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Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: August 05, 2022, 11:54:48 PM »
The rundown of potential cuckson 1) Username: Cortezmartine
This guy was pretty young, specifically, he was 19 years old. American kid went to school in Austin, Texas but had grown up not far from there. A guy of mixed heritage with a Hispanic background, he spoke very highly of his mother. Her name was Maria, a Mexican-American single mum who had always done her best for all of her children to get a good education and happy life. By all reports, she worked hard in a law-related field and Cortex described her as quite shy and reserved, but extremely kind and good-natured. By all reports, her son had never got the vibe that she was interested in dating at all.
He was an interesting character, his main concern surrounded how much he cared for his mum and wanted her to be happy. He appreciated how much she had given in her life for her kids to be happy, he was adamant this was at least one of the reasons she hadn't dated. He seemed really turned on at the idea of her being happy and him being the one to help that happen. As they spoke, the fact he had grown up without a dad appeared to affect him in an interesting way too. He was adamant he wasn’t gay yet he had thoughts and temptations for older and more dominant men. He liked the idea of a dad nailing his mum and then having a relationship with him as well, he soon began calling Ace ‘daddy’ and loved it when Ace referred back to him as ‘son’. Ace had never met a guy with daddy issues before, and he felt complex about this. He liked Cortez’s vibe, but he wasn’t in any way curious about men in a sexual way. Yet he was potentially going to be offered up the details of this guy’s mum.
Maria was attractive. She didn’t look completely Latina, but you could tell that it was there, which Ace loved. She had a nice smile and she didn’t give off the vibe of a very confident woman who displayed her curves often. Cortez got so excited whenever Ace gave good descriptions of the photos he was being sent of her. They were discussing some ideas of how to talk with her properly and not be shrugged off as a stranger. Ace had some ideas – but Cortez wanted a dick pic from Ace. Sending a dick pic to a dude wasn’t something that Ace liked, but there was going to have to be some give and take if this was going to happen.

The rundown of potential cuckson 2) Username: Bigdog Jay (BDJ)
Another youngish guy, 21 or so. Born, lived and studying in South Africa, he wasn’t too specific about the city he lived in. What was different was that he wasn’t living with his mum, she was living in Canada for work for a time. He (like Cortez) had grown up with a single mother, by all reports, a great one at that. He (again like Cortez) wanted his mum to be happy. He wanted a good guy that was going to fulfil her needs. Although BDJ admitted the idea of his mum having sex and being naughty and sexual was a turn-on for him, he had no interest to see it. In fact, he gave Ace the number and just asked for an update every so often, ongoing screenshots were not needed. BDJ was definitely more reserved than Cortez was. So far, unlike many other cucks Ace had spoken too, he seemed legit.
His mum was fucking hot. A mixed-race woman with a true mum body. She wasn’t what you would call small, but she took care of herself, that was obvious. She had long nails and big sexy lips Ace couldn’t help but picture her sliding up and down his cock.

By this point in the community, Ace had received some pics of a lot of mums and sisters. There were some good ones among the bunch, this was probably the first one he had a genuine tinge of attraction to, and he had her number. Well…he shouldn’t celebrate too early yet, the other numbers he had received so far had all been fake.

The first step was some preliminary conversation. Ace wasn’t going to be a pushy bull, which by all reports made him a rarity. For now, getting over the hump of being a random person messaging the mums was the first and major hurdle before any rapport could be built. Trying to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible was the focus.

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: July 30, 2022, 04:32:54 AM »
Coming off the Venu’s mum video high, Ace had been doing some shopping around, not only in the normal cuckold community but also in his cuck son community. He had dropped a number of ads or solicitations for people to contact him, he was really only looking for legitimate ones. The braver ones might be tempted enough to see if their mum would respond to being flirted with or not. There had been some really good prospects, but when it all boiled down to it – they couldn’t prove they were not fake and in all likelihood, were fake.

A transgendered person from Poland sent some incredible pictures of a woman claiming to be his mum. She was stunning. Ace had a few systems he would draw on here, the one he used had the highest chance of getting a response but required the cuck to give permission for Ace to say he is friends of her son – which not all cucks were willing to do. This had a better chance of not being shrugged off as a stranger or blocked immediately. She seemed incredibly nice from the texts backwards and forwards, even a few pics got sent. This sent warning signs to Ace as he started to question whether it was too easy.

