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Fantasy Discussion / Re: What got you into this fantasy?
« on: August 09, 2022, 12:18:29 AM »
Glad you thought my post was hot. It was very intense and powerful at that time. I didnt even want to look at her for days after reading that. I remember being so upset over it, I told my Grandmother what I had found and I remember asking her how could she be having sex. I didnt think moms did that sort of thing! I dont remember much of specific details about it, but it was a guy that my moms sister had been seeing. I remember she wrote in her diary about she shouldn't feel so good having sex with someone her sister had as a boyfriend, but she said the sex was just so great. No detail of what they did or how it happened. I was so shocked by reading that is all I remember.

Thx for your reply! Wow, so your mom was a little 'homewrecker' slut, that's kinda even more messed up! Lovely. Let me ask you, at the time, at 14, were you regularly looking at porn (if so what kind) and did you have any sexual experience yourself? I mean when you read that how did you PICTURE your mom having sex in your head? Also, I assume she kept going out to get herself fucked on fridays - how did that make you feel? Both before she went out and after? Sorry for all the questions - just super interested!

Fantasy Discussion / Re: What got you into this fantasy?
« on: August 08, 2022, 12:37:40 AM »
I remember what got me into this. I was around 14 or so at the time. I used to go snoop around in my moms room when nobody was home. One day I was looking in drawers and found her diary. I starting reading through some of the pages, and stopped on a page where she had written about this guy she had sex with, she wrote about how great the sex was. I was in shock at the thought of my "innocent" mom having sex. Her and my dad had been divorced ever since I was little, so I never thought of her having sex anymore. She never brought any guys home, but used to go out every Friday night, I just assumed it was with friends, and I didnt care cause I always got the house to myself. After reading that in her diary I could hardly look at her for a while. I never mentioned anything about it, and eventually I got over it. Fast forward a few years later, and I was jerking off one day, and the thought just popped into my head of watching my mom have sex. I got so hard, and came so much thinking of that, that ever since Ive had this fetish. I even went back years later to see if she had a diary again, but Ive never found anything since. But nowdays I enjoy looking at pictures of her, and imagining what it would be like to watch her get fucked.

Wow, that's so hot and amazing! I can only imagine how intense and powerful that must be like: At 14, right in the awkward age of puberty, reading something like that, your precious innocent mom raving (in her own truest words to herself) about how much she enjoyed spreading her legs for some man.

If it's okay with you, could you please be more precise about the diary entry? Like what did it say specifically? Did she go into any detail about what they did, who it was, how it happened etc.? Would love to know more!

Real Life / Re: Pornstars with their kids
« on: June 28, 2022, 02:54:57 PM »
As @livingwithhotmom pointed out, Abby Somers' "Watching My Mom Go Black"-scene is out:

I will be honest. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it is... meh. And not just because of the whole 'step-mom'/'step-son'-thing, but the entire scene feels just kinda off and underwhelming. The main problem probably being, that there is way too less interaction between mother and son. Compared to the incredible "Watching My Mom Go Black"-scenes from, for example, Brandi Love or Cory Chase, sadly this one doesn't even stand the slightest chance, EVEN with Abby's backstory in mind. So yeah, it's most definitely NOT what it could have been.

BUT as sort of a little condolence I'm happy to be able to share something quite interesting with you. These are screenshots from a DM-convo between forum user @CowardlyPatheticSon and Abby on twitter, and I got his blessing to post them on here:

Idk what you guys think, but I find it so amazing that she actually responded to him after he mentioned her son being a whiny crybaby. He talks shit about her pathetic son and she tells him about her upcoming interracial mother-son-cuckold-scene and sends him nudes of herself! What a mom. Really makes me wonder what would happen if more people reached out to her that way: Praising her and (maybe more subtly) putting her son down at the same time. Reinforcing that narrative that her son is being an ungrateful, whiny little shit for not being happy for her. Making her feel like it would be okay for her to resent him for disapproving of her actions. AND (maybe most importantly) making her understand that there is an (potentially lucrative) audience of men out there who get off on her humiliating and hurting her son. I really wonder how far that would push her.

Real Life / Re: Pornstars with their kids
« on: June 22, 2022, 04:05:02 PM »
Thanks for this update nngh!  Looking forward as well.  Unfortunately Abby has gone hard turn to the dreaded "step -mom" role in all of her recent work that involves a son.  In fact in one video she corrects the stepson for calling her "mom" and demands he call her "step-mom". UGHH!

However, it makes me wonder if a real life conversation/reconciliation took place with her biological 21 year old son?

Either way I hope her son gets this video sent one hundred times to his inbox on June 28.

Shoot, didn't even think about that... Unfortunately, she does say 'step-son' in the trailer, although she slips up one time and says 'son', but immediately corrects herself. But that doesn't necessarily have to mean that she will only be using 'step'-references in the scene itself. I really hope she doesn't, it would be quite a let down.

But still, thanks for pointing that out, made me readjust my expectations. At least the wonderful photos with the sign says 'mom'! And who knows, maybe it will turn out to be pleasant surprise!

Real Life / Re: Pornstars with their kids
« on: June 22, 2022, 11:40:17 AM »
This Abby Somers situation is unreal!!! My God boys it is happening in real life right before our eyes.  Love that the friend showed him and that her relationship with her son (her first born) is now damaged for all of etrenity.

It's so crazy! It's literally like a mommy-cuckold erotica story. Not just the fact that she didn't tell him and made him find out through his friend. Not even just the fact that sexualizes herself as a mother figure in her videos, going as far as making incest porn where she is letting a stranger call her 'mom' and fuck the pussy he was birthed from. No, on top of that both of his little baby sisters are siding with his mom and admiring the path she has chosen.

