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on: May 09, 2023, 04:07:44 PM
Carlos = Dead at 55 years old
Malik = paralyzed after an accident 56 years old
Elena = 36 years old shrink, Mastermind, Vengeful, Big sister
Emily = 49 year old Mother, Submissive, Masochist
Sofia = 54 year old Mother, Slut, Addict, Submissive
Lucas = 18 years old, Boyfriend, physopath, Sadistic Bully
Zuri = 18 years old, Girlfriend, Little dumb, Masochist
Tony = 18 years old, cuckold, Black Nerd, Masochist
Sofia and Carlos are a divorce couple with a daughter named Elena reason behind their divorce is the affair between Sofia and Malik.
Carlos and Emily married after his divorce they have a son named Lucas who they have raised in an other state then Sofia and her new family.
Sofia and Malik married after her divorce they have twins brother and sister whose names are Tony and Zuri
                                      Mixed Family
Sofia is standing in the kitchen cooking dinner for her daughter and the boy she is seeing. This is the first time she is going to meet him and she is a little bit nervous about it. She wants to make a good first impression because in over a year this is the first time she have seen her daughter happy. After the horrible tragedy that struck there family in a form of a car accident which left her husband paralyzed from the neck down . She was thinking about all the things that happened to her family this past year when the fornt door opened and her daughter Zuri came home with her boyfriend Lucas.
Zuri : Hey mom we are here. Where you at.
Sofia : In the kitchen sweetheart.
Lucas and Zuri walks into the kitchen and the first thing they see is a perfectly shaped phat ass of a milf  bent over getting the homemade pizza out of the oven. After seeing that phat ass Lucas thinks to himself ďI m gonna tap that assĒ. Sofia stands up and puts the pizza on the counter shuts the oven door and turned around to greet her guest.
Sofia : hello, welcome to our home.
Lucas : Thank you Mrs. Davis
Sofia : Have a seat and please call me sofia.
Lucas : Something smells delicious
Sofia : Thank you dear. How was school anything interesting happened today.
Lucas thinks back to the blowjob he got from her daughter during lunchtime after beating the crap out of a black nerd who happens to be the twin brother of zuri.
Lucas : nothing much Mrs. D
Zuri : whereís Tony
Sofia : up in his room he is not feeling well
Zuri : what happened to him
Sofia : i donít know he came home ran to his room and wouldnít talk to me.
Zuri : he is spending a lot of time in his room these days
Sofia : yeah I donít know whatís his problem he is acting strange a lot these days
Only Lucas knows why the little nerd was acting strange and it was because he has been getting bullied by lucas for the last six months ever since lucas came to attend there high school.
Zuri : should I go and get him
Sofia : No letís just have dinner
Three of them start the dinner while talking about different things. Sofia is paying attention to everything that comes out of the Lucas mouth. He is very charming and handsome like a 50ís movie star. She is very happy for her daughter and she is also wondering if they are having sex she tried asking her daughter about it but she couldnít get a straight answer from her. After meeting Lucas and after listening to him talk she knew if she was in her daughterís position it would have been a very hard thing to keep this boy out of her pants. After dinner is done sofia start cleaning the dinner table and Zuri walks Lucas to the door.
Lucas : your mom is a nice lady i can see where you get it from
Zuri : Thank you, Daddy
Lucas : you are welcome slut
Zuri smile after hearing the name Lucas calls her whenever they are alone. Lucas looks at zuri with questing eyes and zuri immediately understand what he wants from her
Zuri : you wanna come upstairs to my room
Lucas : no letís go to my car I gotta leave right after
Both of them walks towards the car parked on the street in front of the house. After cleaning up the kitchen sofia walks up the hallway  turning off the lights when she reaches the fornt door she looks outside and notice Lucas sitting in his car at first sight he appears to be alone but few seconds later she sees her daughter head bouncing on his lap giving him a pretty good blow job. Sofia stands there watching for a few minutes impressed by the boyís stamina she gets curious and wants to take a better look at the action happening in front of her home. So she start moving up the stairs constantly looking outside trying to get a better angle at the cock currently in the warmth of her daughterís mouth. At the middle of the stairs she have a perfect angle only if the bitch hogging the dick would get out of the way. Before she can realize the thoughts in her head her daughterís head comes up to spit on the dick she is pleasing and Sofia looks at the biggest and the thickest member of the opposite sex she has ever seen. That is the first cock she has seen in over a year and she is becoming a little jealous of her daughter at that moment. Ten minutes later Lucas is cumming in zuri's mouth which she swallows happily. What happened after that should have raised an alarm in Sofiaís if she wasnít so horny and touching herself. Lucas buttons up his pants, opens the door and without saying anything kicks Zuri out before driving off. At the exact moment  Lucas drive off leaving her daughter at the side of the road Sofia have the biggest orgasm of her life.
