Author Topic: my uncle's friend and my mom  (Read 700 times)


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on: January 03, 2023, 03:42:10 AM
i wrote this story, unfortunately is fantasy, but this is my idea about how i would like someone fuck my mom, it was translated with google translator so, im sorry for the bad english.
The story begins when on holy days we would go to spend a weekend at the house of my aunt (my mother's sister) who married a man with a lot of money, so they had a very large house with multiple rooms where The family met several times a year, I will begin by describing my family, first of all there are 3 of us in the family, my mother's name is Verónica, she is approximately 1.55 meters tall, 51 years old, she has a very pretty face, she is very skinny so she does not have Big breasts but she has an ass that always attracts the attention of men, she usually goes to the gym so she usually stays well, she is generally very calm, I have never noticed any different attitude or release in her, only when she drinks she likes it a lot sing and dance, he always does it when my father is present so nothing unusual ever happens, my father is a very calm 55-year-old man who is not very fond of parties and very simple in everything and I am Oscar and I will not spend time on describe me and.

My parents' relationship seems to be very monotonous, my parents met young and it seems they were each other's only sexual partner, my mother always seemed to be slightly repressed by my father's boring attitudes.

The day of the trip arrived, my mother excited because she would be reunited with a large part of her family, however, days before the trip my father began with an attitude of not wanting to go, and that was the case since he did not like that party atmosphere and for feeling self-conscious that the whole family had done better than him, because it seemed like we wouldn't go but in the end they decided that I would accompany my mother and that's how we left, the plan was to arrive early Friday and spend there Friday Saturday Sunday and return on Monday.

When we arrived at the house, my mother's sister Gabriela and her husband Luis welcomed us, they received us euphorically, Verónica and her sister hugged each other and I did not look surprised and happy when I saw that my father had not traveled with us, immediately He asked me where my father was, so I replied that he couldn't go because of work, so he said "poor little father." I had always suspected that my uncle liked my mother a lot, he had seen how he looked at her, how he took the opportunity to touch her a hug, kisses near the cheek and things like that. Gabriela and Gustavo's (her husband's) relationship was totally different from my parents', they always liked to have more fun and I always noticed a certain envy of my mother to see how they got along.

They gave us a room, we settled in and everything was normal, my mother was rested for a while and I went out to see the house, that's where everything began to get interesting, I heard my uncle Gustavo talking on the phone with his friend Santiago and he said " You are not going to believe me, here is my sister-in-law and she comes without her husband and she is more delicious than ever, I can't take her because here is my wife, come and fulfill the fantasy for me, if you tell me how it was for me I consider it well served, here I'll put it on a silver platter" I couldn't hear Santiago's answer because they were on the phone, but the conversation ended with "if you feel like it, come today, because we only have 3 days"

From then on my restlessness began, a part of me was very worried about whether Santiago would arrive or not, and the other part was very calm because even though he would arrive, I thought that nothing could be missing.

More family arrived, we were around 20 people, there was a meal in the garden of the house where the comfort was excellent, there was a pool, there was an outdoor room and everything was very pleasant, the food was over and everyone was living a bit telling anecdotes since many had time without seeing each other.

After a while my uncle's cell phone rang, he answered and was clearly talking to Santiago, where did you tell Santiago he was going, but since it was a family reunion only, Gustavo invented that he had a friend who had come to the city on a trip but that he did not find a hotel and that he would spend the weekend at home, but that they should not worry too much that he would not be with them much and that he would not bother anyone, it was there that I realized that his plan had been put into action.

Santiago arrived and was a man of approximately 45 years old, very tall, 1:80, had an athletic body, wore a thick beard, and dressed very well, it looked like he was doing very well.

