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Real Life / Re: What u think of my mom( pic)
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I would facefuck her pretty lips and then fuck her anally, and in the end she would have a facial or a mouthful
Fapping Materials / Re: My fat mom
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She looks like my mother.
Fapping Materials / Re: Make a wish- Commission (Latina mom/White rival)
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Melanie seemed terribly elated and helped the teenagers bring in all his bags. The second she noticed George standing there, though, she tossed the bags her son’s way.

“Be helpful for something and take these bags to your room. Jack will be staying there until he feels better.”


“No buts! Go now!”

While George miserably fixed his room up for the impromptu guest, he heard his mom and Jack running around downstairs. George peeked down and saw them playing tag, supposedly to test the teenager’s energy levels.

With every new tag, Jack seemed bolder and bolder, going as far as slapping Melanie’s huge ass. It made those perfect buttocks jiggle inside her black yoga pants. She giggled and yelped each time, clearly enjoying it far more than she should have as a married woman.

They run all over the house without a care in the world, until Melanie picked up the skinny Jack in her thick arms. He weighed, at most, 90 pounds, so it was certainly easy for her to get that done. The hot Latina milf planted a kiss on the young teenager’s cheek and hugged him tightly, squeezing him against her massive boobs.

George walked meekly by, which prompted Melanie to roll her eyes sharply. Without saying a single word to her actual son, she instead focused on Jack and Jack alone.

“Come, Jack, honey,” She told him as she took his hand and guided him into the kitchen. With a sigh, George decided it was best not to go in there for now, and walked back into his room. There, he heard his cell phone ringing, and upon answering, was surprised to listen to the voice of his dad.

“Hi, George. I’m sorry you had to listen to your mom and me arguing today again. Listen, kiddo, I’ll be late today. There is an active shooter at the local movie theatre, and I have to be there to help contain the situation.”

“Dad! That sounds dangerous!” George gasped, worried about what his dad was revealing.

“Don’t worry, son. I’ll be ok. Take care of your mom, I’ll be back tomorrow morning, I promise,” There was a pause in the line as if someone was talking to his dad. There was urgency in his voice when he addressed his son again, “I’m sorry, Georgie, but I have to rush to the scene. Keep an eye on Jack until I get back. I don’t trust that punk to be around your mom. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Before George could reply, Martin hung up the phone. The teenager was left with a feeling of dread. This was not good… but surely his father would be ok, right? He always was.

Dinner arrived all too soon, and the truth of the matter was, George would have rather remained in his room. But his father had ordered him to keep an eye on Jack, and that was what he needed to do. So he sat there, barely able to touch his meal, staring at the oddest scene he had ever dealt with.

Melanie and Jack couldn’t get their eyes off each other. It was ridiculous. They made puppy eyes and giggled like they were out on a date. His mother looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing more makeup than she did even during her dates with his father, and was wearing an impossibly-tight and sensual pink dress. It highlighted her curvaceous body and her sun-kissed skin. Her dark hair was combed in a way that made her look youthful and gorgeous.
Why was she all primed up that way? Was it for Jack’s sake?!

“I’m not hungry, Melanie, I don’t think I can eat this delicious meal” Jack mumbled ruefully, acting much sicker than George believed he really was.
Melanie cooed at Jack tenderly and began cutting his food for the teenager, feeding him small forkfuls.

George rolled his eyes at this, but the worst was yet to come. When that didn’t really help, Melanie began chewing up the food and prompted Jack to open his mouth, pouring the half-eaten food inside! She was like one of those mamma birds feeding their babies. George opened his eyes wide, unable to believe what he was staring at!

He was so grossed out by the sight that he actually threw up his own food all over the table, feeling sick to his stomach.

Instead of getting worried about her son or even realizing how gross what she was doing was… she actually began to mock him!

“You are such an asshole, dude!” Squealed Jack, laughing his ass off, “There are starving children in the third world, and you just spit your food?”

“Ungrateful little shit,” Added Melanie, and she laughed alongside Jack.

