Author Topic: Mother's Day Horror.  (Read 1477 times)

Dark Blade Katana

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on: May 18, 2023, 08:41:26 AM
Jared comes into the house to see his mom's folding arm's over her big boobs, her long flowing hair coming down her back to the tip of her nice round huge ass; the stern look on her face as he hands her, her mother's day gift. This is what you got me??? She says in anger, as she snache's the cheap gift out of his hand before throwing it down on the couch roughly. I see why your girlfriend left you for another man, Jared's mom was talking about Katlyn, Katlyn was a young black American female, with big boobs and pretty face. Mom can we not bring her up???? You know she took everything I had. That's why I wanted you to come her "Son" because I have a surprise for you!!!!. Ok you can come out now!!!! His mom says as Katlyn comes out completely nude, her big boobs swaying as she comes out. Jared's mom then begins to make out with Katlyn as his mom's nipples grow hard poking out from her shirt. "You Pathetic Bastard" your girlfriend left you for me and your stepfather; as soon as she says this his stepdad comes out, his giant dick swinging as his nude body comes into view. You've been fucking Katlyn???? Jared says with a shocked and whiney tone to his voice. Your goddamn right I've been fucking her!!!! Your mom has been fucking her to, Katlyn is the biggest freak on earth, I get to watch Katlyn and Heather sixty-nine each other as I jack off then cum all over them. The anger boils in Jared as he charges at his stepdad with no success as his stepfather subdues him holding him to were he couldn't move, he struggles yelling "you perverted bastard" your fucking right I'm perverted his stepdad says with a smirk on his face, still completely nude with his huge dick in full view. Heather and Katlyn holding back evil laughs seeing the defeated and weak Jared. Jared is no match for his stepfather even though they are the same height and weight; "Jared is just so pathetic and weak as he begins to whine and cry" this is not fair!!!! in an almost womenly tone of voice Jared says, as tears' stream down his face, as his stepfather still has his arms pinned behind his back. his pain and misery almost fueling his mom and ex girlfriend, Ohhh shut up you "Pathetic Bitch" your no match for your stepfather he's more of a man than you can even think of!!!!. Jared begins to whine and cry even louder as Heather and Katlyn begin to french kiss like crazy, that's what I want to see; Jared's stepfather says in an evil tone of voice as his huge member grows even bigger, as he throws Jared to the ground pinning him, he then takes one arm of his and starts tearing Jared's shirt still pinning his "Arms" only using one arm of his, jared was truly weak being defeated by a man twice his age. Jared's stepfather then uses the torn shirt, to tie both of Jared's hand's; his stepdad then gets up and joins Katlyn and Heather who are still french kissing. His big dick stops' the two women as they begin sucking and slobbing all over the huge member; Jared now lays on his back both hand's tied and he sobs like a little girl, his misery fueling the highly erotic scene as his stepfather's eye's roll back in his head enjoying the two mouths as his dick stuffin's now full erect as Heather and Katlyn's huge boob"s move up and down as their two mouths' go up and down the giant dick. Jared's stepfather says I'm Cumming in a deep tone of voice as what looks like a gallon of cum begins shooting out of his dick, soaking the two women as well as parts of the room; Jared is still on the floor to weak and pathetic to do anything as his hands remain tied, thanks for the mother's day gift Heather says angrly as she grabs the gift off the couch and begins' rubbing cum all over it before spitting on it throwing it on the floor Breaking it as his ex girlfriend's cum covered face has an evil smile.