Author Topic: "No Angels Just Maga".  (Read 1110 times)

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on: May 16, 2022, 06:54:09 AM
Paula White Cain just got through with her sermon about bringing Angels from "Africa and Latin America" and goes to visit Trump that night about how she can help him more but when she gets there Trump is standing in the Conor and infont of him are tall naked men with huge cocks wearing nothing but MAGA hate on their heads. Ok Boy's you know what to do with her Trump says as they surrounded paula as they all grab on her at once. To show me your true loyalty you have to let my guys have a go at you Trump says with an evil tone in his voice as they tear off her pretty church dress and start fucking her without mercy. Paula yells and screams felling her pussy, ass and mouth all being stretched to it's limits while Trump stands in the corner with an evil grin on his face; as the pain is becoming to much to bear all of the men wearing "MAGA" hats stop fucking her and surround her Cumming all over her at once, as the men get through Paula lays on the floor naked and completely covered in cum. "You can go now Paula Trump says with a smile on his face, paula grabs what is left of her dress and leaves immediately thinking now those were angels.


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Reply #1 on: May 17, 2022, 01:56:24 AM
Even having trump mentioned in a sex story is about as quick as a woodie killer that I can think of. When my dick hears trumps name it runs for the hills.  :)