Author Topic: Celezte - Brandy [Sexmex] (In spanish but good)  (Read 716 times)


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on: May 20, 2022, 12:47:15 PM

Ok so this is a live action scene in spanish but it's tangentially related. Basically a MILF is supposedly doing a wine commercial but gets drunk after a bunch of takes. The story implies that she's being recorded for porn instead and that would likely expose her to her husband & kids. It has subtitles but they are slightly off.

Anyway she explicitly says in the earliest segment that she is married and has children. Probably two sons but it's unclear.  She repeatedly asks the guy to not say anything to anyone because husband & kids. Yeah it's in spanish  and it's a bit of a stretch but the notion of such a sexy mother being recorded for porn that might be seen by her sons is a decent fit I think.