Author Topic: Future fantasy  (Read 466 times)


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on: August 24, 2022, 11:19:14 PM
When I'm older with a wife and daughter I want them to cuck me. Preferably with my boss of whatever job I'd be working at. Something like my wife encouraging my daughter to take his fat cock and praising her for it. My daughter rubbing herself as my wife rides his cock then gets face fucked. Thinking of both of them licking and slobbering all over his cock. All behind my back. They'd obviously feel bad but wouldn't care too much. After I come home from work my daughter would run up to me and hug me while thinking of how my boss just shoved his cock down her throat an hour ago. Or I'd be watching from a closet or camera, jerking off to my boss defiling my family and them loving each second of it. My boss would talk shit about me, calling me down without any of them knowing I'm there, then my wife and daughter tell him to stop, saying I work hard for them, as they lick and suck his dick. One more is that I'm watching, being locked in a chastity cage by my daughter, she tells me that she still loves me but only as a dad so I'm not allowed to jerk off. my wife congratulates her for being dominant and they both tease me as my boss fucks them.
Can't wait to have a wife and daughter because of this fantasy.