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One last chapter. I think this story came out pretty good all things considered. Home invasion will be next, quite a different story than I've ever had done.


Oldie but a goodie, I'm probably going to replicate the bunk bed scene in one of my ai stories, it's so fucking hot  :P

Back in Marissa's room, the beautiful latina woman was sound asleep. However, Kevin was wide awake. He slowly got off the bed and made his way to Marissa's plump derriere. Kevin gingerly lifted her sleeping gown over her buttocks, revealing a massive expanse of bare, tan skin. "Damn..." thought Kevin.

"Her ass is enormous! Too bad Henry isn't here to enjoy it, he's such an asshole, but this'll do nicely," he chuckled. He began squeezing, kneading, and slapping the huge globes playfully, testing out the weight and shape of each butt cheek. He loved how the smooth, silky texture of her flesh felt beneath his fingertips.

"Such a perfect ass, and it smells so good, I thought asses were stinky!" he praised. He grabbed one of the pillows, using it to prop her rear high enough for him to crawl underneath and begin licking at her anus eagerly.

After minutes of teasing with his tongue, Kevin reached into her pussy and extracted her juices. He spread the clear liquid all over Marissa's anal opening, lubricating the tiny hole with saliva mixed with fluids. As he pushed harder into her rectum, her body responded automatically by loosening its resistance, allowing him greater access inside.

Kevin pushed two fingers deep inside of Marissa's backdoor, pumping them rapidly. Her vaginal walls clenched around his hand and she released another stream of wetness. Kevin rubbed her clit repeatedly with his thumb, making her arch her back even more and tighten around his digits. Somehow the woman remained asleep through this.

Eventually Kevin inserted a third finger. At the feeling of being stretched out so deeply, Marissa woke up. But instead of protesting she moaned and squirmed, pushing her hips against his thrusting hand, silently begging for more friction. Soon, Marissa began riding his hand roughly, forcing his knuckles into the depths of her anal cavity. Kevin's other hand groped and pawed at the heavy flesh of her ample breast as she humped his palm fiercely, trying desperately to reach climax.

"Oh baby, stop, this isn't right," cried Marissa, breaking free from the spell as Kevin worked his fourth digit into her slippery, gaping hole.

"Mmmmmm yes! Do it mama, I know this feels good! Keep going and we can cum together!" encouraged Kevin. He leaned forward and suckled on her nipple, lightly nipping at the erect bud with his teeth. This caused a flood of slick fluids to drip out of her slit onto his wrist and down his arm. Marissa shuddered, unable to deny her growing passion and excitement. She arched into him, gasping and whimpering with pleasure.

Kevin bit her swollen nipple again, harder this time, making it ache pleasurably.

"No hijo please, Henry might hear us."

"Who cares about stupid little Henry! Fuck him, mama, let's just enjoy ourselves and forget about everyone else," urged Kevin impatiently. He pulled her pouty tits out of his mouth and slapped her tit. Marissa moaned in ecstasy, shuddering again from the intense stimulation. Kevin bent over her torso, stretching his mouth wide open and biting into the soft underside of her enormous jugs.

"Oh god! Mierda!" Marissa shrieked. Kevin pinched her sensitive nipples viciously, twisting them roughly in his fingertips as he held onto her big breast firmly, pulling them forward. Marissa whined and struggled weakly, but Kevin refused to release her breasts from his bruising grasp.

"Your ass is so perfect, mami. I'm gonna fuck it so hard!" growled Kevin aggressively.

Marissa flinched fearfully, realizing where Kevin's erection was aimed at. "Papi, don't do this, por favor!" begged Marissa desperately, starting to sob uncontrollably. "You're hurting me."

"Shut up puta! Take your punishment," demanded Kevin, ignoring Marissa's pitiful attempts at reasoning and instead smacking her ass with all his strength. He raised his hand high above her head and delivered a powerful blow to her backside, causing Marissa to yelp loudly. Her ass wobbled like a bowl of jello.

The sharp sting of his palm landing against her raw flesh sent a searing jolt through her body. Marissa cried out in pain and tried to escape.

But Kevin kept hitting her firm butt until her entire ass was a rosy pink shade and she was sobbing heavily. The impact of each hit vibrated throughout her entire frame, making her lose control and begin convulsing and spasming, arching her back frantically, desperately trying to get away from him. Marissa begged him to stop, promising not to say anything.

"Yes bitch! That's it, beg for me to fuck you! Beg for it!" commanded Kevin sadistically. Marissa did just as instructed, pleading with Kevin to take her ass, promising to be a good girl and obey his every word. Kevin grinned triumphantly at having complete power over Marissa, completely at his mercy and under his total control. He knew he had gotten rid of Henry by playing off her motherly instincts, and he would continue exploiting that weakness whenever necessary.

Kevin finally shoved Marissa's face into her bedsheets to muffle her screams. "Now it's time to give you a real man," Kevin declared possessively, and with that he penetrated the sobbing mess of a woman beneath him, easily sliding his throbbing cock past her ruined anus. He spread her huge cheeks apart and pumped his dick mercilessly, reveling in the hotness of her insides, the heat of her body engulfing him whole. "So fucking tight," groaned Kevin, pushing himself deeper and deeper with every thrust. He fucked her at a steady rhythm, driving his thick shaft fully in and out of her clenching walls. His hands dug into her firm flesh as she bucked beneath him violently, struggling to escape him.

Eventually though, her legs gave way and she collapsed lifelessly in defeat. Her body shook and writhed helplessly on top of him, wracked with waves of intense pleasure, unable to fight the pressure building in her belly, forcing itself upon her.

She climaxed, screaming loudly as the powerful orgasm tore through her muscles and nerves. Her vaginal spasms milked his member relentlessly, making Kevin explode deep within her. He filled her with ropes of cum, flooding her insides, overflowing with fluid. Some escaped from around his cock, dripping from her swollen lips and coating his scrotum. He withdrew from her pussy, letting her juices run down her thighs before ramming his meat back into her abused backhole.

They climaxed several more times before Kevin eventually pulled out of Marissa, leaving her stretched-open asshole leaking out large amounts of seed. Her cunt was gaping just as widely and still drenched in semen. Her eyelids fluttered tiredly as she mumbled incoherently under her breath, trying to regain herself.

After gathering himself and fixing his appearance, Kevin walked back to Marissa's bed, wiping her off gently and lifting her back under the covers, admiring his work. With a pleased smirk on his face, he leaned down to whisper seductively into her ear.

"I love you, Mama Marissa. You belong to me now. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Henry woke up completely disheveled, feeling like he may have slept through an atomic bomb dropping given how he felt.

"Jeez, I got knocked out, I should have checked on my mom's door again," he complained aloud to himself.

After he brushed his teeth and fixed himself a light breakfast, he made his way towards Marissa's bedroom. He opened it slowly and peered inside. The room was dark due to the curtains blocking out the bright rays of the sun. No one was inside, but the sheets were still messy, very strange for his mom to leave them that way. Henry looked at the sheets and saw a whole splattering of liquid on them, some clear and some milky white.

"What the hell?" thought Henry. He sniffed it. "Is that...cum? What the fuck? There's a ton!" Henry touched the spot with his finger and smelled it. It was definitely sperm. "This wasn't here last night, I don't get it." Suddenly something caught his eyes.

A phone, most likely Kevin's phone. Henry picked it up and went through his photos. Almost all of them were pictures of Marissa, some shirtless, others nude. "What the fuck?! Mom didn't send these did she? Was she trying to tease him or something?"

He scrolled through some of the videos. Henry recognized his house, but the video was blurry. In fact everything looked blurry aside from certain parts of his mother, like her face or tits. The sound was also muffled. He heard his mother say things, but they sounded like gibberish.

"Damn it, it looks like he took a video of himself jacking off in here. Maybe he masturbated and came all over her bedsheets and wiped his jizz on her blankets? Sick bastard," grumbled Henry.

He deleted the video and returned the phone to his mom's nightstand.

"Yeah there's no way mom let him do anything to her. She hates white boys."

Henry suddenly remembered his conversation with Kevin last night and instantly became irritated.

"If only I wasn't such a loser and told him to fuck off the first day we moved here I wouldn't be dealing with this shit. Now that he has her wrapped around his finger he might start putting the moves on her again soon. God fucking dammit, what a dumbass."

Henry knew Kevin could make his life a living hell if he kept pursuing his mother. He contemplated doing something about it, but felt too powerless.

Downstairs Kevin came into view as he walked toward him.

"Yo Henry, you done jerking off? Your mom is making us pancakes, you can come help," remarked Kevin smugly.

Henry wanted nothing more than to punch his teeth in, but knew it'd only result in his inevitable loss. He decided to avoid fighting him for now and followed Kevin downstairs.

"That's real funny, considering you're the nasty fuck who jerked off my mom's bedsheets! Can't believe you're such a creep!" snarled Henry. "You can jerk yourself off all you want, but that's not going to change the fact you will never touch my mom, freak!"

"Maybe I already did. What are you gonna do about it, punk?" retorted Kevin.

"Fuck you, Kevin!" roared Henry angrily.

"Hijos! Breakfast is almost ready!" called out Marissa from the kitchen.

"Don't get angry with me, kid. You're just mad because your mom prefers me," Kevin said threateningly, jabbing his finger in Henry's face, "and you need to learn to stop being a little bitch and show some respect!"

Henry backed away and stood by silently, fuming as Kevin started talking to his mom cheerfully. "Thanks mamá Marissa. Breakfast looks great!"

"Anything for my special guest hijo! Come sit down." Marissa greeted him enthusiastically, placing an arm affectionately around his shoulder.

Kevin sat beside Henry on the opposite side of the table. Henry watched intently as his mom laid a plate full of thick pancakes covered in maple syrup down in front of him. Marissa patted Kevin's head lovingly and smiled brightly before serving him the same.

Kevin dug into his pancakes ravenously, relishing the warm, buttery taste. Henry chewed his food grumpily, barely tasting the meal his mom had prepared, refusing to look at either her or Kevin.

After devouring half of his portion, Kevin swallowed loudly. He looked at the gorgeous latina woman standing over him and smirked lecherously, admiring her curves from behind.

"These pancakes are so soft and chewy! Thank you for making them, Marissa. But, uh..." Kevin paused briefly, casting a sidelong glance at Henry, who seemed oblivious to his gaze, too engrossed with his plate to notice, "I'm still hungry." Kevin trailed off, licking his lips suggestively, letting his words hang ominously in the air as he eyed her hungrily.

"Sorry hijo. Let me check the fridge and see what else I can make for ya!" said Marissa kindly. She walked over to the refrigerator, bending down low as she searched the shelves inside for any leftovers, exposing her luscious backside to Kevin's lustful stare. Henry watched enviously from across the counter, knowing she was getting ogled by Kevin.

Henry could not help but wonder just how much of Kevin's disgusting perversion Marissa knew about. "Shit," he cursed internally, "how far did this thing go between them?"

Kevin walked up behind Marissa and pressed his body against hers, sandwiching her between him and the cold refrigerator. He placed both palms firmly on her hips and squeezed tightly, trapping her body in place. Kevin wrapped an arm around her waist and drew his face close to her neck, inhaling deeply, savoring the smell.

"No hijo, not in front of Henry please. You guys are friends," she protested half-heartedly, her voice wavering nervously.
Kevin ignored her pleas, instead turning his attention to her exposed cleavage peeking out of her tight-fitting tank top, licking along the creamy expanse of her chest. The feeling of Kevin's hot tongue sliding over her skin sent shivers down her spine.

"Oh, my poor hijo is still so hungry! Does this empty pit inside of me make you horny?" asked Marissa teasingly, grinding her hips back against his bulge. Kevin groaned softly, pressing his erection harder against her rear as he continued sucking on her succulent flesh, drawing it between his teeth.

Back in the dining room, Henry could hear his mom and Kevin but couldn't see them due to the cooking table blocking the view. All he knew was that Kevin had his paws all over his mom, and no matter how much Henry prayed it would stop, it never did.

"Please don't, Henry will hear!" begged Marissa.

But instead of stopping, Kevin chuckled wickedly and bit down viciously at the base of her neck, earning a pained squeal from the unsuspecting female. "It seems like you're just pretending, mamacita!" taunted Kevin maliciously, "If you didn't want this then why do I find you so aroused?" He emphasized this statement by rubbing his hand over her damp panties.

"No, please wait until tonight," whispered Marissa urgently, trying desperately to deter Kevin's advances before she lost control completely.
Kevin slid a finger into her sex, pumping it into her moist walls as he slipped another digit inside. He curled them both upward, grazing them against her sweet spot, causing Marissa's knees to buckle slightly. A sharp intake of breath escaped her throat involuntarily. Kevin noticed the sudden shift in tone and removed his digits from her slit, bringing them to his lips and sucking hungrily.

"I think I'm full for now. I'm just gonna sit on the couch and watch TV while you clean the kitchen," said Kevin coolly. With that, he pecked her
cheek tenderly and walked out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded and frustrated Marissa to collect herself alone.

Henry stared blankly at Kevin as he left, trying unsuccessfully to read the expression on his face, failing utterly.

