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on: January 23, 2023, 03:13:52 AM
Darren is going to have dinner with his ex fiancee and her new boyfriend he was also bringing his new girlfriend Tera, Tera was Asia with huge boobs and a pretty face. Darren's mind was racing because Darren had a way with women like he put a spell on them or something; as Darren and his Asian girlfriend get ready the door bell rings, Darren runs to the door and See's his sexy ex fiancee and her tall muscular new boyfriend, he opens the door and let's them in and leads them to the dinner table, as they take there seats Darren's pretty new girlfriend enters the  room look sexy as ever she has a huge smile on her face when she see's the tall muscular man. They all sit down and being to eat as this is happening Darren feels a rumbling in his stomach and says excuse me as he runs off to the bathroom. The tall man  stands up to show the huge raging boner in his pants; the two women's faces light up with excitement as he sits back down and unzips his pants and pulls out his massive cock and puts it back under the table. Tera and Darren's ex look at each other before ducking under the table as they both begin to go to town on the huge member. Darren comes back from the table to only see the tall man sitting there, what happen to the women Darren ask the man and he says with his eyes rolling in the back of his head "Outside I Think" at that moment a huge load of sperm comes from under the table, Darren stand's in shock before looking under the table to see tera and his ex fiancee sucking and slobbing on the tall mans giant dick. Tera and his ex look at him seductively before continuing to suck on the huge dick, the tall mans eyes roll back in his head as the two women begin kissing, sucking and slobbing on the big dick. Darren just stands there in shock as a look of defeat comes over his face.