Author Topic: Friends Moms When Growing Up?  (Read 6699 times)


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on: August 18, 2018, 11:11:54 AM
So I originally posted this in Fantasy Discussions thinking it was this forum, Admin if you can delete my other thread that would be awesome.


Anyone got any stories or experiences with any friends mom growing up? Doesn't have to be something that happened to you but maybe something you saw or were told about?

I've got a couple so I'll start with one of the juicer ones to encourage others to share.

Growing up I had a friend whose Mom was always a little bigger and she always hated it, she wasn't overweight and looking back, she would be considered thicc. She wasn't unattractive by any means though you weren't accidentally mixing her up with some twenty-year old At the time she was a brunette with shoulder-length hair with I'd say a C-Cup or a B-Cup that was really close. She worked at for a big company that would have monthly dinner parties to celebrate their success or whatever, not too sure because I didn't really care growing up. Now usually her and her husband would go and the few times I spent the night they would get back around 1-2AM. Her husband either didn't drink or he drank very little but she would always be drunk but trying to play it off like she wasn't in front of her son and us. I heard this second-hand but one time she was just sloppy drunk and when her son and some of our friends where in the living room she feel backwards onto the couch and into the lap of a friend of ours. According to him he got a few squeezes in until her husband helped her back up.

Anyways, it was a Sunday afternoon and I was hanging out with her son. His dad had a business trip that week and was supposed to get home later that day, he wasn't too sure on the time. I don't recall why but we had to stop by his house and we saw his dad's car was there. We normally entered through the front door which is loud but since his garage door was open, we went through there. Now had we gone through the front, his parents who were upstairs in their bedroom would have heard it but since we went through the garage, they didn't hear us coming in. We walked in and within moments we heard them fighting which shocked me because I had never, ever heard his parents fight though I had seen his dad get mad at his mom before and even then he didn't yell. I don't know why but we both kinda just stood there and listened trying to figure out what was going on.

Remember those work parties I mentioned before? Well there happened to be one the same week the dad was out of town. Apparently his mom wasn't supposed to go as the dad wasn't there to go with her and more importantly, control her since she liked to drink a lot at these events. It was a perfect storm because with her husband gone and her son home, she had no reason to go. However another buddy of ours (whose Mom was the definition of a MILF) had invited us to spend the night that Friday so with her husband and son gone, I guess she decided to go. Now since I wasn't there I can't be sure how true these next parts are but this is what I gathered from the screaming match going on.

So she goes to this party which is hosted at a hotel her company uses often and proceeds to drink like usual. Being a big department of varying ages people tend to mingle around and as the night went on she found herself talking with some "younger" guys. I'm gonna assume around 25 as she was 35 or 36 at  the time. You can probably see where this is going but one thing leads to the next and her and these three guys end up fucking in a hotel room. I'm not sure how it happened or what led her to cheat but she not only fucked each of them, she apparently took two of them at the same time, multiple times. Now the dad was screaming a lot of random shit way too fast and in succession for her to answer so I probably missed some things. He kept asking her how many times they fucked her, if any of them fucked her in the ass..etc. Like I said he didin't wait for a response before rattling off his next set of questions. At the time I remember feeling super awkward listening and sad for my friend as he also had to listen to this. Suddenly we heard a door slam close and someone stomping down the stairs which registered too late for us because within a couple seconds we were staring his dad in the face. He just looked at us and told us to get the fuck out of here, which we did.

It was super weird for a couple weeks being at their house because I just assumed the mom knew I was there during their fight. Neither parent acted differently and while I thought they might of gotten a divorce, it never happened. In fact they celebrated an anniversary not too long ago and I saw pictures on Facebook.