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Fapping Materials / AI story: The Benefits of Guidance
« on: June 29, 2023, 07:34:46 PM »
This is my first attempt at writing a story with NovelAI. It's a very collaborative writing experience. Lots of fun and very inspiring.

Everybody is supposed to be 18 or above here, but NAI is quite liberal with those things, so pleas rest assured. Everyone is 18 or above. There's really not any sex in the first chapter, there'' be lots of that in chapter two. But there's lots of bullying. If that's not your cup of tea, just move on to other topics.

But let's get going.

The Benefits of Guidance
Chapter one: In the Office

Helen looked out of the third floor window of her headmistress office as two women entered the schoolyard. She could hear the woolf whistles and cat calls the two women attracted from the boys in the school yard, and nodded thoughfully to herself. Yes, those two were absolutely worthy of the appraisals they got. She also noted that the two women wore rather short skirts and high heels. Nothing slutty, but definitely not standard houswife stuff.

A handsome dark haired young man entered the room and joined her at the window, following her gaze as he embraced her from behind.

"So, your 10.30 appointment has arrived, I see. Very nice," he said as his hands traveled up her body and cupped her stunning breasts. Helen leaned back against the young man, pushing his hands harder against her breasts.

"Mmm, yes honey. They do look very nice. Are the boys here?"

"Yes, they're in the front room, keeping as much distance as possible between them."

"Ok, you better get back to your desk. Just send them all in when the mothers arrive." she said as Mark started to turn. "Just one more thing." He looked back.

"Just this," she said kissing him deeply and hungrily. She smacked her lover's butt as he left the room grinning.

Alice and Ava emerged from the staircase, looking for the headmistress' office. A sign pointed them in the right direction and they soon entered the front office. They saw Eric sitting dejectedly on his own, as far away as he could come from Adrian, who was chatting easily with a handsome young man.

As they entered, the young man got to his feet and greeted them with a big smile.

"Ms Gibson and Ms Meyer? Great. I think Ms Armstrong is ready to receive you, so just step this way," he said, opening the door for them.

Helen stood up and smiled warmly at the two women. "Welcome to St Andrews school. My name is Helen Armstrong. Please come in," she said as she ushered the two women and their sons into her office.

Eric's heart sank. Why were they here? He hadn't done anything wrong, but the school had called him in for an 'important' talk, which meant that he was definitely in some kind of trouble. His mother squeezed his hand.

"Hi Eric. Everything ok?" she said. Eric nodded.

"We can sit over here in the lounge area," Helen said, leading them to a corner of her spacious office with a couch and an easy chair. "Ok? Then, if you'd like to take a seat. Let's get started."

Alice and Ava sat on the couch, and Adrian squeezed in between them. Helen took the easy chair, so Eric had to find an office char and bring it over.

"I think it's best if I explain why I asked for this meeting. To put it bluntly, Adrian's bullying of Eric has been going on for so long it has become somewhat concerning. You understand, mostly we don't interfere with bullying. With boys of a certain age bullying will always happen, and it's only a way for the boys to find their place in the world. But I do find that this situation demands closer scrutiny." Helen said, looking round the table for reactions.

The two mothers nodded in agreement. This sounded quite sensible to them. Eric didn'r show any reaction, but Adrian had a smug grin on his face, but Helen suspected that was because he was seated so close the two gorgeous moms. Helen went on.

"I've seen the boys in class together, and I have seen Adrian picking on Eric in class, and even when he's not in class. So I think I have a fair impression of what's going on. But I'd like to hear some more from the boys themselves. Adrian, can you tell us about why you pick on Eric all the time, and what you're thinking of when you do it." she said, giving Adrian an encouraging smile.

Eric sighed. This was not good. It was quite likely that Adrian would tell the whole story, his story, and win them over with his charm. It would be embarrassing enough for Eric to have to listen to it, but he didn't want to go through it with his mother. He had tried to explain to her a few weeks back, but she just didn't understand.

Adrian grinned and said, "Well, you see Ms Armstrong. Eric is just an annoying, know-it-all, wimpy faggott, and he's so pathetic he can't stop annoying me. So I beat him up as often as I can."

"Very interesting," Helen remarked. "Do you call him all those things to his face?"

"Yeah, and a whole lot more."