Dr. Elena Jacobs is sitting in her office going over the notes from the last session of the day when Lucas cone through the door without knocking and sits on the couch with his arms and legs open .
Elena stands up and walks around the table towards the door and locks it.  She starts walking towards the teenage boy sitting on the couch while stripping her jacket, blouse, and skirt. Stops between his legs and gets down on her knees. Pulls his cock out and look at his face before putting it in her mouth. She keeps looking at him hoping that he would hurry up and start describing his evening at the Davis house.
Lucas looks into Elena eyes knowing what she wants to hear. This is the best part of his day sitting like a king in the office of  a highly sought out therapist getting his dick sucked. Although Zuri have given him a blow job before but not like this. This doctor who happens to be his big sister sucks his dick perfectly .
Elena takes the cock out of her mouth to ask him.
Elena : come on
Lucas : what
Elena : you know what
Lucas : well ask me nicely
Elena : asshole
Lucas : cunt
After hearing that word come out of Lucas mouth her knees buckled and she know she would submit like always
Elena : please sir tell me what happened at the dinner this evening
Lucas : whatís in it for me
Elena : anything you want sir
They both knew what was coming next something that Elena hates and finds degrading and Lucas loves.
Lucas : rim job
Elena takes his pants off  all the way and lift his legs up so that she can get to his asshole and start licking it. Lucas loves the image of his ballsag on her forehead.
Lucas : donít forget about this dick keep milking it
Elena : mmmmmmh
Lucas : and start touching your cunt without cumming
Elena knew what he was trying to do he was trying to associate the pleasure of rubbing her pussy with the degrading act of making out with his asshole. When she start rubbing her cunt Lucas start describing his evening with his girlfriend and her mother which makes all of this more pleasurable then ever. Dr. Elena jacobs plan to ruin the life of the women who destroyed her family has finally begun. She has been planning this for the last ten years and now itís happening all thanks to her little brother whom she has turned into a stud.
On the other side of the town Sofia is feeling a little guilty for spying on her daughterís private moment. she is standing outside her daughterís  door gathering the strength to go inside and talk to her daughter about her sex life.
Knock Knock
Sofia : sweetheart can i come in
Zuri : yeah mom
Sofia : sweetheart can we talk for a while
Zuri : sure about what
Sofia : well i saw you with Lucas tonight in the car performing that act
Zuri : what OMG mom you spied on me
Sofia : honey it was by accident I was turning off the lights when I saw his car outside and naturally I got curious to what was happening I m sorry
Zuri : how much did you saw
Sofia : everything sweetheart
Zuri : OMG mom I m so embarrassed
Sofia : honey you have nothing to be embarrassed about from what I can tell youíre very good
Zuri : really
Sofia : of course sweetheart. Actually that is what i came to talk about
Zuri : what
Sofia : well now that you have become an adult I was hoping we can talk about everything thing happening in our lives like girls
Zuri can tell from her motherís behavior that she needed it more than her and it would be nice to talk about stuff with her mother without her being judged
Zuri : so we can talk about anything  and you are going to be cool about it and not being all mothering
Sofia : yes that is what I want sweetheart
Zuri : ok we have to promise each other not to be judgmental about anything we tell each other
Sofia : yes sweetheart I promise but there is something we need to discuss before that
Zuri : what is that
Sofia : protection sweetheart I donít want you to become a  teenage mother
Zuri : I know mom they did teach us about it in school
Sofia : anyway promise me that you are using protection
Zuri : I promise  I will
Sofia : wait a time does that mean youíre a virgin
Zuri : moooommm
Sofia : well after seeing Lucas I thought the only way to keep a boy like that interested is to keep him satisfied
Zuri : I know that mom itís not like I donít want to itís just that I m scared
Sofia : scared of what sweetheart
Zuri : well Lucas is very gifted
Sofia : yeah I saw that
Zuri : really than you understand
Sofia : I do but you also need to understand the pleasure something that big can provide
Zuri : have you ever had something that big gave you pleasure
Sofia : no sweetheart I m not that lucky
Zuri : mooomm