The path of fucking hung young men who pretend to be the porn version of their older brother. The path of getting her ass stretched out by big cock. The path of getting DP'd on camera for the whole world to see. His little sisters are intrigued by it. And his mom describes this as his sisters being 'empowered', clearly indicating that she thinks this is a good influence to them. Which makes it entirely possible that she wouldn't mind her already mesmerized daughters decided to go into porn as well. Because, guess what, it's EMPOWERING. I mean, you can't make this shit up.

And the son can't do anything about it. He moved out of the house, at 21 starting his new independent adult life, and then this happens. Mom turns into a pornwhore, his friend sees mom get fucked camera and breaks the news to him. He is probably worried about his little sisters but then finds out that they don't just already know but support their mom and admire her... He was excited to start his own life away from home, but now he probably blames himself for moving out of the house. Maybe his mom wouldn't have become this way if he had stayed. Maybe he would have been able to keep his little sisters from taking mom's side.

But it's too late, now he will have to live in constant fear that, any day now, his little baby sisters might feel empowered enough to fuck strangers on camera as well. Just like their cool, 'bad ass' mom. They probably won't even tell him and he won't find out until his friends shows him again. Maybe the older sister is already doing it... Yeah, it's fucking unreal. He is so fucked. What a lucky boy.

she knows what she is doing

where did u get this image? I cant found any videos of Abby sommers watching mom go black. Share link if u have

They haven't released the scene yet , but check out their twitter page its going to be a good one

Not sure if it's just the trailer or if the actual scene is out as well (have been told that it would drop on june 28th), but damn, I'm excited for this one:

It's so fucking amazing to know that the woman in this picture has a 21-year-old son who, in her own words, has 'been hurt' by what she's doing, and THIS is her response:

Real Life / Re: 4chan MILF thread
« on: June 19, 2022, 10:24:16 AM »
Wow, thank you for sharing! Seeing real-life cases like this is really something else. So... powerful.

Fapping Materials / Re: Cheating Moms in Mainstream Movies
« on: June 18, 2022, 07:16:41 PM »
I found something quite interesting today, and I don’t think it has been mentioned here before: It’s a TV show from 2015 called “Significant Mother” and it’s a sitcom that’s literally about a son’s recently divorced mother hooking up with his best friend/roommate. I’m only one episode in, but so far I’m quite pleasantly surprised! To give you an idea: In the first episode the son comes home ON HIS BIRTHDAY to find out his mom has been fucking his best friend - she actually comes down the stairs asking the friend if they can go another round before her son comes home. In a later scene the son’s crush sings him a ‘funny’ song about his mother getting fucked by his roommate and spoiling his birthday. In the final scene the son accidentally gets shown a glimpse of a sextape his mom and friend have made on the very couch the three of them are sitting on. And there’s even a scene where the son gets punched in the face. Twice. All of this is shown in a very typical sitcom manner with cheesy, bad jokes, it’s a strangely interesting combination. I’m still a bit skeptical how the whole show (9 episodes total) plays out, but for the time being I will keep watching for sure!

Here is a link:

Real Life / Re: Pornstars with their kids
« on: June 01, 2022, 10:55:31 PM »


God, I hope he watched her 'Throated'-scene or some other sort of facefucking clip of hers. Just imagine your first porn ever (or at least ONE of your VERY first at that age) being your latina mom looking straight at you close-up through the camera in high definition, while gagging and choking herself on a massive white man's cock. Fuuuuck. So fucked up and amazing.

Imagine seeing your mommy like this as a little boy, and having her keep looking at you like this the entire time:

Actually, no matter what he ended up watching, this kid's first (or one of his very first) porn was of his OWN MOMMY. And not some homemade VHS sextape but hardcore studio porn. His precious mommy dolled up like a fuck toy, getting manhandled and used up by big professional porn cock - burned into mind for the rest of his life from this early on. And we all know that he will be looking her up again soon, he won't be able to forget what he saw, there is no way he can leave this alone. God, that's so insane... WHAT A LUCKY, LUCKY SON!!! I couldn't agree more.

Fapping Materials / Re: The Last High School Bullying - STORY
« on: June 01, 2022, 04:46:50 PM »
You guys read the comments on Lit? Man..........

Wishing death on the author, reporting the story among other things. Literotica used to be less angry than of late. Not only do NTR stories get review bombed, the comments are as angry as I have ever seen.

What really gets me is that you can see and read the title. You start reading a story and then decide you hate it but you read the rest of it anyway and then go on the comments to vent. I don't get it. If you hate a subject why read it?

The site has an entire section on NC stories with disturbing stories of rape and they get less hate than this!

Haha I actually think it is quite interesting. Actually, @bloox warned me that literotica would react badly to this story, so I was aware of the feedback. But tbh I kind of like that the story seems so polarizing, some people love it and some hate it and are furious at it (the rating is right around the middle, like it's a 50/50 split). I think it's kinda great that this story could spark such intense emotions in people, good or bad. Also I want to believe that there are some who hate this but will come back to it, because they felt something, maybe something they hate to admit they felt and that's why they lashed out. Like maybe one of the haters will end up a future cuckson, and wouldn't that be amazing lol

Fapping Materials / Re: The Last High School Bullying - STORY
« on: June 01, 2022, 04:39:41 PM »
Hi. Very cool short story. Very good that you will work on others. I liked the first one very much. I think you should also try to write some longer one with a more complex story someday. Good luck to you.

Thanks! I wish to write a longer more complex story one day. But I think I need more experience and become more patient and disciplined by writing a few more short ones first. It just takes a lot of time and effort right now, especially because I am new to this, and I realized that I tend to lose the patience to work at a longer project steadily. But your words certainly give me motivation to become better at it!


Holy fuck, this is INSANE! It... seems... real. Especially how she says all their names... Fuck, that's crazy.
She is not my type at all, but the talk and the filming of this is fucking amazing!!! Someone in the comment section wrote that this is a masterpiece and I agree. This is one of the most intense pieces of footage I've ever seen, the shaky camera up in her face, matching the rhythm of his thrusts, him ordering her around, making her look in the camera and call her family out by name. Holy shit. God, imagine being one of her children, her husband or her father! CUCKED FOR LIFE.