Another trans person from the United Kingdom who claimed to be in an ongoing sexual relationship with his mum also got in touch with Ace. Ace got the mum’s Instagram and reflecting back now, it was embarrassing to admit, but when he began getting titty pictures and ‘she’ was talking about his dick, he thought he had hit the jackpot and got horny over it.

A cuck that wanted to see how far his younger (but legal aged) sister would go was an interesting one. The pictures he got from this ‘girl’ had one of the best little bodies he had ever seen.

Another guy from the UK got in touch with him on discord. He claimed to live with his mum and he had found ‘Blacked’ porn all over her computer. He suggested Ace randomly add her also on discord on one of the servers she was a part of and strike a conversation that way. Whilst exciting, Ace started to get suss vibes here too.

All of these and a couple more went the same way. When they were asked to send pics – but not regular pics, in some form of a pose of Ace’s choosing to prove it was them. Every time…they couldn’t do it. It was mildly infuriating. How was this actually assisting their kink? Not sending their mum's details made sense – such a huge risk, but what good did this actually do for them? Was catfishing bulls a part of their kink somehow? Probably be better if he didn’t stress too hard to try and understand it. The lying was the part that got to him. He was trying hard to establish a good reputation for himself in his new community. He was upfront with what he wanted and if they were not okay with it – they could go their own way. It felt like it was working against him for his own standards on himself, to be honest, weren’t the same standards others held.

However…there were some positives. Two messages came in – one from a guy in Texas – named ‘Cortezmartine’. The other – was named ‘Bigdog Jay’ who was from South Africa. However, this was going to be something he come back to another time. A more immediate thing came up, one which could possibly get him sex. Ace was nervous looking at his inbox with an email that came through with one of the couples he had messaged on his shop around. The couple lived in one of the wealthier areas of Sydney. He was 57 and she was 50. Both of them looked like they kept themselves in really good shape, they didn’t show too much in their pics, just some shots of her body. One was a pose of her bending over, her ass in a G-String facing the camera and the other was a mid-shot from the neck down holding both of her nice-sized tits together.

Ace was aware that as you got older, it became harder to keep your body in good condition, but this chick had done a great job. It was the good kind of mature body, one you knew belonged to an older woman, but clearly still had some stamina and strength. She gave the impression she was going to be a firecracker in the bedroom. Their email read:
-   Thanks for reaching out, we appreciate the body pic you sent us with some proof you actually exist
Ace had sent a pic of himself from his neck to his waist, exposing his chest and abs mostly. He had a piece of paper with his username on it to prove it wasn’t a google image or one he had found from a mutual friend’s profile.
-   We would feel more comfortable seeing your face if we are going to meet up with you, but you gave us a good vibe from your email and we are both very interested. Send us your face and then we can decide if we are going to meet up for a drink

Real Life / Re: Hot insta moms
« on: July 23, 2022, 04:28:52 AM »
michlouise_               - son is not far off teen

Real Life / Re: Hot insta moms
« on: July 15, 2022, 10:31:04 AM »

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: July 14, 2022, 08:48:54 AM »
Almost immediately, Ace got hard and the swirl of butterflies raged in his stomach. He had never typed so quickly in his life to log in to his newly created email address. As he logged in, he could see that there was indeed a video file waiting for him in his inbox. His defence mechanisms kicked in, wondering if there was a way for Venu to have faked this? So many of the cucksons he had spoken to so far had their ways of pretending they had sent their mum when in fact they hadn’t. This was going to be hard to fake if he has followed his instructions. Ace clicked the file and opened it up…it was legit.

The file opened up. From the outset, the same Indian woman from the pictures Venu had sent him was the centre of the frame. She was sitting on a couch, facing the camera. As already mentioned, she did have a pretty face, it was kind and didn’t indicate what her supposedly true age was. She (as mentioned) wore pretty conservative and loose-fitting clothing so he had to try and picture her body shape rather than get a good view of it. You could hear a voice off camera, in a whisper, Venu telling his mum he had started the video. She spoke good English, without there being too strong an accent, not that accents bothered Ace. “Hello friend of Venu from Australia, it is nice to meet you,” as if she wasn’t cute enough already, she gave a cute wave to the camera. The video didn’t cut off yet, you could hear some whispering that Ace couldn’t hear what Venu was saying but clearly helping her remember something he had told her to say. “We love Australia!” was the final quote she said before the video cuts off.

This was awesome. An actual son had sent him a video of his mum with a personalised message for him. He was so horny and was happy to follow up with his end of the bargain right this second. In the tributes he had seen so far, dudes had this double-screen system thing happening. The best he could do was hold his phone in one hand and capture the moment he painted his own laptop with his juices…which hopefully didn’t wreck it, he needed it for work.

