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Chapter 1 by JonahJones

Sonya Bootyfatos wipes her mouth as she makes her way out of the ICE facility bathrooms. The security guard, James, confidently zips up his pants as he struts out a few seconds after her. James high fives his buddies before making his way to the cage where they’re keeping her son, Jose. James opens the cage where around 60 mexican boys aged 12 - 15 are being kept. Jose is 15, making him older than most of the other boys there, yet he is still the shortest and weakest one in his cage. Jose stands at a lowly 5’2” with a body weight of 90 pounds. Due to his small size and weak body, others have taken it upon themselves to bully him relentlessly during his time in custody. They’ve made fun of his tiny penis in the shower room and taken turns slapping his face as they hold him down. Sonya has seen his bullying from the cage nextdoor, but has been completely powerless to do anything about it. Of course, the racist guards couldn’t care less about some brown savages beating each other. As far as they saw it, it would just make their job easier if there were less of them to guard.

 The white guard points to Jose and shouts “Somebody get that skinny spic to me now!” Jose was sitting in a corner wet and cold by himself. The other boys had spent their day entertaining themselves by pissing on him whenever they had to go. Jose looks up at the guard, who announces to the cage that Jose is being released from the facility. The other boys don’t like this.

“Why does he get to leave but we all have to say?” yells out a rambunctious 13 year old.

The guard shouts back “None of your fucking business. If you speak out of turn again I’ll make sure it’s the last time you speak period, understand me spic?”

The boy learns his place with the guards response, that the white man is in charge. With that, the boys grab Jose by his shirt and drag him to the guard. Jose stands up and hugs his mother, but she pushes him away.

“Lo siento hijo, pero hueles muy mal.” pouts his loving mother. “Ve a lavarte y luego te explicaré lo que está pasando, ¿de acuerdo?”

“Si mama, entiendo” responds Jose looking at the ground in embarrassment.

James grabs Jose by the back of the neck and escorts him to the showers, where he pulls his clothes off, exposing his tiny 3 inch penis. James laughs under his breath as Jose tries to hide his pathetically small manhood.

“Wash up fast and come out” he says as he throws a clean set of white clothes onto the floor.

Jose delightfully washes the piss off of his face and body under the shower with the biggest smile he’s had since before his mom decided to immigrate to the US. He runs the soap all over himself without the slightest care in the world, just happy to be out of his cage, without the slightest thought of where he's going next.

He quickly picks his new clothes up off the floor and throws them on. They aren't much but they're miles better than what he's had for the last few months.

Jose was greeted by James again upon stepping out of the shower room. James says to the kid,  "you may smell better now, but you’re still brown shit, wet back. Now let's get a move on. You’re dumbass mother is waiting on you and I don’t have all day."

James pushes Jose into a room where his mother is waiting for him. She’s wearing a lacy red dress and finishing putting on her black eyeliner. She is not wearing a bra, allowing her nipples to show through the dress.

“Alright kid, listen up and listen closely. I know your greaseball mother doesn’t really speak english so you’re gonna have to explain this to her, got it? So pull those beans out of your ears and pay fucking close attention. I don’t like repeating myself so if there’s any confusion I’m gonna pop you right in the fucking jaw. Any questions so far?”

Jose knows not to speak up and looks at the ground. His mother has no idea what’s going on and keeps finishing up her makeup.

“Your slut mom has pulled some favors with me to work out a deal with my superiors. We got you into an experimental program where you’ll be living with a rich white family in LA. You won’t be a citizen, but we won’t deport you or lock you up as long as you keep to yourself and don’t start any trouble. The family watching you isn’t getting paid and is only doing this out of generosity. I think they’re stupid fucks for agreeing to take care of some border jumpers, but that’s their choice I guess. That being said, you have to show them the utmost respect. I get word of any trouble coming from you, and your ass is going back into the cage, comprende?

Jose gives a slow nod to show the guard he understands.

“Good. Now the family is gonna be here in around 15 minutes. When they get here you’re gonna in their car, and I better not see your ugly brown ass again. Now get the fuck out of my sight.”

Jose goes to tell his mother what the plan is, and she quickly finishes the last of her makeup and rushes out the gate.

She looks rather beautiful and elegant with the way she’s done her makeup to Jose, but to white men she just looks like a useless brown hole to stick their cocks in. Jose has always appreciated his mother’s beauty, her huge full breasts, round ass, and child-bearing hips, but he’s never had a sexual feeling for her before. Despite this, he is well aware of how other men see her and what they want from her.

A teal blue BMW M850 pulls up in front of the detention center. In the driver’s seat sits Becky Wreckhermuller, a ugly fat while whale of a woman. She steps out to greet her new houseguests. She runs straight to Sonya, eager to finally meet the Mexicans she admires so much. Jose looks in disgust as her obese stomache and cellulite ridden thighs bounce and jiggle with each step. It would be enough to make him lose his lunch, if he had had any that day.