George couldn’t even reply, feeling another rush of food rushing up his throat. So he just ran to the bathroom and knelt in front of the toilet, throwing up the rest of his meal.

He sat in there for a while, feeling his stomach uneasy. He closed his eyes, wondering how his father would take the news of Melanie’s strange behavior around Jack? It didn’t seem like she was going to suddenly begin acting normal again.

Something incredibly messed up was at play here, and George had a feeling that soon enough, he’d discover what was going on.
It scared him shitless if he had to be honest with himself.

When he finally made his way out of the bathroom, his stomach still upset; he couldn’t find his mom or Jack anywhere. The vomit was still staining the table, which was so odd. Why wouldn’t his mom have cleaned it? She usually didn’t let anything be dirty around the house!

There was a note on the table, on top of the vomit, and George thought it would read that he should clean it up himself. Instead, it read that they wanted to play hide and seek and that George should find Melanie and Jack.

He grunted in annoyment, but decided to search for them so at least he could finally confront the two of them and demand that they put a stop to it before his dad arrived and kicked Jack’s ass!

George was fuming with frustration, but no matter how much he tried to find them, they were nowhere to be seen. That was until he tried to enter his mom’s walk-in closet. Much to his shock, it was locked from the side. What was worse… sounds were coming from inside it.

Heavy breathing, soft moans, little grunts. He couldn't miss what was going on in there. Once he tried to open the door, and it became evident that he had finally found them, the noises grew louder. George was furious and began banging at the door, demanding for them to stop whatever was going on inside that room, and to open the door at once.

He knocked so hard that it seemed like the door was going to break in two at any moment. It was then that Melanie opened the door, and George gasped in surprise.

He couldn’t look at his mother in the face: Not while she was wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting bras and sensual little panties. He could see the swell of her boobs, the nipples almost slipping out of the fabric. She was the most sensual, perfect, and voluptuous woman George had ever laid eyes on! Her breasts seemed ready to burst out of her tiny bra, almost as big as his own head!

“Goodness, George, relax. Lower your voice, I don’t understand why you need to be screaming the way you are!” She scolded him, just as Jack walked out without a care in the world, dressed in nothing but a pair of piss-stained underwear.

George grunted in disgust and shook his head disapprovingly at both of them.
“I’m done with this stupid little game. I’m going to bed.”

George began to walk toward his room, and to his surprise, Jack and Melanie stepped behind him. He gave them a frustrated look, and Melanie prompted him to enter the room.

“What? It’s bedtime, and Jack needs to go to bed too.”

George, irritated at his mother, simply shrugged and began moving toward his bed, but Melanie stopped him at once.
“No, you are sleeping on the lower bunk.”

In order to have room for friends, his parents had bought a bunk bed for George years back. He always slept in the top bunk, even if there was nowhere else sleeping in his room. He loved it! His mom didn’t allow him to climb the stairs even as he protested.
“But mom, it’s my bed!”

“Not any longer. Jack wants it, and he deserves it far more than you do!” She snapped at him, rolling her big black eyes at his rebellion. “I’m your mother, and you’ll do as I say!”

George reluctantly laid down on the lower bunk and was forced to see how Melanie helped that little jerk climb the stairs. George could see her boobs bouncing as she moved up the stairs and how her ass clapped gorgeously! He wanted so badly to stretch his arm and squeeze that massive, stunning ass!

He heard his mom kissing Jack goodnight, and something deep inside him told him that it was probably a peck on the lips, not the cheek. He felt green with jealousy and anger but didn’t say a thing.

The gorgeous Latina then simply stepped out of the room without even acknowledging her own son, as if he wasn’t even there.

About a second or two later, Jack poked his head from the upper bed, a horrible smirk on his skinny face. George rolled his eyes and turned to the side, prepared to ignore whatever taunt the jerk had to throw at him… but he never expected what was actually about to be revealed to him.