"Could you show us now?"

"Yeah, why not? Come on Eric, let's see if you can take it." Adrian said as he got to his feet, and made a big show of straightening himself, all three women noticing his impressive physique. He approached Eric.

"Come on Eric, give it to me. I know you can," he said with a taunting grin.

Eric was trembling. What was going to happen? Adrian was going to start kicking him, and there was nothing he could do about it. He closed his eyes and turned away. He just hoped this would be over quickly.

"Come on Eric, you can do better than that. Make me mad. Hit me." Adrian said. He looked over at his mother. He noticed a small smirk on her face, which gave him quite a thrill. It excited him even more to see the same smirk on Alice's face. The wimp's mother actually wanted to see him bullying her son.

Eric struck out with a weak punch to Adrian's face.

"Ah, no. That was pathetic. Now try again."

Eric swung again and again, but Adrian blocked every single punch. Eric was exhausted after three or four punches, and Adrian hit him twice in the face, one on each cheek. He then kicked him hard in the stomach, sending him to the floor. Eric curled up, hugging himself as the pain went through him.

Helen was impressed. Adrian was so confident and handled himself very well. She looked over at the two mothers. Ava was looking intently at her son, a slight flush on her cheeks. And Alice mostly looked concerned for her son, but she was also looking at the bully.

"Are you ok, Eric?" she said, walking over to her son. "It wasn't too hard, I hope? You know, it was only to show us how the bullying happens." Her voice was concerned, but she didn't kneel down to comfort him. She just stood looking down at him.

"Ok, thank you for the demonstration, Adrian." Helen said, clearing her throat. "Now, as you are bullying him, do you also verbally abuse him? Like with all those words you mentioned?"

"Yes, that's what I call him," Adrian replied. "Would you like to hear what I say?" Helen nodded.

Adrian started to taunt Eric again. "Hey wimp, what's wrong? You too scared to fight now, faggott?" He then kicked Eric in the side, which he thought was hilarious. He laughed as Eric curled up again.

"I think we have enough information from Adrian for now. I would just like to hear from Alice and Ava." Helen said. She was really intrigued by the two mothers. Both of them seemed to be enjoying the show. Alice looked worried for her son, but Ava looked more excited than she had any right to be, considering her son was bullying Alice's son. But there was a look on Ava's face that suggested more excitement than she should be having at a time like this.

"Now, Ava, could you tell us a little about your thoughts on all this." Helen said, turning to the couch. They had all sat down again now, only Eric remained curled up on the floor. Helen noticed that again Adrian had sat down between the two mothers, and it looked like they were sitting even closer now.

"Well, I don't know," Ava began. "I'm Adrians mother, that's the most important thing for me. I think I should support him as much as I can. And when he has a conflict, of course I take his side." She looked over at Alice. "Now getting to know Alice and becoming close friends with her, I have also gained a bit of understanding for her side, and Eric's side." They were momentarily distracted by a moan from Eric, but noone took any further notice.

"But my main view on all this, is that I support Adrian fully." Ava concluded.

"Yes, I see," Helen said. "So you know Adrian is bullying Eric, but you support him, you respect his reasons? And, I suppose, also respect him as a man."
Ava blushed. "Yes. Well, Eric is an annoying little wimp. Excuse me, Alice, but he is. If my son says he deserves to be bullied, then I guess he deserves it.
"And how does that make you feel?" Helen said, looking intently at Ava. "How does it make you feel to see your son bullying your new friend's son."
Ava had a look on her face as if she was thinking, but didn't reply right away. She was blushing now, and Helen thought she saw a twitch in the corners of her mouth.

"I do feel good." she began. What I mean is that I support Adrian's reasons for bullying Eric, I support him being a bully. And that feels right to me." She looked lovingly at her son. Helen nodded, studying the trio on the couch with interest.

"Please go on," she said.

"Well, I don't think there is any need for me to tell you the whole story. You probably have a good idea already. You must have seen how Adrian acts in class, how he picks on Eric. You know how much he likes to make fun of Eric." Ava said. She was clearly enjoying her role in all this.

Helen nodded again. "Yes. Adrian's bullying is obvious, and very consistent. But Alice, do you agree with Ava's assessment?"

