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Fapping Materials / Ronnie Takes Mommie by StevetheCreep
« on: December 20, 2020, 10:52:38 AM »

Ronnie Takes Mommie

This is a story in which a son is cucked by his bully who takes his mom by FORCE. There is humiliation, sexual abuse, and dark elements to this story. If you feel that this is not your thing, don't bother wasting your time and read something else. This FICTIONAL work is not for everyone!

Be warned that writing is an unpaid hobby so I can't be arsed to check for typos and other writing mechanics.


My story is not a fairy tale with a happy ending, it's full of betrayal, humiliation, and regret. Again, I repeat, do not expect a happy ending.

My name is Timothy Petry, and up until a couple of years ago I had a pretty normal life. I would describe myself as somewhat average. Average looks, average height, and an average life. The only notable thing not average about me was my penis, it was unfortunately below average which affected my sex life, which was nonexistent.

I was an only child with caring parents, Scott and Anne, and lived in a generic white suburban neighborhood. My father worked in an office cubicle and my loving mother stayed at home. She had a couple of jobs in the past but eventually settled for a housewife role. We didn't really need the extra cash and my dad disapproved of his wife working. I think he was jealous of coworkers hitting on her since the years treated them both in different ways.

They had me when they were both 19, Dad was starting to go bald and his beer belly grew while his youthful muscles faded away. He was no longer the varsity athlete from the past while Mom still kept her prom queen crown. She was just as beautiful as she was in her old pictures, if not better. A couple years ago it would had been weird to say that my mom is attractive, but my recent experiences have left me and my family corrupted with lust. Mom has a body most women envy, perky D cups, thin waist, a shapely butt, juicy thighs, and a pretty face with a beautiful doe-eyed stare that will melt your heart. She is of average height, with a body similar to that of a tennis player. Thin except for her curvy waist, round butt, and juicy legs. Since becoming a stay at home home she became more of a cardio bunny than she already was.

Her wavy brown hair matches her eyes and is kept long. Both it and her skin show years of delicate care with expensive lotions. She used to wear casual clothes like jeans and cute fashionable tops and sometimes her workout outfits when out in public. She enjoyed dressing up on special occasions with fancy dresses and jewelry. Her favorite being long and expensive summer dresses that clung to her body in the wind which generated unwanted stares from men.

This was all before our lives were turned upside down. It all started the Summer before my senior year. My then best friend, Ronnie, and I were 18 year olds who were like brothers, or at least I thought, his betrayal is something that has ruined every aspect of my previously average life. Ronnie and I made an unusual pair of friends since I was average and he was tall, athletic, and handsome. He sometimes got on my nerves, but that's just how best friends treat each other, or so I thought. I was too naive to notice his true intentions at the time.

His parents went on vacation the Summer before our second senior year of high school (yes, we were going to be super seniors) and my parents agreed to let him stay with us. I was foolish enough to be thrilled to have my "best friend" stay with us. My parents were happy since they had known him since we were kids, he was like extended family to us at that point.

Fapping Materials / Remnick13's Stories
« on: March 20, 2019, 07:28:17 AM »
Remnick13 posted a lot of forum-related stories on Literotica. For whatever reason, they have been removed from there. Fortunately they are saved here. If the author wants them removed just let me know and I'll do it.

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