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Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: August 07, 2023, 10:42:46 PM »
Lots of good advice here, so thank you!

The documentation seems hopelessly out of date, but I think the general advice is not to use Authors Note because it's a bit unpredictable. With my first stories I put everything in Memory, but I have started using Lorebook for all character descriptions, and it's generally good at keeping track of the people and their relations. But I'll definitely be using it for a lot more.

Have you written anything in the BFMM genre? Anything that could be published here?

Can't wait for the weekend, when Kayra should be available for the Scroll tier.

Great start of your story, Anon! I'll make sure to read the next chapters.

Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: August 05, 2023, 10:13:27 AM »
Great post, Beefol! I have the Scroll tier subscription, so I will get access to Kayra in about a week.Can't wait to try it out.

Have you used Clio before you started using Kayra? If so, how do they compare? I have only used Clio, and found that it can come up with some gems, but it can also come up with some extremely clunky sentences. Like: "They smiled at each other because they were happy." Also, I usually have something like: "An erotic story about ..." in memory, and it steers the characters toward fucking from the first sentence.

You can use instruction mode with Clio. Just preface your instructions with curly bracket, and remember to remove your instruction when you get your response.

About the Prose Augmenter: Can you use it to improve on existing text? Like asking it to rewrite one or more paragraphs?

Real Life / Re: My mom made me confused
« on: July 31, 2023, 10:43:16 AM »
Very hot situation, Bolter653. Do you know if there has been any more contact between your mom and your schoolmates? If she decides to have some fun with them, is she free to play?

Would love to hear more about your situation and any further developments.

Fapping Materials / Re: Looking for sadist mother story
« on: July 25, 2023, 07:37:59 PM »
Right here on this site we have a story with TWO (arguably three) fairly sadistic mothers, "The Benefits of Guidance":
In addition to the wimp's mother gradually coming over to the bully's side, there's the bully's mother encouraging him, and there's the school's headmistress, who married the guy bullying her own son.

Too many sadistic mothers? Of course not! The correct answer is more sadistic mothers :)

Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: July 05, 2023, 06:23:12 PM »
As you have probably gathered, I don't have much AI experience, and no expert advice to offer. I discovered NovelAI, and I'm having so much fun working with it I see no reason to explorer further. It is a very interactive process, and like I said elsewhere, it's like having a collaborator with a really dirty mind.

Hopefully we'll see lots of great new stories here on BFMM as more writers get into this way of writing.

Fapping Materials / Re: Looking for sadist mother story
« on: July 01, 2023, 01:19:46 PM »
This is it. Thanks. Could you recommend some other stories like this

Not really. I haven't found any stories that are this readable and this nasty. And I've been looking for a long time.

But I may try to use the plot and try to redo the story in NovelAI and see what I and the AI can come up with.

Fapping Materials / Re: AI story: The Benefits of Guidance
« on: July 01, 2023, 01:13:01 PM »
Poor little Timmy! To be bullied by all those nasty sluts! You are a cruel person, Nemo.

Thanks for your response. I don't know if I'll be adding any more to the story, but I'll definitely consider your suggestions.

Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: June 30, 2023, 10:22:21 PM »
No problem guys.

Clutterbuck: I believe author's note is weighted heavier than is the memory box. The square brackets are for when you want the AI to have some information but you don't want it to read it like it's part of the story. It's a way to give the AI something like stage directions.

About Author's note and memory: So far I have put everything in memory, list of characters, plot points or synopsis, and style directions like that the story is told in the past tense, third person. But as I'm writing, it keeps getting confused about the relationship between the characters, which is the most annoying problem. Could I put the list of characters in the Author's Note instead, and then it wouldn't get so confused? And perhaps also the plot points, so it doesn't veer off in strange directions.

About square brackets: Do you use those "stage directions" in the Editor window? And are these directions only temporary?

Mostly I'm very impressed with how well it works, With some interactive writing, som editing in its responses, and frequent use of Retry, we get the story we want, and all in all it is a pretty fun process.

