Author Topic: Perfect mom in stories  (Read 641 times)


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on: April 14, 2022, 03:56:18 PM
I decided to start a topic about the perfect mom/milf according to you guys.
What do you think a perfect mom in stories should look like? Blonde, brunette, redhead? Slim or fat? Latina, white or black?
But I don't mean just her looks but also her character, her way of being, her professional position, if she is strict or gentle and submissive.
For me the ideal is a single divorcee, a blonde beauty with a noble expression on her face, with a shapely big but not too big ass, firm medium sized breasts, strict for her son, a lawyer, a clerk, not available for guys, not dating, not liking guys because of the divorce but completely giving in to her son's bully. At first she is also harsh to the bully but with time she becomes his sexual prey, she becomes submissive which her son cannot understand.
Sorry for my English.


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Reply #1 on: April 15, 2022, 07:52:54 PM
Mostly women aged 35-40, I like the idealized appearance in novels, it is desirable that there be some inaccessibility, and those who achieve this were lower in social rank.
The son can be anyone, but I like live characters, not very caricatured. just like here.
A bully can be different, the main thing is that he is interesting, I used to like such, let's say, a typical chad, then I began to like it more when it's just a guy who visually can be just outwardly ugly, but he somehow manages to manipulate a woman and smoothly corrupt her.