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on: December 11, 2021, 08:47:52 AM

Mom gets put in her place.1

My mother is a very attractive well put together woman (43 years old), with dark sensual eyes, small lips and thick black hair. She’s 5ft 6’’ tall and had big perky breasts and a voluptuous ass to die for. She’s also a successful lawyer. But she has always been very strict on me. My father is a successful man, but he goes out to sea for 6 months as a Captain. So it was just me and her in our big house. But she has never cheated on him, because she’s a strict woman of conservative ideals. I am an 18 year old student, 5ft 8 tall and a fairly athletic build. I was endowed with a 7inch dick.

It started when I heard my friends talking about my mom after seeing her at a school event.

‘’God, look at that milf. Bitch looks so hot in that black dress. Damn, that ass!  I wish I could hit that’’. I looked over at who they were pointing to, and it was my mom. I admit it pissed me off. But I didn’t want to make a scene, because they really didn’t know she was my mother. To be honest I was very surprised that I’ve never my mother in that light.  After that, I couldn’t take my eyes off my mother throughout the event as more guys talked about her.

The car ride home was silent. I kept glancing at my mom. She looked gorgeous and well put together. She had a very pretty face, with soft features. She had stern eyes. My eyes crept from her face to her body. The dress had a hard time keeping her breasts in, the dress fitted tight around her stomach. She was slim, but I could see a bit of fat pulled tight by the dress. Further down, the dress pulled tightly around her thick thighs. Her long hair was put up in a bun. Combined with her glasses and red lipstick, it really turned me on. I could feel myself getting aroused. ‘’My god, how can I think of her like this? She’s my mom, she looked after me, cared for me, helped me in any way she can, and was always there for me. STOP THINKING ABOUT YOUR MOTHER LIKE THIS!’’ I told myself. I was lying to myself.

From that day on, my sexual urges only kept getting stronger. I couldn’t help myself from admiring her body when she spoke with me. The curvaceous body, her intelligence, how well-spoken she was. Nobody cannot help but be attracted to her. Incest porn and stories was the only thing that could satiate me. But even that was not enough. The more I saw her, the more she started to look less like my mother, but as a bitch I could just bend over and pump my load into. I resorted to take stealing her panties. They were of black and red lace. God! How good they smelled. I pumped loads into them; I was indirectly fucking my mom. I then started taking her office skirts and rubbing them on my dick. I imagined that round perky ass on my crotch, and her moaning, calling my name as I railed her. I could feel her flowery scent on my dick. It was bliss.

I had a feeling she noticed it. She didn’t say it, but went and got a new set of shirts and skirts anyway.

 I then secretly started recording her. The way she tied her hair, how her ass bounced when she walked around the house in her nightdress, how she perked her ass up when she did yoga. I even managed to get pictures of her showering. It was months’ worth of fap content.

I just wanted nothing more in the world but to rip her tight clothes off and fuck her raw! I wanted to pump my load into her as she screamed, to make my mother my whore.

These thought kept me awake at night. And then my schoolwork took a major hit. My A’s have started to drop to C’s. It worried my mom. The evening the results came, I heard her angry steps coming to my room. She burst in.

‘’ Jean! What’s gotten into you? Why’re you doing so badly at school?!’’ Her eyes were ice cold. We put you into this private school, so you can get a great education and a good job!’’

‘’ I know mom. I’ll get it right next time. Just leave me alone!’’

She stood there, looking at me with her hands on her hips. ‘’Jean, I tried to ignore this for quite some time. But you seem very distant lately.’’

I looked up at her, disgusted with myself for going down this path. I had tears in my eyes.

Her expression softened. She walked up to me and sat next to me on my bed.

‘’Sweetie, what’s wrong with you? I’m your mom.’’ She shoulder bumped me.

‘’ You can tell me anything.’’ She said, as she started to put her hair down.

She smelled of sweet lavenders. She was wearing black tights, a navy blue long tight business skirt with a silk white top.

She held my arm and stroked my hair lovingly. I was getting hard again. I looked into her eyes. Maybe this was my chance. Maybe if I tell her the truth, I’d get a chance to fuck her. My tension would be released. And my grades would go back up. I gathered the courage. My throat was dry, and I could feel the heat rising in my skin.

‘’Mom…I wanna tell you something.’’ I swallowed my dry throat. ‘’Recently I’ve been having ….umm…thoughts about you.’’

‘’Ok….. What kind of thoughts?’’ She stopped stroking my hair.

I took a deep breath.

‘’sexual thoughts…’’.