Fapping Materials / Re: AI story: The Benefits of Guidance
« on: June 29, 2023, 07:42:58 PM »
Same comments as above applies here. But this is where the good stuff happens, so let's get going.

Chapter two, At Helen's house

Just before six Ava rang Helen's doorbell, looking over her shoulder at Alice and the two boys. Alice and Adrian were smiling expectantly, Eric not so much.
The door was opened by a thin, geeky boy, looking a bit like Eric.

"Hi, I'm Timmy, Helen's son, please come in," he said opening the door fully. "My mom will be right down. She's just a little ... busy at the moment.

He showed them into the living room and invited them to be seated. But within a minute Helen came bustling down the stairs accompanied by the young assistant from the school.

"I'm so sorry to keep you all waiting. I'm just not used to having guests," she said. "You have met my son, Timmy, who let you in. I hope he performed adequatly? And you've already met Mark, my husband. He used to bully Timmy a lot in school, but I found him so interesting and charming that as soon as he graduated I married him, and hired him as my assistant. I hope you'll forgive me if I get a bit handsy with him during our meeting, but he's just so gorgeous," she said squeezing his thigh, smiling proudly at him.

"I have of course told Mark and Timmy all about the four of you, so I guess now we're all aquainted. Are you all sitting comfortably? Ok, so let's begin. I think it would be most productive if we pick up where we left off yesterday. Do you agree?" she asked, looking round at the others.

Alice, Ava and Adrian all nodded in agreement.

"Great, then let's start with Eric and Adrian. Please explain your thoughts on the situation."

Eric had been very skeptical to going to this meeting. And he didn't think it would do him any good, so his mother had more or less forced him to come. "Well ... it's ... it's really embarrassing having to go into this in front of everyone."

"Don't worry. We're all here to help," Helen said, looking reassuringly at Eric. Please go on."

"Well, I have talked to my mother about it, but she didn't want to listen. She is totally convinced I am a wimp and a loser. And that Adrian is a hero for having such a strong personality." He looked over at his mother. "So I don't think I can expect much support from her. But Adrian bullied me all through last year. And then it really started to get bad this spring, when he joined my school."

"I see. And what has made you so angry with Adrian? Have you just felt that he was bullying you because you were so weak, or is there a deeper reason?" Helen said.

"I think he is just a bully. He likes to kick other people down. I guess I am sort of a loser. I just don't have the strength to do what he does. I don't know why.

"But what does he say to you? Do you remember any of his taunts?"

"Yeah, he mostly calls me a loser, or a faggot, or wimpy, or some other insult."

"Ok, could you mention some more?" Helen said, squeezing her young husband's hand.

"Well, there's the usual wimpy stuff. And he sometimes says I'm such a little cunt. Or maybe he would say that if he thought I was too stupid to understand the words."

"Ok, good," Helen said. "But you feel right at home with those words, don't you? So if I called you a little faggot, you would hardly notice it? Isn't that right?"

Eric nodded. He had known this was coming. He had tried to explain to his mom, but she hadn't believed him, just telling him to ignore Adrian.

"And what about the other things he says? What do you think he means by all that?"

Eric didn't reply. He knew this was a trap. But he didn't have any choice but to go through it.

"Come on. I'm not going to get angry, I just want to help you, and understand your feelings."

"Well, I think he calls me a faggot because he really hates me and despises me." Eric stammered.

"That's ok, faggot, we can go to Adrian now," Helen said, stroking up and down on her husband's thigh. Helen noticed that the twom moms and Adrian were following her hand's movements intently.

She then turned to Adrian. "Ok, Adrian. Why are you picking on Eric so much? Why are you a bully?"

Adrian smiled and shrugged. "Well, I don't really know. I just feel like I should. Like I need to do it."

"What for?"

"Well ... I guess I like to prove that I'm the better man. And I guess I like to take out my frustration on Eric because he is the most wimpy little shit of a person I know. He really pisses me off."

