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Fantasy Discussion / I want to watch my stepdad fuck my mom
« on: February 06, 2023, 05:12:03 AM »
I have never liked my stepdad. He has always acted like he never wanted me around.  He is always dismissive and makes disrespectful comments towards me. Needless to say me and him have got into our fair share of shouting matches.

But there is something that turns me on so much about the idea of seeing how he fucks my normally conservative mom. He is a muscular man, much larger than my mom.  I like to imagine finding an old cell phone of his and finding videos of my mom sucking his cock.  Him pulling her hair as he fucks her hard doggystyle. A video with her legs spread wide open as he fucks her ass.  Another with her on her knees, sucking off my stepdad and a few of his friends during halftime.  And then look through his texts to find out that he is also fucking my sister and finding videos of that.

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