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Hey guys mentioned this on the discord but here's a relatively short mom ntr story written for me based on my fav milf Danica Collins. Really good job here for a cheap price.

Got milk?

Edward couldn’t believe it was happening again. He had tried his best to avoid the bullies who had fun messing with him almost every day, but it was all for naught.

It seemed he was some sort of bully magnet!. He never stood up for himself, he simply didn’t know how to do it! All Edward wanted was to be left alone!
The 16-year-old boy had even waited longer than usual to leave the classroom, hiding like a little mouse, before peeking his head out the door carefully.
No one seemed to be in the hallways any longer, so he walked out onto the long, deserted corridor in relief. The moment he stepped outside onto the school’s main entrance, he knew all his efforts had been in vain.

The bullies hadn’t left yet: They were simply hanging around out there, laughing out loud and talking about some big-tittied girl. No, not girl, Edward soon realized: A woman. A MILF.

His mom…
“Her boobs are massive!” Adam Flynn, a tall and bulky teenager who seemed to particularly enjoy kicking Edward when he was down, said. He was gesturing lewdly, pretending he was cupping two pair of enormous tits in front of him. “I bet she loves to have them squeezed!”
“Look, there’s her lame-ass son!” Carl Turner screamed, pointing at Edward with cruel delight, and sneered at him with disdain, “Were you hiding from us, loser? Didn’t want to get your daily ass whooping?”

The boys began approaching Edward, and though he wanted nothing but to tell them to leave him alone or even fight back, he just stared at them wide-eyed. His legs felt like jello, and his lip trembled silently.

He tried desperately to hold back his tears: If he cried again in front of them, he’d never live it down!
“Is your brown, huge-titted cow coming to pick you up today?” Adam hissed, his smirk growing predatory. “We all want to see her bouncing tits!”

“S---sh---shut up…” Edward managed to mutter, stuttering pathetically in the process. He had tried to yell those words with bravado but instead ended up whimpering them, unable to stare directly at his bullies.

“I bet she needs a good fuck!” Carl screamed, laughing cruelly. Everyone at school knew he was a massive racist. Though he loathed timid Edward for many reasons, the main one had to be him being a mulatto. He pushed him harshly, bluntly enough to have Edward land ass-first on the ground. “We could all sneak into your house tonight and fuck your cow of a mom.”

“I bet her pussy is so fucking tight,” Said another one of the boys, and they all laughed cruelly. Edward tried to timidly stand back up, but Carl immediately kicked him in the ribs.
“Stay down!”

When things were beginning to get bleak, Edward’s usual savior arrived. And just in time! He was just about ready to cower into a ball and beg to be left alone, but thank heavens he didn’t have to resort to that.

“Leave him alone, for fuck’s sake!” Mike’s clearly irritated voice rung in Edward’s ears, making him look up in relief. Mike had always been there for him, and they’ve been best friends since they were little kids. Not that they were grown-ups now, though… The teenagers were but 16 years old, and yet they couldn’t be more different.

Mike was white, and though lean, he was nowhere near as skinny as Edward was. He had the potential to become athletic and even muscular, while Ed looked frail and weak. Mike was far taller, attractive, and braver, never hesitating to jump in to help his friend.
Secretly, though, Mike was growing tired of having to be the one to stand up for Edward each time he got bullied. He wished Ed would grow a pair already and learn to act like a man.

Without hesitating, Mike punched Carl square on the jaw, making the racist bully stumble back in pain.
The rest of the group scattered away like roaches and Carl, being faced with someone who actually fought back, decided it was simply not worth it. He pursed his lips and rushed away as well, but not without first giving Edward a look that seemed to say ‘you’ll be the one paying for this, mulatto.’

Mike sighed, shaking his head and giving Edward an irritated look filled with pity.
“Come on, dude, stand up.”

Before Edward could move to his feet and pat the dust off his jeans, an expensive red sports car parked in front of them, appearing out of nowhere. Edward grimaced silently… it was his mother’s car.

Joan, the woman the bullies had referred to as ‘the brown cow,’ was a stunning woman in her late 40s, with curves in all the right places. Her skin was a light shade of brown, and her dark curly locks always looked like she had just stepped out the hair salon. Her body was a work of art: Curvaceous, sensual, and wrapped in tight clothes meant to enhance her massive, perfectly round breasts.