Helen looked to Alice. "Does this make sense to you?" Alice nodded. "I guess it does. Eric has always been such a pathetic little wimp, and Adrian is so strong. It's almost as if they were destined to be rivals," she said. "And it's quite right, Eric is a pathetic little cunt, I see that now." Alice was a little flustered after saying this so openly, but it felt so good to finally be able to say it.

Ava totally agreed with her friend, and really felt proud of her. She knew Alice's feelings had changed a lot these last few days. She felt she was beginning to get a little turned on by all this. She leaned over and kissed her son on the cheek.

Helen noticed this and turned back to Adrian.

"Ok, Adrian. What is it like being the superior bully? What does it do for you?" she asked.

"Well, it makes me feel ... like a man. It makes me feel strong. And I know it turns on a lot of women. Especially two that are very close to me." he said with a smug grin as he layed his arms around Alice and Ava. They just smiled and leaned close to him.

Helen smiled as well. "It seems like your bullying has given you quite an ego, and a sense of power."

"Yes, it has," Adrian said proudly, turning to Alice and Ava. "You see? I'm really a very powerful man." The two moms nodded in agreement.
"I think it's time for another question," Helen said. "I have observed you during your bullying, and you obviously know what you're doing. And I have seen the way you interact with Alice and Ava quite a bit, so I'm thinking there's something between the three of you. Am I right?"

Adrian's smile got even wider. "Yes. The three of us have been sharing our fantasies and have even started to explore some of them." He looked to Alice and Ava, who smiled and nodded. Adrian continued. "But there's still a lot of ... exploration to do."

"I see," Helen said. "Well, there is a lot more for us to explore, but I think that can wait a little bit. Right now I need to give my sexy husband some attention."
She opened Mark's fly, reached up under his shorts and started to massage his hardening cock as she gave him a deep sensuous kiss. She noticed how the  two mothers stared at Mark's shorts as they bulged. Helen took Mark's hand and led him over to the other couch.

Alice and Ava both turned to Adrian, kissing him deeply in turn, following all Helen and Mark were doing.

Helen layed down on her back on the couch. "Come on honey," she said to Mark. "Fuck me like you did at school."

Mark smiled and quickly stripped off his clothes. Helen licked her lips as she admired her husbands muscular body. He positioned himself between her legs and looked into her eyes. She nodded and he entered her with one deep thrust. Helen moaned and wrapped her legs around his back, squeezing hard. "Oh yes, honey," she panted. "Fuck me hard!"

Mark smiled and obeyed, driving his cock into her again and again, moaning as Helen squeezed him tight with her powerful thighs.

Adrian got up and soon had all his clothes in pile by his feet. His enormus cock was pointed towards the ceiling. He saw that both his mom and the faggot's mom were looking straight at his cock, licking their lips. He stepped closer to them and decorated both their faces with his copious precum.

Alice and Ava got up and followed his lead, kissing Adrian, and then each other, deeply and hungrily. Ava moaned in deep arousal as Alice started to remove her clothes.

"Oh Adrian, I want your cock deep inside me now," she said. Adrian grinned as he held both women close to his muscular chest.

"Well, who am I to deny a lady's request. Yes, I'll fuck you good mom. But don't go anywhere, Alice, because I'll soon be fucking you too.

Helen was on her fifth orgasm when Mark exploded deep within her. She layed still for a few seconds, collecting her wits, then turned to Eric, who had given up on making any kind of sense out of the situation long ago.

"Hey you, faggot!" Helen shouted to get his attention. "Yes Eric, you. Get your sorry ass in gear and kneel at your mother's feet. Watch as a real man fucks his mother, and when he finishes with her, he'll fuck your mother." Eric looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Helen was annoyed with his hesitation.

"Now get over there, faggot, or Mark will break every bone in your body!" she said viciously. Eric jumped to comply and he was soon kneeling at his mother's feet, just inches away from Adrian fucking his own mom.

Adrian soon shot a big load into Ava, and when he pulled out, Alice was there at once to clean his magnificent cock. She also got much cum as she could out of her friend's cunt.