She gives jose a great big hug as she introduces herself, “Hello! You guys must be Sonya and Jose! I’m Becky and I’m so happy to finally meet you. I admire your culture so much and am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you fine people.” Jose tries to hold in his disgust as she rambles on.

From the passenger seat emerges Becky’s son, Brad. Brad is a chubby 14 year old redneck with neck long black greasy hair. His bloodshot blue eyes are enough to pierce through your soul.  Brad polishes off a can of beer as he makes his way to the people they’ve come so far to see.

Brad stands behind his mother and makes eye contact with Jose, “So this is the shitskin kid I’m supposed to look after? He’s even more of a spic than I imagined he’d be. Goddamn he reminds me of that loser Juan I beat the shit out of last month” Brad says to his mother.

“Brad! What did I say about using that kind of language? Mexicans are just as much of a human being as you are and they deserve respect, do you understand me, young man?” shouts his mother

“Shut the fuck up mom” replies the 14 year old, “Just because you want brownie points with the neighborhood libtards doesn’t mean I have to put up with this illegal piece of shit.”

Becky grabs the beer can from Brad’s hand. “You don't show me enough respect, son. You’re lucky I let you get away with so much crap. You aren’t even allowed to drink this yet I still buy you these beers.”

Brad spits on the floor and stands tall above his mother. “Fine, mom. You win. I’ll treat them with kindness” he says with great difficulty.

“Good, now show Jose to the car while I have a word with his mother”

Brad signals with a head nod for Jose to follow him to the car while Becky walks over to Sonya, who hasn’t been able to follow what’s been going on.

Brad forcefully shoves Jose into the backseat and crawls in to sit next to him to give him a warning, “Listen you bean eating waste of space, I’m not cool with you coming into my house and fucking up my life. I hate wetbacks like you, so I’m going to make your life a living hell.”

Brad punches Jose in the chin, causing him to fall onto his back and hit his head against the door.

Brad gets back into Jose’s face, breathing his foul beer breath directly into his nose, “I already decided before we got here that I was going to beat the shit out of whatever spic we picked up, but now I’ve got a different plan. I’m going to fuck your hot ass latina mommy. I’m going to fuck her good like I fucked all the spic girls at my high school, the ones I raped right in front of their fuck ugly beaner brothers. There was nothing they could do about it or else I’d just call border patrol and get them kicked out, and there’s nothing you can do about it either. I’m gonna make you regret ever even showing your face in my country.” Brad punches him again, in the eye this time.

Meanwhile, Sonya is not understanding a single word coming from the ugly white lady. “I can’t wait to have you over! You can make us all some culturally authentic food! I can invite my friends over and show you off! I can’t wait to see the look on Deborah’s face when she sees how much I’m helping you. They think they’re so much better than me, but did they go out of their way to take care of some helpless refugees? No They Did Not! They’ll all have to kiss the ground I walk on from now on.”

“Hehe, lo siento, no entiendo” murmurs Sonya as Becky rambles on incessantly.

“Oh you poor thing.” responds Becky as she finally realizes Sonya does not speak the language. “How could I be so insensitive? I should have learned Spanish before coming here. I promise I’ll begin taking lessons right away.”

Becky grabs Sonya’s hand and leads her to the car.

“Holy shit! What happened here?” exclaims Becky upon seeing Jose holding his eye with blood dripping down his face.

“The spic tripped over and hit his face on the side of the car. He was lucky I was there to catch him or he would have slammed his head on the concrete, isn’t that right, shithead?”

“Yes, miss. I slipped and your son caught me. I’m very lucky he did.” Jose is a bad liar, but his strong Mexican accent hides the flaws in his voice so Becky doesn’t notice.

“Okay, well thank goodness you’re okay.”

Becky gives her son a pat on the head and tells him, “Thank you for taking care of Jose. I knew you could have respect. Over time you’ll grow to appreciate just how special Mexicans are, dear.”

Sonya gets in the front seat with Becky, while Brad and Jose stay together in the back seat for the 4 hour ride to their new home.

As they drive away, Brad whispers into Jose’s ear, “At least you're smart enough to lie for me. I swear if you had ratted me out to my mom I would have killed you right here. You think I wouldn’t? Those guards wouldn’t give a fuck about me taking out some brown trash, they’d probably thank me for making this country a little cleaner.”

Jose silently sobs in the back seat for the entire car ride, while Brad rubs his cock through his shorts looking at Jose’s fine ass mom. Brad’s 8 inch erect cock is pitching a tent through his blue Nike basketball shorts as he rubs and squeezes the tip.

