Author Topic: Huge Surprise.  (Read 960 times)

Dark Blade Katana

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on: May 23, 2023, 08:01:49 AM
Josey's girlfriend and sister had been going to the same college overseas' when a tape comes in the mail and it says "Huge Suprise For My Boyfriend" josey pop's in the tape to see his girlfriend and sister completely nude with the biggest cock popping up in front of the camera; they both have smile's on their face as they begin to stroke the dick, taking all four hands' to do so as they start stroking the huge cock a look of horror comes over josey's face as his heart is about to burst out of his chest. the scene is extremely erotic as the two young women begin to kiss passionately with the huge member in all four of there hands as they begin to stroke faster, laughing as they do so. the huge dick erupts spewing cum all over the young women and the camera; the last thing Josey hears his the two women laughing insanely as the tape ends leaving a black screen on the tv; josey is left in shock of what he just saw not only being betrayed by his girlfriend but his sister as well. Josey grabs the tape and runs in the other room to show his mom as she stands there looking at him with an evil smile on her face.