Author Topic: Mom Son Incest NTR Commission  (Read 1476 times)


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on: August 14, 2022, 04:49:50 AM
Looking to commission a story on mom and on erotica.

Could be fantasy/rape/magic/medieval times/futuristic/present time/during war/post apologizing/space travel/Kings and knights quest. Etc.

Main concern is Mom Son with character development for both when son uses the mom, shows her off in public, shares her with his friends and family she knew since they were growing up or uncles that never made any advances until know, shares her with strangers that are hot rich fat ugly young old, pimping her out. Then emotions when she is stolen by someone who they both trusted to the quest of rescuing her to repeat the cycle of pimping her out again.

Here are some outlines:
the mom being submissive and son dominant? Son should be involved in all her sexcapdes to the point where he controls her and pimps her out! Public exhibitions, gangbang, pimping, all of those are included! Because of son mom gets tied to all of this. son is just being a guy and putting his mom into situations where she is used over and over again. And she keeps on doing it because she loves her son and will do anything for him.

My only request is to make the son dominant and have him use and abuse the mother. For example the son throws the mothers naked body to a bunch of people for them to use and the mother happily does everything they want for her son’s happiness. Son would exhibit her body in revealing cloths and take her to malls, concerts, college campuses, retirement homes, etc. Friends, cousins, uncles, neighbors, one by one everyone will use the mother body and son will be her pimp.

NTR angle…. Everything comes with a price and mom has feelings, lessons, and a brain too (no matter how much a  bimbo she is). Maybe a very close friend or cousin sees the son transform from a fat poor nerd to a confident fit healthy and rich guy all because the son has access too one of the best bodies on this planet. So the cousin/friend plans to steal her. Even though they are getting free use out of this women they want to enjoy controlling her and profiting off her body to enrich themselves and cut off the son.

Mother agrees for various reasons. She thinks this is what the son wants, she is being lied too. Same time in her bimbo mind she thinks this would be good for the son. Also her body can only take so much so she thinks this nephew of hers will take better care of her not knowing his more sadistic and where her son still had love for her the nephew and his parents hate her for her beauty. So the nephew, his father, their friends will have some amazing fun!

Quest- son has to save mom. of course he won’t stop whoring her out once saved, he would be just a bit more careful


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Reply #1 on: September 06, 2022, 12:30:08 AM
It's very interesting, try searching on the f95 forum, these guys can make a 3d comic using Daz3d, I just sit there and advise you to look.