Author Topic: Ex girlfriend vs new girlfriend.  (Read 603 times)

Dark Blade Katana

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on: September 09, 2023, 02:46:29 PM
Billy walks into his apartment to see his girlfriend and ex girlfriend in an argument, the ex girlfriend was a stunning Brazilian women with big boobs, long flowing jet black hair and a giant ass but his new girlfriend was different she had a brown hair bun with a skinny waist; they both were going at it like crazy when they suddenly stopped a look of concern comes over Billy's face as the room grows quite. They both begin to look at each other seductively as they move closer to each other, they state at each other for a few minutes then they begin to kiss like crazy, full blown making out. His new girlfriend begins to grabs his exes' big round ass Billy's pants grow tight at the scene, the Brazilian women's big boobs pressing up against his the brunettes average size chest, the hair bun still in tact as they kiss furiously, billy couldn't believe his lucky his ex and new girlfriend had always fought they had totally different personalities, different looks and in some way I guess that is what caused the situation before his eyes. They begin to knock things over making a lot of noise in the process after a few minutes he hears a knock at the door, he opens the door to see a tall muscular police officer. I have been call about a couple fighting the officer says in a deep voice, no one is fighting officer, it's my ex and new girlfriend they were mortal enemies now they are kissing like a horny french couple; the officer looks at the two women making out and says damn that is hot!!!!. The officer then walks over to the two women and joins in. Billy is in shock bad his fantasy turns into a nightmare; his Brazilian ex girlfriend and his brunette new girlfriend begin kissing the officer as they make their way down kissing his chest, unbuckling his pants to show his huge dick. The two women begin kissing his thighs making his big dick even bigger. The woman begin working his big dick, the sight was to much for Billy to watch he was aroused and humiliated at the same time. The officer moans in pleasure as saliva drips down the officers dick, the two women hold hands as they do showing they were unified in pleasing the officer as a knot grows in Billy's stomach.