“Fuck this bitch is fine” he thinks to himself. “This Spic is even hotter than that illegal trash slut I raped last weekend. Damn her rack is so nice, this bitch isn’t even wearing a fucking bra. I bet she sucks cock like a whore, guess I’ll find out what those sexy ass lips feel like around my cock soon enough.”


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Finally they arrive at the gate of their gated community. Becky rolls down her window and enters the passcode on the gate’s security panel allowing them to enter the wealthy neighborhood. As they drive down the quiet road, each house is even nicer than the one before it.

Becky looks out her window as they pull up to their house “Home sweet home!”

Their house is a large 3 story minimansion in the Hollywood hills, easily the nicest house in the neighborhood. By all accounts the Wreckhermuller family is white trash, so how could they afford such a nice house? Turns out Becky had by a stroke of luck and  won the lottery a few years back shortly after her husband died. Most lottery winners lose their money to frivolous spending or drug habits within the first few years, but Becky has simple needs and a great accountant.

Becky turns around to face her son “Honey, why don’t you show Jose inside the house while I take the car into the garage?”

“Whatever you say mom.” replies Brad.

Brad reaches across Jose to open the car door and pushes him out onto the grass head first

“Oops” he says “Come on beaner boy, let me show you around the house.”

Brad picks jose by up by the back of his shirt and shoves him forward towards the door. He sticks his key in the large stain glass door and swings it open, revealing the luxurious interior of the house. The house is lined with fine artwork and tasteful furniture. Closing the door behind him, Brad knocks back his fist getting ready to unload his rage onto Jose’s already bruised face. But before he gets the chance, his mother steps through the garage door.

“What the fuck mom? You couldn’t give me and the taco head a few minutes of privacy for, you know, bonding or whatever. I wanna get to know the little guy.”

“Sorry baby, you’ll get plenty of time for that later, but now we have to eat. I’m starving.”

“Ughh fine. Come here then you little shit head.” says Brad as he wraps his strong right arm around Jose’s thin neck. Brad rubs the knuckles of his other hand hard against the top of Jose’s head, causing him to wince in pain.

“You’re already a wetback, don’t be a crybaby too. In America we call this a noogie and it’s normal for friends to do this to each other.”

Sonya can’t help but laugh as Brad excerpts his force over her own son. Her huge tits jiggle as she does so

“Strong boy. Very good.” says the Latina mom in slow broken English

“That’s enough son, you’re being too rough with him.” shouts Becky, interrupting her son’s fun

“I was just joking around, mom, it’s no big deal. Look I’ll let him go.” replies the chubby white boy

Brad releases his grip on Jose’s neck and walks towards the kitchen.

“Start making dinner, mom. I haven’t eaten all fucking day and if I don’t have some fucking friend chickin in my face within the next 15 minutes I swear to Christ I’ll burn this fucking house down.”

“My son is only kidding” assures Becky to Jose, who looks increasingly worried. “Why don’t you head to the guest room to change, I bought some clothes that will fit a nice young man like you perfectly.”

Becky turns to talk to Sonya, who is gazing at Brad in the other room. Sonya can’t help but feel attracted to the young man. The only time Sonya had been sexual with a white man was when she sucked James’s cock to get freedom for her and her son. But for Brad, she feels something she has never felt for the men in her home country. Sonya imagines Brad squeezing her gigantic ass cheeks from behind like she’s never done before. Becky lightly pulls her hand to guide her to Brad’s room where some clothes have been laid out for her to change into.

Sonya steps into the boy’s room and Becky closes the door behind her. Sonya immediately notices the nice blue yoga pants laid out on Brad’s bed and the tight low cut white shirt on the stand right beside the door. However, most of her attention is focused on the posters on the walls. Brad’s room is a striking contrast to the rest of the house. There’s a large red swastika posted on the wall right above the bed with a Confederate flag hanging right beside it. On the opposite side of the room, There’s a mural of a Klansman with the quote “The White race will never lose its superiority to the savages beneath us.” Sonya then notices that the Klansman in the picture is standing on the neck of a Mexican man with a black man hanging from a tree behind them. On the two other walls are several posters of half naked latino and asian women, all with big asses and tits, just like hers.

“Ay dios mio!”

Sonya begins to strip off her clothes, starting with her red dress. She pulls the top over her head and slides it down. The dress snags on her tits as she pulls it down. She has to pull hard to get it to stretch past her massive breasts. She has to pull even harder to get it past her round smooth brown butt. What Sonya doesn’t know is that Brad is peeking in through a crack in the door.

“Haha, I was right. She isn’t wearing a bra.” he whispers to himself as he slowly grips his growing cock through his shorts. “Fuck her tits are huge. How the fuck does she carry them on her thin waist? I need to get a closer look.”

Brad barges in and Sonya covers her hands over her nipples.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing in my room? You get a look at the walls yet? You can see I don’t fucking want Spics like you in this world, unless you’re here to serve my superior white cock.”