Helen smiled. She loved this moment, looking at the two beautiful women being fucked so well by a real stud. Wonderful! She could feel her husband's cock growing harder against her thigh. She guessed he had liked her little show of dominance with Eric. She turned to her own son, little Timmy, looking a bit lost trying to avoid making eye contact with his mom. But she was on the prowl now.

"Timmy? Look at mommy when she speaks to you, my little wimpy boy. Now get over here and lick my feet. Now!" she hissed. Timmy jumped to his feet not wanting to anger his mother any further.

He knelt at her feet, looking down, too embarrassed to make eye contact. Helen grinned evilly. She lifted her right foot and held it up in front of Timmy's face, rubbing her toes over his lips.

"Suck it you little cunt," she hissed. "I can see how hard you're getting, and I will not have that."

She continued to rub her toes over her son's lips and he soon opened up and started sucking.

"Oh Mark, the little cunt is sucking me so well. Get between my thighs and fuck me like never before. I'm sure Adrian can learn a thing or two about fucking hos moms. Oh yesss, oh yesss, just like that. Good and deep," she moaned.

Adrian was fucking Alice in a frenzy, taking her through one orgasm after the other.

"Ok Alice, tell your faggot son to lick your toes as I fuck you. Go on, tell him!" he said. Alice looked down at her son who was staring up at her in awe.
"Ok little wimpy loser! Lick mommy's feet," she panted. "I know you'll love to worship me, worship Adrian." The words which had seemed so forbidden now came naturally, seeming to turn her on even more.

"Go on faggot, get to it! Yes, you little cunt, just like that. And watch Adrian fucking me as you suck. Oh, he does suck, Adrian, doesn't he?" she moaned. Adrian, on the brink of cumming, agreed.

"Oh yes, the little loser does indeed suck!

And so the evening went. Mark and Adrian fucking the three women in turn, in every combination and in every female opening.

As they slowly returned to their senses and started to find and get into their clothes, Helen looked around the room.

"I don't know about you guys, but this has been the best fucking night ever. Anyone interested in joining forces again on Saturday? Hopefully we'll have regained our strength by then," she said with a grin. Alice and Ava looked like two kids at christmas time.

"Oh definitely! We'll be here. But hey wait, it's two days to Saturday! Two days? Do I really have to wait two fucking days?" Ava whined with a silly voice. Big smiles and laughter all around. Well mostly. Two skinny geeks looked a little less enthusiastic. But noone paid much attention to that.

Fapping Materials / AI story: The Benefits of Guidance
« on: June 29, 2023, 07:34:46 PM »
This is my first attempt at writing a story with NovelAI. It's a very collaborative writing experience. Lots of fun and very inspiring.

Everybody is supposed to be 18 or above here, but NAI is quite liberal with those things, so pleas rest assured. Everyone is 18 or above. There's really not any sex in the first chapter, there'' be lots of that in chapter two. But there's lots of bullying. If that's not your cup of tea, just move on to other topics.

But let's get going.

The Benefits of Guidance
Chapter one: In the Office

Helen looked out of the third floor window of her headmistress office as two women entered the schoolyard. She could hear the woolf whistles and cat calls the two women attracted from the boys in the school yard, and nodded thoughfully to herself. Yes, those two were absolutely worthy of the appraisals they got. She also noted that the two women wore rather short skirts and high heels. Nothing slutty, but definitely not standard houswife stuff.

A handsome dark haired young man entered the room and joined her at the window, following her gaze as he embraced her from behind.

"So, your 10.30 appointment has arrived, I see. Very nice," he said as his hands traveled up her body and cupped her stunning breasts. Helen leaned back against the young man, pushing his hands harder against her breasts.

"Mmm, yes honey. They do look very nice. Are the boys here?"

"Yes, they're in the front room, keeping as much distance as possible between them."

"Ok, you better get back to your desk. Just send them all in when the mothers arrive." she said as Mark started to turn. "Just one more thing." He looked back.

