Author Topic: My mom, my fantasy.  (Read 1491 times)


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on: January 07, 2022, 08:37:57 PM
Hello guys!
I want to share with you the biggest fantasy I have regarding my mom, and which describe my fetish about MILFS and mature women.  8)

So, the first part describes real things. First, my mom is french and she's 58 (but she doesn't look like she's almost 60). To me, she has the "perfect mature body", which means a thick/chubby one with "mild minor" breasts, and a beautiful round ass (with some cellulite, but not too much).

My parents have been divorced for 10 years and since, she never found love again or be with another man. It has been 6 years that I left her home to go to college, in a city far away from my home town. She is quite prude and shy regarding sex topics. For example, she appears embarassed when there is a sex scene in a movie. Regarding her clothes, she dresses like a "normal mom"; but not too "strict". Indeed, sometimes she decides to wear clothes that appear to be "normal" to her but which are kind of "seductive" like tight leggings while she's doing groceries (so people can stare at her ass ).

Now, here is my deepest fantasy concerning my mom's life. I imagine her to secretly have an important sex life since I went for college. When I visit her, she continues to "act" normally (prude stuffs, being a "good" mom) and she pretends to have a normal life but I like to imagine her being a real "slut mom": After I left, she freed herself and she became the woman she always wanted to be.

Since I'm not home anymore, she now dresses in a hotter way : she wears mini skirt with an apparent thong, and platform flip flops with nail polish.
She wears more jewellery and stuffs, like rings, an ankle bracelet with "dirty things" on it like "slutty" or "horny". She also got a "stamp tramp", something basic like a heart with wings, but she does not hesitate to show it while she is seduced my other men.

She fucks with every men she meets, young students especially (between 18-25 y.o.). She likes to be harshly gangbanged in doggystyle, in a row, and she adores to be covered in cum all over her body and face. She obliged men to not wear condoms because she doesn't give a fuck anymore.
When I visit her and we're taking a walk, men stare at her, smirking, and she just smiles, saying to me "oh they're just sweet men who helped me fix the car (or the kitchen , or whatever the excuse she finds) while you're not home anymore". I believe her because she's my mom and I love her, I never think about those men fucking her 'cause to me, she's a "normal mom", she doesn't have a sexual life. But, boy, if I knew....

I think I don't have to mentionned it, but of course she fucked my closest friends, the ones who stayed in the same city of my mom after high school. They always wanted to fuck her, and the first day I left for college, they ran to her house and she pleased them.

Moreover, since I'm too old to go on vacation with her, she now goes alone, without friends or family, and she became the "naughty mature queen". She wears a micro bikini, which makes her body apparent (she's proud of her thick body), in order to make men stare at her. She teases them by jiggling her big ass while walking and she's often seduced by men. She generally ends up being gangbanged by a lot of men. She also gives free blowjobs to any big cocks she meets.

So, she became the total slut she always wanted to be. Her sexual appetite keeps growing. Now, she doesn't like when I come around because when I'm at her home for 3 days or more, she can't be fucked, it pisses her off. She's even able to phone me to say that she's too busy with work to see me, but that's just an excuse to be pound and cover in gallons of young sperm.

In my deepest fantasy, my mom is a total slut.

I hope you enjoyed my shared fetish!
Here are some pics of my mom, if you want to picture her as you're reading this.  ;D


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Reply #1 on: January 08, 2022, 05:21:28 AM
You must be proud, your mom is hot.


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Reply #2 on: January 22, 2022, 02:43:51 PM
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