What would you most like to read?

Mom the Vampire - (There's a vampire attacking teenage boys in son's neighborhood. Rumors swirl abound it's someone quite close to him...)
6 (2.4%)
Nightmare on Grove Street - (Son has reoccurring nightmares of his mom being a huge slut around his friends...A mom ntr parody of NOES)
14 (5.5%)
Dissolving Bonds - (Son's rival plays a prank on mom, stickyglueing himself to the mom. And thus an unwanted houseguest is created....)
6 (2.4%)
Body Swap - (Son has bodies swapped with his perverted classmate. Said perverted classmate is also obsessed with his hot mom....)
8 (3.1%)
Mom's accident (Mom gets into a car accident, and her surgery mistakenly turns her into a perfect looking bimbo....)
7 (2.7%)
Mom smokes with the boys (Son is smoking weed with his good for nothing stoner white friends; his thick latina mom decides to join them...)
18 (7.1%)
Mom the porn addict (Son comes home with his friends while his mom is watching porn....)
31 (12.2%)
Turning Japanese (Bimbo Blonde Mom hypnotized and turned into a sex slave by her son's perverted Asian incel friend
11 (4.3%)
Mom the Tooth Fairy (Son's friend loses his tooth; Son spys on him from his window as a the "Tooth Fairy" pays him a loving visit...)
0 (0%)
Rest Stop (Son gets accosted by two boys who then turn their eyes toward his mom at a gas station bathroom....)
14 (5.5%)
Spanish Lessons (Son watches on as his thick latina mom gives his racist schoolmate spanish lessons... This has taken the place of that SJW mom story at least for now))
14 (5.5%)
Why is your Mom's butt so big (Son's new neighbor takes on an obsessive fascination with his mom's huge ass)
13 (5.1%)
Mom The Superhero (Son recalls the day he witnessed his superhero mom save his rival's life... A unique take on the genre that may someday become a much longer epic story...)
11 (4.3%)
Inner Beauty (Son and his friends make fun of an ugly loser classmate; his mom takes notice of it and punishes her son accordingly...)
16 (6.3%)
Just Be White (A son and his white friend consider themselves incels; his mom disagrees, at least when it comes to the white friend...)
4 (1.6%)
Turn A Blind Eye (Son's rival injures his eye with a slingshot; rival and mom get closer together while a naive yet somewhat aware son wonders what's going on..... Heavily influenced by Nebic's Lights Out)
42 (16.5%)
The Necklace Chapter 2(Lawrence's night goes from bad to worse as the necklace turns his mom into a horny degenerate...)
4 (1.6%)
Mom the Sex Ed Teacher (The ever horny Monica Mckay subs in as a sex ed teacher for Lawrence's class....)
6 (2.4%)
Safari Trip (Lawrence watches helplessly as his mom grows closer to one of his perverted ugly classmates on a class trip...)
30 (11.8%)

Total Members Voted: 232

Author Topic: Brutal Bytes- Weird Short Stories I'll be commissioning  (Read 49194 times)


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Reply #90 on: December 15, 2022, 10:58:28 PM
God damnn youre a G, did you wrote the ''Why is your Mom's butt so big'' story? i didnt see that story. Also can you do a Mom-swapping based on story please?


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Reply #91 on: January 27, 2023, 06:39:37 PM
I guess the Story with mom watching porn will never come ? :D


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  • Danica Collins (Monica Mckay)
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Reply #92 on: March 06, 2023, 05:52:44 PM
As of now no, sorry. Locking this thread until I decide to post more stories. Once again sorry guys but I'm taking a break from commissions for the moment.