Mike couldn’t pry his eyes off Joan whenever she was around, and his gaze rarely left her stunning tits, her cleavage being his greatest weakness. He loved how Joan seemed to fancy the attention, even when it came from a young teenage boy. Up until now, it had always been innocent enough.

Her outfit pick for the day was, as usual, on point. An ultra-tight blue dress with a cleavage that left little to the imagination, hugging her silhouette stunningly. Her firm and massive ass, her fit stomach, her long and brown legs... It was all perfection, Mike thought to himself. The high heels she wore made her wiggle each time she took a step, making those milk jugs bounce hypnotically.

Edward wasn’t the only teenager staring at those incredible tits: The few students and teachers that were close by ogled at her for a blissful moment. It was hard dissimulating their lust whenever Joan was around.

Joan, however, wasn’t noticing the stares. She was far too used to them, after all.
Her dark eyes were, instead, focused on her only son. Not with pity or concern, but rather with utter irritation.
“What are you doing sitting on the dirty floor? Do you want to ruin your new jeans? God! Stand up at once, Edward! I won’t be buying you another pair just so you can mess around on the floor like a child.”

Edward silently nodded, mumbling an apology and standing up awkwardly. He noticed the way men stared at his mother, and he hated it so much. It drove him crazy, knowing that every boy in school wanted to fuck his hot mom.

“Can we got home now, mom?” He mumbled, and Joan sighed in irritation at his meek tone.
“Yes, yes. Come on, boys, hop in,” She replied harshly, though her gaze did soften when she looked at Mike. “Come, Mike, sweetie, you’ll be sitting in the front with me.”

“But, mom….” Edward began to protest, shutting up immediately when his mother shot him a scolding look. “Alright…”
Edward slumped silently in the back seat, crossing his arms miserably as Mike hopped in merrily next to Joan. This was a terrible day for the shy teenager already, and his mom playing favorites wasn’t making it any better.

Even from the backseat, Ed could notice the way his mom’s big, massive tits bounced each time they hit a bump in the road. It was hellish! Couldn’t she hide them a little bit, at least? It seemed they would spill out her cleavage any second now!

What bothered him the most was how openly Mike stared at those breasts every single day, occasionally grinning to himself. His mom had to notice, it was so obvious! And yet she never scolded Mike about it! It was so messed up.

Of course, Edward never dared say anything about it… he simply sat silently and endured his hot mom flaunting her sexy body in front of everyone he knew, even his best friend!

The car was in silence as Joan turned the radio on. She listened to the host of a radio show she loved, talking to a doctor about the importance of breastfeeding. The doctor was explaining how babies who got breastfed grew stronger and healthier than those fed with formula at an early age.

Ed noticed something strange in his mother’s expression, like she was intensely focused and at the same time, completely distracted. How could he know that this subject had gotten her thinking about a deeply-rooted fantasy she had ignored for so long?

“Mike, dear… your mom passed away when you were a little toddler, didn’t she?” She asked sweetly, resting her hand maternally on Mike’s knee. He nodded quietly, and Joan pouted. Ed sulked further: his mom was never that sweet and warm towards him. “Oh, my poor boy… You weren’t properly breastfed then, were you?”

“No, Joan, I didn’t,” Mike admitted, shrugging lightly and making Joan take pity on the lean young man. She moved her hand onto his head and caressed his hair tenderly.

Why couldn’t his mother act that way with him? Why couldn’t she rub his head or place her hand on his knee? He wanted to be the one in the front seat instead of Mike!

Unbeknownst to Ed, his mom was hatching a scheme that would change his life forever, and there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening now.


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Truth be told, most days sucked for Ed. He hoped he could say it was the exception rather than the rule, but that would be a lie.
He was forced to run from the bullies at school every day after class, and he was lucky if he managed to altogether avoid them. If he wasn’t fast enough, he ended up bruised, his clothes dirty.

When this happened, he knew things were about to get worse, as his mother became incredibly annoyed when he arrived with his jeans ripped!.
For the second time in a row, his best friend had been forced to rush to his side to save Ed, and once more, the bullies had scattered away the moment the young teenager threw the first punch. Mike was growing more and more frustrated with each passing week! If those cowards ran away when someone stood up to them, why couldn’t Edward do it himself? Why did he have to be so much of a coward?

