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About Site, Test Posts, Bugs etc. / Save the site
« on: August 03, 2020, 02:30:03 PM »
This is a preventive message for the admin I think  you should save all the site so we don't lose all what are in this site I know it's a huge work but if you do just a little every day we can be sure to never lose all the content in this site

Why I'm saying this well specially because of this new topic

 " Pornstar with their kids " that I think we all like and huge big up to who made it ,

Correct me if im wrong , I don't know but because there are photos with real kids and porn in it this maybe can cause the site to be closed  one day ,  if he get's reported or idk , hope this never happen and hope the topic will continue but if for whatever reason the site gets closed or deleted we have to save it so we don't lose all the content and still have access !!.


before starting I would like to thank the people who made this site really good job
unfortunately I find that the community is too silent and does not share enough do not communicate enough in public  don't give enough opinions and feedback most of the time it's the same people or new and don't come back ( I'm speaking specially at the fapping materials section )  hope they will be more participation in this topic  also would like to see the admin participate more

Finally all what is below is free to use just let me know so I can enjoy it too or if you know something similar  😉

Fapping Materials / Uglyfucker ?? What happened bro ??
« on: July 02, 2020, 12:20:58 AM »
Any one know what happened to uglyfucker account ? It's seems to be deleted ,
Hope he hasn't any problems ,  he was one of the most active with a lot of new hot stories , hope he will be back soon and other person like him join , for more stories contents

Fapping Materials / Fapping Story idea !!
« on: May 14, 2020, 05:44:30 PM »
I just had a story idea from a youtube video that I share at the end,

the scenarios are as follows (it's vacation or no more study thanks to quarantine, it's great !! , finally freedom and especially no more humiliation and no more of this little kid who hits me and humiliate me every day,
just me and my beautiful mother, she has back pain and comes to me the idea of ​​giving her a massage from a professional at home the masseuse should come today but to my surprise and disappointment it is my bully who rings the door and it is he who will massage my mother I do not like it and I decide to stay in the living room to protect my mother and not let him take advantage over her (that's what I was thinking),
 and there with a smile he takes advantage by pretending to teach me how to take care of her since we are the same age I should be able to do the same,
After 20 minutes my mother is excited and begins to breathe hard with pleasure and then she orders me to go buy things that should take me 30 minutes for dinner or else,
when I come back I find the living room empty and noises that shivers my back I run to my mother's room to save her (I think my bully was gone and that my mother was hurt that she had fallen or whatever) and to my terror they where fucking together (my mother taught that 20 minutes will be enough to fuck my bully but no, it was not enough they continued a good hour) after he finishe my mother gave me the order to clean the mess and give her a relaxing massage since my bully did to her an energetic massage some kind of physical exercises which she liked very much she said .

of course this is just the outline i guess what i just wrote is just the first scene in the story (chapter) and that the story is much longer with many humiliation and degradation, physical and mental.

I don't think I can write such a story (just imagine it) if someone ever wanted to write it itís with great pleasure that I will read it ,you can modify it as you want just let me know to being able to read it I wouldn't miss it.

Here is the video that gave me this idea !! this is the part where the bully make the mother horny and teaches the son how to massage his mother's ass :


Enjoy !!     

( English is not my language but I understand it and enjoy reading it)

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