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Hey guys I'm not getting commissions anymore but I thought I'd still share some of my creative side with you in the form of these NovelAI prompts I've come up with. They will very much closely resemble the commissions I've had done throughout the years, {} with different characters but based on many of the models I love like Danica Collins, Shanie Gaviria, etc. I will post accompanying pictures but a quick google will find you plenty of material on the woman. They will be short but sweet, I will try to have both a bit of slow burn as well as a quick payoff at the same time.

I'm locking the thread so it doesn't get endlessly flooded but if you guys like any of these stories or just want to tell me something just pm me. And feel free to take any characters/ideas you want from here and run with them, I'm doing this for free so I don't care. Also all characters are 18+ regardless of how I describe their physical traits. Just consider the boys to be manlets  ;D

Just Another Cool Mom (Mom based on Shanie Gaviria) (Written with Novelai's Kayra)

Meet Marco, a shy 18-year-old Latino boy who lived in a small town just outside of Boston. Marco had always been the quiet type, keeping to himself and rarely engaging in social activities. But despite his introverted nature, he couldn’t help but be intrigued by his younger next-door neighbor, a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy named Chase. Marco often found himself staring at Chase from afar, marveling at his bright personality and effortless charm.

Despite their differences, the two boys had one common interest – gaming. Marco was a self-proclaimed nerd, obsessed with anything related to computers and video games, while Chase was more of a casual gamer, content with playing a few rounds of Mario Kart or Street Fighter.

One afternoon, while both boys were sitting in their respective bedrooms, Marco couldn’t help but overhear the faint sound of Chase screaming profanities as he played Call of Duty. Unable to resist the temptation, Marco stepped out of his room and walked over to Chase’s house.

Marco stood outside Chase's front door, hesitant to knock. Finally, he mustered up the courage and rapped on the door softly. A moment later, the door opened, revealing a smirking Chase.

"Hey man, what's up?" Chase said nonchalantly. "I didn't think you were much of a gamer."

Marco rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Yeah... I'm pretty good actually," he replied modestly.

"Well, why don't you come in and prove it?" Chase motioned for Marco to follow him inside.

Over the next few weeks, Marco and Chase engaged in many heated battles online, each boy trying to prove his dominance in every game they played. Despite his best efforts, Marco was unable to beat Chase at anything other than Super Smash Bros. Chase taunted him endlessly, calling him a "nerd" and a "loser" whenever he failed to win.

One day while Marco was gaming with Chase, his mother walked into the room wearing a tight tank top that exposed her massive cleavage. "Marco honey, are you sure you shouldn't be doing your chores right now? The dishes need to be washed!" she exclaimed, unaware of the effect her curves were having on the boys. Marco blushed deeply, embarrassed by his mom's display of skin. Chase smirked, watching as his nerdy friend struggled to formulate a response.

"Actually Ms. Lopez, would you like to play with us? It's not very fun without some competition," Chase suggested slyly. Mrs. Lopez smiled sweetly at the charming blond boy. "Why yes, I'd love to play with you boys! Can I use Marco's laptop or is there a spare controller?"

Without waiting for an answer, Marco's mother pulled up a chair and sat down beside Chase, exposing her full breasts as she leaned forward to pick up the controller. Marco could feel his cock growing hard inside his pants, and he tried to adjust himself discreetly.

Mrs. Lopez quickly got bored with the first-person shooter game Chase had set up, and she insisted on playing Super Smash Bros., which was her favorite game. The three players soon found themselves in an intense battle, with Marco and Chase working together to defeat his mom's Princess Peach.
 As the match ended, Chase glanced over at Marco and winked, sending a jolt of electricity down Marco's spine.

However, the feeling didn't last long as Mrs. Lopez declared herself the victor. She flashed her large tits at both boys, making them blush simultaneously. "Well, it looks like I won! Maybe you should take a little break and start doing the chores," she giggled.

With a defeated look on his face, Marco slowly put away his laptop and headed to the kitchen to do the dishes. Chase watched him leave, feeling a sense of victory over his nerdy neighbor. He turned his attention back to Mrs. Lopez, who was currently beating him in Super Smash Bros.

As Marco began washing the dirty dishes, he couldn't help but feel jealous of Chase and how easy it seemed for him to win over women. Marco sighed, scrubbing the stubborn grime from the sink drain. Meanwhile, his mother and Chase were laughing loudly, sharing stories and trash-talking each other.