He set the laptop up so it would play the video message on a loop, so he could just sit back and focus on his own pleasure. It felt so fucking good. Keeping his gaze between directly looking into her eyes and her lips and she spoke the message to him. The last part was the best, the son giving his mum a direction and her following suit to talk about his country as such really did it for him. He pictured being in that room with his mum sitting on his lap while he fucked her hard, picturing Venu over his shoulder watching his mum get fucked real good. As he could feel himself getting close, he stretched his arm out, pointing the phone down so it was clearly looking at his cock and the screen with Venu’s mum on it. At the beginning of the video, he stroked his cock rhythmically and long, exposing his dick. He wasn’t a pornstar, but he had always been happy with his junk, it had never been something he was self-conscious about growing up. Ace wanted to make a show of this rather than some of the ones he had seen already posted. As the video continued to loop and Ace now felt he wasn’t far off cumming, he sped up his strokes. The sound of Venu’s mum’s voice in the background with Ace’s breathing indicated what was going to happen, he didn’t think it would feel as good as it did, but he even let out a few audible sounds of his enjoyment in the final few moments before he exploded all over his laptop screen. He bought the phone down to face the screen which was an absolute mess. His juices dripping down her face which he had now paused.

Once he stopped the video, he prioritised cleanup. He checked the video and was happy with it on the first take so he attached it to the email and sent it back to Venu. He had sent dick pics over the years, but not often so this was definitely a new experience for him. The post-nut clarity set in. He was not as ‘for’ the sending of himself jacking off as he was when he opened the video – but a deal was a deal and he wanted to be the type of bull that was credible at his word. 

Looking for... / New idea
« on: July 07, 2022, 04:24:04 PM »

Know you may have seen my posts on here before. Accidentally thought of a new idea. I ain’t sharing it straight away till we have a chat.

But essentially it would “aim” (hopefully succeed) in getting some naughty confessions from your moms. I don’t even talk to her or need to know her name if this works like I think it might. So there would also be no need to try catfish as her either.

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: July 06, 2022, 04:08:51 AM »
It wasn’t going to be an easy thing for Venu to get, well not quickly, so even though Ace wasn’t completely convinced his new friend was going to come through, he at least knew he had a little bit of time up his sleeve. Ace was a fairly patient guy generally so the delayed gratification (should it come) was acceptable to him. He tried not to think about this new kink logically. The more logical he came at this new interest, the more he began to doubt whether he should be a part of it anymore. Realistically, he was likely never going to achieve what he wants out of it. The swingers or cuckold stuff in its own right was not your average kink and many consenting adults kept this part of their life hidden from those around them – including kids if they had any. Add the dimension of a mother and son over the top as an added taboo and the math didn’t add up. Finding a woman who is not only comfortable to be fucked whilst being watched but in front of her own son AND for him to find such a woman in Australia. It seemed more unlikely the longer Ace thought about it and yet if he was to get it…just the thought it COULD happen got him a little excited. It was hard to explain, but he could only describe it as a little ‘spark’ of excitement between his gut and his groin. It wasn’t just regular horniness, it was a horniness for something new, something out of the ordinary.

He grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat back down on his laptop. He had thought about it a lot during the work day that he should probably be trying to involve himself more in the lifestyle, even if it meant partners or spouses for now. There was a lot he didn’t know so the experience could only help him moving forward. Ace still did enjoy going on dates with girls of different ages, ethnicities etc, so he didn’t feel like this new interest was going to completely replace more traditional means of interacting with the opposite sex.

First was looking for decent websites. The cuckold kink seemed to come up a lot. Craigslist for Australia once used to have a personals section but didn’t seem to anymore…weird. But there were other places to look to as well. To say the least, it was interesting to wade through the options and weigh up what were the legitimate options. On the surface, things looked very promising – but you needed to look past the obvious to judge whether an option was worth following.
-   So many men, either seeking women or as bulls seeking couples. Many had even placed their ad in the ‘females for males section’ or ‘couples seeking male’ even though the vice versa option was more accurate. There were a lot of these, which did not fit into Ace’s wants.
-   Next was heterosexual couples, but they were seeking a female to add to their equation rather than another male in their adventures
-   Then you had the ads for women seeking men, but the way they were worded, and the pictures they had, all gave off the impression they were either fake profiles or escorts who would seek payment for their services
-   The ads that were a couple seeking a male for the male partner to watch or take part in were much lower in frequency. Some of these ads too, seemed like they were possibly fake.