She let go of my hand and stood up. Her face was red, and she started pacing the room. She came to a stop and stood there for a moment

‘’ I knew you were stealing my panties. But I didn’t want to believe it! How could you Jean! You’re my son. I do all this for you.I loved you. How could you think of me in this way?! ‘’

‘’Mom, you’re so beautiful and sexy. I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself from being attracted to you. Please…help me’’. I pleaded.

‘’Help you?’’. Her eyes were like daggers.

‘’Yes, I beg you. Please let me have sex with you! Just for this one time. Please, I can get my grades up. I can’t focus with all these thoughts in my head!’’

I dropped my pants. My erect penis was on full display now, all 7 inches of it. She looked at it with wide eyes.

‘’Jean, don’t talk to me.’’ She said quietly. She got up to leave.

‘’Mom please!’’

I grabbed hold of her arm. She slapped me.  Hard.

She glared at me.

‘’ I gave birth to you Jean! How can I have sex with you? You will stop this nonsense, and you will get your grades back up!  Just this once I’ll let this  go, I won’t tell your father about any of this.’’

She stormed out.


‘’How could I let this happen! I was a fucking idiot’’ I thought. I wanted nothing more than to patch things up with her.

That evening dinner was silent and awkward.

The next morning I came down for breakfast. Usually, mom leaves early for work after cooking me breakfast. But to my surprise, here she was in the kitchen. She was wearing a red sports bra with grey yoga pants.

‘’Good morning honey.’’ She said with a smile. ‘’Did you sleep well?’’

Wait what? ‘’ umm, yes I did mom’’ I replied.

‘’I’m making pancakes today. Your favorite.’’ She said while working at the counter. Seeing her tight ass made me hard again. How is she so sexy? I just wanted to push her on the counter and smash her in.

I sat down. ‘’ Mom, about yester-‘’

‘’No! We are going to forget that conversation ever happened.’’ She said angrily.

‘’okay’’. I said. I was relieved.

‘’ Your priority should be getting those grades up. If you want me to help you with your studies, just tell me.’’ She said as she left the table to get ready for work. She went to her room. I watched as her ass bounce as she walked.

I can’t keep this up any longer. I saw her protein shake breakfast on the counter. Without a second thought, I opened it and started jerking into it. ‘’ You bitch; you think you’re so high and mighty because you’re a rich lawyer huh? Let’s see how you feel after drinking your sons’ semen for breakfast. I want to see that ass and boobs grow!’’ I thought. I jerked off a massive thick load into it. ‘’Let's see how you like that taste mom. ‘’

She walked in with her bag and grabbed the shake. ‘’I’m off honey . Study hard and have a good day.’’

As soon as she left, I went up and got a bunch of used panties from the basket. I got her pants and jerked off to it, smelling the sweat and grime.

I’ll make you mine mom. I promise you that.



‘’ That’s it, Jean, what the hell have you been doing!’’

My term test results have come and , it turns out I’ve failed all of them.

‘’You flunked school!’’

‘’My God, your future’s going to be done for if you don’t fix this Jean”.

She sat on the sofa cross-legged and sighed. She was wearing black tights, a tight black skirt with a decent split in the back, and a tight white shirt. Her breasts were desperately trying to pop out.


‘’Mom, I told you. Let me fuck you for once, please! Everything would be okay. You’d get a good fuck, and my sexual tension would be released too’’

‘’Shut up boy! I’m ashamed to think that I raised nothing but a good-for-nothing stupid pervert.’’

Something snapped in my head. ‘’That’s it you bitch!’’

I jumped on her, grabbed her, and pushed her against the wall.

‘’No Jean! Let me go!’ What’re you doing?!”

‘’Mom, I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna fuck you like a pig today.’’

‘’ No Jean, let me go!’’. I grabbed her by her neck and kissed her. It was like inhaling sweet lavender.  Her lips tasted like sweet candy. ‘’Drink your sons spit slut’’

I grabbed her by the throat. And lifted her skirt up and palmed her crotch. It was soaking wet already! ‘’ You like it don’t you, you slut? You like getting fucked by your son huh?’’

The warmth around her crotch was a pleasant surprise. She was actually wearing silk stockings. I grabbed her red lace panties and ripped them off. ‘’Why are your clothes so tight? Do you wanna get fucked by someone? Look at those massive boobs. They’re bursting to get through that shirt.’’

I ripped the buttons off of her shirt, and her boobs spilled out. ‘’I’m gonna make you squirt like a whore.’’ I said as I put two fingers inside her. I began gnawing on her aroused nipples.