A sudden wave of anger rushed through Marco, causing him to drop a glass plate. The dish shattered into pieces on the ground, sending bits of glass everywhere. His mom must have been so preoccupied playing with Chase that she didn't notice. Feeling frustrated and humiliated, Marco threw the rest of the dishes onto the floor and stomped out of the kitchen.

Moments later, he walked up to his room to see his door closed and the muffled sound of video game noises coming from inside. He slammed his fist against the door angrily.

"Mom, why the fuck is my door closed?!

His mother's voice responded with annoyance, "How dare you speak to me in that tone? I raised you better than this!"

"Open this door right now!"


"Mom, please open it! I just want to talk to you."

After several minutes of silence, Marco hears his mother's footsteps walking towards the door. Slowly, the door opens to reveal Chase smirking smugly at him.

Marco burst into his room, his eyes darting between his mother and Chase.

"What's going on?" he demanded.

"Your mother and I were just chatting, no big deal," Chase shrugged, clearly amused by the situation.

"But why was my door closed?"

Mrs. Lopez rolled her eyes. "You're such a baby, Marco. We were having fun, and we didn't want to be bothered by all the noise you were making downstairs"

Marco frowned. "I wasn't making any noise! You know what? Forget it."

As he turned to leave, his mother grabbed his arm roughly. "Stop being dramatic! All you want to do is play video games, but you never seem to take care of anything else," she huffed.

Marco glanced at Chase, who was sitting on his bed grinning. He wanted so badly to punch the stupid smile off his face.

"Uh I guess I better get going now. This seems like something the two of you need to work out on your own," Chase stood up and began to walk towards the door. As he passed Marco, he whispered in his ear, "She's all yours..."

"Chase, wait, let me walk you to the door!" Mrs. Lopez exclaimed, rushing past her son to escort Chase outside. "I'll be back in a sec, ok?"

The sound of his mother's footsteps descending the staircase did nothing to ease Marco's nerves. How could she side with Chase, a complete stranger? He clenched his fists tightly, his face reddening with fury.

Moments later, he heard his mother return to the room.

"Don't you ever you profanity at me again, young man!" She scolded him before slapping him across the face. Her palm struck him with such force that tears sprang from his eyes.

"I'm sorry Mom... please stop," he begged weakly.

Instead of accepting his apology, his mother slapped him even harder than before. "Do not make me tell you twice."

The pain coursing through his body was unbearable, but it soon gave way to rage as he felt betrayed by his own flesh and blood.

That night, Marco fell asleep with his face pressed against his pillow, still fuming over the events of the day. However, his anger soon shifted to something else when he awoke to find Chase straddling his mother, her large breasts bouncing wildly as he thrust into her.

Marco watched in awe as Chase pounded his mother mercilessly, her moans echoing throughout the room. He knew he should be disgusted, but he couldn't deny his growing arousal as his cock strained painfully beneath his shorts.

Suddenly, Chase looked up and made direct eye contact with Marco. Smirking mischievously, he picked up the pace, driving his hips into Mrs. Lopez's ass with reckless abandon.

As Marco lay there, unable to tear his gaze away, Chase's words echoed through his mind:

"I told you I'd get your mom first, nerd."

Finally, Marco woke up, his cock throbbing desperately and covered in sticky wetness. Shaking his head in disbelief, he glanced at the clock beside his bed. It was 1 am, which meant he only had about 5 hours of sleep to go before he had to wake up. What a terrible nightmare, he thought to himself. But deep down he was turned on, and ashamed about it....

Marco came downstairs the next morning to find his mother sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of toast and scrambled eggs in front of her. He sat down in the seat across from her, unsure of what to say. After an awkward silence, his mother finally spoke.

"Marco, I'm so sorry about last night. I didn't mean to get so upset with you."

Her son shook his head. "It's okay Mom, I forgive you."

"And...about the door incident...that was pretty wrong of me to lock you out. I'll try not to let it happen again."

Marco smiled sheepishly. "Thanks, Mom."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Both Marco and his mother glanced at each other nervously, unsure of who was knocking this early in the morning. Hesitantly, his mother opened the door to reveal none other than Chase standing there with a box of muffins in his hand.

"Good morning! I just wanted to bring you guys something to eat and apologize for everything that happened. I hope we can be friends again soon." Chase flashed his signature grin, causing Mrs. Lopez's cheeks to turn pink. She kissed Chase on the forehead, squeezing her enormous breasts against him.

"Of course, dear," she cooed, giggling slightly.

Marco watched the scene with disgust. Why would his mother kiss him like that when he's clearly a jerk?