Ace spent a bit over an hour scouring many sites with a number of tabs open. Finally, he narrowed it down to a few he felt comfortable enough to message. The nervous part of this exchange was doing so with a picture of himself. Sending one of these despite not having a clear picture of the person he was sending it to went against everything he was normally comfortable with.

This was about casting a lot of nets. The more nets. The more fish you could catch was his logic. It really didn’t seem real, the world he was trying to enter and really didn’t know much about at all.

It was the next day that he got home from work, he logged into his new online community. There was a notification from Venu, ‘hey sir, check your email’.

Real Life / Re: Hot insta moms
« on: July 05, 2022, 07:55:48 AM »
barbiegirl24 - if you scroll down you’ll see she’s posted her son


Real Life / Re: Hot insta moms
« on: July 02, 2022, 09:53:58 AM »

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: June 26, 2022, 04:37:35 AM »
Ace and DissatisfiedBuyer, chatted and shared stuff for a couple of days where possible. The information Ace gathered from him in their interactions.

His name (he claimed) was Venu, bored and raised in India, but his English was pretty good. He was a single child, in his early 20s, not in a rich family, but they were definitely not in the poorer category of Indian people. His father was a fair bit older than his mum, supposedly he didn’t really show much interest in anything, including his mum. His mum was shy and conservative, but a lovely nurturing lady in her mid-40s. This innocence played a part in Venu’s fantasy of seeing how dirty she could be. Venu expressed interest, or at least a fantasy of Ace raping his mum.

This (by now) wasn’t a complete surprise to Ace. He had spoken to a couple of cucks already who had this fantasy, but this was a hard no for him. In his earlier days, he had some awesome experiences in a more submissive role to older, assertive women which he wouldn’t trade for the world. But he generally had found himself in a more dominant role in the bedroom. The idea of rape though was not for him. Upon reflection, although he had emotionally shut off from women for some time and did enjoy the thrill of the chase and ‘getting the girl’, he must have still had some sort of softer side in which the girl enjoyed the experience and wanted him was an important part of his own personal enjoyment.

As they had chatted and shared ideas and scenarios with one another, Venu had also sent him a few photos. Ace had asked Venu to send a photo of the two of them – at least one of them giving the peace sign with their fingers to try and confirm it was real. A few photos had a woman on her own, a few had a young-looking man who had his face blotched out. This still didn’t prove it was 100% legit. But so far, Ace trusted this guy more than some of the other cucks who had spoken to him. She dressed conservatively, wearing clothes that didn’t accentuate her shape at all. So although she didn’t necessarily have sex appeal, she was pretty. She had a young-looking face with a kind smile, even the cultural nose stud she had was doing it for Ace.

Venu was clearly enjoying their interactions, as he would often seek out Ace during the day, but he couldn’t always oblige Venu because of the time difference and work. It was mostly answering questions or giving each other scenarios.
-   Hey man, you think you could hear me out on something?
-   Yes sir?
-   I have really been enjoying the photos you have sent me. I have told you how much I have been stroking my cock to your mum and what I would do to her if I was with her.
-   Yes, thank you, sir, I love the idea of your big white dick fucking my mum and making her moan.
-   Well, to make it a little bit better for me. I would really like to prove 100% that this is your mum. I do believe you, but I have lied to a lot.
-   What can I do sir?
-   Well, I would love to see a video of your mum, even just a hello to your new friend in Australia would prove the woman in the pictures is really her. I don’t need to see you if you don’t want.”
-   Yes sir I can try and do that for you. Can I ask a favour sir?
-   Sure cuck.
-   Do you think you can send me a tribute video of her?

Ace didn’t expect this guy to agree to the video so he was already hard thinking about it. Anyone that was involved in this new world… knows what a tribute is. Ace in his excitement agreed to that.

Fapping Materials / Re: Check out this cuck Son's Hot 🔥 Mom
« on: June 25, 2022, 05:05:55 AM »
oh shit you know she a real baddie

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: June 20, 2022, 10:14:01 AM »
After some time shopping around and talking more with the community, Ace was starting to learn that one cuck was not like the other. There existed so much variation between many of them and it could change quite frequently. He even learned that not everybody a part of the community wanted to be a cuck. A Romanian user he had spoken to a few times and become friends with didn’t identify as a cuck. He didn’t want to watch his mum fuck but either get to fuck her himself or at least found it hot knowing someone else gets to give her a good dick. Apparently called a stag. A switch was someone that could bounce backwards and forwards between a submissive and a dominant role…that confused Ace as to how that worked.