“You know it’s all a show, right, spic?” He asked cruelly, dark amusement in his voice. “I don’t have cancer. I never did! Nothing went into remission. I’m perfectly healthy, just skinny as hell. But everyone ate it up like the idiots they are. Your mom helped me scheme this masterplan! We paid an actor to pretend he was a doctor, paid the head nurse that works with your mom to turn a blind eye. And you know what’s funnier? The money we used to pay for this whole show was cash your mom has been stealing from your father’s salary for over a year now! Isn’t that hilarious?!”

George should have probably immediately jumped to his feet and beaten the ever-living crap out of that little creep, but he was in too much shock to move. So Jack kept speaking, every single word filled with venom.

“The only people who don’t know the truth are you, your idiot of a father, and my lame parents. None of that matters now, though. Remember how I promised I’d be fucking Melanie sooner or later? Well, I did, and there’s nothing a loser like you can do about it!”

That was simply too much for George to bear. He jumped out of his bunk bed with the sole intention of beating Jack’s ass. This time he would end up in the hospital for real, and he’d stay there for a fucking long time, too! When his dad found out what had happened, there would be hell to pay, and the little punk would regret ever laying a finger on Melanie!

Just then, though, something even more shocking happened. The door burst open. George expected to see his dad there, but instead, it was Melanie, completely naked from head to toes! Her breasts bounced like gigantic water balloons as she rushed toward him, and handcuffed a stunned George to his bunk with Martin’s police gear.

“What the fuck, mom?!” George managed to squeak before Melanie snapped him so hard that spit actually slipped out his mouth.

“Shut up, you good-for-nothing child! Don’t stay up, loser. I’m going to be with Jack in the bunk bed on top of yours, and it’s going to be a long night, believe me!”
Without saying another word, she climbed on the top bunk, and George could hear them heavily kissing and panting almost immediately.

“Hey! Stop it!” He screamed, trying to uncuff himself, but it was all for naught. They completely ignored him except to throw Jack’s disgusting underwear onto his face. It smelled like cum and piss, and George almost puked again as he took it off his head.

The next few hours were utterly traumatic. He screamed and yelled and cried miserably, begging to be released, begging for them to stop. He told them how wrong it was, how they’d regret it, how messed up what they were doing was.

All he received as a reply were the constant moans and grunts coming from both his mom and Jack, as well as the continuous rocking of the bed. They were fucking each other brains out, and George was a reluctant spectator of it all.

It wasn’t until Melanie’s phone began to ring that they finally paused. George was whimpering quietly by then, and when he saw his mom stepping down the ladder, he looked at her in despair.

“Please, mom, stop…” he mumbled, but she rolled her eyes at him. She was sweaty and covered in Jack’s cum, her massive tits red with hickeys. Her large nipples were erect, and her ass was also covered in marks from Jack’s spanks.

“Shut up, freak,” She replied coldly and answered the phone. She heard the other person on the other side of the line deliver what was supposed to be terrible news. The police commissioner told her how Martin had been fatally wounded in the theater shootout, and how he was sorry for her loss.
Melanie laughed merrily and hung up the phone without even replying.

She turned toward George with the biggest grin on her face that her son had ever seen.

“Your dumb spic father got shot dead a few hours ago, little bitch.” She chuckled as she spoke, leaving George in utter shock. “Don’t worry, though, I already have a new daddy for you! He is a hell of a better lover and has a big fucking cock to match! He can actually make me cum, not like your loser father!

George began sobbing miserably, but Melanie simply laughed in returned and screamed to her young lover:

“The spic is dead!”

“I heard! Good riddance! Now come up here and let’s celebrate. I’ll fuck that big ass of yours, and you can forget all about that disgusting spic!”
Melanie giggled like a teenager and hopped back up the stairs, her breasts bouncing with each new step.

The top bunk of his bed began to bounce up and down wildly. The moans of his mom, the terrible woman who gave birth to him, filled the room. They were tied together with the grunts and groans of the boy who used to be his best friend and had played George like a fiddle.

“Too bad your loser son wasn’t shot alongside his spic dad!” Jack chuckled as he fucked Melanie hard in the ass, slapping her cheeks and enjoying how they bounced.