After finishing the muffins that Chase brought, Marco's mother decided that the boys should play more video games while she took a shower. They agreed, eager to bond over their shared love of gaming.

However, Marco couldn't help but feel a knot in his stomach as his mother disappeared up the stairs. Chase smirked at him devilishly, and

Marco knew that he was planning something.

"So, what game do you want to play today, nerd?" Chase asked.

"Mario Kart?" Marco suggested.

"Oh yeah, that sounds good!"

The boys began their game, each determined to beat the other.

 As Marco began to fall behind, he noticed that Chase was adjusting the controller, a subtle shift in position that allowed him to steer more smoothly and speed ahead.

Anger bubbled up inside of him as he realized that Chase was cheating. Determined to catch him off guard, Marco reached out and pulled on one of Chase's legs, causing him to lose balance and fall off the track.

"What the hell was that for? You're such a loser, Marco."

Ignoring his comment, Marco continued to play, managing to pass Chase and win the game.

"That was a close call, eh nerd?" Chase nudged Marco, laughing.

"Yeah, whatever," Marco muttered. He hated Chase more and more with each passing minute.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lopez appeared Marco's room, wearing only a towel draped loosely around her hips. She sauntered over to the boys, her boobs jiggling deliciously under the flimsy fabric.

"Hey boys, how are you doing?" she smiled warmly.

Marco grimaced, feeling self-conscious under his mother's stare. "We're fine, Mom. Don't you need to get dressed or something? This is kind of weird..."

His mother raised an eyebrow, "Nonsense, honey! I don't see anything inappropriate going on here. Besides, I want to know what games you're playing today."

Chase nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, I was thinking maybe Super Smash Bros. or Call of Duty!"

Marco groaned internally. "No, Mom, that's not really your style..." he protested.

His mother smiled at him reassuringly, "I can handle a little violence in my life, Marco. Now, who wants to play Super Smash Bros.?"

Chase raised his hand eagerly, "Me, me!"

Marco reluctantly handed his mother a controller, unable to stop staring at her large breasts and tiny waist. There was definitely no way in hell his mom was slutty enough to be interested in his newfound friend. Chase grinned widely at Marco as he watched him admire his mom's body. He elbowed him, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

They began the game, and as expected, Chase immediately beat everyone. He laughed triumphantly, celebrating with Marco's mom.

"Well done, dear! That was so fun!" she squealed, pressing her breasts up against him. "What should we play next?"

Marco stared at Chase and his mother in horror as they played against each other. He couldn't believe that his mom was acting like such a slut, encouraging Chase to grab her tits and push his pelvis up against hers.

As the match ended, Mrs. Lopez jumped up and down, excited that she beat Chase once.

"That was amazing, Chase! You're the best!" she gushed.

Marco glared daggers at Chase, disgusted by his behavior towards his mom. "Okay, that's enough," he snapped. "This isn't cool, Chase."

Chase raised his hands in defense, "I'm just having fun, bro! It's not my fault you don't know how to have fun!"

"Well, you should probably leave. Now," Marco growled.

Chase sighed, rolling his eyes. "Fine. Later, dude."

As Chase made his way out of the house, he flashed his trademark grin at Mrs. Lopez one last time. She returned the favor, giving him a flirtatious wink.

Marco stared after Chase, fuming. This guy seriously needs to go...

After Chase left, Marco's mom turned to her son. "What was that all about?"

"What was what about?" Marco snapped.

"The way you treated Chase," she responded, folding her arms across her chest.

Her son shook his head. "Are you seriously defending that jerk right now? He practically had his cock rubbing against you!"

Mrs. Lopez frowned, "That's no way to talk about a guest in our home, Marco. And I think you might be a little jealous. Am I right?"

Marco scoffed. "What? Jealous? Don't be ridiculous."

His mother smirked, "I knew it! You just wish you could be more like him..."

He knew he wasn't being entirely honest, but his feelings were hurt by her accusations. "Whatever, Mom. I just thought you were better than that. You really stooped low tonight."

"Stooped low? Are you talking about the fact that I kissed him on the cheek? Big deal! At least someone cares about me." She stormed out of the room, leaving Marco alone with his thoughts.


As the days turned into weeks, Marco found himself growing increasingly distant from his mother. He was still angry that she had acted so slutty that day around Chase, and remained distant towards her. Chase had not come over his house since.