But…back to the cuck profiles. Each had pros and cons…each Ace was getting some experience over the course of this time. They were not rigid in the category either, a cuck may or may not dip in and out a few of these.

1.   The conversationalist: mostly by text, but some wanted voice chat. Simple really, they wanted to tell you about their mum and then see or listen to what you wanted to do with her. Did the job early on for Ace, but tended to drag on a little bit.
2.   The feeder: on the back of the conversationalist were the ones that fed pictures. These cucks liked the bull commenting on specific aspects of the photos, Ace enjoyed this experience in the beginning. The thrill of having these women sent to him so he could talk about what he wanted to do was pretty cool. There were a few problems though, the first was that some cucks were clearly sending fake pictures. The times he got a woman who clearly wasn’t a model and had their top half cut out or face blurred added to the authenticity of who it might be. Even still, some cucks who had included faces were not always being truthful. Still hot as fuck, but Ace had managed to go digging a few times to find the person who had been sent, was more likely a friend’s wife or work colleague than their actual mum. Still hot…but he found the lie really ruined the experience for him, but even still he didn’t out the cuck and just left it alone.
3.   The roleplayer: this could be a part of the conversation looking for someone to be as horrible as possible to them and their family or it could take the form of erotic roleplay, assuming fictional characters telling a story together in text form.
4.   Cucks that wanted their mums exposed or tributed.
5.   The cucks who may have been intrigued enough and willing to have their mum’s loyalty tested.

It was this last group that really intrigued Ace. He had spoken to a couple already…even some conversations that were so promising Ace had been horny for almost two days straight. He’d jerked off so many times to the couple of conversations he had been having…however as things progressed it appeared more and more like he was getting catfished.

Ace objectively knew the risk. Even something as small as sending a pic of your mum or sister or aunt carried some big weight to it. Bulls by reputation were not known for being ‘the nice guys’. One slip up and these guys’ lives could really be unravelled fast. The lying was just always a sore point for Ace. A cuck who was straightforward with what they wanted was always welcomed, Ace could go with it or be upfront and go their separate ways. This world was going to be hard to navigate. Ace didn’t really find it arousing to jerk off with another guy…but he did like how it felt that these cucks were picturing him fucking their family members.

He honestly felt like there may be nothing here for him, even when he had put out a post on a forum, outlying what he was looking for and if anyone else had found they were needed to step up their fantasies…but finally, something about this reply seemed to stand out from the others. It wasn’t fancy. Like a good majority of cucks he had met, this one too was from India. Sitting in his inbox, from username ‘DissatisfiedBuyer’, a message read
-   Hey…I really think I want to see how my mum reacts to talking to you

Real Life / Re: Hot insta moms
« on: June 14, 2022, 03:08:30 AM »
Had a look and they don't post their kids which takes away from it but

aussie__suzy   (double underscore)

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: June 13, 2022, 06:37:19 AM »
The excitement of looking around these places for the first time was something Ace knew he may never experience again. Places for public and private conversations, picture sharing and voice chat. It was hard to know where to start and how to inject himself in as there appeared to be a lot he didn’t know about. It wasn’t long before there was a little ding, which was the sound for receiving a direct message.
-   Hey
The username of this person was ‘Azncukson’.  Ace had gone with the name ‘AussieBull’, simple enough.
-   Aye man, where you from?
-   Malaysia
-   Oh cool.

He felt a little awkward, this was the first conversation he had, and he didn’t know if there was etiquette around how much small talk should be made before getting into the family member stuff.
-   Do you want to see my mom?
-   Yeh

About two or three pictures came through. An Asian woman with a sensational body. The pictures were of top-notch quality with her posing.
-   You don’t expect me to believe this is your mum right? This is clearly a model
-   It is her, do you want to see more?

Ace did the math in his head and had a valid question.
-   If that is really her? How old are you?
-   13…is that going to be a problem?