"What the hell? Is Kevin just a natural playboy? There's no way my mom is willingly having sex with this dude," thought Henry bitterly. Henry walked into the kitchen, wanting desperately to receive answers from his mother. "Mami, why did Kevin just do that to you?"

Marissa turned around to face Henry with an uncomfortable expression, sighing heavily. She hugged her son tightly and kissed his forehead lovingly, closing her eyes and leaning into his embrace.

"Oh hijo, he was just helping me look for something, it's ok," responded Marissa reassuringly, stroking Henry's hair gently and squeezing him affectionately against her chest.

But Henry refused to accept her answer.

"But Mami, he wasn't even looking! He was just feeling you up, I know it! And last night  something happened between you two, I know it! Did Kevin do something to you when I went to sleep? Please tell me the truth Mami," demanded Henry frantically.

Marissa felt guilty knowing that Henry could sense the truth behind her lie. But after years of deception she had grown used to covering up her relationships. Afterall, her last husband had cheated on her multiple times before their divorce. Besides, how else could she explain that to her son?

"Hijo, I swear nothing is happening, now please go watch tv with Kevin," said Marissa calmly, hoping to pacify his curiosity without revealing the ugly details of their arrangement. However, Henry still had not been appeased in the slightest and grew more suspicious by the moment.

"Just tell me the truth mama!" repeated Henry aggressively, pulling away from her hug and staring down at Marissa defiantly.

The petite woman sighed again and rubbed the bridge of her nose exasperatedly. "Why do you keep asking about him, hijo? What does it matter whether or not I am getting close to someone else? Do you want me to die alone in this house forever? Without a boyfriend?" pleaded Marissa desperately. "Are you ashamed of me? Maybe we can move somewhere else again, and I'll forget all about Kevin."

Henry couldn't believe what his own mother was saying.

"Yes! Of course I don't want you to die lonely! I've always hated how you shut yourself out from men. But why Kevin? He's my age!" exclaimed Henry hysterically.

"Ok hijo, I won't be with Kevin anymore, let's talk about it later alright?" coaxed Marissa patiently, attempting once more to calm down her rambunctious offspring.

Henry calmed down somewhat, finally seeing reason after his mini outburst. "Fine. Later. this a real thing or..." trailed Henry, letting his words linger suggestively.

Marissa led Henry to the living room where Kevin was sprawled across the sofa with his laptop. Kevin's gaze immediately fixated on the pair as they entered, eyeing the pair with his trademark cockiness. His grin widened ever so slightly as he recognized their matching frowns.

"Boys, please try to get along, for me okay? You guys are friends aren't ya?" requested Marissa hopefully.

Kevin smirked at her last words, his grin growing wider still as he glanced over at Henry. "Friends? Of course, mamita. We're best buds. You can trust us to behave ourselves, right Henry?"

Henry stiffened visibly at Kevin's reply. He shot a nasty glare in the direction of Kevin's face and quickly averted his gaze. "Yeah, we're "buddies," replied Henry sarcastically, ignoring Marissa's warning to remain cordial with Kevin.

"Good. Now I'm going to take a shower so you boys can hang out down here until I finish. Don't make trouble for yourselves and let's have a good dinner together tonight." Marissa left the duo on their own in the living room while she headed upstairs to freshen up. Henry sat down beside Kevin and stared blankly at the TV screen, unable to concentrate on the show playing.

After a few moments of silence, Kevin cleared his throat loudly, causing Henry to flinch slightly before turning to face him. "What is it, bro?" asked Henry nonchalantly, his voice betraying the nervousness churning within his gut.

Kevin grinned mischievously, his white teeth shining in the light reflected from his laptop's display. "My stomach is bubbling like crazy. Do you happen to know where the bathroom is?"

"Yeah it's on the second floor, go through mom's bedroom. What do you need though?" Henry answered bluntly, hoping Kevin's plans didn't involve his mom.

"I just have to take a shit, that's all. What you want to watch me, freak?" snickered Kevin. He closed his laptop and placed it neatly next to his thigh before rising from the couch and heading toward Marissa's room. Henry couldn't care less about Kevin's bodily functions so he kept staring blankly ahead, trying hard to block out all thoughts of his mother and Kevin together.

Sorry for the wait guys this story is giving me trouble, I don't know if it's me or NovelAi is just acting funky lately. The other stories were just much easier to do.

"Henry! Aren't you gonna help out too?" his mother snapped at him. "Grab the rest of these bags from the truck."

"Fine..." he mumbled grudgingly, making his way outside to carry in their purchases, shooting Kevin another death glare along the way. "Hijo why can't you be like Kevin?" his mom yelled back. "At least he has manners!"

After helping the curvy Mexican woman unload the groceries, Kevin lingered around the Camalaster house as Henry struggled to carry a bag of fertilizer to the backyard shed.

Marissa stood near the doorway, admiring her garden and her new neighbor's lawn.

Kevin saw an opportunity.

"Hey Ms. Marissa, is there anything else I can help you with?"

Marissa looked up, her brown eyes shining brightly.

"Oh Kevin, you've been such a big help to me and Henry, but I think we'll be okay."

Kevin blushed, and he stepped forward, his eyes darting back and forth as if to gauge Henry's reaction.

"Um, if you want, you're more than welcome to come over and play with Henry, I'm sure he'd love to have someone to hang out with."

Kevin grinned broadly, nodding his head eagerly.

"Yeah, of course, Ms. Marissa. Thank you so much!"

As Marissa walked away, Kevin leaned over to Henry and whispered: "Hey spic, guess what, your mom is pretty hot. And her ass is just perfect."

Henry clenched his fists and was about to punch Kevin when Marissa called out. "Hijo, come help me with the weeds!"

Henry gritted his teeth and made his way to his mom's side. He began pulling the unwanted grass, and it took all of his control to refrain from beating the living shit out of Kevin.

As he was yanking out clumps of crabgrass, Kevin appeared again beside him and knelt down, picking some weeds from underneath his fingers. Marissa did the same, with her ass coming dangerously close to Kevin's small white head. The young boy's blue eyes widened in shock.

Kevin cleared his throat nervously. "So how are we doing this, um...?"

"Oh right, I forgot," Marissa said apologetically before taking charge, "Just follow Henry's lead,"

"Okay, that sounds good...

Marissa struggle to pull the weeds out, and eventually lost her balance, falling on top of Kevin, her huge ass on top of his face in a sort of 69 position.

Kevin turned bright red, both from embarrassment and excitement. He felt her ample breasts pressed against his thin chest, and her butt squashing his face. But most importantly, he felt his cock stiffen against Marissa's face, making it obvious even through her clothing.

Henry glanced at them and let out a low growl, but said nothing. As Marissa slowly backed her enormous butt off Kevin's face, she accidentally slid her hand across his crotch, making Kevin blush furiously as she continued on as if she didn't notice. "We should finish soon" she said, acting oblivious to his raging boner. "You boys can play games in Henry's room and I'll make dinner!"

Kevin was barely able to contain his excitement. The gorgeous older woman wanted to make him food? She was treating him like a guest in her house, and that meant her full attention would be on him.

Later, Henry sat alone on his bed while Kevin sat nearby playing videogames. It was nearly dinnertime, and Kevin was distracted thinking about the lovely smell coming from downstairs. Marissa had mentioned something earlier about how delicious Mexican cooking was, but Henry had no idea what she was talking about. His stomach rumbled hungrily, reminding him he hadn't eaten much of his breakfast or lunch.

When Marissa called them down for supper, Kevin and Henry were both eager to join her at the table. However, they hesitated when they noticed what she was wearing - a tight white tank top and denim cutoffs, which hugged her generous curves snugly. Her breasts looked very firm yet supple, and her thighs and butt were thick and muscular.

They sat together at the dining table, quietly eating their meal. Occasionally, Marissa would glance over at Kevin and smile encouragingly, prompting him to eat faster.

"Uh, Ms. Marissa, can I ask you a question?," Kevin inquired nervously after finishing his second helping of the spicy chili.
Marissa raised an eyebrow. "Sure," she replied.

"Why is uh, your butt so big? Is it genetic or something?" Kevin blurted out. Henry kicked him hard under the table and scowled angrily at Kevin.

However, Marissa wasn't offended. Instead, she burst into laughter, doubling over and holding her sides, while Henry stared daggers at Kevin. "Oh my god," gasped Marissa in between giggles, "My ex always hated my big butt!"

Kevin blushed sheepishly and lowered his gaze.

"Well, I like big butts." Kevin responded, causing Marissa to laugh harder. He looked back up, noticing her dark brown nipples poking through her sheer bra.

As Marissa finished cleaning up dinner, Henry followed Kevin outside. "Seriously, how dare you talk about my mom like that! Stay the fuck away from her, ok!?" Henry hissed at Kevin threateningly.

"Why are you getting mad at me? Your mom liked it. She smiled at me." Kevin taunted, chuckling to himself.


"Yeah I think she wants me to put this big white cock in that fat spic butt of hers," he smirked cruelly. Before Henry could respond, Kevin darted out of sight into his house. Henry stomped his foot, furious and wanting to teach Kevin a lesson about disrespecting his momma

Marissa was preparing herself to go to bed, brushing her long brown hair in front of her mirror. Her curvy reflection made her smirk, remembering how Kevin reacted to seeing her boobs. It had been such a long time since anyone had expressed interest in her body. And he was such a cute boy, albeit the same age as her son.

"Mom? Can we just stop interacting with that boy?" Henry asked, stepping out from behind his bedroom door.

"Why? Did you boys get into a fight or something?" Marissa asked worriedly.

"He's just not a good person. Just trust me, mom, okay? I know what I'm talking about."

Marissa nodded reassuringly at Henry, smiling warmly.

"Alright hijo. Good night."

Henry crept back into his room, content knowing his mother agreed to stay away from Kevin. But it was too late. The damage was done. As Henry tried to fall asleep, he couldn't keep Kevin's perverted comments about his mom off his mind. That damn rat thinks he can do whatever he wants! Henry soon drifted off to sleep.

Henry found himself standing in a dark void, looking up at the clouds. He felt strangely light, as though he wasn't wearing any clothes. Suddenly, a pair of giant brown buns appeared before him, and he realized that he was staring up at a massive butt.

The ass moved closer to him, lowering itself onto his face. He began licking and sucking it, savoring the rich, sweet flavor. As he pushed his tongue into its crease, he recognized the voice that came from above him. "I know you like it, hijo..."

"Mom?" Henry murmured in astonishment.

Suddenly, he saw Kevin floating through the air towards the ass, dressed in only a Speedo and carrying a jar of mayonnaise. Kevin smirked triumphantly as he smeared the creamy condiment on Marissa's cheeks and rubbed himself off with her voluminous flesh. "Ahhh, so good...," groaned Kevin.

Then Henry heard his mom squeal in pleasure, her moans reverberating in the emptiness. Kevin's cock became engorged with desire as he coated her asshole with a thick layer of lubricant. Finally, Kevin slammed into Marissa's hole, grunting with every thrust as he pounded her with a fury that Henry had never seen before.

Marissa began screaming uncontrollably, crying out for mercy as Kevin plowed into her relentlessly. The scene made Henry want to gag, but he was powerless to intervene. As they climaxed together, cumming all over each other, Marissa let out an anguished wail of ecstasy that echoed throughout the void.

Henry awoke drenched in sweat, breathing heavily. His heart was racing with anger and shame, both at Kevin and at himself. His penis throbbed painfully. Henry grunted as he closed his hand around it, squeezing and stroking it. Within seconds, his balls were exploding with streams of hot jizz.

After he had finished, Henry went back to sleep, dreaming about ways to exact his revenge upon Kevin.

The next morning, Henry awoke to see an ambulance across the street in front of Kevin's house. There was an ominous sense of dread filling the air. Something wasn't right.

"I wonder what happened to Kevin?" asked Marissa, peeking out the window as she sipped her coffee.

"Who cares!" snapped Henry bitterly.

Marissa shot him a concerned look, but didn't press further.

Soon there was a knock on the door, and Henry went to answer it. Kevin was standing there with a solemn look on his face.

"My dad died last night in an accident. The paramedics took his body away," said Kevin emotionlessly.

"Oh my gosh Kevin, I am so sorry for your loss," exclaimed Marissa, stepping forward and hugging him tightly.

Henry kept silent, but he couldn't help but feel relieved to see the white rat finally getting what he deserved.

"It's okay, Ms. Marissa. It was his time anyway. He was a miserable drunk," Kevin muttered darkly. "At least now I have complete freedom and can do whatever I want without being bossed around. By anyone!"

Kevin shot a quick glance at Henry, giving him a wicked smile.

"Well who is going to look after you now, Kevin?" questioned Marissa softly as she held his shoulder.

"Oh don't worry, my uncle will be coming in a few days to pick me up and take care of selling the house" replied Kevin nonchalantly.

"Well, until then, how about staying over here!? We have extra rooms, and I have a feeling you two are gonna start getting along better from here on," said Marissa hopefully.

"Oh I'll get along great with your son ma'am," reassured Kevin smugly. "Thank you!"

Henry gave him another sharp death glare, which was met with a victorious smirk in response.