“Don’t worry, we need a little loser servant around the house! He’ll be useful, Jack,” Melanie replied between moans.
George closed his eyes and tried in vain to gulp down the tears. It seemed like it was the first night of a terrible living nightmare.
Fapping Materials / Re: Make a wish- Commission (Latina mom/White rival)
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Chapter 2

By the time George arrived home, Melanie’s car was already in the driveway. That wasn’t a big surprise, as he had taken the long way there, and on foot. He needed time alone to process everything that was happening.

Jack was a jerk, yes, but he was still young, barely a teenager, and he had once been a dear friend. Did he really want him to die? Well, no… but at the same time, he was relieved. He couldn’t help feeling that way. Jack had turned into a real jackass and really overstepped the boundaries. So, if they skinny idiot had to go… well, at least George hoped he didn’t suffer too much.

Martin, his father, wasn’t home yet, and all George heard in the house were the sounds of his mom cooking. She was clearly upset. Usually, she’d listen to bachata, a kind of Colombian music genre. Now, however, the house was eerily quiet.

He didn’t like it one bit. George couldn’t help but wonder, if only for an instant… would his mom be this upset if he was sick? He blinked at this thought. Why would he even consider that question? Of course, his mom wouldn’t be happy if her own son had cancer!! He knew that, and it was unfair for Melanie for him to think that way.

Still… something deep inside, George told him… maybe, just maybe, she cared more about Jack than she cared about her own flesh and blood. Why did she keep his photos hidden underneath her bed if she didn’t, like a long-lost son or worse… a cross-stared lover.

George decided to play a few video games to let go of these silly concerns. Jack would soon be gone, and that would be it. He would be freed of this little jerk, and even if his mom did love Jack more than she loved George, he’d be long gone.

Finally, Martin arrived, exhausted after a long day at work. Being the chief police officer was hard work. He was sweaty and tired, and clearly not in the mood to talk. Perhaps he should try harder for Melanie, George found himself thinking. Maybe then they’d get along better.

As Melanie served them dinner, her lip quivered, and she sighed as if trying to gather the courage to tell Martin something she found terrible.
“Martin…” She said as she took a seat, and the chief gave his wife a concerned look. “I have something to tell you.”
“What is it, dear?”

“Jack, Georgie’s friend… he’s sick. He has leukemia and has been admitted to the hospital. The doctors don’t think he had too much time left.”
Martin didn’t react the way Melanie expected him to. Her eyes were puffy from sobbing, and her usually sun-kissed skin was uncharacteristically pale. She was a stunning woman, she never could stop being one with her amazing looks, but she looked tired and sad. She was usually so filled with life!
She clearly expected her family to mourn the news with her… but that didn’t happen. Instead, Martin chuckled softly and replied:
“Good riddance to the little bastard.”

That was when World War III started, right under the Whorniposa’s roof. George had seen his parents argue, but never that way. It was a mess! Melanie was furious, accusing her husband of being insensitive and cruel. Martin scoffed, and he replied that she never saw the real monster that hid behind the good boy facade.

“He is a child!” Melanie spat, crossing her arms in front of her massive boobs. “How can you call a child a monster?!”
“He is hardly a child, Melanie, ¡Por Dios!” Martin screamed back, throwing his arms in the air. “Es un muchachote de 16 años!”
“Don’t you speak Spanish to me!” She screamed back at him in anger “You only speak Spanish when you are mad and think you are right! You are not right by wishing a boy dies!”

“Dies, disappears, whatever. As long as he stays the hell away from my wife and my son, I’m happy!”
“Stop it!” She shrieked, clearly incredibly upset.

George found refuge in his bedroom, refusing to witness their argument any longer. Unfortunately, the screams were so loud that he simply could not block them out. They continued to argue well into the wee hours of the night, and George kept turning and tossing in his bed. They screamed nasty things to one another.
He discovered things no son wanted to know about their parents… like how they didn’t have sex any longer and how she didn’t want him to touch her even using a long pole. How she was disgusted with the man, he had turned into over those years of marriage.