"Just this," she said kissing him deeply and hungrily. She smacked her lover's butt as he left the room grinning.

Alice and Ava emerged from the staircase, looking for the headmistress' office. A sign pointed them in the right direction and they soon entered the front office. They saw Eric sitting dejectedly on his own, as far away as he could come from Adrian, who was chatting easily with a handsome young man.

As they entered, the young man got to his feet and greeted them with a big smile.

"Ms Gibson and Ms Meyer? Great. I think Ms Armstrong is ready to receive you, so just step this way," he said, opening the door for them.

Helen stood up and smiled warmly at the two women. "Welcome to St Andrews school. My name is Helen Armstrong. Please come in," she said as she ushered the two women and their sons into her office.

Eric's heart sank. Why were they here? He hadn't done anything wrong, but the school had called him in for an 'important' talk, which meant that he was definitely in some kind of trouble. His mother squeezed his hand.

"Hi Eric. Everything ok?" she said. Eric nodded.

"We can sit over here in the lounge area," Helen said, leading them to a corner of her spacious office with a couch and an easy chair. "Ok? Then, if you'd like to take a seat. Let's get started."

Alice and Ava sat on the couch, and Adrian squeezed in between them. Helen took the easy chair, so Eric had to find an office char and bring it over.

"I think it's best if I explain why I asked for this meeting. To put it bluntly, Adrian's bullying of Eric has been going on for so long it has become somewhat concerning. You understand, mostly we don't interfere with bullying. With boys of a certain age bullying will always happen, and it's only a way for the boys to find their place in the world. But I do find that this situation demands closer scrutiny." Helen said, looking round the table for reactions.

The two mothers nodded in agreement. This sounded quite sensible to them. Eric didn'r show any reaction, but Adrian had a smug grin on his face, but Helen suspected that was because he was seated so close the two gorgeous moms. Helen went on.

"I've seen the boys in class together, and I have seen Adrian picking on Eric in class, and even when he's not in class. So I think I have a fair impression of what's going on. But I'd like to hear some more from the boys themselves. Adrian, can you tell us about why you pick on Eric all the time, and what you're thinking of when you do it." she said, giving Adrian an encouraging smile.

Eric sighed. This was not good. It was quite likely that Adrian would tell the whole story, his story, and win them over with his charm. It would be embarrassing enough for Eric to have to listen to it, but he didn't want to go through it with his mother. He had tried to explain to her a few weeks back, but she just didn't understand.

Adrian grinned and said, "Well, you see Ms Armstrong. Eric is just an annoying, know-it-all, wimpy faggott, and he's so pathetic he can't stop annoying me. So I beat him up as often as I can."

"Very interesting," Helen remarked. "Do you call him all those things to his face?"

"Yeah, and a whole lot more."

"Could you show us now?"

"Yeah, why not? Come on Eric, let's see if you can take it." Adrian said as he got to his feet, and made a big show of straightening himself, all three women noticing his impressive physique. He approached Eric.

"Come on Eric, give it to me. I know you can," he said with a taunting grin.

Eric was trembling. What was going to happen? Adrian was going to start kicking him, and there was nothing he could do about it. He closed his eyes and turned away. He just hoped this would be over quickly.

"Come on Eric, you can do better than that. Make me mad. Hit me." Adrian said. He looked over at his mother. He noticed a small smirk on her face, which gave him quite a thrill. It excited him even more to see the same smirk on Alice's face. The wimp's mother actually wanted to see him bullying her son.

Eric struck out with a weak punch to Adrian's face.

"Ah, no. That was pathetic. Now try again."

Eric swung again and again, but Adrian blocked every single punch. Eric was exhausted after three or four punches, and Adrian hit him twice in the face, one on each cheek. He then kicked him hard in the stomach, sending him to the floor. Eric curled up, hugging himself as the pain went through him.

Helen was impressed. Adrian was so confident and handled himself very well. She looked over at the two mothers. Ava was looking intently at her son, a slight flush on her cheeks. And Alice mostly looked concerned for her son, but she was also looking at the bully.