"Alright boys, make yourselves comfortable. You can continue playing games on Henry's laptop or watch tv!" said Marissa cheerfully.

"Yes ma'am," Kevin grinned slyly.

After they entered Henry's room, they heard Marissa leave the house to run some errands, but Henry kept his ears keen to the door. "Don't try anything, you bastard, I swear to god I'll end you."

"Relax spic, I wouldn't do anything to hurt your mom," assured Kevin mockingly. "Not yet anyways..."

"Fuck off!" snarled Henry viciously.

Kevin ignored him, turning his attention back to Henry's laptop.

Later that evening, after dinner was served and Henry was busy helping Marissa with the dishes, Kevin suddenly made his way upstairs and to Marissa's room. "She keeps her dirty laundry in a box near her dresser. So typical," thought Kevin.

He made his way into the master bedroom and started rummaging through Marissa's things, pulling out panties and bras, searching for her lacy underwear. When he finally found one, he immediately stuffed it down his pants and sniffed deeply. "God, this is so good," moaned Kevin. He pulled his pants and underwear down, revealing his semi-erect penis. Kevin jerked himself off vigorously, and soon he came violently into Marissa's sexy lingerie.

He left Marissa's room, sneaking past Henry and returning to his room, which was luckily located at the far end of the hallway.
Just as Henry had finished cleaning up, he saw Kevin pass by him in a flash heading to the room at the end of the hallway.

"Oh HELL NO!!!" roared Henry as he ran after Kevin, but not before checking his mom was still downstairs doing some housework. "You pervert, I KNEW it! What are you doing in there? Mom's gonna kill us both!" shouted Henry.

Kevin simply smirked at Henry, and replied with a condescending tone, "Well, if you must know, spic boy, I'm enjoying some of your mother's used panties. Why, you want some too?"

Kevin waved several pairs in Henry's face. Then with a loud roar, Henry punched Kevin, knocking him unconscious and sending his limp body onto Marissa's bed.

"This fucking piece of garbage doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as my mom," Henry fumed to himself, clenching his fists again, this time from pure rage. He noticed a bunch of sex toys and bondage gear lying scattered across Marissa's carpet. Kevin had obviously searched her belongings while Henry and Marissa were distracted in the kitchen. "What the fuck...?"

Henry lifted up Marissa's bra, which was covered in stains. It smelled strongly of Kevin's cum. The thought disgusted Henry.

Just then Marissa came upstairs to check on the boys, and when she opened her door, she gasped loudly, causing Henry to flinch and drop her underwear from his hands.

"Hijo, what's going on!? Why's Kevin on my bed, and why are you touching my personal possessions?" She glared at Henry suspiciously.

Henry gulped nervously. "Um, well...."

"Ms. Marissa, Henry punched me in the face!"

"Oh nooo," groaned Marissa in horror, covering her mouth. "Come here Kevin, let me take a look at you."

Marissa cradled Kevin's injured head as Henry watched on helplessly. "It's alright hijo, Kevin, why don't you just keep lying down for now, I'll get you some ice"

"And hijo, apologize to Kevin right now!" demanded Marissa sternly.

"Yeah! Apologize and I won't tell your mom about how you secretly want to fuck her," taunted Kevin, looking back at Henry with a mean grin on his face.

"Shut up!" yelled Henry, clenching his fists again. He couldn't believe how Kevin knew he lusted after his mother, yet he wasn't prepared to admit it either. He wanted to hit him once more for good measure, but he stopped himself.

Marissa returned shortly with some ice and gently pressed it on Kevin's face. "Here you go, honey, how does this feel?" asked Marissa warmly, caressing Kevin's cheek.

Kevin blushed and grinned broadly as Marissa kissed his forehead tenderly, closing his eyes and enjoying the affectionate touch.

"Thank you Ms. Marissa, it feels much better already!" he thanked her happily.

"You're welcome darling, anything for you, you're like my second child."

"Can I call you mama?" pleaded Kevin cutely.

Marissa laughed. "Of course you can."

Henry rolled his eyes, feeling embarrassed and slightly ashamed.

"Henry go to your room, and Kevin, you can rest here, please stay overnight so I can keep an eye on you," commanded Marissa firmly.

"Yay! Thanks Mama!" Kevin cheered excitedly.

"No fucking way! He's not sleeping in your room mom!" protested Henry.

"SILENCIO! Don't question me, hijo! Go!" screamed Marissa angrily.

"Fucking bullshit" grumbled Henry. He reluctantly stormed out of his mother's room and back into his own, slamming the door shut behind him. After a few seconds went by he quietly opened his door to see that his mom had closed hers...

Kevin and Marissa were left alone together. Kevin smiled triumphantly as Marissa sat next to him on her bed, resting his head on her lap as she stroked his hair. "Tell me mama, is Henry always this angry?"

"My boy? Yes, sadly. Sometimes it gets the best of him. He's never had many friends at school, and I think it makes him jealous seeing you over here with me," explained Marissa regretfully. "He also doesn't have much luck with girls either"

Kevin chuckled quietly to himself, imagining his rival being ridiculed by his classmates and rejected by his crush. He felt immensely gratified hearing how pathetic Henry's life really was compared to his own.

"So my poor mama is stuck taking care of a misfit like him?" Kevin commented sympathetically.

"No no, it's nothing like that darling, I love him! He's my only child!" answered Marissa defensively.

"Well then, you don't mind having me as your second son? Someone who will treat you right?" inquired Kevin smugly, smiling charmingly and looking into her eyes.

Marissa smiled warmly back, blushing brightly. "No, of course not! You're so nice and so cute," she replied shyly.

Kevin smirked smugly as Marissa continued stroking his hair. He couldn't wait for the day he got rid of Henry and claimed his mom as his.

"Now get some sleep baby, Henry won't bother you now," soothed Marissa softly. She stood up, tucking Kevin in carefully and planting another soft kiss on his cheek before turning out the lights.

Marissa changed into her sleeping clothes, consisting of a sheer silk nightgown that hugged her hourglass curves snugly, accentuating her full breasts and plump bottom perfectly. She crawled onto her queen sized bed, curling up close to Kevin, spooning him in the darkness. Marissa rested her head on Kevin's shoulders, wrapping an arm around his chest, letting their bodies mold together comfortably under the covers.

"Good night hijo," whispered Marissa sweetly, giving him one last tender kiss on his neck as they drifted off into dreamland together.

Henry tossed and turned all night long, unable to sleep soundly with thoughts about what Kevin may try next. Despite Marissa's wishes,
Henry knew Kevin had sinister plans regarding her, but what exactly were they? How far would he go?

Henry crept out of his room and crept towards his mom's door. He saw light seeping through the crack at the foot of the door, and he heard strange sounds coming from within. Like slapping and squeezing, but he heard no moans or voices. Curiosity getting the best of him, Henry slowly tried the door handle only to realize it had been locked. He cursed, wondering whether he should barge in and stop whatever was happening in there, but decided to check tomorrow morning when he could ask Marissa what happened.

Henry finally headed back to sleep, knowing that an already bad night would only lead to a worse morning.

Why Is Your Mom's Ass So Fucking Fat?
(Mom based on Jen Blanco) [Voted Story]

The sun was rising over the neighborhood as they pulled up in their beat-up old truck. The young latino boy named Henry looked around at all of the houses with envy, wishing that his family didn't have to struggle so hard to pay rent every month. He could already see the neighbors eyeing them and he knew that they must think they were poor or something. But, if anything, his mother's lush curves and beautiful face would distract anyone who caught a glimpse of her.

As they pulled into their new driveway, Henry unloaded the last of their boxes while his mother stood outside to admire the new home. He could hear her giggling as she looked over at the neighbors' yards. They had clearly been gardening for a while, and Marissa couldn't wait to start her own garden. She wanted the new home to feel like their own.

Just then, they noticed another neighbor peeking out from behind his windows. It was a young blonde white boy, perhaps the same age as Henry. As Marissa smiled back, she waved him over. The boy ran out into his front yard, making his way over. He was slightly shorter than Henry, but he had a handsome face and an air of confidence about him.

"Hey, I'm Kevin. Kevin Camalaster. Who are you guys?" he asked bluntly, introducing himself before they could do so in return.

"Hello there... I'm Marissa and this is my son Henry." Henry eyed the young white boy, who had a very smug air about him. Henry disliked the boy already.

"Welcome to the neighborhood!" said Kevin excitedly. "You'll love it here," he continued. But Henry was suspicious of Kevin's sudden hospitality.

"Is this what people say around here?" Henry quipped angrily. "What's the catch?"

"No, nothing like that. I'm just trying to be neighborly." replied Kevin, raising his hands. Henry didn't know why but he felt even angrier at this gesture, as though this little twerp thought he was going to do something to him or that he was too stupid to figure out any kind of hidden agenda.


Marissa had always prided herself on how good her son was with reading other people, although she often wondered where it came from.

"Let's all just get along, shall we? And Kevin once we settle in you can come over and play with Henry whenever you'd like, he has so many games and toys, right Henry?"

Henry rolled his eyes.

Just then Marissa turned around in front of Kevin, causing the boy's thin-lipped mouth to open wide as if he'd just seen a ghost.

Henry watched as Kevin stared at Marissa's gigantic ass, in which one of her asscheeks was probably the size of the skinny white boy's head. Even through her jeans, her round cheeks and thick butt looked incredibly large.

After Marissa walked away into the new house, Kevin told Henry "Holy shit! Your mom's ass is fucking huge! That shit is like two basketballs taped to her legs!"

Kevin looked completely astonished by the sight he had just witnessed, and his erection started showing through his pants, although neither boy seemed to notice.

"Whatever loser..." Henry quickly turned and headed back to his boxes to avoid any further conversation with the young annoying white boy.

"Stay away from me and my mom, we hate white people!" Henry remarked before slamming the door in front of Kevin's face.

"That's what you think, spic, your mom's huge ass will be mine in no time" Kevin muttered under his breath as he went back home.

"What was that noise? Are you slamming doors already?" asked Marissa with an angry look on her face, staring right at Henry as she walked up to him. Henry gulped, not wanting to disappoint her again after he did earlier that day.

"Sorry, Ma... this place is really cool, and you're gonna love gardening out back."

"What's gotten into you, hijo? You seem very strange today"

"I don't know..." he responded, trying to keep his anger in check.
"And I think that kid we just met is racist," he blurted out without thinking.

Marissa's expression softened as she realized that her son might be worried about fitting in. She knelt down in front of Henry and looked into his eyes. "Hijo, you are Mexican and you will be happy here, whether these pendejos like it or not. Do not worry about them."

Henry nodded but said nothing.

"You know I won't let anyone hurt you. And if it makes you feel better, you can punish the ones who make fun of us. Maybe use your father's tools, huh? You might enjoy that, won't you?" she suggested. "Now get going. Your room needs unpacking, hijo."

Later that night, Henry couldn't sleep. It wasn't because the new house was strange to him, but the young white boy kept crossing his mind. What did he want? Henry couldn't shake his bad feeling about Kevin off his mind. Suddenly, he heard voices coming from downstairs. He slowly opened his bedroom window and saw
Kevin standing next to a giant tree that grew outside his window.

Kevin appeared to have binoculars in his hand, looking directly at Henry's mom. She was bending over a table, presumably cleaning, and she had taken off her panties so her fat ass was exposed. Her wide hips curved outward like a perfect heart shape, and the large cheeks swayed with every move she made.

Henry's suspicions were confirmed, the kid was some kind of peeping tom! Anger welled inside him but he stopped himself from going outside immediately; instead he listened to find out more about what Kevin planned to do.

Kevin smiled wickedly to himself, rubbing his little boner through his pants. He knew this plan would work. He couldn't believe how big her ass was - not only that, but how soft and bitable it looked.

"Yes..." he said quietly to himself, "Your fat ass will be mine lady"
Kevin watched as the gorgeous woman straightened her back and stretched out her arms, yawning tiredly. He continued stroking his dick, wondering how such a small pair of panties could fit that massive butt inside them.

Marissa had finished putting away the last of the dishes when she noticed her window open. She closed it, ending the perverted white boy's peeping show.  Kevin was fuming but decided not to take action. He went back home to jack off some more while fantasizing about Henry's mother's plump booty....

The next morning, Henry awoke early, still angry about the white boy next door spying on his mom. As he went outside to grab the newspaper for her, he spotted Kevin coming back from his morning run. The white boy noticed Henry glaring at him and slowed his pace, waving hello as he caught up to Henry.

"So what'cha up to today?" Kevin asked curiously, trying to hide his smirk.

"Why were you staring at my mom's butt yesterday?" Henry replied bluntly. "It wasn't funny!"

Kevin was surprised by the accusation and tried to change the subject. "So how do you like the new house? Need any help moving stuff around?" He knew he wouldn't get anything else out of the Mexican boy now and decided to go along with his original plan, hoping Henry hadn't overheard his comments about Marissa's ass last night.

"No thanks..." Henry responded icily. "I'll manage fine on my own."

The boys were silent for a moment. Both of them glanced at each other, but neither spoke. After a few seconds, Henry shrugged and turned toward his front door.
Well how about your mom, she need any help? My dad always tells me to offer my assistance to women." Henry rolled his eyes at Kevin, shaking his head in frustration.

