Author Topic: Bully Creates Another Ex.  (Read 1256 times)

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on: November 11, 2022, 02:40:44 PM
Joseph arrives at the pool to see his ex girlfriend Nessy and his new girlfriend julia. julia was from Russia with long blonde hair and a huge ass while nessy was American with blonde and a nice toned body. Joseph arrives at the pool to see them both wearing bikins and standing in the pool both looking sexy as ever. Joseph was there to see them twerk it out to see who would make a better girlfriend for Joseph, Joseph and nessy broke up after she slept with his Bully and rival Darren. Nessy and Julia begin to twerk making a small wave in the pool as they do Joseph stands in complete silence as a buldge grows in his pants at that very moment a bubbling of water comes up from the pool. Nessy and Julia stop twerking and stand in complete silence as a male body appears under the water as a huge dick comes out of the water in the view of the two women. Joseph stands there with a look of shock as Darrens nude body comes out of the water with his huge dick is in full view. I see you have another hot piece of ass Darren says in a cocky voice as soon as darren says this a female police officer comes behind Joseph and says your under arrest for violation of the health code, public edecy and public nudity. Joseph begins to struggle as she tries to put the hand cuffs on him says "what public nudity"! I'm not nude THAT BASTERD DARREN IS! As a look of frustration comes over his face; and as far as "Health Code and Public Edecy this is not a restaurant and I arranged this little get together". The female officer becomes enraged and fights more and more with Joseph until she finally gets the hand cuffs on his and forces him on the ground stay on the ground bitch! The officer says angrly as Darren still standing in the pool completely naked as he waves at the officer and she waves back still holding Joseph on the ground Joseph then looks back at the officer then at darren as shock and realization comes over his face. Darren stands there completely nude saying alright girls my dick is lonely and I need those two mouths to do some work as he gets done saying this Nessy and Julia both drop to their knee's making a small splash as they begin to suck and gag on Darrens huge member a look of dred comes over Joseph's face seeing he has lost two women to his asshole rival once again. The female officers forces Joseph to his feet and roughly drags him out of the location near the pool and a look of defeat comes over his face.