Mike was in such a bad mood after this situation repeating itself all over again, that he decided to walk home alone that evening. This meant Ed had to return on his own, since his mother didn’t bother picking him up at all!
Too busy for him, Edward thought, wallowing in self pity. But maybe it was for the best, wasn’t it? A bit of silver lining crossed his mind: At least no one would be staring at his mother’s breasts that day.

Well… no one but himself, that was.
Ed knew it was wrong to have such thoughts. He knew he shouldn’t stare at his mother’s massive boobs. He knew it wasn’t his business if she slept with someone or flirted with guys, but it still drove him utterly crazy with jealousy!

All the way home, all Edward could think about were his mother’s tits. How they bounced around with each step she took, how she always wore those tight, low cut shirts and dresses. How she leaned forward when speaking to teachers and even students to allow them a nice, long peak at those melons!

After a long walk home, he was relieved to finally arrive at the large house he lived in with his mother. It was perhaps bigger than they needed to, but his mom liked flashy and expensive luxuries. Like his sports car and the signature clothes she wore.

There was a large package on the front step waiting for him when he arrived. Figuring his mom had ordered something online, he grabbed it and took out his keys, unlocking the door and stepping inside. The house seemed empty, and so he walked toward the kitchen, resting the box on the counter and giving it a curious look.

What could it be? He asked himself, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to open it. Of course, Ed was in no way prepared for what he’d find inside.
His eyes opened wide as the young teenager, unable to believe what he was staring at the moment he opened the box!. What on earth was that thing? Why did it have breast pumps and several containers of brightly colored pills?

Ed grabbed the little booklet containing the instructions and began reading it in utter confusion. Instead of making it all clear, what he read only made him feel more and more so in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

This was some kind of kit designed to help a woman produce milk, including suction equipment, prolactin-inducing drugs, as well as tubes and containers. It looked like something taken from a mad scientist lab!

Why did his mom need this? Why on earth would she have ordered this clearly expensive kit? It wasn’t as if she needed to begin producing milk, not when there wasn’t any baby to feed in the house, right?!

He was so lost in his own thoughts, browsing through the instruction pamphlet, that he didn’t even hear his mother stepping into the kitchen. Not even when the clicking of her high heels could be heard a mile away.

“What on earth do you think you are doing, Edward?!” His mother’s shrill voice penetrated his eardrum like a knife, and Ed jumped where he stood in utter shock.

He wasn’t expecting her to be home at all, and now he was in real trouble.

The young teenager looked up at his mother with his eyes wide open, like a deer caught in the headlights. He looked both terrified, shocked, and sheepish at the same time, and this only annoyed his mother further. Where was her son’s spine?!

“Who do you think you are opening my private correspondence?!” She interrogated him, and yet again, Edward only managed to mumble a timid, nervous apology.

“I---I’m sorry, mom,” He muttered, stuttering miserably. “I didn’t mean to---”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses!” Joan snapped at him at once, refusing to listen to her son mumble any longer. He had no right to meddle in her private life! She grabbed the box and removed the booklet from his hand with an unforgiving gesture. “You are grounded, young man! I want you to march to your room and lock the door. You are not to leave until tomorrow morning, and only to go to school, do you understand me?!”

Edward opened his mouth to protest. Still, nothing came out, too intimidated by the dangerous glare his mother was shooting his way. She was an intimidating woman when she got this way, and just as he didn’t dare stand up to his bullies, he certainly didn’t have the guts to argue with his own mother.
And so, hanging his head in defeat, Ed left the kitchen, dragging his feet all the way to his bedroom. Closing the door behind him, Edward threw himself on his bed. He sulked miserably with the lights turned off, too frustrated to even use the computer.

He couldn’t believe his luck! Hadn’t his day sucked enough already? Now his mother was furious at him, and he had all these questions lingering in his mind.
It wasn’t until he spent a few hours lurking inside his dark dungeon that he was finally unable to resist the temptation any longer. He needed to get some relief, and the box, his hidden box, usually gave him just that.