"Are you ok, Eric?" she said, walking over to her son. "It wasn't too hard, I hope? You know, it was only to show us how the bullying happens." Her voice was concerned, but she didn't kneel down to comfort him. She just stood looking down at him.

"Ok, thank you for the demonstration, Adrian." Helen said, clearing her throat. "Now, as you are bullying him, do you also verbally abuse him? Like with all those words you mentioned?"

"Yes, that's what I call him," Adrian replied. "Would you like to hear what I say?" Helen nodded.

Adrian started to taunt Eric again. "Hey wimp, what's wrong? You too scared to fight now, faggott?" He then kicked Eric in the side, which he thought was hilarious. He laughed as Eric curled up again.

"I think we have enough information from Adrian for now. I would just like to hear from Alice and Ava." Helen said. She was really intrigued by the two mothers. Both of them seemed to be enjoying the show. Alice looked worried for her son, but Ava looked more excited than she had any right to be, considering her son was bullying Alice's son. But there was a look on Ava's face that suggested more excitement than she should be having at a time like this.

"Now, Ava, could you tell us a little about your thoughts on all this." Helen said, turning to the couch. They had all sat down again now, only Eric remained curled up on the floor. Helen noticed that again Adrian had sat down between the two mothers, and it looked like they were sitting even closer now.

"Well, I don't know," Ava began. "I'm Adrians mother, that's the most important thing for me. I think I should support him as much as I can. And when he has a conflict, of course I take his side." She looked over at Alice. "Now getting to know Alice and becoming close friends with her, I have also gained a bit of understanding for her side, and Eric's side." They were momentarily distracted by a moan from Eric, but noone took any further notice.

"But my main view on all this, is that I support Adrian fully." Ava concluded.

"Yes, I see," Helen said. "So you know Adrian is bullying Eric, but you support him, you respect his reasons? And, I suppose, also respect him as a man."
Ava blushed. "Yes. Well, Eric is an annoying little wimp. Excuse me, Alice, but he is. If my son says he deserves to be bullied, then I guess he deserves it.
"And how does that make you feel?" Helen said, looking intently at Ava. "How does it make you feel to see your son bullying your new friend's son."
Ava had a look on her face as if she was thinking, but didn't reply right away. She was blushing now, and Helen thought she saw a twitch in the corners of her mouth.

"I do feel good." she began. What I mean is that I support Adrian's reasons for bullying Eric, I support him being a bully. And that feels right to me." She looked lovingly at her son. Helen nodded, studying the trio on the couch with interest.

"Please go on," she said.

"Well, I don't think there is any need for me to tell you the whole story. You probably have a good idea already. You must have seen how Adrian acts in class, how he picks on Eric. You know how much he likes to make fun of Eric." Ava said. She was clearly enjoying her role in all this.

Helen nodded again. "Yes. Adrian's bullying is obvious, and very consistent. But Alice, do you agree with Ava's assessment?"

Alice turned to Helen. "Well ... I don't know. I feel so conflicted about all this. Adrian has been doing this for quite some time, and I have tried to speak to him about it, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. I do support my son fully. It's not easy being bullied all the time, but he's my son, and I love him." She looked down at her son on the floor.

"On the other hand, I have talked a lot with Adrian and feel I know him. And I kind of see his point of view. I don't ... I probably shouldn't say this, but ... he really is a very impressive boy," she said, blushing. Helen smiled and nodded.

"So, Adrian's reasons for bullying are acceptable to you?" she said, looking at Alice, then Ava. Both nodded.

"Ava, if we could dwell a little more  on your feelings about this. Is this ok with you?" Helen asked Ava. "Do you feel good about Adrian bullying Eric?"

"Well, I can't explain it, but yeah, it avtually does feel good to see Eric getting bullied by Adrian. It gives me a feeling of pride. Adrian has always been such a strapping young man, but Eric is such a weak and pathetic loser, I just have to look at him and laugh," Ava said, blushing. Adrian layed one arm behind her shoulders, the other around Alice, and held them closer. Neither Alice or Ava seemed to mind. Helen turned to Alice.