Thank you for posting this! Do you know if they have more videos or if the guy has more clips like this with other women?

Fapping Materials / Re: The Last High School Bullying - STORY
« on: May 26, 2022, 04:50:00 PM »
For something partially written with NovelAI I think this was really good. The mom getting dolled up with her bruised son (and him reluctantly helping her) beside her was hot, and I always love how moms eventually play into the bullying aspects of stories, participating in the bullying with stuff like name calling and flipping him off.

I'd be curious to know how much dialogue/prose was adjusted to make it work better. There was a slight rigidness to how some longer paragraphs flowed into the other but not as much as I'd expected. It was just short enough of a scenario that the program is probably ideal for.

To be honest, I probably adjusted 90% of the NovelAI output. Especially towards the end the AI seemed to have difficulty keeping track of the story, so the results become increasingly flawed or unusable. But I definitely enjoyed the process, it's kinda like a fun challenge or game, to guide it the right way. The first half of the story is very much using the AI output as it's foundation, just tweaking the details.
I'm not really sure what you mean by 'rigidness', maybe me you can expand on that? What I can say, is that the AI sometimes sort of jumped ahead, cutting a different moment, where I would have probably filled out the scenes in between, but I actually liked that part quite a bit. It felt quite helpful in a sense of getting rid of the unnecessary explanations and details, and cutting right to point, making the story more dynamic imo!
All in all I feel like I will be enjoying and experimenting with this AI-stuff for awhile, I'm excited to see where it can lead and to learn how to tweak and adjust the input for the best outcome!

Fapping Materials / Re: The Last High School Bullying - STORY
« on: May 26, 2022, 04:39:24 PM »
the story is pretty amazing . I love that it's long enough story unlike many other stories which is only one page. Mom was fantastic. If I may add my opinion I think I would have liked if son's and mother's emotional states and feelings were mentioned.
Anyway amazing story. Hope this will be the first chapter of a few more chapters yet to come.

Hey, thank you for your kind words! Especially the part about the mom being 'fantastic'! I don't know why but that makes me really happy ;)
Is there any specific part/scene of the story where you would have liked to read more about the emotional state of mother or son?
Tbh I don't think I'll be writing a continuation do this story any time soon. For now, this very much feels like a finished and concluded short story to me. But I have ideas for other stories which I hope to write soon!

Fapping Materials / Re: The Last High School Bullying - STORY
« on: May 24, 2022, 01:28:26 AM »
"I'm sorry, baby," she said, her voice was trembling, "I'm… I’m so sorry."

He didn't answer.

"I'm so, so sorry, honey," she cried. He felt her body quiver as she sobbed and tightened her hug. She held him and repeated the words over and over, "I'm sorry... I'm so... sorry! I'm sorry!"

"I know," he eventually said, "I know… You were just… trying to make Jake… happy…"

"I'm sorry," his mom went on, she repeated it over and over. He felt her warm body quiver and press up against him as she held him. He looked down at her manicured, motherly hands locking her arms around him, "I'm sorry, Lenny, I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry."

Finally, Lennard turn his head to tell her that it was okay. That she could stop apologizing. That he understood. And that's when he froze. He froze at the sight of Jake standing behind his mother. Towering over the two of them. Andrea’s grip tightened. Lennard's eyes wandered down to Jake's exposed crotch. He was jerking off and looking straight at him with a sinister grin. Lennard didn't know what shocked him more, the fact that his bully was standing in his living room, the fact that he was masturbating right there in front of him, or the massive size of his cock. The thing looked like a baseball bat.

"Jake," Andrea said quietly, "make it quick, babe."

"You got it, slut," he replied, then lifted her blue dress up, placed his hands on her hips and stuck his cock inside of her. He grunted. She moaned. Right into Lennard's ear. And then Lennard felt his mother bump his back and the couch from behind. She tightly held onto him, her arms wrapped around his scrawny torso. Bump. Bump. Bump.

"I'm sorry, Lenny," she whispered into his ear, "It will be over soon."

Jake picked up the pace and the bumps became more frequent and intense. Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump! Meanwhile Andrea's breathing became heavier and her moans got loader, "I'm sorry, baby... I... I love you, sweetie... I love you... Ohhh... Please forgive me..."

Lennard was speechless. He felt paralyzed. Even if his mother would let go of him, he wasn’t sure if he could move. His mind went blank and his body was frozen. He just sat there feeling his school bully fuck his mother against his back, listening to her breathing, grunting and moaning into his ear, with her head placed on his shoulder and her arms tightly locking him. Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump!

After awhile Andrea started screaming into his ear and finally this seemed to break is paralysis. He slowly began squirming in his seat. Andrea noticed and tightened her grip, holding her son in place.

"M-Mom... M-Mom… Please let me go..." he whimpered.

"I'm sorry, baby," she panted, not letting loose, "you... can't leave yet.... Lenny, please... Ohhh… It... It will be over soon."

"I-I-I don't want this!"

"Shh... shhh... It's okay, baby," she cooed, "it will be over soon… You’re so brave… Ahhh… Just sit tight."

"I don't wa-want this!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Jake yelled from behind his mother. Lennard felt the bumps get stronger, he was ramming his cock into his mom even harder now, "You move and I break your fucking nose, you pussy! I swear to God!"

"O-Ohhhhhh!" Andrea screamed. Lennard felt her shudder intensely, "L-L-Lenny… Just do as he says!" she got closer to his ear, he could feel her lips press against him as she spoke, "Baby, h-he won't hurt you... if you just… hold still, I promise... it will be alright... Ahhh... He won't hurt you, baby.... Just… Ohhh… Just stay still!"

