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I get some juicy messages on here, but a lot of the time I only see them hours or days later if I don't check back constantly.
Really hate seeing I got a message I was waiting for over 20 minutes ago, and now they've gone.

Is there a way to set up notifications on android, so my phone tells me when I got a message on this forum, or someone posted on one of my favourite topics?

(I know I can just tell people to add me on Kik, Wickr, Discord, or something else, but sometimes they don't want to, or I don't want them to have any of those, or they're just too computer illiterate.)

Real Life / What's the most fucked up thing you made a mom do?
« on: September 18, 2022, 04:38:56 AM »
I wanna know what you managed to get a mom to do when she was too cock dumb to question what a bad idea it was (or a mom so fucked up, she didn't care)
Personally, I'll always have fond memories of the time I made a mom play with herself while her kids were in the other room, then instead of feeding them, I had her go to the bathroom and use one of her youngest's toys to fuck herself with, while they cried on the other side of the door for attention and food.
She told me they were crying, and I told her "fuck your brats, you don't leave that room till you use his toy to make yourself cum. Ignore the little shits, your sole purpose is to be my fuck toy" she came to me being so mean to them, as I made sure to drill it into her head that they don't matter as much as being my dirt slut mattered, and that she should be grateful to her youngest that his toy was so perfect for fucking herself with.

Sadly my phone died right after she came, but she later sent me a picture of them all sat down to eat, then a sneaky up skirt to show she still had the toy in her cunt at the dinner table. I didn't even need to ask for those pictures, she just wanted to show me how good a slut she was.

She later told me she had to throw the toy away, as her cunt juices got trapped inside it, and he could see it on the top shelf, but she refused to give his favourite toy back. I told her she was a terrible mother for stealing her son's toy, using it to fuck herself with, and not replacing it, then told her it was his own fault for having a limp dick looser for a daddy.

So what's the most fucked up thing you've managed to get a mom, sister, cheating wife/girlfriend etc to do?

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