Alice turned to Helen. "Well ... I don't know. I feel so conflicted about all this. Adrian has been doing this for quite some time, and I have tried to speak to him about it, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. I do support my son fully. It's not easy being bullied all the time, but he's my son, and I love him." She looked down at her son on the floor.

"On the other hand, I have talked a lot with Adrian and feel I know him. And I kind of see his point of view. I don't ... I probably shouldn't say this, but ... he really is a very impressive boy," she said, blushing. Helen smiled and nodded.

"So, Adrian's reasons for bullying are acceptable to you?" she said, looking at Alice, then Ava. Both nodded.

"Ava, if we could dwell a little more  on your feelings about this. Is this ok with you?" Helen asked Ava. "Do you feel good about Adrian bullying Eric?"

"Well, I can't explain it, but yeah, it avtually does feel good to see Eric getting bullied by Adrian. It gives me a feeling of pride. Adrian has always been such a strapping young man, but Eric is such a weak and pathetic loser, I just have to look at him and laugh," Ava said, blushing. Adrian layed one arm behind her shoulders, the other around Alice, and held them closer. Neither Alice or Ava seemed to mind. Helen turned to Alice.

"So, do you agree with Ava that it is right for Adrian to bully your son?" she asked.

Alice was flushed now too, and seemed to be struggling with what to say. "I ... I'm not sure. Yes, I can understand why Adrian would feel this way, but I have not been able to change his mind about it, and maybe he has changed mine. A bit. But, yes, I have to admit, I feel something like ... like it's right. That Eric has to learn and that Adrian can teach him a lesson or two about life. If that makes any sense?" She looked to Helen for help in sorting out her feelings.

Helen smiled warmly. "It does make sense, Alice." She paused for a moment, looking down at her notes. "Hmm yes, I think we have gone far enough along this road for now." She looked at her watch. "And I have another meeting. We have discovered a lot today, but I think there's much more to explore here. Would you be interested in continuing our explorations at my house? I feel we may feel a lot freer in a more private setting."

Alice and Ava looked at each other, then both nodded. Adrian got up first and held out his hands to help the two mothers to their feet. Getting up they both stumbled against his chest.

"Very good," Helen said. "Is tomorrow at six o'clock ok for you?" Again both mothers nodded. "Great, I'll be looking forward to it. Oh, before you go, there's one more thing I've wanted to do the whole meeting." She took two steps over to Eric and gave him a solid kick in the butt.

Alice looked shocked, but couldn't hide the small smile on her lips as she helped Eric to his feet.

Helen went on, "You know, boys your age should be out with friends, enjoying themselves, not sitting in headmistress offices, getting their butts kicked." She took Eric's chin in her hand and tilted his head up so she could look in his face. "I hope you learned something here today. You have to find your own strength, or you'll be a pathetic loser all your life. If you ever need my help, let me know."

With that she gave Eric a reassuring slap on the cheek, then turned to the others. "And I'll be looking forward to seeing all of you again tomorrow," she said, smiling brightly. They all shook her hand, some of them more enthusiastically than others.

Fapping Materials / Writing stories with AI
« on: June 25, 2023, 07:29:23 PM »
I noticed a couple of authors here had used AI to help write stories with the AI contributing to a greater or lesser degree. So I figured I'd have a go.

So I went for the easiest option: Bing Chat. No downloads, no subscriptions, nothing to set up. At first Bing asked me for a genre, and I chose Drama to be on the safe side. I described the characters and the opening scene, and Bing thought it was a great idea for a story. It turned out to be a fun writing partner with lots of nice suggestions of its own. I went easy on the sex content, figuring I would add that later, so instead of saying "they fucked" I used expressions like "they were enjoying themselves" which Bing accepted willingly.

However, after a prompt with some bikinis and flirting, it generated some promising text before removing it again. When I asked why, it answered: Iím sorry, but I canít show you the text because it violates the safety rules. The scene you described is too racy and inappropriate for me to write. I hope you understand and respect my limitations.

So Bing Chat only gets you so far.

So, I'd be interested to know, what are your experiences with writing with AI? Which AIs have you used and how far would it take You? And how explicit were you allowed to be?

I can post Bing's story if anyone's interested.

