Author Topic: tell me how you fuck my mom  (Read 256 times)


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on: May 28, 2021, 01:21:46 AM
I want someone to tell me how theyíre fucking my mom. Iíll send you pics of her and the house as I try to confirm its really her. Sheís having an affair with you, but youíre not degrading her or anything. Youíre basically a new secret boyfriend for her. You still do lots of nasty stuff together though, like fuck in my bed and in her wedding dress. But its out of love and lust.

Youíd tell me in detail about how you make love, everywhere and in lots of different ways (Iíve got pics of rooms too). How your cum gets stuck in her thick pubic hair. How she sticks her tongue down your throat in missionary. The sounds and smells. You two are in love and thereís nothing anyone can do about it. You donít bully me, in fact you feel kindof bad, you donít know who I am, its just bad luck but my mom is too good in bed to give up. Maybe you have plans to break up the marriage or get her pregnant. Kik me at chcr117  or discord amerikan#9035