Sonya back up against the wall with the Klansman

“Let’s get one thing straight, border rat. You are here to serve me, not the other way around.”

Brad grabs her waist with his left hand and her exposed breast with the other. Her nipples harden on being touched. Brad leans in a shoves his tongue down her throat.

“It’s considered rude not to kiss your host in America, spic. Just go along with it and everything will be fine. Understand?”

Sonya tries to piece together a response with the limited English she knows “Yes...I um… I understand sir”

“Good, then we won’t have a problem” Brad spanks her ass hard, leaving a red mark and causing her fat ass to shake.

“That’s how we do things in America, chile sucker. Get fucking used to it.”

Brad leaves the room and Sonya finishes changing. Sonya is surprised by her first introduction into American culture, but she likes it so far.

Brad begins to head over to the guest room to finally get some alone time with Jose. Brad has been waiting way too long to finally lay into him. Brad pulls on the door, but Jose has locked it.

Brad slams his fist on the door “Hey fuckface, open this door right fucking now. I’m gonna kick your brown ass. The longer this door stays shut, the worse it’s gonna get for you, now open it!”

Jose is scared out of his mind. If he opens the door now there’s no telling what kind of torture Brad will put him through. His only hope is to hide in the room until somebody comes to rescue him from the white bully.

Sonya steps out of Brads room now, wearing the tight white top and the thin yoga pants. It’s a miracle that her tits don’t just pop out of the undersized shirt. She makes her way to Brad and has a concerned look on her face.

“Hijo, debes ser respetuoso con estas personas blancas o nos echarán. Abre la puerta ahora.”

Jose slowly approaches the door to face his abuse. To his surprise, Brad doesn’t immediately begin to beat him. Instead, he turns to his mother and kisses her deeply in the mouth. Sonya wraps her arms around the white man she’s falling for. She doesn’t know why, but something about him makes her pussy soaking wet. Jose looks at what’s going on hating every second of it.

Her mom looks at her angry son and smiles while wiping Brad’s spit from her chin. She doesn’t say anything, but the look in her eyes lets her son know that she’s accepted her place in the house, and he should as well.

“You should learn from your mother if you know what’s good for you. You’re shit colored garbage and don’t fucking forget it. This is my house and I don’t have any respect for you or your cocksucking mother.”

Brad’s rant has got jose on the brink of tears, and his mother falling in love.

“Watch this, spic” Brad orders Jose as he shoves his hands into the back of Sonya’s pants, forcefully putting his middle finger up her tight ass. Sonya’s never had anybody in her ass before and finds it painful, but it turns her on at the same time. Her pussy starts to leak and she runs off to the kitchen to join Becky in preparing the food.

While Brad is distracted by watching Sonya’s fat brown ass bounce as she runs, Jose takes the opportunity to escape to the third floor. All the rooms are locked but he manages to find an open bathroom to hide in. Brad chases him down and catches busts through the door right before Jose could lock it.

The door swings open into the room knocking Jose onto his back “You thought you could run from me, wetback?”

Brad grabs Jose by his neck with only his left hand and holds him up with one hand while choking him. Jose’s small weight is nothing to Brad.

“Our moms are downstairs. Nobody can fucking help you now you little piece of shit.” shouts Brad, “You’re in big fucking trouble now!”

Brad slams Jose against the wall hard enough to break the tiles and knock the wind out of Jose’s lungs. Before Jose can recover, Brad pummels his face with a flurry of punches. Brad’s massive fists collide with Jose’s right cheek, then his jaw, then his right ear, then his nose. Brad drops jose to the ground to lay in a puddle of his own blood. Brad unzipps his pants and takes a long piss into the toilet. Jose listens to the sound of piss hitting the water for 2 minutes straight while Brad empties his bladder and puts his cock away.

“Take a deep breath, pepperbelly” and with that, Brad grabs Jose by the back of his head and shoves his face into the piss filled toilet. Jose squirms and fights but is powerless against Brad, who while one year younger is 10 times stronger. Brad holds his head in the piss for 2 minutes, Jose is about to drown. Brad continues to punch Jose in the ribs with his free hand while holding his face down.

Right before Jose can’t take it anymore and drowns in his bully’s piss, Brad pulls back his hand and allows Jose to lift his head from the toilet bowl to catch his breath.

“You like my piss bitch? You better fucking learn to like it because you’ll be drinking a lot of it from now on. I’m gonna empty my balls onto your mother's face and then spray my piss onto you hahahaha.”

Meanwhile, Sonya and Becky are setting the table for dinner.

“Dinner’s ready, boys!” shouts Becky from the first floor.

“Clean your ass up and get down to eat, pissface. If you tell my mom what happened I’m going to break both your arms.”