Real Life / Two slices of real life
« on: November 16, 2019, 03:38:07 PM »
Just a reminder that what we all love and find incredibly exciting, a bully fucking our mom, isn't all that rare in real life. It's just two guys posting on reddit about their moms, but quite relevant:

Case 1:
And today's update:

That subreddit, , is interesting and not unrelated to the subject matter here on BFMM.

Case 2:

Thought you might be interested :)

Real Life / How do you get mom and bully to meet?
« on: October 26, 2019, 04:01:49 PM »
So you have a hot mom, a mom who deserves an active stimulating and satisfying sex life with a young virile lover. And you have bully who makes your life hell, but secretly you admire his cockyness and get off on imagining him fucking your mom. Or maybe a friend or an acquaintance that's always teasing you about how hot your MILF mom is. Ok, so how do you get them to meet?

Once they meet, it would be up to the two of them to get the sparks flying and end up in bed together. But how could you as a helpful son get the process started? Give the bully her mail address or other online contact info, perhaps, or invite him to a family dinner?

Any real life experiences? KingHK47 got his friend to get together with his mom, as told here: and others here have invited the forum members to contact their mom. Did anything happen?

Real Life / MILF mom and her young lover
« on: October 02, 2019, 05:37:26 PM »

I have a friend in Australia and she seduced - or was seduced by - her son's "friend". The story may not tick all the checkboxes for BFMM, but bear with me, it's a hot story.

This took place about fifteen years ago, in a rather posh suburb of a big Australian city. My friend and her family had a nice big house with a big garden and a swimming pool, so it was a natural place for the kids and their friends to hang out. Her son and his friends were all around 14 at the time, so naturally most of them were full of hormones and puberty.

Some of the boys were more cocky than the others and flirted non-stop with my friend. They wore speedos rather than board shorts in order to show off their maturing cocks, and apparently they were all quite impressive.

My friend liked to hang out at the pool with the boys, and naturally got a lot of attention. She was already known as a MILF among the boys, and of course the son was teased endlessly by his mates about what they'd like to do with her. She thrived on all the attention and compliments she was getting, and responded by appearing in ever smaller and sexier bikinis when cavorting round the pool. And when they flirted with her, she flirted right back. I think that her son was deeply embarassed by all this, though I never got him to comment on it.

One of the cocky youngsters was very forward, and was the only one who had the confidence to touch her, like patting her ass, or holding her while playing in the pool. He also had the most well-filled speedos, a fact that my friend really appreciated.

This kept building, and one day my friend pulled the cocky one aside, and told him that if he came by the next day he might get lucky. And so the affair started.

Apparently he was a very competent lover, and knew how to put his big cock to good use when he fucked her. After some time the reason for his competence was revealed: He had already been fucking his sister for a while. I don't know how long it took, but eventually his sister joined in and they continued as a threesome.

I haven't got many details, but apparently their favourite position was the boy fucking my friend from behind, while she had her face between the sister's thighs, lick and sucking. A remark by the sister gives an impression of the intensity of the fucking: "Hey, take it easy on her, she almost bit my clit off."

The boy liked to piss off my friend's son by telling him about fucking his mom, and how hot she was. The son at first thought he was bullshitting, but one day he snuck into the house and both heard and saw them fucking, an intense experience that gave him fapping material for many years.

The son and mom's lover weren't really friends. They hung out because they were in the same class at school. Loverboy liked to mess with the son, telling him about fucking his mom, so the son thought of him as an arrogant prick and saw him more and more as a bully.

The affair lasted a number of months, until the boy and his sister moved away.

So, mothers who are tempted to have an affair with her son's friends or bullies, or mother's who are already fucking their young lovers, or bullies trying to seduce that hot MILF in your neighborhood, it does happen, it is possible, and you're not alone.

About Site, Test Posts, Bugs etc. / Real life forum?
« on: August 20, 2019, 09:07:27 PM »
Great to see the site rid of spam, and perhaps more importantly, with a vigorous amount of traffic. It's starting to look like a real thriving community.

There have been a number of posts relating to stories and incidents relating to real life, which sits awkwardly in both Fapping Material and Fantasy Discussion. Is there a need for a Real Life forum?

About Site, Test Posts, Bugs etc. / Spam again
« on: July 29, 2019, 08:52:12 PM »
The site is being spammed again. The Fantasy Discussion forum is tatally bombed today. Moderators, please do something fast!!!