Lennard felt his mother’s grip tightened once more, while the bumps quickly turned into violent jackhammering. He could feel the whole couch shake, while his mother bumped into him and pulled him back, over and over, with full force.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oooooooohhhhh!" Andrea screamed, it rang loud and sharp in his ear. Her screams were getting shrill and high. "Ahhhhhh!!! I'm cummmiiinnngggg!!!"

Lennard felt his mother have an orgasm while hugging him from behind. Her whole body shook and spasmed. Her grip tightened. He felt every twitch of his mother’s body against his back.

"Fuck yeah!" Jake yelled, "Cum for me, bitch! Cum for me! Squirt all over your living room floor! Squirt while your hold your little faggot son like that!"

"Ahhhhhhh! Ohhh!!! Ohhh! Ooh my God!!! Ooooohhhhhh! Aaaahhhhhh!" Andrea screamed right into her son’s ear. It was deafening. He heard Jake slap her ass over and over. Smack! Smack! Smack! Her body kept shaking and spasming, and her grip got even tighter. It was painfully hurting Lennard’s bruised, scrawny body at this point but he didn’t say anything. He just sat there and took it. With tears streaming down his face.

Her cries grew louder and louder until the bumping came to and end and she finally calmed down. The sounds of heavy breathing filled the room. Lennard felt his mother's hot breath on his neck. He felt her arms shiver around his body. He could feel her sweaty skin stick against his back.

Finally, it was over.

At least that's what Lennard thought until Jake appeared in front of him, jerking his gigantic erection. His cock was glistening with Andrea’s pussy juice, precum and sweat.

"Time for a mother-son-facial," he announced with his evil grin.

Andrea moaned softly and tightened her grip again. It took Lennard a few seconds to process and comprehend the words but once he grasped the situation, he immediately began to squirm. His mother held him tight, "Shhhh, Lenny, it's okay."

"Nah, you can't leave yet, bitch," Jake said, "you're gonna get your face glazed, just like your Mommy!"

"N-No!" Lennard whined, "Please!"

"Shhh, just relax, sweetie," Andrea said, "I’m right here with you. It’s okay. He is not going to hurt you."

"I-I-I don't want this!"

"Lenny," she said a bit more sternly, putting her mouth up-close to his ear again, "it's okay. It's almost over."

"W-Why? Why are you doing this???" Lennard cried. He stared at his bully. He grinned and stroked his cock. Of course, he was getting off on this.

"Jake," Andrea whispered into her son’s ear, "just wants to… mark you... before you got off college... It’s harmless, sweetie."

"Wha-what?" Lennard stuttered, wide-eyed and confused.

"He just wants to mark you," Andrea repeated, softly speaking into his ear, "He just wants you… to remember him. In college. That’s all. He wants us both to remember him, baby. That’s why he will mark us both... at the same time. It will be quick."

"You heard your Mommy," Jake grinned from above, "admit it, you want it, don't you, you little faggot? Your cum-hungry just like your Whore-Mom, aren’t you?"

"No! No! No! I don't want this! No please! This is wrong! You can't do this! Please!" Lennard cried. He tried to escape but his mother held him in place with all her strength. Although ultimately, it was the simple gesture of Jake balling his fist that made Lennard freeze in fear and stop resisting.

"Lenny, it's just this one time," Andrea purred, "just once, baby... Just let Jake have his fun one last time. Then it will all be over, sweetie. Come on, you’re so close."
Lennard felt his mother's hands leave his body and instead firmly grab his hair. He winced.

"Don't fight it, Lenny," she said, slightly raising her voice, "it won't hurt. Just let him mark you… mark us... I promise, it won’t hurt, honey."

"I-I don't... I don't... I don't want this!" he whined.

"I know, baby," she said, tightening the grip on his hair and giving him a quick peck on the cheek, "but it's just this one time."

"Open your mouth, faggot!" Jake grunted, obviously getting closer to climax, "Both of you, open your fucking mouths!"

Lennard saw his mom's face lean forward over his shoulder, right next to him. She pulled his his head towards her, making their faces touch cheek to cheek. He felt her jaw move and her mouth open wide beside him, "Ahhhh!" she said.

"Make the faggot open up or I'll smash his face in right here," Jake yelled, jerking faster and frustrated by the fact that Lennard wasn't following his mother's lead.

Andrea sighed. Lennard felt one of her hands move from his hair to his cheeks and tightly squeeze his face from both sides. Given the beaten up, bruised state of it, it hurt a lot.

"Open up, young man! Now!" his mother scolded him with urgency in her voice, "Lenny, don't make him hurt you again!"

She squeezed some more. It hurt a lot more. He gave up, closed his eyes and parted his lips.

"That’s right, faggot!" Jake said. He sounded pleased.

"That's it, sweetie!" Andrea cheered but kept her firm grip on Lennard’s head, he felt her face press up against his, "Baby, open wide, like me, ahhhh!"

It was impossible to open wide since she was tightly pressing his cheeks together but he did the best he could. Jake grunted like a wild animal as he reached his orgasm. The first shot hit Lennard’s left eye, making him flinch. A second one landed on his nose, and then a third one directly in his mouth, causing him to gag instantly. It kind of tasted like… snot. Disgusting snot.

He heard his mother playfully shriek and giggle beside him, indicating that Jake had moved on to her face. She loosened her grip on Lennard’s hair and cheeks. He hesitantly opened his right eye, and turned to and watch his bully splatter his remaining load, two powerful spurts, across his mother's face.

"Aaaaaahhh!" Andrea moaned. Her tongue was stuck out all the way and she slightly shook her head from side to side as the white goo landed on her. She laughed as Jake rubbed his slimy, wet cock against the tip of her nose, before sticking it into her mouth and making her clean it. She eagerly sucked without hesitation. Jake proceeded to shove his cock down her throat a few times, making her audibly gag and choke, but she never pulled away. In fact she even let go of Lennard’s head to cup and gently massage his bully’s balls while he repeatedly made her almost throw up on his dick, for no apparent reason.