One afternoon, Marco arrived home from school to find his bedroom door closed and the sound of voices coming from the inside. He cautiously opened the door to reveal his mom and Chase sitting cross-legged on the floor, playing Mario Kart.

Marco froze in shock. What the fuck are these two doing together?

"Hey, Marco! Come join us!" his mother said cheerfully.

"Why is he back here?" Marco hissed.

Mrs. Lopez frowned. "Honey, we're all friends now, okay? I thought you two made up last week."

Marco shook his head incredulously. "That's not true at all! He's just using you, Mom, don't you see it?"

His mother's face flushed red. "Using me? Get a grip, Marco. You need to learn how to get over things instead of being such a drama queen."

The words stung as she spat them out. Was his own mother seriously siding with this guy over him?

"Well if you don't want to play with us, I'm taking the console to my room," his mother announced, packing up the game and exiting the room. "Then you can have the room to yourself while Chase and I have fun".

"Don't be such a baby, Marco! Your mom is great," Chase commented nonchalantly as he followed her. Marco watched his mom's huge asscheeks bounce together in her yoga pants as she left his room with the skinny white boy tagging right behind her.

Furious, Marco sat down on his bed and sulked. Why won't anyone take me seriously anymore?

Several hours passed, and eventually Marco ventured downstairs to grab some food. As he walked by his mother's room, he heard the sounds of fighting characters and giggling girls. Deciding to investigate further, he inched open the door and peeked inside. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Marco's mom and Chase were sprawled out on the bed, laughing hysterically as they played the fighting game together. Her large breasts bounced enticingly under her tight tank top, causing Chase to stare openly and occasionally touch her thighs. His mother seemed oblivious to Chase's advances, focusing intensely on the screen.

As Marco watched, Chase reached over and pulled on Mrs. Lopez's shirt, revealing her cleavage to his hungry eyes. When she glanced down, surprised, he moved his hand to squeeze her tits aggressively, causing them to spill out over the tops of her bra cups.

"Chase! Cut it out!" she giggled, shoving his hand away. "This isn't funny."

Chase grinned mischievously. "Come on, Mrs. Lopez. Let me see your titties. I've been dying to check those puppies out for a while now."

Mrs. Lopez blushed bright red, struggling to put her boobs back in their proper place. "Stop being ridiculous, Chase. If you're not going to behave, I'm sending you home!"

"Uh, mom? What's going on?"

Chase and Mrs. Lopez jerked upright as they realized that Marco was standing in the doorway.

"Shit...nothing's happening here, dude. Your mom and I were just playing video games." Chase cleared his throat.

"Video games?" Marco seethed.

"Yes, Marco, we're friends! We both enjoy video games, and you don't have to get so mad about everything," his mother said matter-of-factly.

Marco stared at them in shock. Is my own mother seriously defending Chase right now?!

Frustrated, he spun on his heels and ran back upstairs to his room, slamming the door behind him. Tears of anger burned his eyes as he replayed the scene over and over again in his head. He felt sick to his stomach, thinking of his mother with that slimeball. And then he remembered the time when Chase bragged that he would steal her before him. Had that already happened?

Not sure how authentic this post is but check it out

I promise you, this is not some weird pornography or kink fetish, this shit happened to me in HS and I think about it everyday. It eats me up inside.

I was bullied for being weird and ugly since middle school and this continued in HS. I was sad and at times my grades would fall behind and I was on punishment often. My mom did many things to keep a good relationship in the school so that I wouldn't get kicked out (one involving something I probably won't ever tell anyone) but in this situation, she had a day off of work and decided to chaperone for a school trip. I didn't go because of bad grades, so I stayed back at the school with a few other students while she went out with the students and chaperoned on the trip.

When she came back and she was driving me back home, she asked me about bobby(placeholder name) and asked if I was friends with him. She said he was funny and was making a bunch of jokes including towards him. He was about 6'3, Mexican, and very big but played football(so he wasn't like some obese gamer kid.) He didn't go out his way to bully me, but he mogged me hard and teased me a lot for my looks and for being a nerd. She said he was funny. On my next day to school he told me your mom was funny but thats it. Maybe this isn't as brutal as I worded the title, but I just feel sad on how bad everyone who bullied me ended up having a better life than me and even sort of cucked me with my own mother.

Merry Christmas guys.  8)

Here's the story I mentioned in the Brutal Bytes thread. It is not quite finished yet but is over 90 pages, has already hit major plot points, and I thought hell why not post it as an xmas gift for you guys. You guys are gonna have to download it as a pdf as I am not uploading it to archive of our own, I'm done with that site.