When I greet my mother, I hug her a lot and kiss her on the cheek, my mother seemed to get a little uncomfortable, but not because of the hug but because I was present, Santiago simply said "sorry for the hug, sometimes I'm very effusive"

Since he arrived, it was noticed that he was quite an outgoing guy, without knowing the family he quickly integrated and quickly became the center of attention, at the same time that my uncle Gustavo was flattering him and magnifying him to leave him taller and thus continue with his plan.

The party continued very calmly, the party separated a bit, Gustavo and Santiago were talking, my mother and her sister too, the other family was together and I was with two cousins who were younger than me, when Santiago only I noticed how I was looking for my mother's gaze to start flirting with her. In my uncle's conversation with Santiago, I was able to hear how my uncle was telling Santiago that he'd take her easy, that he wasn't going to make it easy for him not to look so thrown. That night his first move was simple, only my uncle spoke to his wife so that my mother would be left alone and that is how Santiago approached her, they were just talking although with a lot of flirtation, they were talking he made my mother laugh a lot and suddenly I touched her face a little and her hip a little, I don't know if it was my idea but it was obvious to me that they were eating each other with their eyes.

After that nothing else happened since everyone was tired and ended up going in early, in the end my mother stayed talking with her sister in the living room, I had fallen "asleep" there so I heard the whole conversation

V: hey sister I think Santiago is flirting with me, but I'm not sure, how do you see?

G: hahaha yes, sister, I'm sure he's doing it, he's a friend of my husband who has a reputation for being too much of a womanizer, that's why I don't let him hang out with him much, I didn't warn you because I thought it would go unnoticed by you and no You would give it importance, but now it worries me.

V: he is too attractive, sister, I don't deny it and he made me feel very good when I talked to him, but of course I would never be unfaithful.

That day ended like this and everyone went to sleep.

The next day everything started early, the morning passed without any problem until later, everyone began to enter the pool, Santiago was still very kind and a little flirtatious with my mother insisting that they enter the pool, after a while my mother accepted but said she was going to change, my mother had to go to ask my aunt for a swimsuit, since my mother said "my swimsuits are very covered and today I want to feel more free" my aunt just laughed .

My mother was spectacular, she had a two-piece bathing suit, and her panties tucked in like a thong, I had never seen her in clothes like that and I was surprised by the body that she kept, she didn't ask any girl for anything, my mother Not being used to seeing herself like this, she came out with a sarong and a little red, I could see how Santiago ate her with his eyes, but at the same time I also saw how the mother lowered her glasses a little to see Santiago without anyone noticing account, Santiago quickly approached her, said something in her ear, she laughed and they ended up getting into the pool separately, there they began to drink and all the adults were in the pool, each one is their own subject.

My aunt and my uncle were talking together with my mother and Santiago and my uncle began to encourage everyone to play "little fights" with the women on their shoulders, my mother refused a bit in the end, she accepted, during the whole game with the falls and I saw how Santiago took the opportunity to touch my mother whenever he could, and I don't know if my mother inadvertently seemed very comfortable with Santiago.

When leaving the pool preparing everything to eat, Santiago got very close to my mother, she was chopping fruit, and Santiago came over and put his hand on her lower back and also tied up her hair, he also approached my mother from behind. and he said let me help you and you could see a big erection in his bathing suit, my mother was a bit scared when she felt it but she didn't take it off until after a moment it seemed that she was getting carried away and she better moved away.

After all these situations, I couldn't take it anymore and where I thought nobody saw us I approached my mother and complained to her, to which she said "what's wrong with you son, you're just like your father, he's just a family friend and I'm just living with him like with anyone else, relax, I would never be unfaithful and even less in a family situation, so don't touch that topic here again"

Mio noticed the situation from afar and told me, what happened nephew? Soon you're jealous of your mom, let her be happy, today your mom will know a real penis, so if you don't help, don't get in the way. I was shocked by those words, I didn't even know what to do, but a part of me began to like the situation.