Jose stands up and washes Brad’s piss and his own blood off of his face in the sink. Jose has never been more humiliated, and wishes he could go back to the cage at this point. When those kids beat him up and covered him in piss, at least they wouldn’t fuck his mom after, which he’s sure Brad would do now.

Jose creeps his way down the stairs to see everybody else already eating. Becky has saved a seat for Jose right next to his mom, whos sitting across from the bully who just shoved his face in the toilet. Jose quietly makes his way to the table and begins to eat his food in complete silence. While Jose eats, he notices his mom flirting with Brad from beneath the table, playing footsie and smiling at eachother.

“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.” says Becky as she gets up from the table, leaving Jose alone with his mom and his tormentor.

“Hey dumbass, get up and trade seats with me. When my mom gets back, tell her that you wanted to sit next to her to show your gratitude. Do it or you’ll be sorry.”

Brad gets up and Sonya almost pushes her own son out of his seat because she’s so excited to sit next to brad. Jose scurries to his new seat before Brad gets close enough to punish him for taking too long. Brad sits down next to the Latina mother and takes out his cock. Sonya looks down and sees the massive dick sticking up pointing directly at her. Without saying a word, she grabs his cock and begins stroking it. Jerking off Brad causes her breasts to jiggle with each stroke. Jose notices what's going on, but knows there’s nothing he can do about it. After 5 minutes of giving Brad a handjob, Becky finally makes her way back.

“Aww, you wanted to sit next to me, Jose. That’s so sweet.” Says Becky as she sits next to her young guest.

Brad puts away his cock and finishes his meal.

Brad stands up and excuses himself from the dining room, “Alright, I’m done. I’ll be in my room. Thanks for the food mom.”

Jose doesn’t want to finish his plate but stays seated until his mother finishes hers. After finishing, Becky takes away the dishes while Jose and Sonya get ready for their bath. They’ve always taken baths together in Mexico as a way of bonding. It’s weird for a boy to do that with his mom, but Jose is a sissy and is scared to be alone.

While Sonya and her son get ready for their bath, Brad is getting ready to finish his plan and finally fuck Jose’s mommy. They go into the same bathroom where Brad had previously pummeled Jose’s face and strip naked. Even though Sonya has seen it many times before, she still can’t help but laugh at Jose’s tiny penis. It’s not even half the size of Brad’s superior white manhood. Jose gazes longingly at his mother’s naked body. The curves of her ass and thick thighs are majestic. They get the water running and the mother begins to wash her son off. She sees all his bruises and marks from being beaten, but she doesn’t care at all. Her mind is distracted by fantasizing about sucking Brad’s monster cock.

As if Sonya’s dreams were being answered, Brad busts through the bathroom door completely naked, his cock bouncing side to side as he kicks the door open. Sonya pushes her son out of the way and lunges herself at Brad’s dick to suck it. She finally gets to taste the delicious white prick she’s been dreaming about for hours.

“Mama, please stop!” protests Jose as she completely forgets his existence.

Shut up, spic! Your fucking beaner mother loves my cock way more than she’s ever loved you. She’s never even given a shit about you in the first place, she just needed the right cock to realize it. The kind of cock only a white man can provide. Now sit back and watch you mom suck my cock. Stay quiet, and I might not give you a broken arm when I’m done with her tonight. Haha you’re such a fucking wimp!”

Sonya rubs her perfect pussy while she services Brads erection. Jose cries and begs his mother to stop. Sonya looks her son in the eyes, but continues to suck the white cock in front of her. She’s chosen perfect white cock over her own shitskin son. Sonya takes Brad’s cock out of her mouth and puts it between her soapy tits.

“Fuck yeah, I’m gonna fuck your moms titties, wetback. Get a good fucking look while she strokes my cock with the same tits you sucked on as a baby.”

“That’s it!” shouts Jose in a desperate act of defiance. “I’ve had enough! Leave my mother alone!”

Jose charges at Brad in a delusional moment of courage. Brad punishes Jose for daring to defy his white master by clocking him square in the nose, breaking it and causing Jose to fall headfirst directly onto the floor. Jose lies bloody and dizzy underneath Brad’s cock as his mother continues to suck it. Sonya’s spit and Brad’s precum drip onto Jose’s face as she slurps his meat. Her tits sway right above Jose’s face. He can’t help but be turned on by his mom’s body, even if she doesn’t give a single fuck that her son is passing out right beneath her.

Jose wakes up drowsy and nauseous laying on the guest bed. His mother is sitting right beside him dressed in black lingerie. It takes a few seconds for Jose’s eyes to adjust to the light before he notices that his mother’s face is covered in Brad’s semen. He realizes that she must have sucked him to completion right on top of him after he passed out, and she’s kept the cum on her face the entire time since then.

“lo siento, mijo, desearía que Brad no me hiciera elegir entre él y tú, pero me siento más cómodo con él.”

