Author Topic: Voting Gone Wrong.  (Read 860 times)

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on: January 25, 2023, 07:31:35 AM
Peter is going to the vote for the first time and he is taking his girlfriend Mary who is a Latino immigrant she has the biggest boobs Peter has ever seen a huge ass and the thickest thighs ever. Peter has the biggest smile on his face because he is voting for the liberal party; and is a strong supporter of immigrant rights so he thinks his girlfriend Mary will be on board with him since she is an immigrant. Peter enters the polling station and sees two people and one is a guy, he is huge and tall when Peter See's him he is instantly intimated. The other is his sister she is a few years old than Peter but Peter always notices her big breast; Peter is very happy because he never knew his sister voted and cared about human rights at all, she was always kind of a snob and self centered. Hi sis!!!! Peter says with excitement in his voice, "I didn't know you voted"????. I don't vote you idiot! I'm here with my new boyfriend Derick, she says walking up to the muscular stranger and rubbing his strong broad chest. Peter stands there with his mouth open, as Mary stands beside him saying nothing. 'Who is this fine Chica! Derick says looking directly at mary looking her up and down. "That's my girlfriend you brute" Peter says angrly at Derick as he begins to frown, and besides me and Mary are here to vote for the liberal party. Speak for yourself "dummy" Mary says to Peter "I'd rather vote for a complete caveman" before I vote for those Whimps. A look of surprise comes over Peter's face before turning to Mary.... but Mary I thought we were going to vote for the party that supports all people Peter says weakly. I don't care about no damn people, I only care about money and my god-damned self Mary says with a deep tone of voice. Derick has a look of menace come over his face as he says Damn son your girl is mean, but she has all that body to go with it; Derick says. Mary says damn right I have all this body! you think you could handle it!!!! You damn right I can handle it sexy Derick says as a buldge grows in his pants. Mary walks over to Derick and kisses him on the lips, a deep pit forms in Peter's stomach as a evil smile comes over his sister's face. Sis Peter says weakly your not going to stop this!!!! "I'm not stopping a fucking thing" she says he's a big powerful man and can take what he wants. Mary reaches down to feel the big buldge in her hand and says, " I'm going to have a good time getting as much of this as possible down my throat". Mary then drops to her knees and pulls out the giant dick and begins to deep throat as much as possible as she Gags and Drolls. Well little bro, his sister says in a dark tone of voice "how do you like your brown slut girlfriend" she says as she walks up and begins stroking Mary's hair. Peter's sister starts to stop naked then come up behind Mary and start stroking her big boobs and rubbing in between her legs as she begins to moan as well as gag. Peter is in complete shock seeing his girlfriend being stolen right before his eyes with his sister helping the process move along smoothly. Peter's sisters big boobs pressing up against the back of his now ex girlfriend still rubbing one of her huge breast while rubbing her pussy. Mary.... "your really going to keep doing this infront of me! Peter says whinly; with a depressed look on his face. Mary then takes Dericks huge dick out of her mouth as she turns around looking Peter in the face as she begins making out with his sister with there huge boobs pressing up against each other. Mary strips naked as well as they both drop to their knee's and give Derick a two mouthed blowjob with spit coming off each side of the giant dick. Peter is still standing there unable to move as a huge rope of cum fly's and lands on Peter's shirt before a huge fountain of cum flows all over the room landing on everything ruining all the ballots in one side of the room. Mary and Peter's sister stand up completely covered in cum and says at the same time "I Hope It Was A Good Show" as they begin to full on tounge kiss still covered in cum. Derick shakes his huge dick knocking off all the cum. "Let's go Hoes" Derick says sternly as all three leave the polling place still nude; Peter goes home and goes to sleep completely defeated he gets up the next morning and turns on the news as he hears the liberal party has lost the election because a sticky white substance has destroyed a significant number of ballots.