He tried not to use its content too often. After all, it was a risk… if his mother ever walked in on him and saw what he hid from her, he’d be in a world of trouble!
Ed doubted she’d set foot in his bedroom after what had happened earlier that day. She was way too mad at him, after all, so he should be safe.
Edward rolled off the mattress and stretched his arm toward the loose tile underneath his bed. There he hid a shoebox containing photographs he had taken over the years… pictures of his gorgeous, sexy mother. Pictures no son should have of the woman who gave birth to them.

The majority were photos of her cleavage: While wearing dresses, while exercising, while on the beach. Those were the absolute best. Joan had a tendency of wearing these skimpy, tight bikinis that showed off her amazing boobs, and Edward had so many pics of that perfect pair.

Others, though, were completely different. Ed didn’t even know why he kept them at all, as they made him feverish with anger and jealousy. At the same time, though, they aroused him to no end, which was incredibly confusing to the young boy.

These were pictures Ed had taken from the front seat of his mother's car, while she spoke to his bullies and teachers.
Whenever his mother heard of her son being bullied, she would get out of the car and go ‘confront’ them, but in reality, it felt like she was doing the complete opposite! The photographs showed her chatting animatedly with those bastards that made Ed’s life miserable. She flaunted her breasts around as she spoke, flipping her dark, curly hair back seductively and smiling sensually at the teenagers. It got even worse when the boys seemed to flirt back with her. Some of the pics even showed her pointing at her massive rack and chuckling encouraging, clearly teasing them.

Was she trying to get them to stop or just enjoying some innocent flirtation with younger men? Oh, god, Edward hoped it was only innocent!
Whenever he stared at those pictures, he got so incredibly mad and jealous, feeling a searing pain rushing from the pit of his stomach to his throat. At the same time, he got so horny it actually hurt. He wanted to scream and masturbate at the same time! How did he deal with these conflicting feelings?
It was so unfair. Why did the bullies who ruined his life get to enjoy staring at his mom’s stunning breasts?

Ed felt his erection insistently press against the front of his pants and was just about ready to fish it out and gain some kind of sexual relief when he heard it. What was that noise exactly? It sounded like feminine, intense moans coming from somewhere inside his house.
It couldn’t be his mother, right?

He couldn’t go check on the source of this sound, no matter how tempting it was. His mom had grounded him, after all! He needed to behave well and avoid disappointing her any further, or his punishment would only get worse!

But the minutes slipped by, and the ruckus was only getting louder. Ed paced up and down his room, considering his options. Would his mother truly notice if he slid out of his room for a minute or two? Perhaps she was in pain and needed his help?

At long last, Ed couldn’t take it any longer, and he cautiously opened the door, peeking outside onto the hallway. It was empty, and so he decided to risk it, stealthily stepping toward the bathroom, where the source of the increasingly loud noises originated.
It was impossible to miss by then: The moans were unmistakably feminine, and he knew at once his mother was experiencing great pleasure. Could it be that he was with a man? She never brought dates home!

When he finally reached the bathroom, Ed was surprised to find the door slightly left ajar and peeked in carefully. He knew that if he got caught, there would be hell to pay, but how could he ignore what was going on when his mother was gasping and panting like a cat in heat?!

It was then that he saw it: His mother in the shower, a suction tube attached to her each one of her nipples. A white, thick liquid was dripping from her breasts and onto the container beneath the pumps, working her breasts with quick and intense massages. She arched her back in evident delight, and slid her hand down between her legs, beginning to masturbate sensually. It almost seemed like she was putting on a show, even if she thought she was all alone.
She seemed to be… pretending someone was there.

“Oh, Mike!” She squealed as she sunk two fingers deep inside her tight, clearly soaking-wet sex “Mike, Mike, Mike!”
His mother was being incredibly loud by then, moaning, gasping, panting, and working herself toward a massive orgasm. All the while, she chanted her son’s best friend’s name as if it were a mantra.

Ed couldn’t believe the scene he had just stumbled with! There she was, his sensual, decadently hot naked mother, masturbating to his best friend while extracting actual milk off her massive breasts.

He had to force himself to take a step back, and then another and another until he found himself back in his bedroom. It had been impossibly hard to move away from that scene, a scene that filled him with shame and humiliation, but also the worst kind of arousal.
The box of photos was long-since forgotten. The memory of his mother, completely naked, water pouring over her sexy body, pumping milk out of her massive breasts, masturbating so decadently, was burnt in his mind.