She leans over to kiss her son on the forehead, leaving behind a puddle of Brad’s come on his face.

“Adios” She says as she leaves her son on the bed to writhe in his pain.

It drives Jose crazy that Brad gets to fuck his mom instead of him. Watching his mom’s hips and ass as she walks Jose gives him a tiny little erection, the first one he’s ever gotten from her. In addition to the pain of having his head bashed and his nose broken, he’s only starting to realize what a sexy slut his mom is, and he wants her all to himself. But a weak spic like him can’t have her. Only white men can have her, and that’s exactly how she wants it.

After 10 minutes, Jose finally builds up the strength to get up from his bed and goes over to Brad’s room. He hears crazy wild sex sounds coming from the room filled with Nazi posters.

In between sloppy noises of flesh colliding and moans from his mother, he hears Brad degrade her “Take that cock you Bean eating slut.” “I’m gonna make you eat my cum like you eat tortillas down in your shithole country.” “You’re a fucking cockriding beaner slut.” “All you rats are good for is taking dick.”

Jose cries in desperation and knocks loudly on the door, trying to get his mother away from the crazy racist. In response, the moans and sex sounds only get louder.

“Yes papi! Fuck me papi!” “Give me that cock papi! “Fuck my pussy daddy!” screams his mom as Brad plows her with his 8 inch meat.

Jose knocks on the door as hard as he can, but gets interrupted by Becky.

“Please don’t knock so hard on my door, sweety. Just let my son have his fun, okay? Your mom wants it and he isn’t hurting anybody.”

Jose notices that Becky is also wearing lingerie, but hers is white and way too tight for her flabby body. She’s even more repulsive naked than she was dressed.

“Why don’t you come back to my room and keep my company, sweet boy.”

Jose runs away, but he has nowhere to go except out the 3 story window. If he jumps out he’ll break his legs and be sent back to his cage, but he’d rather go through that then look at Brad’s disgusting mother for one more second. Jose gets ready to jump, but Becky grabs his legs and pulls him back in.

“You’re coming with me to make me very happy, little boy, hehehe” cackles Becky as she drags him back to her master bedroom. Jose is forced to listen to his mother cumming again and again to Brad’s cock as Becky strips him naked and shoves his head into her disgusting holes. Jose wants to die, but he can’t even escape through that. He’s trapped in American hell forever...


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Epilogue by Agustinatamini

Everything changed the minute the ICE agents began making their inquiries around the rich private neighborhood. It was one thing to have a brown-skinned sex toy and be the most merciful of all her friends by taking in an immigrant mother and her good-for-nothing child. It was another to get in trouble with the government because of them.

Sure, her son wouldn’t be too happy to lose his own real-life sex doll, but he’d have to find another Latina whore to indulge his desires with. Becky couldn’t afford to get in trouble! And that would make her look so bad with those snobbish women who already looked down on her! So the Bootyfatos needed to go, and right that instant.

That was how Jose and Sonya found themselves on the streets, away from the safety the Wreckhermuller household granted them. Well, more so for Sonya than for her son. After all, in there he was being kicked and raped, a worst situation than even what he had suffered through in the detainment center.

To Jose, even living on the streets was better than having to deal with his mom being fucked by that jackass Brad. He not only had to endure the constant fucking noises and all the nasty insults but also Brad’s constant and horrible beatings. And he didn’t even want to think about being forced to lick and kiss Becky’s fat and disgusting pussy. It always smelled like fish, no matter how long ago she had taken a shower. She rode him as well, her flappy rolls of belly fat trembling with each new bounce. He couldn’t close his eyes without seeing that terrible sight, and so Jose had been struggling to sleep ever since he was first raped by that fat cow.

The problem was, as traumatized as he was by the beatings and the disgusting rape, he was even more scared by a sudden and terrible realization… Jose was aroused by his mother’s gorgeous, curvaceous Latin body, and even more so by the fact that she was such a big slut that she allowed a redneck teenager fuck her hard while her son was forced to listen to every moan and insult.

And that was almost as bad as the rape itself.

However, Jose didn’t even understand that the worst was still to come. While on the street, she paid for their meals by prostituting herself to exclusively white clients. She had taken a liking to fucking white men, and the idea of being touched by a dirty Mexican now disgusted her to her very core.

So that’s how Jose’s mother actually decided to leave her son without lunch for days at end, just to be able to pay for a massive tattoo on the small of her back… a tramp stamp! And worst still, it read: Property of white men, in big, bold letters. Jose was utterly humiliated by this fact, and tried his best to convince his mom against doing something so foolish… to no avail. She was determined to get it done, even if it meant depriving her only son of food. It was that important to her that everyone knew who her big ass and massive boobs belonged to!