"No, just stay the fuck away from her or she'll cook your tiny white balls in a stew, asshole," Henry shot back angrily. Then he slammed the door in Kevin's face again.

That afternoon, Marissa brought in the groceries from the car and called for Henry. When he came downstairs from his bedroom, he noticed his mother smiling at him. Her smile made him instantly happy and helped release tension from his shoulders.

"What's that?" he asked innocently, referring to the brown paper bag sitting in front of her on the kitchen table.
"Chicken for tonight's dinner," she answered cheerfully. "I got fresh herbs and veggies too - you'll love it."

Henry nodded enthusiously at the news. "Can I start cooking? Please Momma please..."

Marissa chuckled lightly and kissed his forehead affectionately before responding. "Go ahead, hijo."

When the delicious aroma of roasted chicken filled the house, Marissa smiled proudly to herself and sat down at the dining table. As soon as he finished setting the table, Henry grabbed a forkful of vegetables from her plate and shoved it in his mouth before joining her in the kitchen.

"Mmm, these are delicious!" he exclaimed happily, chewing on the food eagerly. "You should eat them too, they'll give you lots of energy."
Marissa laughed heartily and ruffled his hair before grabbing some silverware for herself. They ate in silence, enjoying each other's company while they watched TV.

After dinner, Marissa got ready for bed, and Henry spent an hour watching movies on Netflix until finally passing out on top of her queen-sized mattress.

"Wake up, baby... it's almost 9 pm already..." she whispered gently in her son's ear, pushing him gently. Henry grumbled softly, snoring lightly.
It was difficult to wake him when he was asleep so deeply. "Come on, you have your own room to sleep in," Marissa whispered again.

"Nah, it's fine," he mumbled back sleepily. "Don't wanna move..."

She shook him harder and pulled the covers off his body.

"BUT MOMMY~" he complained.

"It's not right for a mom and son to sleep in the same bed. Now get to your room and don't come out till sunrise."

Reluctantly, Henry got out of bed and dragged himself into his room where he plopped face-down onto the soft surface without bothering to cover his bare asscheeks with his boxers.

Marissa sighed tiredly, then began changing into her pajamas and slipping into bed. "Goodnight," she whispered lovingly. "Te amo, mamá," he mumbled back half-asleep.

The rest of the night, Henry had trouble sleeping. Images of Kevin flashed across his mind repeatedly. How dare that pendejo peep on his mother? He would pay, one way or another, sooner than later.

A couple hours passed, and the moonlight cast shadows throughout their empty room as the wind whistled outside their windows. Henry looked outside the window towards Kevin's house, glaring hatefully at the object of his dislike. He heard shuffling from downstairs and jumped, startled by the noise. "Mom?"

There was silence. A chill ran up his spine. Then he heard footsteps approaching. "Mom?"

He jumped out of bed and ran to his mother's bedroom, where he found her lying on top of her bed with her ginormous ass exposed. She lay motionless on her side, her face buried deep inside her pillow. "What a perfect ass" Henry thought as he stared at her big, round bubble butt.

"I wish you could be mine, mom"

He touched her soft skin softly as he continued to admire her sexy physique. Finally, after several minutes, he left to return to his room.

Outside Marissa's window, Kevin sneered gleefully to himself. He had watched the whole thing, and he was very satisfied.

"That's right, you spic," Kevin muttered under his breath as he looked up to see Henry's silhouette disappearing into the shadows, "that hot ass belongs to me!"

The next morning, Marissa woke up feeling refreshed and energized. She stretched her arms above her head and yawned loudly before getting out of bed and heading down for breakfast. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she found Henry already at the table eating cereal.

So what's the plan for today, hijo?" she asked cheerfully as she sat down across from him.

"I'm just gonna stay in my room and play games I think," answered Henry, between spoonfuls of cheerios and milk. He loved playing video games, especially against other kids online who didn't speak English well enough to beat him easily.

Marissa frowned slightly but tried not to show her disappointment on her beautiful face. "You sure you don't want to try to make friends with that nice boy next door? It would be good for you, and it would make me happy."

Henry looked up from his bowl at his mom, hesitating for a brief moment before speaking.

"Nah, I'm cool. Thanks anyway."

Marissa smiled softly and patted her son's shoulder affectionately.

Later that evening, Marissa returned from grocery shopping with a load of groceries and bags from various stores. An excited Henry marched downstairs to have his hopes crushed by what he saw.

"Thanks for helping me with the bags Kevin," Henry's mother said as she bent over in front of the skinny white boy with her fat ass popping out of her jeans, completely obvious to both the ogling white boy and the irate latino son.

"No problem ma'am it's the least I could do," Kevin responded, giving the voluptuous dark haired woman a sleazy grin.

An angry Henry fumed in the background as the little white rat practically drooled at his mom's glorious assets, having an almost palpable presence over her body. He also noticed Kevin eyeballing her big tits and his eyes narrowed.

The next morning, Jeffrey woke up feeling refreshed and energetic for the first time in weeks. After eating breakfast, he put his backpack on and went to school with a skip in his step, looking forward to learning new things.

At lunchtime, Jeff walked into the cafeteria where Matt, Jake, and John waited. As expected, they greeted him with snarky comments.

"Dude, you're smiling? Why aren't you moping around today?" Matt asked.

"Oh, uh, sorry," he mumbled awkwardly.

Jeffrey took a seat beside Matt and started eating his sandwich. While the others continued joking about stuff related to pornography, he quietly focused on his meal.

Once lunch was over, the four boys headed to class together. As they entered the English department, Matt nudged Jeffrey roughly in the arm, causing him to stumble slightly. "Don't forget dude," he reminded.

"Forget what? Oh shit, that's today, isn't it?" Jeffrey hissed nervously.

"Yeah, you said we could all study at your house after school," Matt winked mischievously.

"Y-yeah, of course. We can study in my basement far away from my mom."

"Whatever, man!"

Jeffrey silently prayed to himself that his mom wouldn't get home early, especially since they were all supposed to meet up in just a few hours.

When classes ended that afternoon, he ran home as fast as he could. After grabbing some snacks for everyone, he waited impatiently until finally Matt arrived. "Hey dude, sorry it took so long. I had to catch the bus to come over," he said as he entered through the front door.

"No problem," Jeffrey shrugged casually as he led the blond boy downstairs into the rec room. "Let's start off with Shakespeare then..."

After spending half an hour discussing the material, the rest of the boys gradually showed up. One by one, the group worked through their assigned sections of the book and debated different interpretations of the characters' motivations. When everyone seemed satisfied that
they understood the assignment, they moved on to their history class.

For nearly three hours, they sat around exchanging notes, sharing ideas, and laughing at dumb jokes. During this time, they also ate almost every last chip bag in the house along with an entire bowl full of popcorn.

Eventually, Jeff grew restless and asked whether they should start writing their essays now while things were fresh in their minds. Everyone agreed this was a good idea and began typing away furiously on laptops.

Unfortunately for Jeffrey, the other guys kept asking questions about his mother. "So, where is your mom?"

Jeffrey frowned slightly at being interrupted yet again. "Uhhh, probably running errands? Late at work? I'm not really sure."

"Is that why we're down here? Did she forbid us from using the kitchen or living room?"

"Um, something like that. Yes. Sorry." Jeffrey lied. The truth was he didn't want the boys anywhere near his mom. It was always like that but more so now after realizing his mom's sordid past.

The boys shrugged and resumed typing on their keyboards.
Suddenly, the sound of footsteps echoed through the basement as the doorknob turned slowly. Jeffrey's eyes widened at the sight of a pair of slender legs followed by curvy hips wrapped tightly inside a denim skirt. Then he recognized the round buttocks stretching out beneath that tight piece of cloth. A dark blush crept across his cheeks.

As his mom walked towards them, her shapely figure came into view. She wore a white tank top and had tied up her shoulder-length hair into a ponytail. "Hello everyone, how are we doing?"

"Hi Ms. Mazzone! We're good," Matt replied enthusiastically, quickly pushing his laptop aside to stand up. The other boys followed suit as well.

Jeffrey groaned internally. The last thing he wanted was for his friends to see his mother, as he was sure Matt had already spilled the beans.

"I'm sorry for arriving late, but I had some important errands to run and I've just gotten back," his mom explained apologetically. "How far did you guys get?"

Matt puffed his chest out proudly and grinned. "Well, we finished all the topics and discussed our interpretation of the book, even wrote a small paragraph or two for each character."

His mom smiled at the four boys warmly. "Good work, Matthew. Well done to all of you too," she praised sweetly. Her gaze landed on her own son last, and she winked. Jeffrey gulped loudly while trying not to stare at her cleavage visible through her tank top. He fidgeted uncomfortably, wishing he had locked the door so they'd avoid this awkwardness.

"Since we still have time, I brought a big tub of ice cream from my grocery shopping earlier. How about we have ourselves a treat before going to sleep?" she suggested cheerfully.

"Sounds great!" everyone cheered loudly in unison.

Jeffrey tried to act excited about dessert so as not to appear rude, but secretly he prayed his mom would leave them be and go upstairs already. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Instead, she led the way out of the basement and into the kitchen.
There was a large container filled with vanilla-flavored Häagen Dazs on the table along with plastic spoons. While everyone helped themselves, she poured glasses full of milk for all of them.
When the boys finished eating, she grabbed a pitcher from the counter and topped off their cups.

During this entire process, Jeffrey noticed how close Matt stood next to his mother. Every single movement, every gesture caused Matt to move closer to her body. Their shoulders were touching constantly.

Meanwhile, he tried not to watch. He didn't want to feel jealous because that would be immature. Instead, he kept glancing away whenever his mom bent forward or leaned over, showing off her huge cleavage.

By the end of the evening, he felt exhausted. Not only had they eaten a ton of junk food and drank plenty of beverages, but also his mother hadn't stopped flirting with Matt. Whenever Jeff glanced up, he found her batting her eyelashes, smiling sweetly, touching his arm lightly, and whispering naughtily into his ear. And Matt reciprocated every single gesture.

It made Jeffrey sick to his stomach. Not to mention the fact that Matt kept staring at his mom's boobs when no one else was paying attention, which meant he probably did it when nobody else could see. That made him angrier than ever before. His mom may have been a retired porn star but now she was acting like she was still one. And he absolutely hated the idea of his buddies fantasizing over his own mom.

"So are you guys sleeping over? It's a school night you know," his mom said, leaning against the kitchen counter with both hands planted firmly on either side of her curvy hip.

"Yep, I've got everything packed up already," Matt answered with a big grin, holding up his backpack.

"Same here!" said Jake, doing the same.

John and Mike nodded while clutching theirs.

Jeffrey's eyes widened and he shook his head rapidly from side to side. "Uh, I need to talk to Matt, Mom. Just wait till we finish, okay?"

His mom sighed deeply. "Alright honey." She headed towards the stairs, flashing the group a sultry look before disappearing out of sight. The boys whistled as soon as she left.

"Holy shit!" Matt gasped with excitement. "Your mom is so fucking hot!"

"Thanks dude," Jeffrey growled sarcastically through clenched teeth. "Let's hurry up and pack."

After packing his bag hastily, Jeffrey hurried after his mom. By the time he reached the top landing, she was already walking toward the master bedroom. As usual, she wore nothing except underwear and a thin shirt without anything underneath. When she turned around to greet him, he froze completely as his jaw dropped open wide in surprise.

His mother was dressed only in a black thong and matching lacy bra. She looked amazing. He couldn't believe she dared show off her curves like this knowing the boys were staying over tonight.
"I'm going to bed soon, so please lock up after yourselves once everyone gets settled."

Jeffrey stared blankly at her. All his brain power went towards keeping himself from becoming aroused. His cock twitched inside his pants when he gazed upon her curvy figure.

"Jeffrey? Are you okay?" his mom asked concernedly.

He blinked rapidly. "Umm yeah... Sorry." He swallowed thickly and continued speaking quickly. "Can you just stay in your room tonight? I mean, they're gonna stay downstairs... Right?"

His mom laughed softly. "Sure dear, if that makes you feel better."
Then she blew a kiss at him and entered her room, closing the door gently behind herself.

Jeffrey stood there stunned for several minutes trying to figure out what had just happened. He eventually figured that his mom was simply being friendly to his friends. Maybe she just didn't want them to feel left out. Whatever. He just didn't like his boys ogling at her.

Later that evening, after bidding everyone goodnight, Jeffrey headed down to the basement. The boys had already chosen their places to sleep while playing Rock Paper Scissors. Once everything was set up, they brushed their teeth in silence as the tension between them grew stronger.

When everyone was ready for bed, they wished each other well and turned off the lights before crawling under their sheets. A few minutes later, soft moans and whispers filled the air. It sounded like someone was masturbating nearby.

Jeffrey held his breath and strained to hear better. But no matter how hard he listened, he couldn't determine where exactly it originated from. Eventually, the noise died down and soon enough so did the boys' voices. He relaxed instantly. Finally able to sleep in peace, he closed his eyes and drifted away.

However, a couple hours into his slumber, he stirred awake because of strange sounds. When he sat up groggily, he noticed that none of his friends were still in the basement. They had wandered off elsewhere. That meant it had to be morning already.

