Author Topic: How to get more men to check out my mom sis?  (Read 4413 times)


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on: August 29, 2018, 06:09:58 AM
Hello everyone, so a few days ago I was at a grocery store with my sis and I was standing a bit far from her when a group of guys pass behind her and check her out (they looked at her butt and other assets whispered and laughed). I was turned on so much and realised I should find a way to make things like that happen again. The only other time something similar happened was when my friend came to my house and we started drinking wine, so he poured a cup for my sister and went to her room to give it to her. Sadly it ended right there tho he always flirts with her in front of me and I act naive as if I'm not aware. So my question is how can I get more guys to check my sister and mom out and please the longer the list the better. I know this question was asked before but I need more answers.


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Reply #1 on: September 16, 2018, 07:27:11 AM
Entirely depends on the situation.

Unlike most stories you read, most people won't actively flirt with someones sister or mom right in front of them. Create situations where they are given a chance by you leaving the room/area and eavesdropping from a distance.

You got a pool or a local community pool? Invite your sister/mom to go swimming and invite your friends.
You've already mentioned a drinking scenario, next time invite your mom/sister to join and tailor the occasion. If it's too awkward to just drink at a  table, maybe bring out a board game/card game or play a drinking game.

If you've got a friend that you know is interested in your mom/sister and you think they have a chance, create situations for them. However this only works if they have the confidence to make the required moves.

Additionally, if you've got a close friend who is interested in your mom/sister, you could always bring up the idea of you helping them get with them. This entirely depends on the relationship between the two of  you though as they might think its weird you're attempting to help them hook up with your mom/sister.

Any more examples to share?


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Reply #2 on: November 16, 2022, 10:03:33 AM
Same problem I have. I want more people to check my sister out