After many blowjobs, she managed to find a good enough apartment complex where Jose and herself could live in. The landlord demanded she fuck him twice a week to give her a discount, but that was alright with Sonya. After all, he had a big white cock, and that was all she needed to be happy.
He even helped her get a cleaning job at the local hospital, and that was a great way of supporting herself without needing to fuck… for money. She could instead indulge in white cocks in her free time!

She still missed Brad from time to time, though! A Latina woman always remembered her first white cock! Little did she know that the redneck teenager had fucked the hot milf of a Mexican gang member… and got jumped the second her son discovered their tryst! He had tried to show he was such a big man, but he was no match against an entire gang of Mexicans. He was actually quite lucky to be alive!

While in the hospital, though, he discovered there seemed to be a silver lining to just about any situation. His nurse was a hot, slutty Latina whore who wore such tight uniforms he could barely keep himself from being hard 24/7, even while in critical condition! Everything hurt, but he still wanted to fuck that big-boobed slut who introduced herself as nurse Melanie. She seemed to flirt with him with that sexy accent of hers. It didn’t matter if she knew how to speak English, to the teenager, she was still a pathetic Latina who only had any worth if she was worshiping his big cock!

Whenever he saw Melanie, all Brad could think about was the amazing sex he had enjoyed with that useless whore, Sonya-what’s-her-name! They both had kicking bodies, and they both also seemed to know their true calling in life. Well, he knew for a fact that Sonya did, by the way, she submitted to his white cock, but Melanie flirted and swayed her booty in a way that let him know that she wanted to fuck him as well!

While Melanie was busy with her patients and wishing she could fuck that redneck boy in room 212, she did have enough time to notice a new cleaning lady had arrived at the hospital.

Melanie was used to being the curviest Latina in every single place she walked into, and she didn’t appreciate how hot that Sonya gal was. It was unfair that she should end up in this hospital of all places! She had the same kind of curvaceous figure men seemed to drool over, and especially hot, big-cocked teenage boys! She didn’t want any competition, especially not of a pathetic newcomer that hadn’t even bothered to learn the language. She was annoyed by Sonya and would roll her eyes whenever she cleaned the same room she was standing in.

Actually, Melanie had begun making a point of adding extra stains to whatever place she stepped into, just to make life harder for that Melanie whore. She saw the way the new cleaning woman moved around, and how she stared at white men as if they were God’s greatest gift to humanity! She was trying to steal her spot in this hospital!

“Hola, Melanie, ¿como estas?” Sonya asked one evening, as Melanie was getting ready to leave for the night. Sonya was already there, getting changed into her regular clothes in order to go out for a hot date.

“English, for crying out loud! Speak in English. We are not in a frijolero country any longer! We are in America, honey” Melanie replied with disgust, shaking her head at the curvaceous cleaning lady.

Sonya shrugged quietly, clearly not looking for a confrontation.

“Lo que digas. Aún no hablo muy bien el ingles, ¿sabes?” Sonya replied without wanting to argue, and so just turned around to keep getting changed.
It was then that Melanie noticed the tattoo that read: “Property of white men”. This only irked her even further.

“Well, it seems like you speak it just fine, given that you got a tattoo on your back in English!” Melanie retorted, completely frustrated by this stupid whore standing before her.

“I’m learning” Sonya replied, with a really thick accent. “Mi hijo me esta ayudando, y tomo clases de cuando en cuando”

“Entonces aprende más rápido, si no quieres que te digan bye bye los gringos, Sonya” Melanie scolded her in Spanish, so that Sonya couldn’t claim she didn’t understand what was being said. “White men don’t like women who don’t speak good English, you know… so you are just wasting your time!”

With that, and before Sonya could reply, Melanie stormed outside, her big ass bouncing with each new step. She was clearly incredibly mad, but Sonya couldn’t understand why. It was Melanie’s intensely competitive nature that led the curvaceous milf to hate the cleaning woman with such fury. Sonya, meanwhile, believed there were more than enough white cocks to share!


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Meanwhile, Jose was having the very first positive interaction he had since arriving in America. At his new school, Wormwood High, he met George Whorniposa, a pleasant Latino teenager around the same age. He seemed really easy-going and kind-hearted if a bit broken. Jose recognized something bad had happened to him like they had both undergone a terribly traumatic experience recently. In some ways, it almost felt like they were kindred spirits, even if Jose couldn’t quite explain why he had that feeling.

Jose was having a real hard time adapting to America, and who could blame him? After suffering from constant beatings, being raped and listening to his mother being fucked by the worst bully he had ever met, how could he be happy to be in that country? Still, George made him feel like at least he had a friend to rely on, and that his experiences in that school would be positive, at long last.

He was really overdue for a good break.

Or so he thought at first until he met a skinny, annoying white boy who seemed to have it out for George for some reason.

Jack was that very guy, and though at first he had completely ignored the pathetic Latino kid who just joined the school, something changed a few days back. He had been out hanging out with a few of his friends when they told him that the new guy apparently had a hot milf of a mother!