Suddenly, he remembered those moans he'd heard earlier. Curious to find out what it might be, he crept up the steps cautiously.
Although he doubted anyone could see him unless they peered through the window above his head, he remained alert nonetheless.

As soon as Jeffrey stepped out of the stairwell, the noises grew louder. It sounded like multiple people grunting and gasping loudly. Slowly, he crept forward until finally he reached his parents' bedroom. The door was partially ajar allowing him to peer inside. And what he saw shocked him to the core.

There on the queen-sized bed were Matt, Jake, and Mike. They all had their boxers pulled down exposing their penises. Meanwhile, his mother knelt beside them, stroking their dicks vigorously. She was sucking Matt's cock while fondling the others. The sight made his heart pound faster than it had ever beaten before.

Meanwhile, his friend John was lying next to him, jerking his own dick furiously. Jeffrey noticed that both boys seemed unable to control themselves despite trying desperately to suppress their excitement.

Seeing his mom act like such a slut made him want to vomit.
However, he couldn't turn away. Even though it disgusted him to witness this event, part of him still felt turned on. Watching her mouth work over Matt's prick like was so wrong! But god damn, he loved it all the same. He wanted to join in but at the same time, he couldn't take his eyes off it.

Jeffrey knew he was a pervert for watching them fuck his mom, but at least he wasn't letting his emotions dictate his actions.
Instead, he let lust take over. If anyone asked why he stayed there staring intently through the crack in the door, he'd blame hormones. Nothing more.

Then Jeffrey noticed the camera set up in the corner of his mom's room. A tripod and a video recorder pointed toward the action. 'Oh shit,' Jeffrey cursed internally. Matt must've talked his mom into filming this for OnlyCucks. No doubt the video would be titled "Busty Mom fucks son's friends during sleepover". Jeffrey facepalmed at the thought, but then he kept watching, not wanting to miss a thing.

Luckily the boys seemed oblivious to everything except what they were experiencing. They paid no attention to him nor did they notice when he slipped back downstairs.

He headed straight to the kitchen where he opened his laptop. As expected, the scene was being aired live on A picture of his mother sucking Matt's dick appeared alongside text that read 'Amazing video uploaded just for you guys!'

Jeffrey quickly closed his internet browser and returned to the basement. He laid down again, staring at the ceiling. His mom's past would never truly disappear, it was something he was going to have to make peace with.

Still, the truth was undeniable. His mom used to be a porn star and she was still in love with sex. The only question was did she love sex more than her own son?

Mom's Porn Past (Mom based on Ava Addams)[Voted Story]

The silence that filled the living room was deafening, as every person in the room had their eyes glued to the pornographic images on the pages of the magazine. The only sound that could be heard was the rustling of paper and the occasional sigh or moan. As Jeffrey flipped through the pages, he couldn't help but feel a growing sense of arousal creeping up inside him. The pictures were graphic and vivid, depicting all sorts of sexual acts that he could barely comprehend.

"Wow," one of his friends exclaimed, "that girl looks so hot! What do you think, Jeff?"

Jeffrey blushed as he looked at the naked woman on the page. "Yeah, she's really pretty," he replied timidly.

"But her tits are too small" another friend chimed in. "I want something that can really fill my hands up."

As the conversation continued, Jeffrey could feel his embarrassment growing. It wasn't that he was a prude or anything like that - far from it!

"Let's look for some big titty milfs, like Jeff's mom! She's got huge ones!"

Jeffrey's jaw dropped as he stared at his friend with wide eyes. "Don't say stuff like that about my mom!" he said in disbelief.

His friend simply laughed and shrugged. "I'm just joking man. But you know I've always had a crush on your mom. She's hot!"

"Oh my god, shut up," Jeffrey groaned as he put his face into his hands in an attempt to hide the furious blush that had spread across his cheeks. He knew his mother was beautiful, but hearing someone else talk about her like that was just plain embarrassing!

"Wow, this chick looks just like your mom, except she has blonde hair and her eyes are blue. And her boobs aren't as big as your mom's," his friend continued, pointing to an image of a sexy older woman in the magazine.

Jeffrey peeked through his fingers and took a closer look at the picture. His friend was right - the woman did have features similar to his mother, albeit younger. And she was really sexy... He couldn't deny that she was exactly his type.

As the rest of the guys around him continued to comment on the various women in the magazine, Jeffrey found himself becoming increasingly turned on by it all. He shifted awkwardly on the couch as he tried to hide the tent in his pants, praying that none of his friends would notice. It wasn't often that they sat around and read porn mags like this, but he couldn't help how his body was reacting to everything he saw.

Suddenly, one of his friends let out a loud gasp and pointed to one of the pages. "Holy shit, that guy has the biggest dick I've ever seen!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"That's gay, dude," another friend said with a snicker. "No straight guy looks at porn for dicks".

"Whatever, it still looks crazy to me. Look at that thing, it's like a damn monster!"

As the conversation continued, Jeffrey couldn't help but become more aroused than before. Suddenly, the sound of heels clacking on the hardwood floor caught his attention. He looked up from the magazine to see his mother standing in the doorway, dressed in a skimpy outfit that barely covered her curves.

"Hi boys," she purred seductively. "I didn't know we were having a party tonight!"

Jeffrey's mouth went dry as he gazed at his mother's voluptuous body. Her tight dress hugged her curves in all the right places, accentuating her huge breasts and round ass. He watched as she swayed her hips slightly as she made her way towards them, her stiletto heels clicking against the floor.

"What are you boys up to?" she asked playfully.

"Um, nothing Mom. We're just hanging out and reading," he replied awkwardly.

His mother raised an eyebrow. "Really? Because it doesn't look like you're just reading. It looks like you're looking at dirty magazines."

Jeffrey felt his heart skip a beat as he stared back at her. "N-no! They're not mine, they're just my friends'," he stuttered in an attempt to cover up his lie.

"Hmmm, well then why don't you prove it to me and show me what's inside that magazine?" she questioned, pointing to the one in his lap.

Without another word, Jeffrey slowly lifted the magazine up to reveal the pictures underneath. He glanced nervously at his friends, who appeared just as shocked as he was. As his mother peered over his shoulder at the images, her eyes lit up with rage.

I"m gonna have to ask you boys to leave now," she said firmly, crossing her arms across her chest. "This is not appropriate behavior in my house."

Jeffrey bit his lip as his friends scrambled to pick up their belongings and make their way towards the front door. As soon as they left, his mother turned to him with a stern expression on her face.

"You better not be doing anything like that again or I'll tell your father," she warned. "I know it might seem exciting now, but you need to respect yourself more than that." She took her arms off her chest, exposing her huge breasts for just a moment before putting them back.
"Now go take a shower and clean up, young man! I'll be waiting."

With a sigh, Jeffrey stood up and followed his mother as she walked towards the staircase. His mind was still racing with thoughts about everything that had just transpired, but he knew his mother was right. There was no way he would ever get away with anything like that again. He might as well learn how to accept his boring, nerdy life rather than getting too caught up in his lustful fantasies about his gorgeous mother.

After a long day of studying, Jeffrey was ready to relax and unwind with a little self-pleasure. As he climbed into bed, he pulled up his favorite porn website and started scrolling through the categories. After a while, he stumbled upon a video that looked promising.

He pressed play and watched as the camera panned down to show the beautiful brunette actress laying on the bed with her legs spread open. She was completely naked, showing off her perfectly sculpted body and ample chest. Jeffrey felt himself growing harder as he took in every detail of her gorgeous figure.

Suddenly, his phone buzzed with a text message. He picked it up to see a picture sent by his friend Matt, one of the boys who visited his house earlier.

"Holy shit, doesn't this hot chick look just like your mom?" Matt wrote. "Look at those tits! Bet they'd be so good to squeeze."

Jeffrey stared at the picture in shock. It was definitely a pornstar, but she was undeniably beautiful. Her breasts were gigantic, seemingly fake but still very soft to the touch. And she looked just like his mother - her brown hair cascading over her shoulders, her full lips parted in a sultry smile.

It was almost too much for Jeffrey to handle. He couldn't believe it, there was no way his mom was a porn star.

"It says her name is Sunset Jamison," Matt texted again. "Seriously man, you gotta watch this video."

The sound of footsteps startled Jeffrey out of his trance. He quickly shoved his phone under the covers and lay down, pretending to be asleep. A few seconds later, his mother poked her head into his bedroom.

"Jeff, honey? I saw your light on," she whispered gently. "Is everything okay? Did you finish studying?"

Jeffrey sighed, keeping his eyes closed. "Yeah, Mom. I'm just super tired...I guess I fell asleep after watching Netflix..."

Her warm laugh filled the room as she stepped closer to him. "Okay sweetie. Good night, love you," she said before placing a kiss on his forehead and walking out of his room, shaking her fat ass as she walked.

Just then, Jeffrey heard his phone vibrate from underneath the covers. He pulled it out to see a new text message from Matt.

"Dude, seriously. You have to watch this video. Your mom looks just like the girl."

Before he had time to reply, another text from Matt came in. "She even does that weird thing with her tongue where she kind of licks the corners of her mouth, lol."

"OMG Matt, shut up!! My mom isn't a porn star, ok??" Jeffrey furiously typed in reply, trying his best to ignore the fact that she did have a habit of licking the corners of her mouth.

"Suuuure, whatever you say," Matt sent in reply.

"Ugh, go to sleep dude," Jeffrey answered.

With that, Jeffrey turned his phone off and laid his head down on his pillow, his thoughts racing with the possibility that his mother was a porn star. She certainly had the body of one, with her massive breasts and voluptuous butt, which she emphasized by always wearing high heels. Could she really be?

He tried to push these thoughts away, but he couldn't help remembering the look she gave him earlier that night when she caught him watching porn with his friends. The memory of her lustful gaze, as she licked the corners of her mouth...It made Jeffrey shudder. And now here she was, in the flesh, giving him kisses and sending him to bed like a little boy instead of the grown man he wanted to be.

Finally, Jeffrey managed to fall asleep. But his dreams were filled with images of his mother dressed in provocative clothing, her ample curves on display. Her big boobs were always right in the middle of his vision. When he woke up the next morning, Jeffrey had an erection.

"Honey? Time to get up, you don't wanna be late for school!"

The sound of his mother's voice jolted Jeffrey awake. He quickly rolled over and covered himself with his blankets. "I'm up, Mom. I'll be downstairs in a minute," he called out to her.

As he waited for her to walk away, Jeffrey slowly pulled his pants down. His cock was so hard that he had trouble pushing them down past his thick thighs and legs. After several tries, he finally managed to pull them down far enough so that his member sprang free, sticking straight out toward the ceiling.

When he wrapped his hand around it, Jeffrey moaned loudly, making sure his mother could hear him. It wasn't unusual for him to pleasure himself every morning. In fact, he used to enjoy it.

But after finding out about his mother's secret job as a pornstar, his mind couldn't help but wander in the most sinful ways.

"Cum for me, baby," his mother purred.

"Uhhhhnnnggg, Mom!" he grunted, imagining that her mouth was around his pulsating cock instead of his fist.

The sound of Jeffrey's grunts and groans, coupled with his heavy panting, reverberated throughout the room. As he stroked himself furiously, he felt his orgasm approaching rapidly. With a final roar, he exploded all over himself, covering his chest and abs in his own seed.

Just then, a loud knock came from the door.

"Honey, are you okay in there? What are you doing?!" his mother asked worriedly through the wood barrier.

Jeffrey quickly jumped out of bed and threw his clothes back on before opening the door. His face turned red as he avoided eye contact with his mother. He was too embarrassed to admit that he was masturbating while picturing her as the subject of his fantasies.

"Oh, sorry Mom, I must have fallen asleep," he lied as he walked past her.

His mother's eyes narrowed at him. "Well alright, you better hurry then. You're going to be late for school."

"Right, right," he muttered as he rushed to the bathroom to get cleaned up. His hands were shaking as he thought about the events that happened just moments ago, how he climaxed while imagining his own mother pleasuring him.

He couldn't stop thinking about how her mouth would feel on his cock. How amazing it would be to have her kneel in front of him, naked and ready to take his thick rod into her pretty mouth. The thought was too much for him to bear.

While he washed the sticky mess off his body and changed into clean clothes, he decided to check if the rumors about his mother were true.

He grabbed his phone and searched for "Sunset Jamison," hoping to find any evidence of her identity.

He was surprised to see that her profile was still active, though the most recent post was months ago. Even stranger was the lack of videos with her involved. Only a few scenes involving her remained and they were dated many years back.

As he scrolled through the list of titles, his eyes landed on a particular one that made his cock stir to life yet again.

"'Mommy's Love'?" he read aloud.

Out of curiosity, he tapped the link to play it. It was short, just over a minute long. He could barely make out the outline of a woman's body under a silk sheet, her face hidden from view. As soon as Jeffrey's eyes adjusted, he recognized the long brunette hair, the plump lips, and the piercing green eyes. There was no doubt about it. That woman was his mother.

It wasn't just a random pornstar that bore an uncanny resemblance to her. No, it was his mom herself, performing a blowjob scene.