Ace in his reaction stood up from the chair “What the fuck?” and walked around the room. Once he had collected himself, he sat back down.
-   Yeh, that is going to be a problem. Good luck man
-   Oh ok, thanks anyway

He was rattled by this. The idea he had just had a 13-year-old send him some pics made him feel sick. Even if that woman was legitimately his mother, talking to someone significantly underage wasn’t worth it. He was on the verge of calling it quits when his DM notification went off again. Someone by the name of ‘IndecentDesires’. Ace thought he would give it one more go, but he wasn’t going to take any chances.
-   Hey
-   Hey man, sorry to be blunt – but you are over 18 right?
-   Yeh lol, I am 28, why?
-   Just talking to someone who sent me pics of their mum and turns out he was 13. Scared the shit outta me
-   Oh, shit…nothing to worry about here. Where you from?
-   I am from Australia man – you?
-   Texas
-   So you on here because you got a hot mum?
-   I wanna fuck my sister so bad

Ace was surprised once more. He hadn’t thought about this cuckold stuff still having sexual attraction - so this community in some way did want to fuck family members. He reflected once more on whether he had stepped into something he would regret later.
It wasn’t long before this guy started sending pics of his sister. She was pretty hot. Turns out she was younger – at college though. This guy didn’t necessarily like that he had these feelings, but being on here and sharing his thoughts and pics was how he dealt with it. He was actually an alright dude. Ace threw out the idea of him talking to his sister. The guy didn’t seem like he wanted to take that chance, apparently, she also had a big black boyfriend as well, which Ace couldn’t quite tell whether that fuelled this American’s kink or whether he was unhappy with it. They chatted for a little, the American wanted to see how descriptive Ace would get about his sister. Ace wasn’t really the type for a co-jerk-off session, so he gave him something to work on and then opened up some of the images for himself.
Ace went to bed still very curious about what he stumbled into. He knew though, that simply just having text conversations was not going to do it for very long. He would likely need to step it up.

Fapping Materials / Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: June 11, 2022, 04:21:12 AM »
Note: Likely an ongoing thing from the perspective of a bull to make my own fantasies, because enjoying this kink and satisfying it can be difficult.

Ace wondered whether he should’ve been more concerned one of his regular fuck buddies bailed at the last minute. He still found her hot and she was a pretty good lay, but after a solid week at work, he was relieved not to have to drive all the way to her apartment to then come home late. Ace knew this life wouldn’t last forever. He didn’t perceive himself as a ‘Cassanova’, but he had a healthy dating life. He enjoyed meeting with new people even if the date went nowhere and had built up a few regulars he had good sexual chemistry with that he would meet up with when convenient. But not all things last forever, soon, some of these women will find someone, especially as some were getting to an age where they were more concerned with locking someone down and having kids. Although he wasn’t at his peak age anymore, he was doing pretty well compared to some of his friends of the same age. Not that 30 was old by any means, but he hated that he had noticed it was tougher to keep his body in good shape compared to even 5 years ago.

The other reason Ace was okay with not visiting his booty call tonight, even though he didn’t want to admit it himself, was his more recent discovery of a new kink. Since puberty, Ace had always had a thing for older women, particularly mums. This extended to the teachers at high school, friends of his parents, parents of his friends…he even had a stage with some confusing and guilty thoughts about his aunt too. Unsurprisingly, the milf genre for porn was by far his most visited. Through his teen years at school, his friends had been painfully aware of his goal to bang as many older women as possible once he hit 18. He had known of the ‘cuckold’ stuff, but it was just never his thing. He was often overly empathetic to others and the idea of watching your partner with someone else right in front of you just made no sense. It had been by accident that he had come across a few videos of dudes watching their mums get destroyed in front of them. It was all role-play stuff, nothing remotely close to being legitimate and mostly involved black dudes. Ace found himself, kind of liking it. The first time he had finished a solo session, the post-nut clarity left him reflecting on a few things and wondering how fucked up he was.

He had a few ways he had justified it to himself so far. He had looked into the cuckold stuff but picturing himself as the cuck didn’t get him hard at all, it was always being in the role of the bull. He had plenty of girls he knew that he found attractive but he never pictured someone else fucking them, it was always him doing it. Banging a girlfriend or wife seemed good, but the idea of this just didn’t compare to doing a girl in front of someone from her family. A mum, sister, aunt…daughter…it had really ignited something in him he hadn’t felt for some time, even with the girls he was actually sleeping with. Again – he felt like this wasn’t a great spiral to be in, this seemed weird. The fact that there wasn’t too much porn on it likely wasn’t a good sign this was a very accepted kink.

It was later that night he would make a new discovery, after eating some dinner and a shower, he had sat down with his laptop ready to have another shop around, but tonight was different. He found there were in fact some communities for this kink. It wasn’t just husbands and boyfriends either, there were people wanting to watch a family member fuck in front of them. Ace immediately signed up to all of them, considering his username and avatar, ready to start exploring.

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