Truth be told, Martin didn’t hold back any insults either. What Georg didn’t know was if they were being honest or just trying to hurt one another. He hoped it was the latter… but it felt like the former.

Much to his dismay, just as he was succeeding at falling slowly asleep, he heard his phone beep. Checking the screen, George realized it was a text from none other than Jack.

All is going according to plan, spic

George was wide awake after that, unable to stop thinking about what that bastard might mean by that. He sent at least a dozen texts and called Jack over 7 times, but there was no reply. George had a bad feeling about it and somehow believed that even his parents’ argument might have to do with that text. Jack was messed up enough to come up with a plan to ruin his entire life

The next day, he had to crawl out of his bed, feeling his knees wobbly. He had slept less than an hour or two, and could barely keep his eyes open.
Melanie wouldn’t allow him to stay home, no matter how much he pleaded.

“No! Perhaps if you showed a bit more empathy toward the suffering of others, I’d feel bad about you being tired. But you are really acting like a nasty kid” She snapped at him, surprising George.

“But mom!” He yelped, surprised by her sudden iciness.

“But nothing. You weren’t upset about Jack’s illness, and you didn’t help me defend him when your dad said he wished the poor boy was dead. Now you can make your own breakfast because I don’t feel like cooking for neither you or your mom today.”

George was wounded and confused by this reaction, but there was something in Melanie’s stern expression that let him know that arguing would do him no good.
His mother had been drifting apart from his little boy slowly yet steadily over the past few years, but now? Now it felt as if she wasn’t even looking at him with the eyes of a mom. Instead, she seemed annoyed at him, as if he was some kind of dull chore.

George thought that she was maybe just upset, and she’d be back to her usual sunny disposition in no time. So he decided to play nice and go to school without arguing, even if he was exhausted.

The next few weeks slipped by quickly. It was enjoyable going to school now that Jack wasn’t there to annoy him and leave little notes in his locker. He tried to gain his mom’s favor once again, by asking how Jack was doing, but she remained just as icy. All she’d reply when being asked about it was that he should concern himself with his homework.

That being said, something was messing up his momentary happiness… Patty. Patty, his hopeless crush. Ever since he had dared ask her out, she was furious at him, feeling like the fact that he liked her was a personal insult to her.

She was a stunning beauty and had the biggest ass and boobs in school, so it was clear most of the guys there wanted to screw her brains out. Including a few teachers. But the thought of him asking her out again made her skin crawl.

And so she decided to make his life a living hell in order to make it quite clear to him that she would never, not in a million years, even give him a second look, let alone date him.

So each and every time they crossed each other in the hallway, she’d yell a racial insult at him, making all her popular friends chuckle.

Soon, it stuck. People found it hilarious, and they began doing it too. So day in and day out, George had to endure people hollering ‘spic,’ ‘wetback,’ ‘beaner,’ ‘frijolero.’ George would blush and grit his teeth. He could get into fights, sure, but most of the students screaming those slurs at him were girls! What was he supposed to do? Punch a girl? He wouldn’t stoop that low!

One day, right after school, Patty was mercifully alone for a few minutes as she grabbed stuff from her locker. Her friends were showering after gym class, so he could approach her without her entire entourage.

“Patty…” He mumbled, feeling so nervous around her now that he knew she was so disgusted with him. “I’d like to speak to you for a second, please.”
“No way, loser. I’m busy.” She snapped, not even turning to give him a second look.

“Please, I’m really tired of being called names every single day. Stop it already. I won’t ask you out again, I’m sorry if I upset you. So just stop it, ok?”
Only then did she turn toward him, slapping the door of her locker sharply.

“No, I don’t plan on stopping, you idiot. You are disgusting, and I want everyone to know it. By the time the year ends, you’ll be the most unpopular guy at school. You’ll get fucking beaten up every day. And you are sorry? I don’t think you really are… but soon you’ll be”

“Wait, Patty…” He mumbled, surprised, as she tried to walk away. He placed a hand on her shoulder to try and keep her from leaving. Without any warning, Patty kicked him hard on the nuts, sending him tumbling on the floor.