He was mesmerized by the sight of his mother's voluptuous lips wrapped around a big dick, slurping and sucking the length eagerly.
Watching her do such nasty things, taking in every inch of that shaft until she gagged...he had to turn it off, afraid of letting his sexual appetite get out of control. He was already painfully aroused, and he didn't want to cum on himself again.

Jeffrey spent the entire day struggling to focus on his schoolwork, distracted by images of his mother on his mind. He wanted to keep her secret away from both his friends and his enemies, but he knew that with Matt's big mouth that wouldn't be possible. So at lunchtime,
Jeffrey decided to take matters into his own hands.

Instead of heading to the cafeteria, he headed to the computer lab, where he met up with Matt. "Hey dude, what are you doing here? Don't you want to have lunch with us?" Matt asked cheerfully, his mouth full of burger.

Jeffrey shook his head as he sat down at a nearby table. "I'm not hungry."

"Weirdo," Matt teased. "You usually eat more than any of us combined."

Jeffrey chuckled. "Yeah, well maybe I'm trying to lose weight," he replied sarcastically, looking at his slim build in disdain.

Matt shrugged. "Suit yourself. Hey, did you find anything out about that pornstar chick who's totally not your mom?"

Jeffrey blushed as he averted his gaze, shaking his head.

"Come on dude, at least tell me if you think she looks like your mom or not."

With a sigh, Jeffrey mumbled, "Yeah. I watched one of her old videos yesterday, she looks exactly like my mom."

"Hell yeah! Guess we've got a reason to keep coming over your house now!" Matt exclaimed enthusiastically.

Jeffrey was quick to change the topic. "What do you think our English teacher meant when he said we'll be having a debate tomorrow for our midterm grade? Do you think we actually have to get up on stage and argue about Shakespeare?"

Matt shrugged once again. "I dunno, but at least it's better than being forced to write a 15 page essay, right? Anyways, I've gotta head out. See ya later, dude!"

With that, Matt ran off towards the hallway, leaving Jeffrey alone in the computer lab. He had hoped the distraction would ease his mind a little bit. But as soon as Matt left, he couldn't help but allow his mind to drift back to the video of his mother and the way her lips moved seductively over that massive shaft. He needed to make sure none of the other guys at school learned about this information.

That night, Jeffrey found himself lying awake in bed once again, unable to sleep because of his restless thoughts. He went on his computer to a popular site named OnlyCucks and decided to search for Sunset's account again. While browsing through her blog posts, he saw a particular photo album that caught his attention. It was titled "Backstage Bimbos."

"Huh, wonder what this is about," he whispered curiously.

After clicking on it, the album showed pictures of his mother dressed in revealing outfits, posing alongside various actresses. Although it wasn't particularly risqué compared to her adult work, Jeffrey still felt his pulse racing as he scrolled through each image. His mom's tits looked even bigger in pictures than they did in real life.

There were so many hot women around her; some young, some older. All different types of bodies with lots of bare skin. They had all posed for these photos in bikinis or less, showing off their assets. Some girls had giant tits like his mom, others didn't. But they all seemed very happy to be seen so provocatively.

With a deep breath, Jeffrey opened up the first video from the album and clicked play. He watched in awe as a black-haired girl was sandwiched between two muscular men, both of whom looked very similar to his father. At the same time, the woman was giving him a blowjob while another guy was pounding into her from behind.

His eyes widened at how hard he was getting simply from watching her. Then he noticed something strange.

His mother was standing off to the side, fully clothed in a dress suit. She was directing everyone else, making sure that the cameraman captured every angle perfectly. She looked so professional and sexy, especially compared to these two bimbos who were barely keeping it together while they filmed this pornographic scene.

It was crazy to think that his own mother was directing a movie for one of the biggest websites on earth, and yet here she was acting like a normal mom who had nothing better to do than play housewife. It amazed Jeffrey, seeing this whole other side to her. And he liked it, very much.

If only he could get off right now...

Without wasting another moment, Jeffrey pulled his sweatpants down and started stroking his aching cock. His head tilted back as he moaned softly, imagining the brunette in the video sucking him instead. After a few minutes of intense masturbation, he let out a deep groan as he came hard onto the floor.

He wished he could stay there forever, with her naked body in his lap as he pumped load after load into her throat. But instead, he wiped away the splashes of cum that littered his crotch and thighs before getting up to clean himself thoroughly.

Just then there was a knock on the door. "Baby, are you okay in there? I heard a lot of noises coming from your room." his mom said.

He sighed heavily and opened the door. "I was...thinking about the upcoming midterms and getting a bit frustrated..."

Her brows furrowed as she looked at his red face. "You don't have to worry about anything, son. Just be yourself and everything will be fine.
Besides, you always score well anyway."

Jeffrey nodded slowly. "Alright. Thanks for talking to me, Mom. I know I can count on you."

"Of course honey. Always remember that," she smiled widely as she headed downstairs, her fat ass swaying hypnotically.

As soon as she disappeared, Jeffrey stepped into the shower and turned the knob to its coldest setting. He tried desperately to cool off his overheated body and mind. It wasn't easy, though. With so many dirty thoughts swirling around his brain, he didn't think he could ever go back to sleeping soundly again.

For the rest of the night, Jeffrey struggled to keep himself occupied with studying, reading, listening to music, playing games, and watching TV shows until it was finally time for bed again. This time, he didn't even try to get himself off before falling asleep, instead just closing his eyes and praying he could sleep through the night without any dreams of his mom.

Diego's mom was naked from head to toe, completely exposed to his view., with Jacob standing right next to her. Her huge tits hung loosely off her chest while her thick thighs stretched apart wide. Her dark pink nipples perked up proudly, showcasing her arousal at their presence.

They were talking animatedly while the water washed away all evidence of the exercise they had gone through earlier, causing steam to rise off the pair and fog up the room. Diego could barely hear anything over the sound of running water flowing onto her body, which distracted him from trying to listen to their conversation. However, he could see the way Jacob's eyes roved up and down along her bare skin, drinking in every detail of his mother.

Diego struggled to see through the fog, but his mom's giant asscheeks were still visible to him, calling out to be groped and worshipped. His mother rubbed Jacob's back with one hand while she cupped his balls with the other, massaging the entire length of his dick and even pumping it vigorously. The younger boy moaned loudly enough that even Diego could hear it, prompting her to lean over and kiss him passionately.

Suddenly, Jacob broke away from her embrace and grabbed her by her meaty buns, squeezing them tightly enough so that she whimpered loudly as his grip tightened painfully across her soft flesh. The skinny white boy began clapping the latina woman's cheeks together hard until finally pulling each cheek outward forcefully towards himself. He then spread her cheeks and stuck his nose in between them.

Diego's mom gasped sharply in shock at being handled roughly like a piece of meat. Jacob chuckled wickedly as he buried his face deeper into the crack of her buttocks. "Oh yeah, girl," he muttered huskily. "That ass is fucking grade A, baby!" He licked along the crevice, drawing small circles along her lower backside.

When he stopped abruptly and pushed away from her body, she nearly fell over. Her hands shot outwards to stop herself from crashing against the tiled walls as he kept on smacking away at her juicy butt, causing jiggles in every direction.

Diego watched through the steam as Jacob started circling his mom's thick ass. He then dipped his fingers into her pussy lips and started moving them slowly in and out of her pussy hole while slurping on the folds of her labia.

He was completely unaware that Diego had caught them, but as soon as he finished licking her clitoris and looked up, he spotted him hiding in a corner. Jacob stopped playing with his mother's wet cunt, grinning wickedly before whispering something to her.

The woman turned to face Diego, smiling broadly as her face flushed crimson. Her breasts bounced slightly when she turned fully around, allowing them to jiggle freely from beneath her heavy chest.

"Diego!" She called out cheerfully, beckoning him to approach her. "Come over here sweetie."

Diego stepped forward carefully, unable to keep himself from staring directly at his mom's large brown nipples or her dripping pussy that glistened with excitement. Her large areolas were puffy with arousal and he desperately wanted to suck on those tips as he pressed himself up against her plush bottom.

Diego could feel his heart pounding wildly within his ribcage, threatening to burst open any second.

"Don't be jealous, son," Diego's mom whispered into his ear, kissing him on the temple. "Let us show you how good it feels to be loved by a beautiful woman."

As his mom stroked his hair soothingly, Jacob snaked his arm around the curvaceous Latina's waist and began fondling her titanic titties, caressing every inch of them while keeping eye contact with Diego the whole time.

Diego's breathing quickened drastically when Jacob pinched one of his mom's nipples between his thumb and finger and gave it a firm tug, earning a slight yelp from the gorgeous woman.

"She tastes fucking delicious," he growled dangerously, holding the plump nipple captive before releasing it suddenly, letting it bounce back against its natural position.

Diego could not resist anymore; he pulled out his cock and started jerking off in front of them, imagining how soft her boobs were against his touch.

Jacob continued to massage Diego's mom's big tits roughly, groping and pulling them harshly to demonstrate how big they truly were.

"Dude your mom is so hot," he moaned loudly, giving one breast a particularly sharp slap on its underside. The Latina yelped sharply, shivering slightly in reaction to the pain inflicted upon her body.

Her son gasped at the sight and almost stopped stroking his throbbing shaft. However, his mother simply purred sensually, arching her back and thrusting her chest towards him, encouraging him to continue.

Diego gripped tightly onto his stiff cock with both hands while panting heavily. He couldn't understand why but he had always craved his mother's body ever since he first grew a proper sized dick.

"It's so unfair, Mom," he whimpered sadly, tears forming in his eyes. "Why can't I have you like this?"

The older woman placed her palms atop his shoulders, gripping him tightly. "You're still my favorite boy in the whole world," she cooed softly, placing a tender kiss onto his forehead before sliding her body down until she kneeled below him, her eyes staring hungrily at his member.

Diego kept jerking his cock unti he exploded on his mom's pretty face, watching as his mother eagerly drank down his seed.

Afterwards, Diego collapsed exhausted, watching as Jacob laid on his back and his titanic assed mother straddled him. Jacob guided his enormous white cock to her slit, probing gently until it entered her pussy, causing her to gasp aloud in ecstasy.

"Fuck ...this is fucking amazing!" Jacob grunted, sinking himself further inside her wet tunnel.

Diego groaned softly as he lay motionless on the cold tile floor, still feeling drained from climaxing earlier.

"Mo-Mom, please stop...."

"Sorry, son. It's just so hard not to enjoy myself."

Diego's mom began bouncing on Jacob's big fat white pole, making her double D's wobble frantically.

"Yes, that's right," his mother whispered between moans.

"Ride that fucking big white cock like the fat-assed spic whore you are!"

A low guttural grunt escaped Jacob's throat as he bucked upwards violently. Diego's mom's asscheeks rippled wildly from the sudden impact of his thrusts, producing loud clapping noises that reverberated throughout the shower room.

Diego remained paralyzed, unable to move or react to the scene unfolding in front of him. His eyes darted about wildly from his mother's massive tits swinging rapidly back and forth to Jacob's massive white tool buried deeply inside her snatch, causing her large brown bubble ass to ripple intensely.

They both kept fucking furiously while moaning loudly like wild beasts. Finally, the older woman screamed out loudly, cumming all over his dick with her juices flowing freely down its length.

As they came together, Diego's mom's cunt gushed heavily, creating a pool of liquid underneath her. They kissed passionately once more before collapsing into an entangled heap on the shower floor.

Diego watched silently while staring blankly at his mother's thick ass resting peacefully next to the white boy's pale face.

The collapsed Jacob said to the equally exhausted Diego "Hey bro no pain no gain, right?...


The next day, Diego woke up to the sound of his mother calling him from downstairs.

"Diego! Time to get up! We're going to the gym again today."

"Really, mom? Don't you think we got enough exercise yesterday?" he groaned.

"No way. You need to build your strength and endurance, so come down here and eat your breakfast before you start complaining. I packed you a sandwich for the road."

Reluctantly, Diego pulled himself out of bed and trudged down the stairs to meet his mom in the kitchen. She was already dressed for the gym and had her makeup on. As he dug into his sandwich, she leaned forward and pecked him on the cheek, leaving behind a sticky lipstick mark. He tried his best not to react to the contact, but he couldn't help blushing.

They headed out the door shortly after, and Diego followed closely behind as his mother led him to their car. As always, her fully meaty mound of flesh called an ass was a sight to behold. Diego couldn't help but gawk as he noticed that she was wearing a new pair of workout leggings that perfectly hugged her ass and showed off her thighs.

Diego quickly climbed into the passenger seat, trying not to let his erection show. But once his mom got into the driver's side, he could smell her musk mixed with perfume and sweat, which only made matters worse.

When they arrived at the gym, his mother insisted on staying in shape, despite having gained weight from eating out lately.

"Come on, baby. It'll be fun," his mother encouraged, as he hesitantly stepped out of the vehicle and followed her into the building.

Diego watched as his mother strode towards a mirror and started flexing her muscles while standing sideways so her enormous booty jiggled. The other men in the room gawked at her, mesmerized by the sight.

"That's my mom," he mumbled to himself.

