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Real Life / Re: Thanks Dad
« on: February 27, 2023, 01:16:13 PM »
Those Santa pics are obvious photoshop

Real Life / Re: Find mom on the internet
« on: January 04, 2023, 06:57:25 AM »
try a website called pimeyes. you can do 3 free searches a day

Real Life / Re: Recording myself fucking the shit out of a Thai milf
« on: January 01, 2023, 03:00:29 PM »
    Here is a picture of the cumshot on his mom's ass in the attachment. Honestly Thailand (and maybe the Philippines) is the best place in the world for those who have this fetish.
    • There are tons of prostitutes, and you can easily meet girls on Tinder etc
    • Most women over 23ish have kids, and at least 90% of prostitutes in their 20s and up have kids, which means many have sons.
    I always check their bellies for the stretch marks and ask them if they have kids. If they say they have a son I always try to make them rim my ass and I fuck their throat really rough.
    It's crazy out in Pattaya there I met a 20 year old single mom, who had just given birth to a boy. Apparently she got knocked up by a white client and had a mixed race kid. She was tricking out on walking street and had been fucked by Indians, Africans, Europeans, everyone.
    I took her back to my hotel and fucked her in the ass, really rough and brutally, and oh boy, she was a screamer. Just wish her son coulda been there to see his young mommy getting her anus split open by a sex tourist pervert she just met a few minutes ago..

Post them, nobody is ever gonna search for their nudes in the millions of nude pics already on the internet.

Agree with this. The internet is so huge. Odds are they will never find it.

Had tons of pics of my mom sucking off dudes and getting fucked, nudes etc. I wanted to put them online but I was scared people I know would find out. Turns out if you aren't a celebrity people won't find them most likely. Deleting those pics was my biggest regret in my life

Real Life / Re: Pornstars with their kids
« on: December 28, 2022, 08:23:45 AM »

Jaclyn Case, aka Jaclyn Christman, married with kids.

Uhhh..just "married with kids?"
How about stating whether or not she has a son?

Real Life / Re: Recording myself fucking the shit out of a Thai milf
« on: December 26, 2022, 03:11:54 AM »
Reuploaded to motherless:

All videos on here

Real Life / Recording myself fucking the shit out of a Thai milf
« on: December 25, 2022, 06:57:08 AM »
Pics in attachment. She has a son

Will upload more of her to spankbang

For some reason the videos are getting deleted

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