“If you ever touch me again, I’ll accuse you of trying to molest me with the principal, do you understand, wetback?!” She snapped at him, leaning down so he could hear her even as the pain was washing horribly over his body. It was a kick on the nuts, but it was spreading to his stomach, his chest, and even his head, like waves of a terrible earthquake.

She stepped over him as if he was just a piece of garbage lying on the floor and walked away to meet her friends.
It took him almost ten minutes to feel strong enough to move, and he had to end up walking home since the bus had already left. His balls hurt like fucking hell, and he had to check a few times to make sure they hadn’t raised into his body.

When he reached his home, George strolled into his bedroom and laid on his bed. His balls still hurt like hell, but at least it didn’t feel like he was about to faint any longer.

It was then that he received an email on his phone, and an instant later, he wished he would have never opened it. It was filled with pictures, and the one who sent them was none other than Jack.

The pictures were… well, nothing a sick boy at the hospital should have in his possession. Actually, no one but Melanie’s husband should have them at all!
There were so many too! They showed his mom’s massive cleavage, as well as a few with her bending over to grab something from the medical trays. Her ass was enormous, and with the tight nurse uniform, it left little to the imagination.

Her panties were showing through the skirts and scrubs in the different pictures. They were all so sexy panties, all made out of silk or lace, more adequate in a porn film than a hospital room. There were others where she was throwing a kiss at the camera wearing her regular clothes. It was insane!
Then the worse were the ones that were close-ups of her boobs, and they looked amazing! Her breasts were so large, George knew it, but it was as if Jack had successfully snapped a picture from every single angle, and they looked even better.

George was outraged and upset to see all those pictures. And yet… he couldn’t help but feel an erection pushing hard at the front of his pants. He was just about ready to pull out his cock and began masturbating to those pictures when his mom walked into his room without even knocking the door.
She had a big smile on her face, and she looked earnestly happy for the first time in over a month. She was walking with a bounce in her step, and it made her boobs bounce hypnotically.

“Oh, Georgie, dear, I have wonderful news!”

“What is it, mom?” He asked, jumping to his feet and trying to pretend he didn’t have an erection. He wondered what could have her so happy and acting so sweetly toward him after weeks of icy treatment.

It was nice seeing her that way, and he thought that any news she could give him now would be great news. He was incredibly wrong.

“Jack is officially in remission, and he’ll be allowed to leave the hospital!” She announced, smiling like a schoolgirl in love. Before George even had the chance to reply at all, she continued with the so-called great news. “But his condition is still delicate. The doctors recommended constant medical supervision for a few months, to begin with. So I spoke to his parents, and they agreed that since I was the one taking care of him at the hospital, it would be a good idea for him to come to stay with me until he recovers a 100%!”

George wanted to ask his mom if she was crazy, but before he could even open his mouth, a loud thud could be heard from his parents’ room.
“WHAT THE HELL?!” The scream was unmistakably Martin yelling in surprise. He must have heard of the news from his room, and he was rushing toward his son’s bedroom in a mad fury. “Are you insane, woman?! That freak isn’t going to set a single foot here!”

“Don’t you dare speak to me that way” Melanie replied sharply, her tone awfully cold. “I won’t change my mind. I’m a professional nurse, and I’ll never turn my back when someone needs my help, Martin. I already made up my mind, and you won’t convince me otherwise.”

Martin seemed mad enough to actually strike his wife, so he took a long breath in and shook his head, stomping toward the front door.
“I have to leave now, Melanie, before I do something I’ll regret. I’ll be home later today. Then we’ll talk about it.”

George was confident that the door was doing to fall off its hinges by the sheer force with which Martin slammed it.

“Mom… are you sure about this?” George asked cautiously, and Melanie nodded immediately, without hesitation.

“Yes, I’m sure. I know Jack on a very intimate level, and I am the more qualified to tend to his needs until he makes a full recovery.”

“Look, mom… I never told you this because I didn’t want you to be upset… but Jack’s not a nice guy. He’s a real pervert. The reason why he didn’t come around any longer was that I caught him masturbating with your bras in your room. He’s not what he seems!”