‘’ Ahhhhh! No! …Ahhhh, Jean!’’

I could feel my mother's pussy tremble in my hand. Her back arched against the wall. She was squirming on my hand, moaning my name! She moaned as she reached an orgasm and sprayed on my hand. ‘’ Look how wet you are mom! Look how much you’re enjoying getting raped by your son.’’

‘’You act all high and mighty, but deep down, you were always a slut born to get fucked.’’

I whipped my throbbing dick out.

‘’ How many times have you lied through that teeth huh, how many people’s lives have you ruined at court. Did you know you’ve been drinking your son’s seed for breakfast?!’’

‘’Now suck on this .’’ I jammed my dick down her throat. I grabbed her by her deep black hair and started face-fucking her as hard as I can.

‘’I can’t breathe!’’ She chocked. I kept pounding her head with my dick. I pounded her head until she was breathing for dear life.

‘’Aii..ohhh..Jeane, no, she chocked’’

I then laid her on the floor and pushed my balls into her mouth. I felt my ball tighten.

‘’I'm gonna cum. Drink my seed like the slut you are!’’ I released it all in her mouth. She was squirming against my balls. ‘’Swallow it. I know you like it!’’

My mom swallowed my seed, all of it. I pushed her onto the counter and completely ripped her shirt and bra off. I suckled on the nipples and felt her salty sweat on my tongue. She was moaning my name.

There was only one thing to do. I want to truly make her mine. I looked deep into her eyes. They were once full of love, now I can only see lust. I pushed her skirt up and put her long legs on my shoulders. ‘’ I’m gonna fuck your brains out mom. She just looked at me. I slowly put my rod at her vaginal opening. I looked deep into her eyes as I went inside her. I did it. It was warm., and had a sense of home. She was mine. We are one again mom!

I opened her legs as wide as I can, and I fucked the pussy I was born in! I started slow and got into a steady rhythm. I couldn’t believe this, I’m fucking my mother raw…

‘’harder’ ’I heard a whisper.


‘’ Jean, fuck me harder’’. I couldn’t believe it. She grabbed my hair

‘’ Go on you sick pervert. Give it to me!’’

‘’Yes, I knew you were nothing, but another whore that liked to be used!’’

I thrust into her, giving each thrust everything I had. She was screaming and holding onto me. The sound of me slamming into my mothers’ vagina echoed throughout the house, mingled with her screams of pleasure, lost in lust.

‘’ I could feel the pressure building in me. My balls began to ache. I needed to cum‘’

‘’Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Jean, My God!!!

‘’I'm gonna cum now mom!’’

‘’ Noo! Don’t cum in me please, it’s not safe yet’’

‘’It’s not safe? ; All the more reason to do so you bitch!’’ I picked up the speed.

Her neck bared and her back arched as waves of pleasure rode through her.

‘’No!!Ahhhh! Please don’t cum in me !’’

I emptied my seed into the depths of her womb. The sweet release, my god! I’m sending my seed to where I came from. The feeling was ecstatic!

‘’She was sweating profusely. My semen dripped from her vagina onto the floor.

‘’Turn over!’’ I said as I bent her over to rail her from behind.

Her skirt ripped quite easily up along its split, exposing her bare ass on the counter.

I spread her legs wide and thrust into her from behind. Her voluptuous ass curved against my stomach. I whispered into her ear,

‘’Look at you mom, the strict, prude lawyer enjoys getting fucked doggy style by her only son’’

I grabbed her jet black hair and knotted it in my hand. Her neck and breasts were exposed. Each thrust sent her breasts flying with sweat.

‘’Aiiiii….my god!!! Fuck me harder, Jean, harder!’’

I was fucking her so fast, that I pulled her tits for more leverage. As her moans continued to grow louder, so did her vaginal muscles tighten around my dick. I could feel the intense pleasure building inside of her. She was going to orgasm again. And so was I.

‘’Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!....Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!’’ The pleasure was so intense; my dick was being clenched by my mothers’ pussy. I emptied my complete load into her vagina.

We were a sweaty mess. My mothers’ legs buckled and she slid to her knees, my semen leaking from her vagina. We were both breathing heavily.

I grabbed her chin and pulled her face towards mine. ‘’You are my bitch, my whore. You will always be available for my pleasure, even if you like it or not. At home, at work, in public, I’ll fuck you anywhere, anytime, in any way I want. Say yes!.... I know you like being used as a mere dumpster for my cum to fall into’’

‘’Yes….okay’’ She stammered.


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