Author Topic: Huge Surprise: Part Two.  (Read 1152 times)

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on: May 26, 2023, 06:45:02 AM
Josey's mom looks at him trying not to laugh as josey what is so funny??? Oh nothing son your too dumb to understand...josey then says in an annoyed tone of voice; what won't I understand mom???? My girlfriend is cheating on me and my sister your daughter is helping her and with a man who has a "Horse Size Cock" josey says angrly. When someone that big comes along you just don't let it go, josey's mom says sarcasticly holding back a laugh. Josey has a look of cluelessness on his face getting angry at his mom; you know what son??? Your a pathetic "Little Boy" and you know what??? on the night of prom your first girlfriend was sucking that "Huge Cock" josey eye's grow wide as his heart begins beating faster, quess who was holding the camera as this was all taking place???? It was your dear old mom. I've been helping your girlfriend's cheat on you since prom, I told your sister to go to the same school as your girlfriend so she could help turn your girlfriend against you; and quess who was the guy in the video that your sister and girlfriend was taking turns on???? It was the same guy your prom date, and first girlfriend was sucking. His cock is huge even I've enjoyed it, Josey's heart almost beats out of his chest as panic sets in. me, your girlfriend and sister all sucked it together, it took all three of our mouths to fit on his huge dick. Josey feels like he is about to pass out, but mom why.... Josey says in a low tone of voice, because your weak and pathetic and I don't like you, so pack your thing's and get out of my house. Josey packs his stuff and leaves as he stands on the sidewalk not knowing were he was going to stay.