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Fapping Materials / Re: Begginings
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Mostly just more set up.

His mom had sounded so excited when she had called him during school to tell him she was picking him up from school as she had “great news”. But when she had driven up she had obviously been crying, he had asked her what was wrong when they bother got back homem, but she had insisted that nothing was wrong. He knew that something had upset her in the time from when she had called him and when she had picked him up, bad enough for her to not want to share the great news with him. He had decided that it would be best not to pester her on what the problem was and just let her brush it aside.
After having been blackmailed into taking incriminating photos, then taunted about them he hoped that Branond had  his fun and would just leave him alone. Brandon had other plans for him and was able to corner him at lunch time. Without warning the bully knocked Nathan's tray of food out of his hands and onto the floor.
“I saw your mom yesterday, looks like she had been crying her eyes out,” thinking of the porno that Ada had unwiiling started in he added “What happened her boyfriend pump her then dump her again”
Nathan didn’t get the reference, as he didn’t know about his mom's revenge porno.
“Shut up,” Nthan knew it was a mistake to tell him to shut up as he was saying it. Branond gave him a hard punch right to the gut.
“Here I am trying to be nice, asking about what upset your poor mother so much, and you keep running your mouth.” He hit Nathan in the side again “looks like i'm going to have to take time out of my scedual teach you some manners. After school meat me behind the field house again ”
Nathan massaged the sore part of his side where he had been punched twice. The rest of the day he had a dull throbbing pain in his side, a constant reminder of his lesson in manners that he had been promised after school.
Knowing that Brandon held both the set of photos over his head Nathan didn't go the busses after school ended, instead going back once again to the field house. Last time he was blackmailed into getting photos of his mom's lingerie, he didn't want to think about what he would be required to do this time. When he got to the field house he saw that it wasn’t just  Branond this time, but Josh, and Keith were there as well.
“In, Nancy” Branond commanded Nathan in, opening the unlocked door to the field house, normally it was locked unless there was sports practice, but for some reason Branond had a key.
“Wack!!!!!,” Brandon kneed him right in the balls as Josh closed the door behind him. Natahn doubled over in pain from the impact, dry heaving as he hadn’t had any lunch today thanks to Brandon.
“See if you had eaten today you would have ruined your clothes,” Brandon said reminding Nathan“looks like that another thanks you owe me.”
Natahn was still gasping from having his balls smashed in and was unable to respond. Josh grabbed hold of his arms and kich the back of his legs causing him to fall to the floor.
“Well,” Josh said, keeping Nathan on his knees, “You're going to thank him or not?”
“Help!,” Nantha screamed at the top of his lounges, he was far too sacred to think about his situation. His cry from help earned him a kick to the chest, knocking the wind out of him.
“If you're not going to thank me, then you don't get to say anything at all,” Branond said, holding up a roll of duct tape. Josh dug his fingers into Nathan's hair garbing it by the roots so he could pull his head back and let Brandon tape his mouth shut.
The three bullies took turns hitting, and kicking Nathan over and over again. hisbound hand prevented him from fighting back, not that he wouldn have been able to. And his gagged and bound mouth stopped him calling for help, not that anyone would have heard him any ways.
Nathan wasn’t the only one who was having a very bad day. Brandon's late night hook up was so worn out after her  all night fuckathon with the stud, and what she thought was her new boyfriend, that she hadn’t even been able to get up for school the next day. She was thankful at first that her stepfather hadn’t been home last night so she had been able to spend it all with Brandon. But the moment she heard her stepdad brage into her room screaming at her did she realise her mistake.
She had seen him anger before, but this was a special case of rage. A failed night of trying to get laid at a local bar had left him quite backed up, and very hung over. It was made worse that he had gotten a call from the school that she hadn’t arrived that morning. In a rage he though that his dumb bitch of a stepdaughter had tried to run away now that she was eighteen. He had gotne back home expecting to see that she worte a note telling him to fuck off, but he instead found her slepping naked in her bed the air reaked of stale sex.
“GET THE FUCK OUT,” she screamd uppling the sheet up so she could cover her naked body from her furios step dad, the stupoer of having been fucked all night wearing off in her panic.
“If you're not going to school then you're going to have to start paying rent” “You're an adult now, so no more free ride.”
