Author Topic: My momís new job  (Read 1117 times)


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on: December 24, 2021, 07:15:06 AM
My mom (a tall middle aged women, blonde, tan, big boobs, lips, and butt, blue eyes) is having trouble finding a job. My mom doesnít have any actual talents and she sucks at being a cashier, so she wasnít sure what do to. However, she has one thing in mindÖ A couple days later, she tells me that she is employed and doesnít tell me much or where she works. The next day I go to school and everythingís great. Even my black bullies who beat me up and joke about fucking my mom weren't there. Eventually it was time to leave, I texted my mom and she told me she canít pick me up, so I take the bus. I get in the house and there was strange noises from my room. I go up stairs and open and my door and the first thing I see is my mother taking three large black cocks from my bullies from school on my bed. One going in her ass, another going in her mouth, and one going in her vagina. My friends occasionally joked about my mom being a milf, but I never thought she actually was. I asked her ďWhatís going on and if dad knows about this,Ē. She reveals that she is a prostitute and a pornstar. She also says ďYour dad doesnít know about this, but it doesnít matter since heís a pathetic excuse of a man, who canít fuck me right with his little dick,Ē then says ďThe apple doesnít fall far from the tree though,Ē. I didnít know what she meant by that. She then gives me her phone and angrily asks me to start recording for she can post it on her onlyfans or iíll be grounded. I quickly started recording every second of it. I was so humiliated and embarrassed. My bullies were making my mom scream louder than she ever has in her life. She had never had never has an orgasm this good in her life and certainly not from my father. I then realize my window was open and the neighborhood was watching. After hours, they finally cummed. However, none of them had protection or pulled out, so I had to clean up all the cum from her pussy quickly before she gets impregnated. My bullies were recording me doing it.  They then decided to upload the video to her onlyfans so it was exclusive, despite that, the video spread quickly and was becoming viral. I went to school the next day and everyone was tormenting me because of it. Some of the girls laughed at me, calling me pathetic and told me I had a small penis. Later at school, there was an assembly or something so everyone had to be there, but somehow, when everyone showed up, some students found a way to play the video in front of everyone. Everyone in town knew and my mom was becoming famous. She sucked off every black men there. My dad finds out and is just as humiliated as I am. We know that we will never forgot about this because everyone will always remind us.