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Fapping Materials / Mom's Judo
« on: October 06, 2021, 12:56:11 AM »
Hey guys, I wrote a story based on crazyboy2's post in the Real Life section titled "The real story without sex" that was about his experience going to judo with his mom. I put my own spin into it and changed a lot of stuff. I decided to make the main perpetrators to be the way they are because I found it more interesting if the main character was repulsed by and didn't approve of the ones doing those kinds of things to his mom. I felt that it gave the main character stronger emotions and reactions if he found them disgusting or a lesser human being, not the typical hot, greek god of bodybuilding, with a ten inch penis who every single girl they meet falls in love with them on first sight I often read in the stories.

I also opted to go with a slower approach, not just bumping uglies and falling in love from the first time they meet, but a slower corruption. I've written up to chapter 3 and got most of the character building out of the way and in my opinion (as the writer) it would start to pick up in chapter 4.

So without further adieu, i present to you Mom's Judo:

p.s. it's currently being posted on pixiv because apparently you need an invitation to make an archiveofourown account.
p.p.s. I wrote this with permission from crazyboy2 so he knows I was doing this.

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