“I don’t have money to pay you rent” not liking how he was eying up her naked body that was covered only by a sweet stained sheet.
“In this household we pay with cash or ass,”He smiled at looking over his naked step daughter “so ass it is.”
She barely had time to put together the implication of what he had just said when he ripedthe sheet she had been covering herself with.
‘mmmmmm,” was her only respons as he shived his lips on to her raping her mouth wiht his will her mauled her naked tits. Panicking she made the mistake of trying to slap him away.
The back hand slap he gave her was enough to not just know her senseless, but send her head bagnign into the headboard of her bed.
“ungrateful slut,” he muttered to himself as he walked out of her room to get supplies “worse than that whore mother of yours.”
The back hand slapped and hit her head, keeping the poor girl in a daze long enough that by the time she started to gain awareness of her surroundings it was too late, her step day had returned carrying a roll of duct tape.
He picked up her panties from last night, the ones that had been soked when she had stiped them off for Brandon and shoved them into her open mouth. It had a horrible taste to it and she actively tried to spit it out, but he put the tape over her mouth wrapping it around her head several times so there was no chance of her spitting it out. Next he held his step daughter down, taping her hands together behind her back preventing her from being able to fight back..
She was still dizzy from being hit across the face and didn;t fight back as he tied her ankles to the post at the foot of the bed with the duck tape. She regained her sense as he was working on taping her other ankle to the bedpost, in a fit of panic she tried to kick him. this time he hit the side of her head with his fist, dazing her once again letting him fishing and tying her down. Now she was naked on her bed bound and gagged her legs spread wide
“Little whores need to be taught a lesson,” He said, pulling his belt off. With her underwere stiffed in her mouth and ducking tape wraped securly over her lips there was no way that any one was ever going to hear her as her stepfather began wiping her with his belt. He wanted to make sure she knew she had the defiance wiped out of her before she paid her rent, and he was going to enjoy it as long as he could.
“ahhhhhhh,mmmmmmmmmm,ahhhhhhhh,ehhhhhhhhh,” was all she could get out as she felt the belt on her ass and back.
The three bullies fished working over Nancy, Branond wanted him beaten but not so badly that he wasn’t functional so they kept most of their kicks to his arms and legs. Bandon had stopped first letting both Josh and Keith working over Nathan, making sure he learned his lesson, while he messed with Nathan's phone.
“That's enough,” Brandon camanded fishing whatever he was doing on Naths phone. Looking down at the pathetic bitch he could see just the slightest hint of resistin in his eyes, small enough for it to be his imagination, but that didn’t matter “or is it, have you learned your lesson.”
Nathan didn’t respond for a whole secdon, but his hesitation was more than enough for the alpha bully. “WACK,” Branond kicked him right in the testcales while he was helpless on the floor, they were already senstavie from being kneed so it only hurt more. The pain was too much from the bitch to ever cry out, not that he even could, he could only gasp from breath through the gag.
“Well even if he hasn’t learned his lesson that should be enough for today,” Josh was starting to grow bored with just hitting and kicking Nathan on the limbs.
“Now I text your mom telling her that you need her to pick you up from school ASAP,” Branond help Nathan's phone up to his face so he could see it from the floor “Or not only everyone going to see the photos you took of the chearleads, but theri going to see your personal pron collection.”
   Natahn had been too stunned to do anything but nod along so far, but as soon as he saw what was on his phone he snapped back to reality. The bully had put several dozen videos of gay porn on to his phone. seeing the look of disbelief on his face the bully smirked then swiped over to the photos, showing Nathan the thousands of photos showing men in higly inappropriate situations.
   “When your mom picks you up you're going to say nothing, you're only going to agree with everything I say, or else.” Branodn was samling at just how easly it had been to trap the little fag. Natahn nodded in defeated disbelief, it was the only thing he could do at this point. Josh had left as soon as he saw than the litle fag was defeated, and keith simply followed him. Nathan was too absorbed in his own problems to hear their conversation to know what they were talking abou, but it sounded like Keith was asking if he could have a go at a girl after Josh was done with her.
“Remeber play along, or everyons going to know about your fag porn collection,” Brandon said remidning Natahn of the gay porn he had saved onto his phone while he slung his arm over his shoulder and beagn helpinghim walk to the fonrt of the school.