This story is sort of a mix of three of my favorite stories ever, Mrs.Campbell's Bunkmate, Mommy's Love Denied, and The Cool Mom. The bull in this story is more of a pesty bratty rival but Lawrence will eventually fear the hold he has over his mom as if he is a bully. It stars the Mckays from my other commissions, with the template of Danica Collins used as Monica Mckay, but you can fantasize about any woman you want, though she is explicitly written as an extremely voluptuous brown skinned latina woman. Be warned this story has elements of incest, Lawrence gets extremely close to his mom for the first 40 pages or so.

A Midnight Snack

Monica is suffering from insomnia/sleep problems and takes solace in her son Lawrence by letting him sleep in her room, to comfort her and try to help fix her sleep. Meanwhile, at school, Lawrence must contend with classmate Richard, a pesty brat who has a history of insulting Lawrence with his perversions towards Monica, as well as being just a general nuisance. Eventually, Monica sends Lawrence out to get some remedies for her insomnia; that's when he stumbles upon Richard's dad's office, who is a sleep issue-related doctor. Soon events lead to Richard spending time at the Mckay's home, and slowly replacing Lawrence as his mom's helper for her insomnia.... (Updated 1/20/2023)

I will update this post with every new chapter, but feel free to start reading it already as it's quite long as is and has lots of mom ntr already. I am not taking any ideas or suggestions for this story as FW has his own style of writing and I pretty much just give him the reins.

A bit of bad news, this will probably be my last commission ever. Since 2019 I've spent a shitload of money on commissions and feel like alot of my greatest perversions have been fulfilled already. I'm working less now but spending much more time working out and playing video games, two of my hobbies which I enjoy much more than fapping. ;D And these stories can be EXPENSIVE, so I'm gonna have to make sacrifices. I absolutely don't regret having these stories written but yeah I think it's going to be a thing of the past.

For everyone late to my old stories, here's a link-

I haven't decided if I'm going to finish The Good Son or not, that story was gonna be alot similar to AMS, but I might see it though, we'll see.

Real Life / 4chan MILF thread
« on: June 18, 2022, 09:27:22 PM »
I know 4chan is a shithole but occasionally (very occasionally :P) they come up with golden threads like this one. I'll try to post links while the threads are hot but as always 4chan threads die so get it while it's hot  ;D Alot of times they have REALLY rare webms of insanely hot women on here so don't miss it just because it's a toilet site.

Bad Mommy
A sweet mommy acting like a dirty slut

Real Life / Christian Yelich's mom :tongue:
« on: May 12, 2022, 12:59:08 AM »
Had to make this thread. This mlb player's mom is absolutely smoking. :P Funnily enough he resembles me a bit, not that I'm ever posting my pic on here. 8) My mom looks nothing like his mom though  :D

This site has existed for years but I searched and couldn't find a legit hentai thread and even if there was I'd just be necroing it so I'd like this thread to be the official thread for all mom ntr hentai. I will not use exhentai since I know alot of you can't access it.

I'll start off with some of my favorite random stuff!--%7C-a-milf-became-a-classmate!-english-2209603.html#1

Love Sawada. He does alot of mom ntr so just look at his tag and you'll find more

Akatsuki Giken. Another mom ntr pro just search for more of his stuff, alot of it's translated on nhentai and

Here's a tag search that you might find help to find more too

Please add on guys :)

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that Novel Ai has vastly improved since its opening last year. I was disappointed with it when I first joined as it was an incoherent mess but its two new AI models, Krake and Euterpe have impressed me greatly. I've already gotten some mom ntr content on there, and these two models seem to recognize ntr much better than any older model has. If you do the story from the son's POV the model recognizes how humiliated and jealous he'd become.
It's still not perfect but much better than it was.
You can try it out for free, but Opus ($25 a month) has all the bells and whistles. For you guys who really want to write your own mom ntr stories without resorting to paying alot of money for commissions or having to read stories you may not like, this may be the solution for you. Really fun to play around with, maybe we can share what we come up in this thread or a different one.