Eventually, everyone settled down and began exercising alongside one another, but it was difficult for Diego to concentrate because all he could think about were her plump ass cheeks and how he desperately needed to touch them.

A couple hours passed before they finished their workout session, and he couldn't wait to be back home alone with his mother so he could try to relieve the tension in his pants.

Suddenly, Diego caught a glimpse of the same white boy from yesterday strutting toward them. His mother greeted him enthusiastically, seemingly pleased by his appearance, while Diego grimaced at his approach.

"Oh son, I forgot to introduce you yesterday. This is Jacob, and he's going to join us for our workout today," his mom introduced cheerfully as Jacob waved.

Diego glared at his mother, "Mom, are you sure? I'd prefer if it were just the two of us."

She crossed her arms defensively.

"Baby, please give him a chance! Besides, I'm sure he'll be very helpful!"

Diego sighed in annoyance, not wanting to argue further with her. But he soon realized that she wouldn't be taking no for an answer.

He spent the entire day following after them, watching their interactions as his mood grew increasingly foul. At one point he thought about telling his mom to stop being so friendly with Jacob, but he stopped himself before speaking, deciding not to ruin their good time together.

Jacob was so short and skinny he looked to be no more than 14 years old but apparently he was 18 just like Diego.

Finally, as they were on the elliptical machines together, Jacob smiled at Diego's mom and asked, "How about after this we hit the weights? I think you're ready."

His mother lit up like a child on Christmas morning and agreed happily, which irritated Diego. He tried to speak up and suggest another activity, but his mom didn't even acknowledge his comment.

Jacob approached him shortly after his failed attempt to convince his mom otherwise. "Hey bro, don't worry. Just let your mom enjoy herself. I promise that I won't flirt with her or anything, okay?" he promised.

Diego scoffed at his statement and refused to look at him, too upset to say a word.

"Dude, don't be like this... You gotta trust me!"

But Diego continued to ignore him, despite his sincere attempt to make peace.

When they finally finished with the cardio equipment, the two boys went over to the bench press while his mom was busy changing outfits in the locker room. Diego decided that it would be best if he remained distant from the situation and focused solely on exercising rather than giving in to his emotions. However, his resolve soon crumbled when he saw his mom exit the ladies' locker room wearing her tightest, sexiest gym clothes possible. She was adorned in black spandex tights that hugged her lower body tightly and displayed every curve.

Her breasts appeared to have gained an extra cup size since she had worn this attire before, causing Diego to blush as he saw the outline of her hard nipples pushing through her top. His mother glanced over at him, noticing that his gaze was fixated upon her body, and smiled seductively in his direction.

At this moment, she made a choice to torture him and purposely sway her hips more than necessary as she strolled by, causing her juicy butt cheeks to wiggle delightfully under the material. As he struggled to contain himself, she bent over right in front of her son and adjusted her waistband, pulling the tight garment back to reveal part of her bare ass.

Diego's face flushed bright red, embarrassed by what he witnessed, yet turned on at the same time. Luckily, his erection didn't last long because he quickly came back to his senses and realized that his mom was only teasing him for laughs.

Once she left, he finally looked away from her tempting body and faced Jacob again. He could tell the skinny white boy was also captivated by his mother, judging from how transfixed his stare was towards her juicy derriere.

"Damn bro, your mom is fine as fuck," he commented casually as if he hadn't seen anything wrong. Diego wanted to punch him in the jaw for saying such words, but decided to remain civilized and responded by merely nodding along. Plus, he saw how strong the boy was and worried that he'd lose his hands forever if he tried fighting him.

"Look bro, I know you want to smash that thick booty, but that's your mom. I promise I won't disrespect you, just give me a chance to work out with you guys," he pleaded innocently, hoping to regain Diego's trust.

Although he disliked this boy immensely, he supposed that he was a decent guy so far, so he reluctantly accepted Jacob's offer.

Jacob flashed him a grin and patted Diego lightly on the back before hopping up onto the bench and lying down underneath the bar. The white boy pumped iron back and forth as he raised it up and lowered it with ease, obviously experienced at benching weight.

His mom returned at that point and began spotting the skinny muscle head boy, chatting away about some uninteresting topic while she helped him through each repetition. All the while Diego simply sat back, feeling left out and alone, wishing that he had taken the opportunity earlier to refuse.

During these moments of boredom, however, Diego found his gaze wandering and taking in the sight of his mom's shapely figure, admiring every inch of her plump rear end.

Just as he was about to finish lifting the set, Jacob spotted Diego staring intently at his mom's large bubble butt. When they locked eyes, he winked playfully at Diego. This caught him by surprise, so Diego broke contact and blushed deeply, afraid that his secret desires may have become public knowledge.

However, as Jacob got off the bench, he walked past his mom and leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Your boy has been checking out your big juicy ass all day!"

Diego's blood began boiling as he heard this, and he immediately leapt up from the seat and raced over to Jacob's side. Before he knew it,

Diego swung at Jacob in rage, knocking him backward to the floor.

Everyone in the gym turned towards the commotion and gasped at what unfolded in front of them, shocked that such a small Latino boy would attack another human being without provocation. As the other patrons began whispering amongst themselves and wondering what would happen next, his mother marched over and grabbed each boy firmly by their arm.

"Stop acting like children right now or both of you will get kicked out!" she threatened furiously.

Diego's face flushed red with embarrassment, realizing that his temper had gotten out of control once again. He sheepishly apologized to everyone involved and then trailed behind his mother as she led him outside.

She turned around suddenly and demanded that Diego tell her what happened.

"What happened? Your fucking white boy said some stupid shit about me!" he shot back defensively.

"Language, mister!" she scolded sternly as she poked his chest with every word spoken, "That doesn't explain why you attacked him. You know better than to hit people. Especially during training."

Diego huffed angrily and rolled his eyes, trying his hardest to resist punching something nearby. He felt frustrated because of how much he was getting picked on by his mom as well as himself, but mostly he hated how this skinny white boy made her smile and laugh. He just couldn't handle anyone flirting with his mom.

"Look at me," she commanded firmly. "Whatever's bothering you, you need to find a way to get over it. Now go back inside and apologize for hurting him, then finish your workout like nothing happened."

With that, Diego went back inside the gym where Jacob was stretching near the lockers. Without looking at either of them, Diego shuffled closer towards him.

"I'm sorry, okay? Can we forget about all this and keep working?" he spoke grumpily.

Jacob seemed satisfied with Diego's apology, although he did tease him afterwards. "Man, I never expected you to go berserk like that. I guess you love your mom more than most boys."

He laughed as Diego rolled his eyes once again and stomped away, heading towards the shower room to wash up.

Diego couldn't stop thinking about his mom and how attractive he thought she was. He imagined touching her smooth brown skin, licking every curve of her perfect body, and burying his face between her massive breasts.

After cleaning up, Diego spotted his mom and Jacob conversing happily. His mom was wearing her usual tight yoga leggings and cropped sports top, which emphasized the bulging curves of her hips and bottom, making it harder for Diego to hide his growing erection.

"How about some squats?" she suggested to Jacob with a cheery tone.

Jacob smiled back at her while patting Diego on the shoulder, "That's a great idea! Let's do fifty."

His mother proceeded to stand beside him, instructing Jacob to place his hands on her thighs. Once positioned correctly, she bent her knees slightly forward, preparing for the workout routine ahead.

"Ready? Go!" Diego's mom yelled out loudly, feeling excited by feeling Jacob's hands rubbing against her ass.

Jacob lifted up her legs while she counted out each rep. Her muscles strained against her clothing as her heavy breathing matched the movements of Jacob's body. Every time she spoke, her voice shook slightly due to being tired from using too much energy to power through each squat.

Diego was starting to feel dizzy from the lust that built inside him. His mouth watered uncontrollably at the sight of his mother's butt bouncing with each step. Seeing the effect it had on him, Jacob grinned mischievously and winked slyly at Diego.

As his mother finished the exercise, she lost her balance and feel on top of Jacob, planting her gigantic ass right on his face.

"Oh dear," she yelped softly, catching herself from falling further.

Diego couldn't help but be jealous of the pale white boy for being in contact with her ass for so long, but luckily he recovered quickly enough that no one else noticed what transpired.

As Jacob stood up from underneath her, he slapped her asscheeks gently as if testing them out. Diego's mother giggled at the playful gesture before standing up straight herself.

"Looks like we both got quite a work out!" she teased while glancing down to check on her leggings which clung tightly to her round butt.

"Well boys, we're done here. Come on, Diego, let's take a shower."

The two boys watched her walk away from them without waiting for any response, her hips swaying hypnotically with every step forward.

She disappeared into the women's shower area, leaving only a lingering scent of her perfume.

Diego watched as Jacob took in a deep breath before exhaling sharply through his nostrils, his body shuddering involuntarily at the experience. Then he turned to Diego and clapped him on the back.

"Dude, your mom has a fantastic ass," he complimented Diego honestly. He then followed in his Diego's mother's steps, entering the men's locker rooms without a single glance back.

Diego hurried behind him quickly, eager to see what Jacob was planning to do. He hoped it wasn't what he feared. Sure enough, when he entered the showers, he was greeted by a surprising sight.

No Pain No Gain (Mom based on Selena Adams) [Voted Story]

In a serene quiet middle class neighborhood, nestled comfortably at the foot of the mountains, resided the Lopez family. The home was led by a beautiful single mother who did her best to raise her shy young son on her own while struggling to make ends meet. Their small two bedroom apartment lacked a lot of amenities, but it provided everything they needed to get by. Mrs. Lopez worked hard to maintain their modest lifestyle, and often put aside money for her son's education. That son, 18 year old Diego entered his house after a long hard day at school.

"Mom!?", he called out as he removed his shoes and placed his backpack on the kitchen table.

"I'm in the living room!", she replied in a raspy yet still sweet tone.

As Diego approached the living room he couldn't help but admire his mother's shapely form. She was standing with her back to him wearing nothing but a tight black sports bra that barely contained her large breasts and a pair of yoga pants that clung to every curve of her thick juicy ass. Her body was glistening with sweat from the exertion of her workout routine and her hair was up in a messy bun.

"W-what are you doing mama?", Diego asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Just working out baby.", she answered casually, not realizing the effect her sexy figure was having on her son. "Want to join me?"

Diego quickly accepted, but as he moved closer to her he couldn't help but notice that her yoga pants were so tight that her thick meaty cheeks were almost bursting out. He shifted slightly as a strange feeling started to rise in his pants. "Is it hot in here?", he said as he wiped the sweat from his brow and tried to focus on the workout.

As his mother moved into different poses, Diego could see her full rounded breasts bouncing within the confines of her bra.

"Come on, baby. Don't tell me you've gotten out of shape already. It hasn't even been that long since your last workout." Diego gulped nervously at the thought of being alone with his mom in their family gym when she used to coach him before school. The way her ass looked in those shorts had always made it difficult for him to concentrate, but he would never dare tell her that.

Diego nodded slowly as he joined his mother in one of the yoga positions, trying to focus on anything other than his growing erection and how good her ass looked in her yoga pants. His attempts at avoiding her hypnotizing body were futile however and soon he found himself constantly turning away in hopes of hiding the bulge forming in his crotch.

As time passed, Diego felt himself growing tired from the workout and excused himself to go take a shower.

"I know what you need! A gym membership. No son of mine is going to be weak from sitting around all day playing video games." Diego cringed at her words as he closed the bathroom door behind him. He couldn't deny that he had always found his mother incredibly sexy and beautiful. He knew it was wrong and that he shouldn't be getting hard thinking about his own mother, but he just couldn't help it.

With his back against the bathroom wall, Diego slowly slid his hands down his pants, cupping his hard throbbing member. He rubbed his thumb over the tip before wrapping his fingers around the shaft. In his mind he was imagining his mother's body, her thick thighs, her supple breasts, but most of all, her amazing ass.

He stroked his cock furiously, unable to control himself as he pictured the curves of his mother's big round cheeks jiggling as she worked out.

"Baby, please come to the gym with me tonight! You've got no choice!"

Diego didn't know what to make of his voluptuous and sexy mother as she came out of her bedroom dressed in her tight black leggings and sports bra that perfectly encased her massive tits. Diego couldn't help but stare as his mom pulled her long brunette locks into a ponytail and put on her sneakers.

"Oh, stop looking at me like that!" His mom said with a sly smile on her face. "Don't think I don't see you staring, baby."

"Sorry, mom. I just...never really see you dress like this," he replied as his cheeks turned red.

"Well, I think it's time to shake things up a bit, hmm?" she said while giving her enormous ass a little wiggle.

"But I can't go to the gym!" he protested, his heart racing a mile a minute.

"And why not? We've been planning on going together for months now."

"But the other boys there will be so much bigger and stronger than me..." he admitted softly, avoiding her gaze.

Diego saw his mother's eyes soften in concern. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, embracing him tightly.

"Don't worry about that, baby. I'll be there with you the whole time, and if anyone says anything rude or mean to you, they're gonna have to deal with me."

Diego let out a little chuckle despite himself. "You won't hurt anyone, right mom?" he asked playfully.

"Oh, don't underestimate me!" She flashed a smile, revealing her perfect white teeth. "Now come on! Let's get out of here!"