“I found him behind the school getting where some kids cornered him,”Branodn said as he helped Nathan into the back seat of Ada’s van  “But I found them and stopped them before things got too far.”
Nathan kept his mouth shut like he was told, despite just how much he wanted to tell his mom the truth. Brandon and his friends had been the ones who had beaten him, and now Brandon was pretending that he was his savior, and there was nothing he could do without getting in even more trouble. the entire thing was completely unfair.
Ada was far to hysterical at Nathan's condition to question any further, she didn’t even question it when Brandon offered to come with her to help Nathan into the house.

Branond gave another hard jab into Nathans side as they walked in, right after Ada turned her back, it was the same spot he had hit him earlier that day and Nathan was sure that the bruise that had formed would only get bigger.
“It’s ok he just slipped,” Branond reassured Ada when she heard her son falling onto the floor. She let her sons bully take him to his room while she went a got the first aid kit to help treat the bruises and cuts.
“If your mom asks who the kids who attacked you are, you better tell her that you didn’t see their faces,” Brandon pressed into the large bruise on Nathan's side as he talked.
Ada returned with the first aid kit and helped clean her son's cuts while Brandon put bandages on the cuts and the bruises, making sure to tie them unnecessarily tight so that they pressed into his already aching injuries. Teh bandages were tight enough that Natahn couldn’t stop himself from moaning in pain.
“You know I have some pain killers in my bag, the coach gave them to me in case I hurt myself badly at practice.” Branodn  told Ada, who was far too grateful that he was offering to help her poor son, that she didn’t question why he had pins meds when the football practice hadn’t even started yet.
Nathan didn’t want to take pills that had been given to him by his bully, but he had no choice in the matter. He swallowed the pills when his mother handed them to him. He knew they weren’t pain meds as he immediately started to feel drowsy, the last thing he saw as he lost consciousness was his mother and his bully.

If any one was wondering, no the cheerleader doesn't have a name yet, but not she still part of things to come.
Fapping Materials / Thy_Saoshyant's Galleries
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Figured I would make a thread with my stuff. I'm pretty active on ImageFap, so this will be highlighting that stuff, posting new galleries, accepting requests, etc.  :)

Thy_Saoshyant's ImageFap Profile

I've got a couple of galleries that I have made. Below are links and a brief description of each. Feel free to check them out!

The Perfect Son - This is the series that started it all! Basically, I wanted to explore just what might happen if a Son was totally ok with his Best Friend having a sexual relationship with his Mom. The feedback I got from this one was pretty amazing, leading me to continue making captions.

Your Mommy Teaches You a Lesson - This one was by request. The idea is what happens when your Bully tricks your Mom into thinking that you are the Bully, and he is but an innocent victim, with the sex ramped up to 1000!

Your Clueless Mommy - This one was also done by request from a fan. What if your Mom happened to be very clueless about your Bully's intentions, and eagerly bought into his lies? That is the theme explored here, although some of it may be the Son just assuming his Mom was deceived!

Your Mommy Punishes Your Bully - This was a one-off, again done by request. I played with the idea of a Mom being a complete badass, beating up her Sons bullies, and then forcing them to do whatever she wants.

Your Mom is a Snapchat Queen - After I got bored with "The Perfect Son," I launched this series. Imagine getting a Snapchat notification on your phone, opening it, only to see your Mom getting pounded by your Bully or your Friend! I really liked this one, and stopped making more after the Snapchat fake that I used got shut down. If anyone has advice on continuing, please let me know!

Your Mom Loves Young Cock! - This is my current "flagship" series. Bullies, or your Best Friend, it doesn't matter: as long as they are young, your Mom is going to love leading them into her bedroom for a night of fun! I started creating .gif captions recently, and I am definitely liking the response from the community!

Watch Your Mommy - This series, unlike my others, gives the Mom some dialogue! Imagine watching your Mom banging all of your Friends, while she encourages you to watch, and to enjoy the spectacle!
Fapping Materials / Re: Mathew Elizabeth thread. Sorry Im late with my stories
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Definitely interested in a poll Mat ;D
Fapping Materials / Re: Begginings
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Hey shit head get over here and finish this story it's one of the best we've had in a while
A poll.
Was hoping to get into my writing during this lockdown thing. But my corporate casual job refuses to let me go.

Out of all the ideas I listed, which should i start with? A vote? Poll?
Real Life / Bully me I don’t deserve to be here
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I’m just a worthless faggot. My mom disowned me said I’m not a real man. This is all I’m good for. Bully me to the end. (619) 816-2840
Fapping Materials / Re: [OC][3D] Son gets to view mom's cuckolding session
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Caption it too
Fapping Materials / Re: [OC][3D] Son gets to view mom's cuckolding session
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love that dad is a cuck too
Fapping Materials / Re: Brad The Bully Story
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Brad the Bully Seduces my Mom - The Original story

This is the Original story as it was before it was taken down and changed.