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on: November 25, 2021, 11:01:20 AM
I am looking for a writer who write short story that can be read in 15-20 minutes. With pictures and gifs of your choice. story from sons POV. son 18-20 years old, goes to a basketball game and sits next to his bully (black muscular, hanged, asshole, big dick), who brags to his friends that he fucks a lot of girls and can seduce any woman, the son makes a bet with him, that he seduces a random woman for 1 month who chooses a bully's friend, this friend looks through binoculars and sees a hot woman with her husband on the next stand and chooses her (this woman is the main character's mother, but the bully and his friends do not know that she is his mother (age 35-37, long blonde hair, fit classy woman,
maybe in the past she was a cheerleader, always
loyal to her husband - the father of the protagonist), the bullies start a chat in which he, his friend and son participate, and slowly seduce her (no drugs , only charisma) and record almost every step in this chat, but he cannot do this until on the last day he fucks her hard (she screams in agony disgusting, how he is better than her husband) in the best evening dress, high heels and hot underwear, which her husband buys for her anniversary (the husband does not see her dressing in this), record a video and make a pics
from this sex session secretly, but do not send it to their chat, and the next day, when the son thinks he won, the bully laughs for him and speaks the truth, and shows this video to his son and send it to her husband (dad), whose number he sees on her phone when she sleeps. The bully never finds out that this woman is the mother of son (their surname may be different