Lennard couldn't believe his eyes. Or more precisely his one eye, since the other was glued shut with cum. He watched his own mother deepthroat and choke herself on a massive cock, with globs of thick sperm jiggling on her face. Lennard had a brutally up-close view, given that his mother was practically leaning over his shoulder. He could even make out some tiny white droplets in her hair. It looked so much more detailed and intense than any porn video he had ever seen. He felt a crushing pit in his stomach. He instantly knew that this image would be burned into his mind forever. His mother’s image was ruined. He would never be able to look at her face again without being reminded of it in this filthy state.

Jake grabbed Andrea by her hair, sort of reminiscent of how she had grabbed her own son’s a few moments ago, and pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud pop. She took a deep breath, before smiling and giggling.

"Oh wow, that was a huge one, babe!" she laughed, as she carefully opened her eyes and looked up to him. Lennard could see little strings of cum forming between his mother’s lips as she spoke.

"Hell yeah, bitch! Good thing I held back earlier, huh?" Jake replied as he flicked his cock towards Andrea’s cum-smeared face a few times, making sure that there was nothing left inside. Then he held it back to her mouth. Andrea immediately leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock. She pulled away, making theatrical kissing sound, "Muah!", and giggled.

"Here you go," Jake said and aimed his cock towards Lennard’s face, "your turn, little faggot."

"No!" Lennard exclaimed in disgust.

"Oh come on, Lenny," Andrea purred, as she climbed on the couch and sat down next to him, "it's just a little kiss, baby... Just do it," she giggled, "you’re already covered in his cum, honey. What difference does it make?"

Lennard felt his face flush with shame and embarrassment. She… had a point.

"Come on, just give it a quick peck, sweetie," Andrea went on, she took her son’s hand and softly squeezed it, "It's not a big deal."

Lennard hesitantly leaned forward and pressed his lips against the tip of Jake's wet dick. Somehow this was even more humiliating than taking his load on the face. This felt like actively giving in, like total surrender, complete submission. The taste Jake’s semen intensified in his mouth and it made him nauseous.

"Oh baby, that’s so sweet! Good job!" Andrea cheered, stroking his hand, it felt slippery. Lennard looked at her with his cum-free eye, his lips still pressed against the cock. She smiled at him with her glazed, flushed face and let go off his hand to lick the sperm off of her manicured fingers. It had landed there when she had held her son’s face in place for Jake’s marking ritual. Lennard couldn’t help but think that his mother was experiencing the same taste as him right now, and yet their reactions were so different. She seemed to be genuinely enjoying the flavor of Jake’s semen. She smiled and purred as she eagerly licked her french-nailed finger’s clean.

"Look at you two little sluts! Mother and son, covered in my cum!" Jake snickered from above, then noticed, "Hey, that sorta rhymes, doesn’t it?"

"Well, I hope you enjoyed your early graduation present, babe," Andrea chuckled with cum bubbles on her glossy lips.

Suddenly Jake leaned down, causing Lennard to instantly flinch and wince out of habit, afraid to get hit by him, but his bully turned to his mother.

"Open wide, slut," he told her and yanked her head back by her hair. Andrea moaned, giggled and opened wide. Jake spat in her mouth, "There you go, baby. That’s for being a good slut."

Lennard felt sick to his stomach. He watched in disbelief as his mother responded by swallowing and brightly smiling afterwards, "Thank you, babe!" she cheered.

"Yeah, that's how I kiss your Mommy," Jake explained, picking up on the disgusted look on Lennard's face, "when she has my jizz on her face. I don't need that nasty shit on my lips, ya know? ‘Cause I'm not a fucking faggot… like you."

Lennard blushed again. He couldn’t help but imagine how he must look right now, wearing Jake’s semen on his bruised face, his hair disheveled from his mother’s grip, his eyes red and puffy from all the crying. He cringed at the realization. He saw his mom glancing at him, and was to embarrass to meet her eyes. He hung his head in shame. He felt like he heard his mom suppress a giggle. He kept his eyes on the ground as he listened to Jake audibly gather more snot and spit, before he spitting it into Andrea’s mouth again to prove his point. She gulped, giggled and thanked him. Her gratitude seemed sincere.

"Your Mommy’s such a good slut, you know that, you little faggot?" he said and went for a third ‘special kiss’, "Damn, this was nice. For real. You made me really happy today, you little whore! You’re amazing."

"Awww, I'm so glad, babe! We loved it too!" Andrea replied after swallowing.

Lennard stared at his feet. He felt broken and defeated. He heard Jake zip up his pants. He felt his mother stand up from the couch. He heard the two of them head to the entrance. The stripper heels click-clacked. He heard Jake give his mother a hard, loud smack on the ass. His mother gasped and giggled, as expected. He heard the front door open. He heard Jake spit into Andrea’s mouth one last time. He heard his mother express her giggly gratitude and say something about Jake ‘being right’. Then he heard the door close, and finally looked up.

"Oh baby..." Andrea’s smile turned to a frown, as she returned to the couch and met her son’s eyes. Her blue dress crumbled and still slightly rolled up at the bottom. The purple bra was missing, her hair was messy, and her make-up smeared. The cum on her face was starting to dry, but the bigger globs were still wet and glistening. There were some strings hanging from her chin and they jiggled around as she spoke, "Aww sweetie, don't look at me like that."

"M-mom..." Lennard started sobbing. The shock of what had just happened started to really settle in now that Jake was finally gone. Lennard cried uncontrollably, "Mom! Mom!!!"

"Oh baby!" she rushed over to him, hugged him and held him tightly, she gave him sweet, motherly kisses with her cum-glazed lips, "Shhh, it's okay, baby. It's okay. Shhhh, you are safe. I love you, baby. You did so good. I’m so proud of you, sweetie. It’s okay. It’s okay, baby, it’s okay."