He shouldn’t have touched himself. He should be sickened and disgusted, but Ed simply couldn’t control himself. He masturbated miserably, giving himself the biggest orgasm of his life. All the while listening to his mother’s moans down the hall, knowing she was doing precisely the same thing in the bathroom.


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He fell asleep with his cock in his hand, and Ed was incredibly relieved his mother hadn’t walked into his bedroom to wake him up, or he’d have been in a world of trouble! He sighed, letting go of his penis and feeling his hand sticky and sore.

Ed took a quick shower before getting dressed and heading toward school. He felt exhausted and utterly miserable and hoped for at least a semi-decent day.
He got nothing of the sort! Not only did he have to deal with bullies all through the breaks, but Mike seemed to be purposefully avoiding him, even when he needed help. Whenever Ed began approaching his best friend, he seemed to have an excuse to leave just a second later or slipped away before he even reached Mike’s side.

What was going on? This was so unlike his friend!
At long last, though, time to head home arrived, and he was incredibly relieved when he saw his mother’s flashy sports car parked close to the school’s entrance. Mike was getting into it already, which was great as well: They’d go to his place and play some games on Ed’s PlayStation, burning off some steam.
And yet, just as Ed walked closer and gestured toward them to let his mother know he was coming, the car screeched away, leaving him stranded there all on his own!

What the hell? Hadn’t his mother seen him?! No… she surely didn’t! After all, she wouldn’t just leave him there, right?
Objectively, it made no sense, and yet the pessimist in Ed told him that was precisely what had just happened.
Edward began walking home slowly, with no energy to jog there. He instead dragged his feet, taking far longer than expected, wallowing in self-pity.
By the time he finally arrived, the young teenager was feeling utterly lonely and dejected. He noticed his mother’s car already parked in the driveway. Mike and
Joan had probably arrived a long time ago.

As he walked inside, he heard chuckling and lively conversation in the kitchen, and he stepped toward it, frowning in confusion.
There were his mother and Mike, and though the scene was entirely innocent, something seemed off. His mom was using an incredibly tight orange sweater, which made her breasts look like two massive melons. He could barely pry his eyes off them! Could it be that they were larger and more swollen than the day before? They surely looked that way!

Mike, meanwhile, was drinking a glass of milk, making somewhat of a show of finishing up every last drop. That was so weird, and yet Ed couldn’t quite put his finger on what seemed off about it all.

“Mom…” Ed mumbled with a big pout. “Didn’t you see me walking toward your car? You left without me!”
His mother didn’t show even an inch of guilt and instead nodded in agreement at his words.
“Yes, I did. And you deserved it as well. It was punishment for what you did yesterday, young man, and I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”
Ed bit his lower lip and nodded meekly, lowering his gaze until he felt his mother had stopped glaring at him, only managing to mutter:
“Sorry, mom.”

A moment later, he sighed and turned his stare toward Mike, feeling somewhat relieved he was there. At least he’d get to spend some time with his best friend, right?

“Let’s go hang out for a while, Mike,” Ed said, never expecting his best friend to refuse, and yet that was precisely what happened next.

“No, I think I’ll help Joan around the house instead, Ed. Maybe tomorrow,” Mike replied, much to Ed’s dismay.

The young teenager was undoubtedly shocked to hear this. Instead of insisting, he just slid away toward his bedroom in silence.
That night, it took Edward a long time to actually fall asleep, but when he did, he couldn’t even rest well. He was hounded by terrible nightmares, one particularly heart-breaking.

He and Mike were stranded in an endless desert, walking hopelessly under the scorching sun, knowing all too well this meant inevitable death for the both of them. Their feet hurt, and the heat was making them delirious with despair, but they kept on moving forward, trying to somehow find refuge from their plight.
It was then that, in the distance, his mother appeared out of nowhere. She was completely naked, utterly gorgeous, her honey-toned skin shimmering under the desert’s bright sun. She was cupping her massive breasts, more prominent than they’ve ever been before. Drops of white, delicious milk were dripping from her erect, dark nipples onto the rest of her voluptuous body.

It was the most beautiful vision Ed had ever witnessed in his life! His mother was not only stunningly sensual, but the very manifestation of their salvation. The two boys began rushing toward her, drooling with both relief and delight.