"So, do you agree with Ava that it is right for Adrian to bully your son?" she asked.

Alice was flushed now too, and seemed to be struggling with what to say. "I ... I'm not sure. Yes, I can understand why Adrian would feel this way, but I have not been able to change his mind about it, and maybe he has changed mine. A bit. But, yes, I have to admit, I feel something like ... like it's right. That Eric has to learn and that Adrian can teach him a lesson or two about life. If that makes any sense?" She looked to Helen for help in sorting out her feelings.

Helen smiled warmly. "It does make sense, Alice." She paused for a moment, looking down at her notes. "Hmm yes, I think we have gone far enough along this road for now." She looked at her watch. "And I have another meeting. We have discovered a lot today, but I think there's much more to explore here. Would you be interested in continuing our explorations at my house? I feel we may feel a lot freer in a more private setting."

Alice and Ava looked at each other, then both nodded. Adrian got up first and held out his hands to help the two mothers to their feet. Getting up they both stumbled against his chest.

"Very good," Helen said. "Is tomorrow at six o'clock ok for you?" Again both mothers nodded. "Great, I'll be looking forward to it. Oh, before you go, there's one more thing I've wanted to do the whole meeting." She took two steps over to Eric and gave him a solid kick in the butt.

Alice looked shocked, but couldn't hide the small smile on her lips as she helped Eric to his feet.

Helen went on, "You know, boys your age should be out with friends, enjoying themselves, not sitting in headmistress offices, getting their butts kicked." She took Eric's chin in her hand and tilted his head up so she could look in his face. "I hope you learned something here today. You have to find your own strength, or you'll be a pathetic loser all your life. If you ever need my help, let me know."

With that she gave Eric a reassuring slap on the cheek, then turned to the others. "And I'll be looking forward to seeing all of you again tomorrow," she said, smiling brightly. They all shook her hand, some of them more enthusiastically than others.

Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: June 29, 2023, 07:10:17 PM »
I have Grammarly installed on my browser which takes care of that

Sounds sensible. Thanks again, UF!

Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: June 29, 2023, 09:02:22 AM »
Ok, so I finally got NovelAI to work for me. The trick was to put necessary background information into the Memory bit such as theme, plot points, main characters, and then interact with the AI in the Editor. Once I got going it was a lot of fun, and felt like collaborating with a skilled and patient writer with a really dirty mind.

Big thanks to you, Uglyfucker for getting me through the gate. And to TNZ102 for the great tip.

By the way, do you have to use the square brackets in Memory or Author's Note? I only used Memory, and without any brackets and it seemed to work.

I'll be posting my story soon. But NAI did not correct my own spelling mistakes and typos, so I have to brush it up a little. NAI could probably do that for me too?

Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: June 27, 2023, 05:58:43 PM »
Very nice picture generating there, Uglyfucker! Too bad it doesn't respond to "kissing her son's bully". Also, does it only generate in that anime-style, not any photorealistic stuff?

I had another session with Bing Chat and it was a lot of fun. However it's strictly PG13 and all sex is hinted at. But it was quite happy with adding loud moans and shrieks coming from the daughter's bedroom, and added a mother/daughter deep kiss all of its own. But no wild raunchy raw sex with massive breasts and huge cocks. You'll have to edit them in on your own.

Now, stylistically it's quite flat, with short fifth grade sentences, but I told it to use longer sentences which improved things a lot. I'll definitely be playing more with it.

I have had a go at NovelAI without much luck. To me the user interface is very unintuitive, and I couldn't find any documentation on how to get started. I guess I'm a bit too dense to figure it out, but maybe some of you could give me some pointers?

Fapping Materials / Re: Writing stories with AI
« on: June 26, 2023, 02:45:00 PM »
Thanks! I must try out Novel AI. Sounds very promising.

And great images! Are the file names the actual image prompts? I see your point about coherence, with the missing nipples and extra arms and strange hands.

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