"W-What do you mean, it's okay???" Lenny finally cried out when he regained his ability to articulate actual words, "M-Mom!!! How could you let this happen, mom??? Mom!!! Mom, how could you do this to me???"

"Well..." she quietly said and pulled away, Lennard looked at her with confused, teary red eyes. She gave him a subtle smile and pointed at his crotch, "Maybe that's why...?"

Lennard looked down, his vision was blurry from his tears, but he could clearly see the dark wet stain soaking through the fabric of his grey sweatpants. And his erection poking out at the center of it. It was small, nothing like Jake’s, but still noticeable, "W-What the f-"

"Shhhh," Andrea gently pressed her finger against his lips, "it's okay, baby. It’s alright. No need to get upset. You're just..." she hesitated. Then got closer and looked deep into Lennard's eyes and smiled. The cum-covered mother gave her cum-covered, bruised up son a loving peck on the mouth. A single thin string of bully-semen formed between them as she pulled away and whispered, "You're my little faggot."


Fapping Materials / The Last High School Bullying - STORY
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This is my newest story. It was written with the help of, and I want to give @AI_Anon a shoutout for giving me the idea to try it out. Also, I want to give huge thanks to @bloox who took the time to read the final draft and give me some input, advice and reassurance! (He also made me realize that this story does get kinda extreme and has some forced-bi/forced-gay elements towards the end, so warning if that upsets you!) Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to leave feedback/thoughts in the comments.

The Last High School Bullying

Lennard came home with a bruised eye, a scraped chin and a cut on his lip. His t-shirt was torn and his arms were scratched. Andrea found him cleaning himself up in the bathroom and rushed over to him.

"Oh my God, Lenny," she gasped, "Gosh, he really didn’t hold back this time… It’s even worse than before!"

Lennard nodded as he dabbed at the blood around his mouth. He took off his shirt, revealing a few bruises on his chest and stomach. The sight of them made Andrea’s heart skip a beat and she felt tears start to well up in her eyes.

"Oh my poor baby!" she cried, "You're so brave... I'm so proud of you."

She got her son a warm towel, cleaned his wounds and helped him into a fresh t-shirt. He started sobbing.

"I know, baby, I know... Let it all out," she said, and held him close until he calmed down enough to tell her what had happened.

"He jumped me in the parking lot," Lennard said quietly, "I... I don't understand why he does this to me… I… I hate him so much."

"I know, sweetie," Andrea whispered, stroking his hair, "It's okay now. You're safe now. This is the last week. Remember, after graduation, you won't have to deal with him anymore, baby. You won't have to worry about him ever again. It will be a fresh new start in college, right sweetie? Everything’s going to change in college!"

Lennard silently nodded.

"You are so brave, Lenny, so brave," Andrea said, gently ruffling his hair and giving him a motherly kiss on the head, "Okay… Now I'll have get ready, sweetheart. I don't want to keep him waiting. You know he can get very impatient."

"Mom…" Lennard looked at her, wiping away the last of his tears, "Can’t you just ignore him...? Just once... Just this last time... Please?"

"Oh Lenny, we have talked about this," Andrea sighed, "this is between him and me. Besides, it's only this one last time, and then he will leave you alone forever. If I ignored him now, it would have all been for nothing. Do you want that? Do you want him to come back for more? To keep tormenting you through college? And it's not like he is hurting me, honey. I told you, he is treating me well, baby, don’t worry."

"B-But Mom, he didn’t even go easy on me this time! A-and we don't even know if we will end up in the same college-"

"Lenny, he is the one of the most anticipated quarterbacks in the state. They are basically drowning him in athletic scholarship offers, " Andrea replied, "and he did go easy on you before, didn’t he? He also kept it down to once a week, just like he promised. He… He just got a little carried away today because it’s the last time, that’s all… Sweetie, please don’t make this more difficult than it already is."

"But Mom-"

"No more buts, Lenny,", Andrea interrupted and put her finger to her son’s injured lips,  "Please, I don't have time for this now. Can you just help me get ready, honey? Please? Let's not test his patience. Just help me get ready and then you can watch TV or play video games, okay?"

Lennard reluctantly agreed. Andrea gave him one more hug and kissed him on the head, before she moved to the sink and started applying her make-up in the bathroom mirror. He stood beside her watching her reflection and catching a glimpse of his bruised face next to hers.

"Your father is going to be so angry when he sees that," she said, "Maybe we should cover some of it up later."

Lennard didn't answer.

"Lenny, don't worry," Andrea continued, "he won't find out."

"What if he does?" Lennard asked, his voice cracking, "What if he finds out about you and-"

"Then I'll deal with him," Andrea cut him off, "I told you, don’t worry, sweetheart. Okay, what color did Jake say?"

"P... Purple," Lennard reluctantly muttered.

"I see. Sweetie, can you go get it for me, while I finish up my make-up?"

Lennard obediently walked to his parent’s bedroom, opened his mother’s closet and got the ‘special’ box from the top shelf. He picked out the purple lingerie set. He put the box back in its spot and returned to the bathroom. He placed the purple lace bra and matching g-string on the counter. Andrea leaned over and gave him another kiss, the lipstick that she had applied in the meantime left a slight mark on his forehead.

"Thank you, baby," she praised him, "you're a real gentleman."

Lennard silently nodded and blushed.

"Okay, now give me some privacy so I can change into those," Andrea said, "Can you do me a huge favor and pick out some dresses for me, baby? It would really save me some time. Oh, and some heels too. The extra-tall ones."

"Okay, Mom," he quietly replied and left the bathroom again.

Lennard got a pile of dresses and a few pairs of high heels from the back of the closet. He took them to the living room and sat on the couch. He turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels, not really paying attention to what was happening on screen.

"Oh, you're such a good helper," Andrea said a few minutes later, walking in wearing the purple lingerie set he had brought her earlier, "So sweet."