Real Life / Neyleen Ashley- Stacked Hot mom with teenage sons
« on: March 23, 2022, 07:41:20 PM »
Another thread I just had to make. This chick looks like the ideal bimbo I'd base my stories on. Must be brutal for her sons but at least they have good fapping material right inside their house ;D

Real Life / TikTok Hot moms
« on: March 23, 2022, 07:24:50 PM »
Hey guys I know Tiktok's cringy but there is some really good hot mom content on there, albeit not specifically mom ntr but alot of times the moms have sons/son's friends in the videos. Of course some may be fake but still fapping material. The mom in this vid is smoking hot so I had to share  ;D I will try and find out who she is and if she is actually the guy's mom lol

Fapping Materials / The Butcher Boy as a mom ntr story
« on: January 17, 2022, 11:22:44 PM »
Hey guys this is kind of a weird thread (I guess all my threads are :P) but has anyone seen this movie/novel the Butcher Boy? It's an Irish movie about a young man Francie who has a bad rivalry with another boy as well as his horrible mom. Now the mom isn't hot at all in the movie (she's the bad aunt from the Harry Potter movies) and there's not really any sexual tension between Francie and the mom, but I think I could easily spin things around to turn it into a longer story (Not as long as the Good Son but longer than a brutal byte) with a mom netorare twist. You guys should watch it and maybe give me ideas on how we can turn it into a mom ntr story.

What I'm thinking is doing what I did in Winter Nightmare in the maze chapter and doing the story from the son's, rival's, and mom's POV. The mom would be as mean and nasty as in the original but would eventually be seduced by the rival character. Instead of the violent ending the original has, there would obviously be sex instead. It's a UK/Irish movie so Danica Collins would fit as the mother perfectly. If there's no interest we can just let this thread die.

This would of course be in the future but I saw the movie recently and mom ntr instantly popped into my head ;D

Fapping Materials / NEW STORY - The Good Son (Sam and Shanie from Cool Mom)
« on: December 27, 2021, 03:40:10 PM »
Hey guys I know I haven't been active much lately but I've been super busy. But I have good news, as the epic novel I have planned has come to fruition with Chapter 1. It features Sam and Shanie from my other stories, and will be the first story I commission that includes incest, but there will still be brutal ntr too. Check it out, and please be patient as this long story will take a while to complete. I will not post in this thread until there are new chapters out.

Fantasy Discussion / Rivals/Perverted friends/Nerdy Classmates Vs Bullies
« on: October 19, 2021, 09:52:13 PM »
Hey guys I was wondering which you prefer in your stories. Me personally I like the former group and will be basing my commissions around that aspect. This might be an unpopular opinion but I feel like bullies are overrated in ntr; let's be honest if a mom were to fuck her son's peer irl it'd probably be one of his friends or maybe even an annoying  "rival" but not some much a brutal bully who smashes his face in jfl.

In Winter Nightmare, Huey is just an annoying pest but not at all a bully; In Cool Mom, Shawn was a geeky perverted classmate who stole Sam's smoking hot mom; I feel like the dynamic was much more intriguing in these two stories as the mom willingly chose boys who weren't complete studs or "Chads", and this fact made the sons in the stories seethe and rage even more.

Eager to hear your thoughts, rip me a new one if you disagree  :D Also if this belongs in fapping materials mods can move it sorry.

Hey guys as you know I've have commissions done, such as BTABOM, Cool Mom, and Winter Nightmare. I've found a new writer who really excels at shorter stories though, and I think for more outlandish/goofy mom netorare ideas this is the way to go. I think there are two great ways to approach stories, one where you spend a long time developing characters, backstory, motivations, etc, and the other where you pique the reader's imagination and leave a lot of what ifs. These will be in the latter group.

So you guys can vote for the ideas I've given or give your own but I want kind of unique/silly/out there ideas, not cliche mom catches son getting bullied by a Chad and then gives said Chad a "stern talking" to. I'd also like to focus more on the son's embarrassment/humiliation/jealousy than just outright explicit sex but there sometimes will still be intercourse. If you've read spankymcf's stories these will be similar to those.

Thanks and I hope this sparks the activity a bit on this kinda dead site. I will still be doing longer stories but these are quicker/cheaper for me to have written. I know there's another story voting thread I made back as uglyfucker and I will try to get to those eventually (The Good Son is being written as we speak) but for now I will be devoting my time to Brutal Bytes.

Here are the two first chapters in the brutal bytes series:

It should take about a week or so to get these written, much quicker than longer stories, so I'll check the result every week and go with the highest vote getter; as well as add ideas from you guys I am into.

Fapping Materials / Machinima videos/ Simple Syrup
« on: September 27, 2021, 05:02:22 PM »
Hey guys I stumbled upon this content creator Simple Syrup over at Machinima, he specializes in mom ntr.

If you guys know any more 3d/western style mom ntr creator please post them in this thread!

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