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I literally just came off watching this beautiful dark-comedy-thriller and while its not erotica, this film hits all the right notes when it comes to our niche of 'Mother /Cuckold Netorare' (Netori bull perspective really, outside looking in) played out in a wonderfully crafted story though film. The film is a masterpiece and is really about so much MORE than what us admited perverts in this niche are driven to see in the first place. The film is extremely meta about the elements of 'writing'  as a whole.

However, Claude, the 16-year-old boy writing to his literature teacher seperate segments about his exploits into his friend Rapha's classy middle class home is what drives the narrative for the majority of the film. Or...what really drives the narrative, is the infatuation of the male teacher who compels him to continue this 'story'. Claude's particular infatuation with Rapha's beautiful blonde mother Esther is made clear early on. But the movie goes deeper into 'parent stealing' with several scenes involving Claude bonding with Rapha's father, one including him besting Rapha in front of his father in basketball. The son's 'bonding' time with his father is invaded. This is followed by scene in a public shower of Claude happily getting wet and soapy with his friend's 'cool' father, as they rinsed off with other men and passed the soap between each other. There is no room in the shower area, so the jealous son is forced to watch, sweaty and annoyed from the bench on the wall. This scene was so short but well shot, the 'triggers' are there and that one was especially 'knife twisting' for those who pride in 'male bonding'; whether you are LGBT or not. There is nothing 'too; disturbing, but the 'what if's ' and 'how will this develop if not at all,' is there, done with a strange drawn out tension resulting in poignant and realistic characters in contrast.

How do the French do it? The movie knows these triggers exist in some of the audience, it is aware of our need to be voyeurs of this devious adventure, and plays on the power of introjection into the comforts of what the character Claude see's as luxury. This luxury is a loving family he can have for himself to escape from his sad, boring monotonous life outside of school. The writer figuring out the characters, the voyeur knowing the people and claiming and owning them, his desire, in his sense of reality when he writes these stories to his teacher Germain. 

Germain is the main character; with his ability to peer in in the all the exquisite angles of the potentially very dark and perhaps erotic story his student has created for his teacher about his real life friend and family. Fact and fiction become blurred between the teacher and student as they explore the 'world' of 'the house' together, Germain teaches his student how to subtly craft this' 'story' and make it 'his own', resulting in a bizarre turn of events. In the end, Germain is really the true 'Cuck' in all of this.

Its amazing stuff, and worth a re-watch for its subtle clues and open-ended interpretation. I'm in love with this film. The film is so much more than 'mother /cuckold/netorare', its a tribute to the magic of writing. But the hot triggers for that stuff are totally there.

I managed to watch it with adds on my chrome-cast using a free national televised streaming service that shows some free foreign movies. The full movie is available on Youtube for free, but it lacks English subtitles. You Can RENT or BUY it on Youtube though, with closed caption/subtitle options. Hope you enjoy it. Let us know your thoughts.

If your from Australia, you can watch it on 'SBS On Demand' for the next few months for free. It will expire on the app after that time.

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