Much to Ed’s dismay, he noticed how Mike, being stronger and taller than he was, began running far faster than he could ever hope to move! And so he was left behind, having to witness his best friend reach his mother’s side as the distance between the three of them only seemed to grow larger and larger.
Ed had never felt whimper and weaker, seeing Mike lunging at Joan’s breasts, his lips wrapping around the nipple, suckling on it like a baby. He continued to run in despair, trying to get to them before Mike drank up all of his mom’s milk, but it seemed to be impossible.

By the time Edward had finally arrived by their side, his mother’s breasts had been reduced to small, mosquito bite-sized tits, not a drop of milk left inside them. Mike had grown at least 4 inches in these short minutes, looking healthy and athletic, handsome, and brave. Ed felt inadequate and pathetic standing by his side, and the thirst was burning his throat.

Instead of showing any kind of pity or love for her son, Joan instead laughed disdainfully and shook her head in disapproval of Ed.
“My milk is not for weak black nerds like you!” She scolded him smugly, making Mike laugh, mocking his best friend as if he was just another bully. “It’s for big, strong white boys only. Boys like Mike here!”

She pulled Mike closer to her then, still completely naked, and Ed could do nothing but sob. His mother’s words felt like a stab to the young boy’s heart, and he called out to her in despair, but no one tried to help or comfort him.

Joan and Mike sneered at him as they disappeared into thin air. Their horrible and mocking laughter lingering in the desert as he stood there in despair. Ed suddenly awakened, covered in sweat and tears. He was so thankful it had all been nothing but a terrible nightmare!


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The next few weeks were absolutely hellish for Edward. If he believed his life was terrible before, Ed now realized he used to have it easy!

Now he had to deal with bullies on his own, since Mike was never there to help him any longer. He always had an excuse, too busy to hang out during school breaks. This meant he often arrived home bruised and dirty, which only annoyed his mother further. She was berating him every single day, making him feel ashamed and inadequate.

What was worse, whenever Mike did go to his place, he never wanted to actually hang out with him! He just wanted to help Joan around the house, and it seemed like, as the weeks slipped by, they were together more often than not.
It got to the point that Mike was going to their place every single day, and yet he never once stopped to think that his best friend might want to spend some time with him!

It was so bizarre, as well, how tall and big Mike was suddenly getting. Ed really couldn’t explain it. It seemed like the previously lean and tallish guy was now at least 2 inches taller and far more muscular. How could that happen in such a short period of time?
Ed felt incredibly jealous and wanted to scream in frustration half the time, but no matter how often he spied on his mom and Mike, he never actually caught them doing anything inappropriate.

Could it be that it was all in his mind? He didn’t know for sure! In his state of constant paranoia, he decided to install small spy cams all over the house. He had to know what the hell was going on!

Things only got worse soon, though, even if that seemed impossible. A rumor started going around school that Mike was sleeping with a MILF and getting her to do all kinds of perverted things for him! He was even breastfeeding off this hot mom, and he drank glasses filled with her milk every single day, apparently!
It couldn’t be his mom, could it? No, of course not… plus, it was all hearsay. Or so Ed hoped direly.

And his mom… fuck… He couldn’t even explain it. Joan had had big breasts before, but now? Now the whole world turned around to stare whenever she arrived. Her tits were enormous, bouncing with each step she took, and clearly filled with milk. Some of her dresses even had little milk marks from when she started to randomly leak. That was when Mike and Joan suddenly disappeared without a trace!

That day, as usual, Mike was nowhere to be found after the school day was over. Ed could swear he had seen his mom’s car sprinting away, but couldn’t really be sure. She didn’t pick him up at school any longer!

Just as he was beginning to walk down the street, ready to take the long walk home again, he felt someone grabbing his arm violently.
“Hey, loser!” Carl mocked him cruelly, and Ed could do little more than miserably stumble back. “I heard Mike’s been fucking your mom daily!”
“Sh---shut up, that’s not true,” Edward managed mutter quietly, blushing profusely and already feeling tears filling up his eyes.
“Close your mouth, mulato garbage! Of course, it’s true! Who wouldn’t fuck that brown cow if she let them? Mike is telling everyone about it too! He fucks her every day while you play in your room with your stupid PlayStation!”

