back then.  Does anyone know the name of the movie? Or the actress name?

Fantastic little Gem of a story you have here Uglyfucker. One of my favourites. Keep em coming!

Seriously guys! This site has grown and its getting better and better.

My favourites include 'Ricky's Gang' , 'The Mannequin Humping Challenge' and 'Fuckstyle Wrestling' featuring Ricky Spanish.

But the new one called, 'Party's Over, Go Home' featuring Julie Cash with new actor 'Chris Rail' is absolutely sizzling.

New Actor 'Chris Rail' looks like a great new potential 'Bully'.

Fapping Materials / Re: Stories links (Moms vs Bullies)
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:26:04 PM »
The story that 'Ugly Fucker' posted here recently called 'Search and Destroy' is very-very good!

It's a story about a teenage Hispanic-Boy named Sammy, who has weird fetishes about his Milf-Mother Maria's anus! His mother is a real popular slut, having sex with many big strong white collage guys around town. Sammy gets given a hard time by many of his skinny white tall bullies in his school about the obscenity of his mother's ass size. But Sammy has a friend named Luke, who is also a skinny tall white guy, who constantly comes to Sammy's rescue. Sammy looks up to Luke a lot.

Luke is rather self-righteous and obsessive though, in a childish way. He keeps claiming that his Pokémon cards are somewhere in Sammy's house, hidden somewhere.

Luke wasn't like the other white boys in Sammy's grade when it came to Maria's ass. Luke didn't seem destined to be an 'Ass-man' He seemed to hate ass, especially ones as big and obscene as Sammy's Moms Butt. But little did Luke know; that his obsession with looking for his lost 'Pokémon Cards, would lead him through a journey of shameful self discovery. Discovering the magical wonders of a woman's anus. That it would lead him a quest of 'power exchange' at the expense of his small Hispanic friend he was supposed to protect.

Luke was going to learn to like 'Big Juicy Latina Milf Ass'; all the while rolling his eyes reluctantly and denying that he likes it to his classmates. Tragically ironic. He's so lucky and shamefully denies it. Despite his obvious bragging down the line.


The story is dark, but it does have a humorous element to it. Based on uglyfucker's descriptions, I know very well what the mom and son look like. But in my own imagination, I sort of imagine 'Finn Wolfhard' from that show 'Stranger Things' playing Luke, the lucky friend.

Lol, but seriously, this could easily be a porn movie by 'Brazzer's' or Naughty America'. Like a "BigCockBully',  'LilHumpers' or 'Mommy Got Boobs' production. Starring Juan El Caballo Loco or Ricky Spanish as Luke. Lol, that would be so awesome! It could be soo easy to do too.

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