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Reply #30 on: January 06, 2022, 02:50:50 AM
Hey guys! I'm doing my end of the year best stories poll on my wixsite now. The theme of this year's list is mom's getting what they deserve. For those who read my stories, whether regularly or once in a blue moon, i'd be eager to see which stories in 2021 tickled your fancy. You can vote for up to 3, but only voting for 1 or 2 is fine as well, and i don't expect for you to have to have read every story in order to vote. Just as long as you've really liked a story or three, i'd be happy to have your voice heard.

So far, a sizable number of people have voted, but i want as many votes as possible. The poll will be open for at least another week, but I might extend it according to circumstance. So again, if you're at all a fan of mine, or just a casual reader, let your voice be heard. It's the best way to shape the direction of my future content because it lets me know what people really want and enjoy out of my stories.

I'm still writing new stories at