Lennard immediately turned off the TV, turned around and blushed. He couldn’t help but stare at his mother’s body for a few moments, before looking down to the floor in embarrassment.

"Do I look pretty?" Andrea asked with a cheeky smirk on her face as she noticed her son's reaction. He looked back up at her right away. She gave him a little twirl, "How do I look in these, honey?"

"G... Good, Mom," he stammered.

"Good," she said, "now let's see what you picked out for me here."

She went through the pile of dresses. All of them where recent additions to her wardrobe. Andrea had never worn such skimpy and revealing outfits before. She quickly reduced her choice to two dresses: A red strapless dress that barely covered her ass and a blue halter dress that showed off her breasts.

"Baby, which one should I wear?" Andrea asked and held them against her body one after another, "Did he say anything?"

"No..." Lennard sighed.

"I see. Why don’t you pick one then?" Andrea smiled at her son.

"I... I don't know, Mom," he stammered, not sure how to decide or what to say, "I… I don't know what Jake likes."

"Oh, Lenny..." Andrea frowned, then smiled again and said, "Well, you know what? Too bad for him, because my baby boy gets to decide today! That'll show him that you're still the most important to me, won’t it? Now come on, pick one, sweetie. Which do YOU like better?"

Lennard stared at the dresses for a few moments, and then he chose the blue halter dress.

"That's my boy," Andrea smiled, "Thank you, baby! I’m just so unsure what young men are into these days, you know?"

She put the red dress back in the pile and put on her son's pick, somewhat covering up her body, but still clearly showing her purple bra through the large cleavage, not to mention most of her legs being still exposed. Lenny blushed a bit more.

"Great choice, baby," Andrea cheered, looking into the mirror and adjusting her fabric around her breasts, "Now come here and help me with these shoes."

Lennard stood up and helped his mother step into a pair of tall, black high heels with cute leather straps around the ankles. He was used to this by now. He got down on his knees and adjusted the straps. He couldn’t help but glance at her pedicured, painted toes. Another recent change to her appearance.

"Perfect," Andrea said, giving him a kiss on the cheek, as he got up, "Thank you for being so helpful and understanding, Lenny. You are being so good about this, sweetie. I’m so proud of you, and I love you more than anything."

"I love you too, Mom..." Lennard replied. He hesitated but couldn't help but try one last time, "Mom... D-Do you really have to go? Can't you just stay here... Just this one time… P-Please...?"

"Wha-… Lenny…" Andrea’s smile faded and was replaced by a look of disappointment. She paused and looked at her son, who was staring at her in anxious anticipation, then she sighed and shook her head, "Lenny, I can't. We talked about this. You know, I can't. I just told you, you are being so good, honey. Please don't make a fuss now."

"Okay..." Lennard muttered.

"Okay. Thank you, baby," Andrea’s smile returned, "Hey, remember it’s the last time. We are so close. Don't worry, everything will be fine, honey. You can watch TV while I'm gone. Just make sure to keep your phone close by. Jake..." she paused, then continued, "Jake might want me to call you again."

Lennard silently nodded.

"I'll be back in no time, sweetheart," Andrea said, kissing him once more, this time on the cheek, "I love you."

"Love you too, Mom," Lennard replied.

The somewhat wholesome moment was interrupted by some loud banging against the door. Both Andrea and Lenny jumped in surprise.

"Come on, what's taking you so long?!" Jake yelled from outside.

Andrea opened the door, "Sorry, babe," she apologized, "I was just finishing up."

Lennard felt kind of relieved that the door was blocking his view to Jake. He didn't want to look at him right now. Or maybe, more importantly, he didn't want to be seen by him right now.

"Is the little dweeb holding you up again?" Jake asked.

"Not this time," Andrea said, "He was just helping me pick out my outfit. You like it?"

"Yeah, I do," Jake said, sounding sincere, "Very nice."

"Oh, I'm glad," Andrea said and giggled. She then turned around and gave Lennard a wink and cute little smile, "Okay, see you later, sweetie. And remember, keep your phone around!"

"Yeah, I swear to God, if you don't pick up, I will come back and break your nose! " Jake yelled from behind the door. Lennard winced.

"He will pick up, babe, don't worry," Andrea said, "I made sure. Right, Lenny?" she didn't turn around this time.

"Y-Yeah, Mom..." Lennard answered, almost whispering.

"That's right, " Jake snickered, "do as your sexy Mommy says, you little faggot."

"Hey," Andrea protested playfully, "don't call him that to his face, babe!"

"Well technically, I’m not saying it to his face," Jake joked, referring to the door between him and her son, "Whatever. Let's go, you slutty MILF."

Andrea giggled and stepped outside.

"See you later, sweetie," she said, again without bothering to turn around, and closed the door behind her. Lennard sat on the couch in silence.

"You got him really good this time," he heard his mother casually say behind the closed door.

"Yup, had to make sure the little faggot remembers it forever, right?" Jake proudly proclaimed, to which Andrea gasped and giggled, as their voices faded away.

Lennard felt the tears welling up in his eyes. He ran to the window and watched them walk up to Jake's car in the driveway. He could hear the faint sound of his mother’s heels clicking on the pavement. Jake walked next to her with his strong arm around her waste. As they got closer to the car he reached down and firmly grabbed Andrea's ass. He opened the door for her and gave her a hard, rough smack on the ass as she got into the car. Lennard winced and was reminded that it was the same powerful big hand that had bruised his face earlier. He could hear the smack almost as loud as the clacking of the heels a few moments ago. He saw his mother smile as she sat down in her seat and pulled the door close.

He felt a tear trickling down his cheek and was about to turn away from the window when his eyes met with Jake's. His bully was looking at him from the driver's seat with his obnoxious signature grin on his face. He raised his middle finger, then leaned over to Andrea and pointed to the kitchen window.
Andrea looked over and gave her son a weak little smile. He couldn’t help but think that she looked like a prostitute in her john's car. Jake kept talking to her, leaning over from the driver’s seat. Andrea's smile faded and Jake started kissing her neck and fondling her tits. It was devastating. But it was what happened next that truly made Lennard's heart sink.

