Author Topic: Mom's Room.  (Read 1138 times)

Dark Blade Katana

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on: September 07, 2023, 09:23:50 AM
Lance is laying in his bed when he hears loud moaning and the headboard slamming up against the wall, the noise is coming from his mom's bedroom, his mom seduced her way through the city they lived in men and women fell prey to her charm and looks. The next morning lance gets up to see his mom walking about the house naked as she does, her big boobs and huge ass shaking as she does but this day was far different because the next naked female body that comes out of his mom's room is his ex girlfriend Tammy. Lances jaw drops, his ex girlfriend's big boobs shaking, her long black hair flowing down her back as she does. MOM!!!!! Lance yells loudly with anger on his face, mom I told you not to seduce my ex girlfriend's, they are off limits. Lance shut up his mom says with pride in her voice, I get what I want and you are not going to stop me; as she says this she kisses Tammy in the mouth deeply the two nude female bodies are a work of art even if lance knows them. At this moment Lance's new girlfriend Lauren walks through the door looking for lance, at this point Lance's mom tries to kiss her on the lips but she pulls back saying I'm not into girls as she does; Lauren's short brown hair moves as she does, her shocked face turns red but Lance's mom is determined with his ex girlfriend Tammy in for they both corner Lauren kissing on her neck and chest as they do. Lance stands in shock as his girlfriend's face has a glow of pleasure on it. She tries to push them off but they both pin her arms to the wall as she moans in Satisfaction; Lauren is being turned into a lesbian right before Lance's eyes' his evil mom and perverted ex helping the process along as he is unable to stop it. They both tear her clothes showing her amazing features, that lance has not gotten to see yet. All three women begin to make out like they are in a three-way relationship; lance stands in shock as his new girlfriend, his ex girlfriend and his mom go at it in the living room slowly making there way towards his mom's bedroom, but lance tries to stop them from getting in the bedroom he tries blocking them but all three knock him to the ground like he is nothing. All three go into Lance's mom's bedroom but they leave a crack in the door, lance looks into the crack in the door and he sees his ex girlfriend and his mom sucking on  Lauren's tits and pussy as a buldge grows in his pants.