Sofia : oh come on sweetheart we can be frank with each other after all we are all adults here
After hearing her mom talk like that it gave zuri confidence to open up about things
Zuri : well itís not the length but girth that have me worried
Sofia : honey there is nothing to be worried about everyone is a little afraid their first time
Zuri : its not that mom I measured it once his cock is 8 inches long and 7 inches around
Sofia was a little bit shaken hearing the word cock come out of her daughterís mouth but she was shocked hearing the length and girth of Lucas dick and the worst part was that she was jealous of her daughter
Sofia : honey are you sure about that
Zuri : yes Iím sure I measured it three times
Sofia : honey that is a biggg dick
Zuri : hehehehe it a little funny hearing those kind of words from my mother
Sofia : hehehehe wait till you hear them from you daughter
Zuri : thanks mom I like opening up to you this is fun
Sofia : on serious note honey you need to wait until you are ready to lose your virginity and not let Lucas pressure you into anything you are not ready for
Zuri : mom Lucas havenít pressure me into anything that is the best thing about him
Sofia : really sweetheart Iím finding that hard to believe after seeing him leave you on the sidewalk after  he was done with you
Zuri : well the truth is I love that part
Sofia : okay I guess you really are my daughter
Zuri : what really you like that kind of stuff
Sofia : yes sweetheart I think when you have the right partner everything is possible and donít ever be ashamed of your desires
Zuri : thanks mom I really needed this
Sofia : you are welcome sweetheart. Well itís getting late I leave you be. I hope we can have more of these discussions
Zuri : definitely mom good night
Sofia walks out of the her daughterís room feeling relieved and happy also a little bit horny and sad knowing that she has never  felt a cock that big in her life but she wishes that she can somehow.

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It was pretty cooool! I love it! ❤️ Wish You can write more jijiji 💞


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Dr.  Elena Jacobís and her little brother Lucas are sitting on the couch drinking and planning what to do next. They need something that can make Mrs. Davis fall into their trap. They know that there must be some kind of secret that she is hiding from her family. Both siblings have discussed and decided that Lucas will make a copy of zuriís house keys and on Friday when the house is empty he will go there and search it . They are confident that this plan will yield some positive results.
Sofia and Zuri have been talking about their desires, relationships and lives frankly without judgement for a week now . It has almost became a tradition for Sofia to go in her daughterís room at night and talk about anything that is on their minds. Everyday she is getting better understanding of  her daughterís relationship with Lucas and everyday she is hearing things that makes Lucas sound like a perfect gentleman. Which makes her thinks that her daughter have found a guy that she has been searching for her whole life. Every night she leaves her daughterís room and masturbates in her room thinking about Lucas and his dick. She has been fantasizing about all the nasty things she would do for him and the things he would make her do even the forbidden things only she thinks about.
Friday has come and Lucas is parking his car two blocks away from Davis house. He is waiting for mr and mrs. davis to leave for their monthly visit to the doctor. Twins are at school leaving the house empty. Lucas grabs the duplicate key before exiting his car and start walking towards the house. He enters the house successfully and walks upstairs to the master bedroom. He searched the room and the master bathroom and found nothing than he started searching the whole upstairs than the whole downstairs without finding anything. Lucas has been searching for fifty minutes without any luck. He gets thirsty and opens the fridge to get a drink. While drinking he remembers seeing some pills in the master bathroom he runs upstairs to take a better look at them. He opens the cabinet and picks up the bottle to read the label and perception. He notices that they are pain pills and the bottle is nearly full but the refill date is almost two months back.
Lucas takes 3 pills outs puts them in his pocket So that his sister can examine them futher. He puts everything back the way they were  and gives the house one more look. After being satisfied by the way everything looks he exit the house. Few minutes later Sofia and her husband comes home to find nothing out of place.