His mother slowly raised her hand and gave him the middle finger -her, upon his bully’s request, french-manicured middle finger- while Jake kept kissing and groping her dolled-up body. She kept her middle finger raised at Lennard and held eye contact for a few seconds before turning to the side and making out with Jake. Her middle finger remained up. After they pulled apart, she turned back to the kitchen window, still flipping her son off, and silently mouthed the words ‘I'm sorry’ and ‘I love you’ to him, as Jake grinningly started the engine and pulled out of the driveway.

Lennard went back to couch and buried his face in his hands. He cried for a while, not knowing what else to do. When he finally stopped crying, he poured himself a glass of juice and watched TV. Of course, he couldn't concentrate on anything shown on the screen. His eyes kept moving back to his phone on the sofa table. Finally, it rang. As feared but expected, the caller was ‘Mom’.

"H-... Hello?" he answered nervously.

"H-Hi, sweetie," Andrea said. She was breathing heavily, "how... how are you... doing?"

"Uh... I'm okay, mom," he answered.

"O-Okay, that's g-good..." she said, now slightly moaning, "I'm... I'm so sorry, baby. I'm so s-sorry..."

"It… It’s okay, Mom," he said, "I know it's his idea."

"Y-Yes, it is..." she said. Her voice was getting higher and louder, "He's... he's making me... do all sorts of things."

"That's right, bitch!" Jake yelled in the background, followed by loud slapping noises and his mother crying into the phone.

"I'm... I'm sorry, baby," Andrea repeated, "You... You are so brave."

"It's okay, Mom." Lennard said, trying to reassure her. He felt his tears welling up again.

"He... He wants to talk to you, h-honey."

"Wha... What?" he asked, taken aback.

"Jake... He wants to t-talk to you, baby," Andrea said, and without waiting for her son's reaction, handed the phone over to his bully.

"What up, faggot? Heard you cried a like little pussy earlier!" Jake said, slightly out of breath. Lennard could picture his grin right away, "Damn, your Mommy's pussy is tight as fuck! No wonder you're such a skinny little twig."

Lennard hung his head. He could hear his mother moaning louder in the background.

"You're such a pathetic little bitch, you know that?" Jake continued, "Watching us from the kitchen like a fucking pervert. Bet you got hard when your Slut-Mommy flipped you off, huh?"

Lennard closed his eyes. He didn't want to hear any more. His mother’s moaning turned into screaming in the background, "Ohhh! Oh my God, oh my God, yes, yes, yessss!"

Lennard couldn't help but imagine his mother being fucked by Jake. She had most likely taken off the blue dress he had picked out for her. Was she still wearing the purple lingerie? Or maybe just the stripper heels?

"You hear that, bitch?!" Jake asked, audibly out of breath now, "Your Mommy loves riding my cock. She loves it! Isn't that right, Slut-Mommy?"

Andrea kept moaning and screaming. Then there was another loud slap. "Answer me, bitch! You love riding my cock, don’t you? Tell your pathetic son!"

"Ohhhh! Y-Yes, I l-love it! Yes!" she screamed, "Yes, yes, yessss! Oh my G-G-God!"

"Good whore," Jake said, "now tell the faggot what you told me before."

"I... I... I... I'm... I'm... I'm gonna cum!" Andrea moaned, her voice cracking.

"That's," another smack, "not," another smack, "it!" another smack.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she howled.

Then, suddenly it became quiet. Only now did Lennard notice that there had been a constant rhythmic squeaking of a bed that had abruptly slowed down and stopped. All he could hear was heavy breathing and quiet moans of his mother.

"Tell your pathetic son what you told me before or I'm pulling out right now."

"N-no!" Andrea pleaded, "Please!"

"Then tell him what you told me earlier."

"P-Please... I... I... I'm about to cum, Jake! Please! Pleaaase, babe!"

"Then tell him."

The phone was handed to Andrea. Lennard could hear her heaving breathing up-close through the phone again. It quickly turned to moaning as the rhythmic squeaking noises got louder. Lennard's heart was pounding in his chest.

"L-Lenny... You... Ohhh… You are a… loser.. A p-pathetic loser..." his mother said as the squeaking sped up.

"That's right, bitch, tell him!" Jake yelled in the background.

"You... You are a pathetic little... loser, Lenny! And... And Jake... and I... W-we think y-you… you will stay a v-virgin forever... "

"A virgin loser through college!" Jake howled, "Nothing’s gonna change for him in college, isn’t that right? He’s gonna stay a pathetic virgin loser forever, huh?!”

"Y-Yes... A p-pathetic virgin loser... Through college… A-and forever" Andrea grunted in between moans, "N-nothing’s going to… change for y-you in college, Lenny… You… will stay a… virgin loser… f-forever."

"Fuck yes! No girl would ever want to fuck that faggot, right bitch?"


"And why is that, huh?!"

"N-no... Ohhh… Oh my God!" Andrea screamed, followed by another loud smack. The loudest one yet.

"Tell him, Mommy! Why does your faggot son deserve to be a virgin loser forever?"

"B-Because..." she panted, "b-because he has a little boy’s dick… Because… I gave birth to a... t-tiny dick loser! That's why he deserves to be a a virgin forev-... Ohhh! Oh my G-God... Oh my God!  I'm cumming! Ohh my G-"

She hung up. Lennard sat there on the couch, trembling and sobbing. He felt nauseous. He buried his bruised face in his hands and bawled uncontrollably. He felt so ashamed and humiliated. He cried and cried. He didn't know how long he stayed there like that but eventually heard the front door open and close. He heard the clacking of her heels as she approached. Then he felt his mother hug him from behind.

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