That was how I began to get away from the situation and leave my mother to her fate with Santiago, now I was just watching from afar, without missing any details but without them noticing that I was even there, at sunset they were already drinking a lot That day only my uncle, his wife, Santiago, and my mother were there, since my uncle had arranged everything for it to be like that, they began to dance and my mother, although she refused at first, ended up dancing with my mother, they were dancing cumbia and Santiago did. I knew how to dance well, that day my mother wore short white shorts and a red tank top, which looked very good, during the dance there was too much contact between them, my mother turned around and to the rhythm of the music she he returned to Santiago. That's how the night went on, my mother let herself go for a while and then remembered that she was married, my mother, very hot, went into the house for some water, and Santiago followed her.

He hugged her from behind and gave her a kiss on the cheek, to which my mother tried to avoid it, my mother leaned against the table and Santiago rested his little hands on the table so my mother had no way out, he kissed her on the a deep kiss that left my mother motionless she responded the kiss, but then she took off and told him "I'm married" he laughed and said "today you're going to be mine" and left, my mother looked nervous, she passed the night and my uncle agreed to his plan, he told me "go to sleep in my cousin's room so you don't get in the way but tell your mom, me and your aunt are leaving and we're going to leave you alone" I intimidated did what they asked me but I kept watching from afar, my uncles began to say goodbye while my mother, seeing this situation that she would be left alone with Santiago, said "I'm going too and she went ahead, Santiago was not going to miss out on his opportunity and said I'm going too, He followed my mother and caught up with her when she was about to enter her room, he pounced on her and took her into the room, he started kissing her, she stopped him and said

V: I can't I'm married

S: I don't care, I told you that you would be mine and that's how it's going to be

V: but I've only been with one man in my whole life I can't do this

S: now you will see what you were missing

Santiago began to kiss her with very passionate kisses to which my mother responded, she was still trying to stop him but had lost her strength from how excited she was, Santiago after kissing her under her neck, which to my mother seemed like she had never been kissed Thus, he did not take off her strappy blouse, he just lowered it and untied it in front of her breasts, my mother still put up resistance until she said:

V: promise that no one will find out about this

S: I promise you

Santiago continued kissing my mother until his hands rushed to my mother's ass, she squeezed it so much and she leaned back so much, showing how she really wanted it

S: you don't know how you make me horny, did you know that I just came to fuck you? Do you know that I only came because the asshole of your husband didn't want to come?

My mother, in all her excitement, said nothing, she finally released her hands and began to undress Santiago, she was delighted with her chest, she touched him so much and also her back while Santiago ate her breasts and never tired of massaging her ass. In a slightly abrupt way, Santiago took off my mother's shorts and made her turn around to enjoy my mother's ass in all its splendor, he took her hands and took them to his pants.

S: It's all yours!

My mother unbuttoned his pants and took out a huge cock that she could barely hold with her two hands, she was still semi-erect, my mother was shocked since she had never seen one like it.

S: now you have to suck it

V: but I have never done it, besides that she is very big

Santiago poked her and guided her, she, a complete rookie, felt so excited to feel all that piece of meat in her mouth, after oral sex, Santiago lifted her up and leaned her against the wall, under my mother's panties and gave her said:

S: you're so wet

V: it's your fault

Santiago kissed her so passionately and my mother responded, after that in that same position Santiago began to penetrate her first my mother screamed and Santiago put a hand on her mouth, then before Santiago's attacks my mother kept a very exciting moan, then I take her to bed and put her in 4 to which my mother, due to her inexperience, needed help from Santiago, who already began to penetrate her again with a dirty dialogue

S: I knew you would love it, it shows you were poorly attended

V: so you only came to catch me

S: that's right mamacita and wow you fell round

V: I love it, take me more

S: you're going to be mine whenever I want, and the asshole of your husband? Who is your male now?

V: your daddy, your daddy

My mother burst into an orgasm, and he turned her around to fill her face with semen, after finishing they slept together, until the next day he left the room early so as not to arouse suspicion, the story of the next day will be told in another story.