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Fantasy Discussion / Re: What is your Weirdest fantasy?
« on: August 29, 2022, 02:57:00 AM »
I wouldn't be surprised if there is something like it out there ~ it was an rp scene I did a while back.

Fantasy Discussion / Re: Sex positions
« on: August 01, 2022, 02:11:14 PM »
Doggy is pretty great for bully-on-mom sex! Her face down low, and her meaty ass lifted up to the perfect height! Itís almost like a dogeza! A bully has every right to expect a little prostration as his new motherly plaything offers her spread holes as tribute. She is pleading for a better life for her son after all.

Pairs up great with hair pulling and leash tugging too!

Fantasy Discussion / Re: What is your Weirdest fantasy?
« on: July 31, 2022, 02:54:24 PM »
One of my favourite scenes I took part in was playing a teacher who had fallen in love with one of her students. A student far too adorable to not have an older girlfriend doting on him! A romantic relationship, but not a great deal more physical than making out. Though of course, one picture of the two of them kissing caught by a bully was all the catalyst needed to trigger her depraved downfall.

Iíd normally keep things to just one bully for simplicityís sake, but this partner was insistent on having a whole gang of them. A fun mixture of villainous goons squeezed into school uniforms. Younger, but still spitting images of their fathers who all likely worked for a criminal gang. The future faces of villainy who were about to practice their coercion skills on an attractive older woman! We used a lot of Horikawa Gorou's art for reference, since he does amazing over-the-top villainous faces, but all of the women he draws are otherworldly and ethereal. Sexual dimorphism at it's finest!

With the teacher-student theme for the set-pieces, we built the scenes up from quick blowjobs in empty classrooms, all the way to field trips that would be little more than overnight stays for the bullies to get in some quality bitch-taming. Basically paper-thin excuses to insert all of my worst fetishes.

Her boyfriend on the other hand, was not only left unmolested thanks to her efforts, but even given pictures by his new ďfriendsĒ of an unknown woman who he could easily imagine jerking too in place of his mysteriously always-busy older girlfriend.

Though we parted ways before a final reveal took place, the plan was to force him to beg permission to keep dating a woman who still loved him but was entirely gang property from that point on. Perhaps even with a "you better find a way to pay us if you want to spend time with out woman" angle.

Fantasy Discussion / Re: What got you into this fantasy?
« on: July 31, 2022, 01:41:14 PM »
I got into this 100% through hentai. The kind of doujin where a younger bully has managed to grasp onto power or status that makes his demands a whole lot harder to brush aside. The only option to save your son really is sacrificing your pride and bending to the bullyís juvenile greed for as much motherly-meat as his hands and grasp!

That and Iíve always had a thing for smaller dominants with a good leash-tugging hand. Fairies, goblins, students with a hypno-app on a smartphone,  or a sonís bully.

I know a good few who love it as a fantasy. Getting a lot of attention from a young confident man, and an excuse to say itís not entirely your fault? Thereís a good reason those kinds of themes are very common in erotic fiction.

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