“No… No, that’s not true!” He repeated over and over again until Carl looked at him in utter disgust.
“You’re so fucking pathetic!” He spat at Ed, pushing him hard and prompting the young nerd to fall flat on his ass. “Black shit, I’ll beat you to a pulp!!”
Seeing his opportunity, Ed jumped to his feet and rushed away, before Carl could begin kicking at him while he was down.

He arrived home panting and exhausted, sweating miserably. He couldn’t get Carl’s words out of his mind, and so he rushed upstairs, feeling his legs aching. Ed wasn’t used to running at all, it exhausted him.

Turning on his computer, he finally gathered the courage to check on the video feed from his secret cameras… and immediately hoped he hadn’t done anything of the sort!

What he saw was far worse than anything Ed could have ever imagined even in his wildest dream or most horrible nightmare. Much to his horror, every single feed showed Mike suckling on his mom’s engorged breasts. That was why her tits were so massive! They were constantly swollen by an incredible amount of milk, which he drank up with gusto every single day! And the evidence was right there, in front of his very eyes.

Day in and day out, there he was, sucking and licking her nipples, milk even pouring onto the floor when Mike got too greedy!
Edward was furious! He could barely keep his composure, pacing up and down his room in disgust and frustration. How could his mother and his best friend be engaging in such a perverted act together?!

And why did he have an erection?! Why did he feel this sudden urge to watch those videos? To masturbate until he cum over and over again to the sight of his mom’s tits being drained?!

What was wrong with him?!

The moment Ed heard the front door open, all rational thoughts disappeared from his mind. He just wanted to confront his mother and tell her she needed to stop at once! She couldn’t keep doing that… or at least… well, he was the one who deserved to drink her milk, right? He was her son, after all!


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He rushed downstairs, confident that his mother would be ashamed by him letting her know he knew the truth! She’d apologize and go back to being a… somewhat loving mom, right? She had to!

Ed wasn’t shocked to see Mike accompanying his mother. Over the past few weeks, it seemed he had turned into some kind of parasite attached to a host. Mike used to be his best friend, but now Ed hated him even more than he loathed the bullies in his life.

“I know what the two of you are doing!” He spat out at once, not even stopping to say hello. “You are sick, both of you! It’s disgusting and---”
Before he could utter another word, Mike lunged at him. It certainly wasn’t what Ed was expecting to happen! They were supposed to look ashamed and sheepish, not jump at him that way!

All it took was a single blow to the face to knock Ed out. The world vanished in an instant, and he fell flat on the floor, unable to defend himself.
When Ed woke up again, his head was spinning. His cheek hurt like hell, and he couldn’t move. Why couldn’t he move?!

It took him another second to realize he was tied up to a chair in his own bedroom. The following instant, he realized two more terrible truths all at once.
The first one was that on his lap, rested his full stack of dirty photos. The secret pictures he had taken of his own mother! The second one, worse still, was that both Mike and his mother were standing before him, completely naked!

His mother was… stunning! She was curvaceous in all the right places, and though he had seen her naked before, this was another thing altogether.
Plus, her breasts were more prominent than he’d ever seen them before. They were swollen, milk dripping from time to time from her dark nipples, as if she hadn’t breastfed Mike in a while. It was what happened when too much milk accumulated in a lactating mother’s breasts, right?

“You are a disgusting pervert, Edward!” Joan scolded him, shaking her head in disgust. “My own son! Masturbating to pictures of her mother! And look at the way you are staring at my breasts now! I can’t believe how much of a disgusting loser my own son is!”

“And you are such a wimp too!” Mike chuckled dismissively “You have been getting your ass kicked all these years, and always expect me to save you! I’m done helping you! I don't want to be a loser’s babysitter! All it took was a single punch, and you were out, dude! You suck!”

“Un---untie me, please!” Ed whimpered, beginning to sob miserably as they scolded and mocked him.

But neither of them listened to Ed. Instead, Joan had Mike slap him across the face and laughed at her son’s plight, rolling her eyes at the way he pleaded and sobbed.

“You are so weak. My son is meant to be strong. Look at Mike here. My milk made him tall, muscular, handsome! You drank my milk and turned it to waste!” She scolded him harshly. “I’m going to show you how a real man is supposed to act, so try and pay attention now!”

“No! No, please!” Ed whimpered, but his mother ignored his plight. Instead, she turned toward Mike and kissed him passionately, pressing her curvaceous, sensual dark body against the boy’s pale figure.