Melanie stared at her son for an instant before shaking her head in disbelief.

“No, Jack would never do that. He is a nice boy.”

“Mom! He is not a nice guy! He is a fucking pervert, he is an idiot, he is a jerk! He told everyone at school you have great boobs that he wanted to cum on them! I’m sorry to be telling you all of this, but you need to know who he really is!”

Melanie didn’t react the way George hoped she would. She was mad… but not at Jack! She slapped George across the face and glared at him with such hatred that it made him freeze where he stood.

“Don’t ever, ever talk about my darling Jack that way again! Even with leukemia, he is a better son than you ever could be! You are a pathetic little boy, and he is everything I wish you would have been! Instead, you grew up to be… just like your loser of a father!”

George was incredibly wounded as she left him alone in his room, barely able to snap out of his shock for the longest time. In a jealous rage, he closed the door and closed his eyes, unable to control his emotions.

He began doing something that he never imagined he’d do: He slipped his hand down his pants and began furiously masturbating to the thought of his mom and his most hated rival, Jack, having passionate sex. He could almost hear their moans and grunts in his head, and Jack’s cruel smirk as he thrust time and time again into Melanie’s tight pussy, making her massive boobs swing back and forth with each new push.

He ended up cumming in his pants, feeling miserable and furious, and didn’t walk back out till it was time for dinner.

It was when the smell of Melanie’s delicious cooking began flooding the house that George reluctantly stepped downstairs, just in time to hear someone stepping through the front door. It was none other than Jack himself, arriving at the Whorniposa house with a huge and cruel grin on his face. No, it wasn’t a grin… it was an arrogant smirk.
Real Life / Wanna talk about my mom?
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Hey guys, if you wanna see and talk about my mom or this fetish here's my kik, sodom279, both sons and bulls are welcome! Hmu!
Fapping Materials / Re: My fat mom
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She is so Fucking Sexy. Big Sexy Natural Tits...Big Fat Smelly Ass...Whore painted toes...I'm in Love with her. Bend her over and fuck the shit out of that slutty old ass. Bet she would love to suck a bully cock right in front of you...while you tell her what a fucking whore she is. I would love to have my way with her …
Fapping Materials / Re: There isn't any good porn videos to this thing
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Short version: Porn is a business.

1. You have to balance a budget to make profits. Every hour spent writing dialogue and story costs money. Every take you have to shoot to correct an actor mistake or try alternate dialogue costs money. If you want to shoot from multiple angles that costs you money for the camera, cameraman AND editing. Because of this, any footage that is shot that doesn't make the final cut is wasted money for the most part.

2. Porn is less widely advertised, purchased and discussed. You have to hope that your audience is out there and finds you. Take a movie like any of the Avengers. It's usually announced a year or more before it hits theaters. It's put up on billboards, tv comercials, online adds. If a new movie is coming out, it's hard to miss. So even if you make the Citizen Kane of cuckold porn, people just might not know it exists. In addition, when was the last porn ad you clicked on pop-up or otherwise?

3. No one buys porn. It's true, I've never bought a single thing I've masturbated too. This seems to be true for most people since the late 90s. You're making porn for a minority that actually pays for content.

4. All the above problems exist for even the most vanilla, widely palatable pornography. By limiting yourself to a specific fetish, you are making your audience smaller while still having to overcome all of the above problems that plague pornography production companies.
Fapping Materials / There isn't any good porn videos to this thing
« Last post by mehmettekin on February 16, 2020, 07:13:01 PM »
Seriously, this is not bestgore type or something, it's not horror, it's not torture. It's not even real thing, only a sexual fantasy. But porn makers suck at this. If I was a porn director, I would write and shoot much better scenes. They just lack the imagination and talent, most of them do.
Fapping Materials / Re: Indian Moms Serving White Cock
« Last post by cesah53850 on February 16, 2020, 07:10:55 PM »
any more story you know? indian milfs are the best
Fapping Materials / Re: My fat mom
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a fat mom and a fat sissy son. nothing better  ;)