Well, he needed to find out more about that, so he decided to spend a little while doing some research.

He was a thin young man, so it wasn’t hard for him to hide in any crowd in order to keep George and Jose from noticing he was following them around
So when they left school that evening, he began walking a few feet behind them, smirking to himself. The two pathetic frijoleros were speaking about videogames or some shit like that. They were such pathetic nerds… here he was, thinking about getting himself a new pussy, and those stupid spicks were talking about games like the virgins they were!

Of course Jack couldn’t know that Jose wasn’t a virgin any longer. How could he, when Jose refused to speak about the most horrible experience of his life. All those nights in which he was repeatedly raped by that fat cow still haunted his dreams.

He stayed behind, but close enough to see and listen to everything until George and Jose said goodbye. George was dropping his friend off at the bus stop, where apparently his whore of a mother would come get him from.

It was only a few minutes later, that little Jose meekly smiled at a woman getting off the bus. She was the sexiest, slutty Latina milf Jack had seen since meeting Melanie.

He loved fucking that bitch, of course, but that didn’t mean he didn’t need new booty every now and again, so he smirked to himself and wondered if he’d have a shot there. He was living with the Whorniposas, basically owning the house and making George’s life miserable, but there was still time for a second brown pussy!

The second he saw Sonya bend over to grab something that fell out of her bag, and noticed the tattoo on the small of her back, he knew that she was definitely going to become his brand new whore!
And Jose was going to become his new favorite victim. How fun!

That was when he began spreading terrible rumors about the pathetic new kid. He claimed he had seen him sucking on his mom’s tits, trying to get milk out of them. That Sonya had scolded him for never having been able to go through weaning. He claimed that Jose was so skinny because he depended mostly on milk and didn’t tolerate too much food, begging his mom to breastfeed him every single day.

He also began telling everyone that George had begged Jose to let him taste his mom’s milk because he too wished to return to breastfeeding, the big fucking baby. Why? Well, he just enjoyed fucking with that little spick over and over again!

“I really saw him masturbating in the bushes, staring into the girl’s locker room through a little crack on the wall. The principal had to hire a contractor in a real rush the second she heard about it, to cover up the crack because all the girls were freaking out!” Jack invented a nasty rumor after nasty rumor, never stopping to think if it was believable or not. After all, it would end up spreading anyways. “Yeah, she doesn’t have any evidence that’s why she can’t expel him… but the girls saw a brown, skinny kid with a milk mustache, so who else could it be?!”

He also began spreading all kinds of nasty rumors about Sonya, like seeing her blowing off the teachers behind the dumpsters so that they wouldn’t fail her mentally challenged beaner son.

Jose could simply not understand who could be doing something so terrible to him, but George had an inkling of who could be responsible for everything that was happening. After all, his new stepdad was the kind of sadistic jackass who could easily begin to spread such rumors. Ever since Jack was kicked out of his house for faking his illness and moved in with him and his mom, George had noticed that sadistic streak grow and grow in his former best friend.

He didn’t let Jose know about everything that was happening to him at home, because it was simply too humiliating, and worse still… he was incredibly aroused by it all. But he wanted to warn him against ever trusting Jack somehow.

“Jack simply doesn’t like immigrants” He explained plainly, thinking that it would be enough to keep Jose away from the white jackass! "Just don’t give him any reasons to hate you, and you’ll be ok”

Little did he know that there was a reason Jack was spreading all those rumors. He wanted to destroy Jose just like he had destroyed George, and claimed Sonya as his own personal trophy. Another slutty Latina to fuck up the ass while her whinny son listened in despair.

“Look, there’s the brown baby!” One student walking with Jack and his friends laughed at Jose, mocking him and making crying baby sounds. Jose blushed and looked away, not daring to confront the bullies. “Quiero leche, mama! That’s what you say to your big tittied milf when you wake up at night, don’t you, spick?”

Jose couldn’t understand where these rumors had come from, and why they were spreading like wildfire, but he didn’t dare fight for himself. Instead, he scurried away miserably, making the bullies laugh.

“Look at the crybaby running! Bet he’s going to find his wetback mom!” Jack cried behind Jose, letting him hear the chorus of mocking laughter that replied to his cruel remark.

George bit his lower lip and quietly walked away, knowing better than trying to beat the ever-loving crap out of Jack. If he dared do anything like that, his mom would make sure there was hell to pay the second he arrived home. After all, as she had explained cruelly, Jack was his new dad, and he better learn to respect the skinny white teenager… or else.

please fuck my mom

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Where is the rest? :3


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I'm the ghostwriter who was commissioned for this particular story. If anyone is interested in ordering an erotica story or novella with themes similar to this one, please visit

You can email me at [email protected] The rest of my contact information can be found in the website.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!