Isn't it relatively straightforward to just delete the posts and the users making them? At least now, before it has grown to big.

About Site, Test Posts, Bugs etc. / Kaptcha system not working
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:11:34 AM »
I hope the trouble with the domain expiring has been sorted, and it's great to see the site up again.

But the kaptcha system for posting isn't active, so that needs to be activated before the site is drowned by spam again.

Fapping Materials / The cruel Mom
« on: June 24, 2019, 09:22:46 AM »
Does anyone know of any stories where Mom is seduced by the bully, takes his side and actually bullies her son herself?

I have read stories where Mom passively accepts the bully's bullying, but only seen one where she takes an active role in bullying her son, Psiberdreaming's "Bully Gest Wimp's Mother":

That one is a bit harsh, and it's unfinished, in that Mom never gets around to actually fuck the bully. And Cuckson's "Conflicted" may get there, if it is ever finished. But do you know of any others?

About Site, Test Posts, Bugs etc. / Lost messages
« on: April 21, 2019, 06:30:54 PM »
As a part of the war against the spamming, I guess, some weeks ago everything was set back to October 22. I have been messaging with a member quite a lot, and all our messages between that date and the reset are lost. Is there any possibility for re-importing the lost messages?

Fantasy Discussion / In praise of bullies
« on: October 15, 2018, 11:03:46 PM »
The way they are described in most bully/mom/son-stories, they can certainly do with a bit of support. The sons' anguish, torment and suffering is described in excrutiating detail, the mothers' curvacious bodies, their internal struggle and inevitable seduction uncovered and thoughrougly analysed, but the bullies are almost always portrayed as one-dimensional cardboard cutouts, with all their lines cribbed from bad pornos and totally devoid of personality. So I say they deserve every ounce of mom-pussy they get.

Let's hope for more interesting bullies, with a bit more to offer the lucky moms, in stories to come ...

Fantasy Discussion / Mom's motivation for taking bully's side
« on: October 14, 2018, 12:36:02 AM »
In lots of stories the mom eventually takes the bully's side in relation to her son. With her initial motherly feelings, unable to see anything negative in her son, she more or less gradually adopts the bully's view of the son. Some even joining the bully in humiliating and bullying the son, to a greater or lesser degree. And I was wondering, what could be a close to realistic motivation for the mother to do this. Besides the sexual attraction to - and desire to please - the bully.

One motivation could be frustration with her own parenting. That is, she sees her son developing characteristics that she doesn't like, that he is self centered, whiney, conceited and so on. She may have seen this developing for some time, unable to break from the all-accepting mom-role. And so, getting seduced by the bully opens up a door to accept those feelings.

Would be interesting to hear your thoughts about this. Also any other ideas for her motivations. Any real life experiences?

Fantasy Discussion / What got you into this fantasy?
« on: October 07, 2018, 09:05:22 PM »
There are now close to 200 registered members of this forum, but it seems like it's hard to get a conversation or discussion going. I thought that it would be interesting to continue some threads from the previous forum, so Roamingcat's thread could be a good way to get something going.

Were you bullied while growing up? Raised by a single mother? Did all your friends call your mom a MILF? Was she overly friendly with your friends? Sexy incidents in your family or friend's families?

Or did you see or read something that got you here? If so, what, and what was the most important element of the story/comic/video?  What pushes all the right buttons for you?

For myself, there was nothing sexy in my real life. It was a random link in one of Reddit's incest forums which made me discover Cuckoldson's "Conflicted" and that was it. I was sold.

Fapping Materials / Conflicted - Best ever mom and bully story?
« on: September 28, 2018, 12:25:02 AM »
I'm sure many people here are familiar with the story. I discovered "Conflicted" by Cuckoldson on Literrotica a couple of weeks ago, and I find myself going back and rereading it all the time. Like I want to spend time with Leslie and her Bully Boy lover. I have read a LOT of erotic stories, but never been struck like this with any other story. Any others had this reaction? Can anyone recommend any so well written stories?

Looks like Cuckoldson takes his time writing new chapters, but he seems very committed to this story, so I trust more chapters will come. Anyone have any thoughts about possible outcomes?

Edit: I should of course have included a link, so here it is: Go ahead and read all of them. They're all good.

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