Author Topic: humiliate beta son's who want to conquer their own mothers in reddit  (Read 10483 times)


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I had an idea that I think could be interesting... I know that many stories told on Reddit may be false but it can still be fun to watch some stories and write humiliating comments and encourage the authors to continue stories... For example:

This story is from eight days ago and is of a son who is basically a premature ejaculator and the mother laughs at him (also the son tries to compete against another man)

This is another virgin son that his mother knows he masturbates and he is a virgin loser...

This is not so hardcore but it's okay

This takes 13 days without updating but the story implies humiliation on the part of the son and foot fetish

Man stealing panties from her cousin and she gives him permission

This is something similar to the previous one but instead of cousins, they are brother and sister

This is my absolute favorite and I think it's real ... it's from a woman, a mother who has 2 children and has a romantic and sexual relationship with her youngest son while her eldest son is a 28-year-old virgin loser... I ask that you give this woman a lot of support and encourage her to continue with her relationship and humiliate her eldest son