Mike’s hands immediately dashed towards Joan’s massive breasts, squeezing them and forcing milk to flow all over their lower bodies.

“Bet my pathetic son wishes he could drink this milk” Joan laughed as they crawled together on Ed’s bed, and Mike chuckled with disdain.

“It’s delicious, Joan: he doesn’t deserve a single drop!”

“Fuck me on his bed, Mike” She purred and grinned cruelly as she positioned herself on all fours, facing her son while Mike climbed behind her. “You are so pathetic, Edward. I can’t believe someone like you could be my son!”

Mike alligned his cock with her swollen pussy, sinking his fat cock in Joan’s tight sex with a single, rough push. She moaned out loud in arousal, biting her lower lip sensually.

“Fuck yes, just like that, Mike!” She squealed, as he began thrusting into her time and time again, making her massive breasts swing back and forth, dripping milk all over Ed’s bedsheets

“I bet Ed will remain a fucking virgin all his life!” Ed grunted as he grabbed Joan’s hips, grounding himself inside her with each new push. “He’s worthless! What woman would ever want that wimpy cock inside her?”

Ed sobbed silently, unable to even beg for them to stop fucking each other right in front of him. What was worse, his erection was noticeable, bulging against the front of his pants.

“Look at that, Mike! He’s aroused by this! My son is really a pathetic pervert!”

“Don’t waste any more time with him, Joan… Focus on my dick. He’s not worthy of such an amazing mom!” Mike grunted, and Joan immediately agreed, arching her back and moaning as Mike continued to fuck her, grunts, and moans filling the room.

Ed’s sheets ended up completely covered in his mother’s milk after Mike squeezed them in the heat of the moment. That wasn't the worst part, though! There were other stains on it as well: dry fluids that emanated from both his mother’s pussy and Mike’s cock after they both cum on Ed's bed.

He was forced to sleep there that night after being untied. His mother sternly forbade him from removing the blankets. Ed shamefully masturbated himself to sleep, unable to stop thinking about his mom being screwed by his now worst bully!


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Reply #5 on: November 18, 2019, 03:43:40 AM
woww.. nice story..


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Reply #6 on: November 18, 2019, 12:48:04 PM
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mathew elizabeth

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Reply #7 on: November 19, 2019, 05:14:14 AM
I'm not even a breasts guy; but this story was very hot. Had just the right vibe and atmosphere and perverted intentions.


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Reply #8 on: November 20, 2019, 01:50:27 AM
Thanks alot Mat! As always I was inspired by your own work!


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Reply #9 on: December 09, 2019, 01:17:02 PM
I finally took the time to read this in its entirety. Great story! I especially liked how Mike ended up being the one to pound Edward's hot Mom! It definitely took a bit of a twist from what I was initially expecting.

With your permission, could I try my hand at writing a variation to this story?
No problem! Take the idea and run with it! What things are you planning on changing though? The mom? Making it an ass story instead of a tit focused story? Changing the personality of the friend? I'm excited already!

I didn't think this story would be as popular so I'm really glad you guys like it!


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Reply #10 on: December 10, 2019, 07:03:21 PM
I finally took the time to read this in its entirety. Great story! I especially liked how Mike ended up being the one to pound Edward's hot Mom! It definitely took a bit of a twist from what I was initially expecting.

With your permission, could I try my hand at writing a variation to this story?
No problem! Take the idea and run with it! What things are you planning on changing though? The mom? Making it an ass story instead of a tit focused story? Changing the personality of the friend? I'm excited already!

I didn't think this story would be as popular so I'm really glad you guys like it!
Wow, this story is impressive, I would like to see more continuations of this, you could show many situations of extreme humiliation, such as Ed prematurely ejaculating in his pants in front of his mother and Mike, also Joan proudly breastfeeding Mike while she looks with contempt and superiority to her son while giving him an evil smile, It would be great if at one point Joan's tits become huge and more hung up, Ed would feel very nervous looking at his mother because every step she takes her tits moves a lot and they expel a lot of milk, at that point Mike understood that  Joan is the woman who will raise his children, with Joan's pregnancy Ed's nightmare will get worse...
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I'm the ghostwriter who was commissioned to write this story. If you're looking for a similar plot, please visit

Hope to hear from some of you soon!