As he followed his mother to her car, Diego couldn't help but feel both nervous and excited by what the night held. Maybe this was finally a chance for him to connect with others his age and gain confidence in his own abilities. And who knows? Maybe seeing his mom working out in her tight gym clothes might even be worth it.

The drive to the gym was quick and easy, and Diego followed his mom through the doors like a lost puppy dog. As soon as they arrived, he could see all sorts of cool machines and weights that he had never seen before, each one seeming more intimidating than the last.

Diego picked up a light dumbbell off one of the benches and immediately dropped it because of his shaky hands. He watched as the object fell to the floor and rolled underneath a large bench.

"Are you alright?" His mom asked, running over while her huge tits bounced slightly in her bra. Diego nodded and tried his hardest not to stare, but he just couldn't help it. His eyes drifted upwards until he met his mother's gaze, noticing a hint of amusement in her expression.

"My bad, I didn't realize you were gonna be using the heavy stuff first" She laughed warmly, bending over to pick up the weight. The sight of her shapely rear end made him gulp in anticipation.

"But mom, that's only a 10-pound dumbbell, it barely weighs anything," Diego commented nervously, embarrassed by his clumsiness and inexperience.

"Okay smarty pants, let's go to another machine," his mother said playfully while pushing his shoulder, causing the two of them to bump into each other as she did so.

Diego stood next to his mother as he observed the various exercises around him. One particular exercise caught his eye as he saw a young, thin, pale-skinned white boy benching what seemed to be a giant weight. He was surprised by how effortlessly the kid moved the bar back and forth, even making it look simple as he did so.

Suddenly, Diego felt a twinge of self-doubt rising in his gut, knowing that he could never accomplish something like that.

"Wow, that boy is so strong!", his mother remarked, catching Diego slightly off guard.

"What? That scrawny white kid? Seriously mom, there's no way he's that strong!"

His mother giggled at his response, brushing her long locks behind her ears.

"He's cute too. Look at his face! Isn't he adorable?"

Diego frowned as his jealousy began to consume him.

"He's just some skinny white boy, mom. Who cares?"

"Don't tell me you're jealous..." she teased.

Diego scoffed at her remark, unsure of how to respond. He could feel his cheeks getting warmer, and he knew his mother would notice his embarrassment.

"Come on, let's get back to working out. I'm not done yet."

With a smirk on his lips, Diego nodded and continued to follow his mom throughout the gym, doing whatever exercise she instructed.

However, every few minutes or so, his gaze would always manage to fall back upon the white boy.

As his mom did bodyweight squats, her enormous ass cheeks jiggling with each rep, Diego looked on jealously at how easily the white guy was benching hundreds of pounds while his arms were still wobbly trying to lift small dumbbells.

Diego noticed the white boy catch sight of his mom and no doubt her giant sweaty rump sticking out of her skintight leggings. The boy couldn't help but smile as he glanced in their direction before quickly returning to his workout.

While on the treadmill, Diego saw his mother strike up a conversation with the skinny white boy. They were talking and laughing about God knows what, but Diego knew that he couldn't stand idly by while his mom flirted with some random boy.

Walking up to them, Diego cleared his throat loudly, trying to get their attention. His mother smiled at him sweetly as the boy turned to face Diego, giving him an awkward wave.

"Mom, are you ready to go home?"

"Not yet, baby. Why don't you finish up here and I'll meet you at the front entrance in twenty minutes?"

Diego rolled his eyes in annoyance, realizing that he couldn't drag his mom away from the gym unless she wanted to leave. He decided to keep working out, though this time he made sure to avoid the area where his mom and the white boy were hanging out.

As Diego did pushups on a nearby yoga mat, he couldn't help but overhear their conversation. The way his mom was giggling at the boy's jokes made Diego seethe with anger and jealousy.

When they eventually left the gym together, Diego noticed how the boy's hand accidentally brushed against his mother's enormous ass cheeks while they walked through the door. He was furious that such a disgusting act would ever happen on his watch.

Back in the car, his mother turned towards him and asked, "So, did you enjoy yourself tonight, Diego?"

He nodded half-heartedly and then stared out of the window as his mother drove them home.

Later that night, after his mother had gone to bed, Diego got down onto all fours and started crawling across the floor towards her bedroom. He grabbed hold of the door handle and slowly pushed it open so he wouldn't make any noise. With a careful gaze, he peeked his head inside, making sure to stay hidden so that she wouldn't notice him.

In the dim lighting of the room, he could see her lying on her side as she slept peacefully in her silk pajamas. Her beautiful features were accentuated by the moonlight shining in from outside, but unfortunately for Diego, her body wasn't covered by much other than her skimpy outfit. She had a thick hourglass figure with wide hips, a narrow waist, and huge melon-sized breasts that were straining to burst free from her tank top.

Even though he shouldn't, he found himself fantasizing about how good it would feel to bury his head between her tits and smother himself with her milky scent. Suddenly, his pants became uncomfortably tight, forcing him to retreat back to his room.

It took a few minutes before he was able to calm himself down enough to return to his mother's bedroom without risk of hurting himself, and once he was there, he slipped under her covers and lay his head gently on her pillow.

Diego began nuzzling against her face until she finally opened her eyes. Upon seeing his innocent expression, she let out a deep sigh and shook her head, clearly displeased by what she saw.

"What are you doing, baby?"

He hesitated at first but eventually answered honestly, "I don't want to share you, mom."

She smiled sadly as she ran her fingers through his hair, "Why, darling? Don't worry, that skinny white boy will never be my type. You're still my favorite person in the whole world. Now please, go back to your room and I'll see you tomorrow morning, okay?"

After hearing those words come from his mother's mouth, Diego crawled out of her bed and sulked back to his own. He climbed under the covers and hugged the spare pillow, thinking about what he had just witnessed and how terrible it would have been if the white boy had tried something inappropriate. He couldn't stand the thought of losing his mother to someone else.

His dreams that night were filled with images of his naked mother sprawled on top of a muscular figure who wasn't him. He didn't sleep well, but at least he was comforted by the fact that he had nothing to fear.


"Luke, baby! Get this horny clown some pants!," a girl yelled out over the loud music booming from the speakers.

Everyone laughed hysterically and cheered louder when Luke snatched off his shorts, displaying his monster cock for all to see. It was massive and throbbing with anticipation. Luke wasted no time and pushed Maria against the counter, pushing his length deeply into Maria's pussy, eliciting a gasp from Maria's open mouth.

"No! Stop!! Take it out!!" Mario cried out uselessly. "Please!!!" he screamed out as Luke started pounding deep inside her wet folds.

The rest of Luke's guests began circling around Mario, whispering dirty things in his ears, and grabbing hold of his legs. Mario watched in horror as his mom's tight opening stretched wide, taking Luke's hard member inch by inch.

He squeezed his eyes shut, wishing he could block out everything going on around him, but the sound of slapping flesh drowned out his thoughts. In fact, Mario felt lightheaded from the intense pressure building up between his ears.

Luke began sucking on Maria's huge tits as his thrusts became frantic, smacking violently against her plump ass cheeks. The sound echoed through Mario's skull. He heard shouts from the crowd growing increasingly louder and louder.

"I'm sorry, son! Please forgive me! Please! Oh my God!" Mario's mother's pleas were barely audible, yet they cut deep into his soul.

"But it feels so good, Mrs. Ramos," Luke grunted before biting down harshly onto one of Maria's nipples, forcing her to moan and shudder violently.

"D-Do you want to feel my fat titties wrapped around that monster cock too?! Just ask for it and I'll let you stick that thing up my ass, baby!" she begged, panting heavily between words as she rocked wildly back and forth on Luke's lap.

Her statement sent shockwaves through Mario's system, nearly causing him to faint dead away. At this point, he realized that she didn't care about him anymore. She'd traded him in for an evil boy like Luke, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Luke and Maria kissed passionately on the mouth for several moments until Luke released a huge load inside Maria, shooting a heavy stream of cum into her womb. It poured down Maria's thigh as she panted heavily, seemingly enjoying herself.

Luke's buddies moved in quickly and pressed Mario's mom into the counter.

"Suck me first, slut. I wanna get balls deep in you next!"

Mario's mom obliged without hesitation, wrapping her luscious lips around his thick cock and moaning loudly as he filled her mouth. The guy's dark shaft swelled, stretching her lips even wider until it bulged between her jaws. Her tongue played along its tip while she sucked enthusiastically.

Mario watched in shock and disgust at the scene unfolding before him. He felt so helpless, trapped in this chair unable to defend his mother from these monsters. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. He wanted to look away, but his eyes were frozen in place.

"I'm sorry son, please don't look at me like this," Mario heard his mother whisper weakly under the ruckus.

Mario's vision began blurring, and he blinked rapidly, hoping to regain clarity. The voices of the spectators faded out as he struggled to focus. A strange sensation washed over Mario as he strained to keep conscious. He sensed movement in front of him but couldn't pinpoint the source. Everything felt muffled and distant as though he was experiencing it remotely.

The noises surrounding Mario increased dramatically until they seemed deafening, drowning out his thoughts entirely. There was an intense ringing in Mario's ears as a bright light flashed directly above his head, temporarily blinding him.

"Say goodnight spic!" someone roared from beyond his peripheral vision.

Then a sharp pain slapped the back of Mario's head, and everything went black.

The next thing Mario remembered, was waking up in bed with his mom, feeling completely dazed and confused. His head ached and throbbed horribly, but somehow, he wasn't in any other pain. He took note of his surroundings as he slowly regained consciousness, finding himself tucked neatly beneath warm sheets beside his mother, who slept peacefully beside him.

"M-mom?" Mario stuttered groggily. "W-where am I? How did I get here?"

His mother stirred slowly at his question, grumbling softly to herself in response before rolling over to face him. "Son...oh thank goodness, you woke up!" she gasped delightedly. "We were afraid you might never wake up again!"

Mario felt puzzled at hearing this and tried once again to figure out where he was. The room looked exactly like the one in which he'd spent most of his life growing up in. On the bedside table, lay a framed photograph of his parents kissing each other lovingly. This confirmed it, he must have been dreaming the whole thing!

"Son, are you okay? Talk to me!"

A pair of soft arms wrapped tightly around Mario's waist as a familiar voice spoke soothingly into his ear.

"I'm fine, Mom," Mario replied tiredly, hugging her back briefly before pulling away, sitting upright in his bed, looking down at the covers, feeling a little uncomfortable. "I just...had a weird dream I guess."

"Really? Was it scary? Are you scared?" Mario's mom cooed comfortingly as she crawled into bed with him, snuggling close.

"Kinda..." Mario admitted quietly, closing his eyes as she cuddled up next to him.

"Don't worry, darling. Your old mama is always here to protect you!" Mario's mom giggled playfully, stroking his hair lovingly before planting a tender kiss to his forehead.

Suddenly Luke walked into the room wearing only a towel around his waist. The short skinny white boy was glistening with sweat, and his muscles were pumped with blood. His lean athletic build made his intimidating eight inch dick look even bigger and more threatening than usual.

"Hey, Luke. Come join us in bed. You can help me warm up our little Mario," Maria cooed seductively, smiling broadly as she gazed longingly at Luke.

"Sounds like fun, Mrs. Ramos," Luke chuckled heartily, climbing into bed beside her, sliding his muscular arm around her slender neck.

"On second thought, this bed ain't big enough for the three of us," he stated authoritatively.

In a single swift motion, Luke ripped the blanket off the bed, exposing their bodies and throwing Mario on the floor. Before Mario knew what was happening, Luke was on top of his mom.

"Now give me those fat titties and big brown ass, my balls need to be emptied!," Luke exclaimed with a maniacal grin, his hands running all over Maria's beautiful body.

Maria threw her head back and laughed raucously as she opened her legs wide, giving Luke access to her pink slit. "Do whatever you want to me, baby. I know you like 'em Latina!," she purred sensually.

Maria squealed joyously as Luke began eating her out furiously, gripping her hips tightly to keep her steady on her knees. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, burying her face against his shoulder blades. "Oh yeah, eat that pussy! Lick me good baby, fuck me hard, make me cum all over your cute boyish face!" Maria moaned, grinding her dripping pussy against his mouth.

Luke obeyed Maria's commands, his fingers digging into Maria's meaty ass cheeks as he devoured her delicious slit, hungrily lapping up her juices.

After Luke had finished satisfying her desires, he stood up, towering over Maria's petite form.

"Come sit on my cock, Mrs. Ramos," he commanded forcefully. "I need to get these nuts drained or I'm going to explode!"

Maria nodded eagerly, hopping forward and wrapping her legs around Luke's torso. He pulled her in, his fingers slipping underneath the band of her panties, ripping them off her body as he gripped her waist tightly and began thrusting hard inside her tight pussy, pounding fiercely into her.

Luke took the brown woman's breasts and began roughly squeezing both nipples while slamming deep within her womb again and again.

Luke began sucking on her giant tits and motorboating them like a maniac.

Mario sat frozen in stunned silence. This was not at all what he expected would happen upon awakening from such an intense nightmare.

But now, as he watched Luke pump away at his mom's swollen mound, he found himself strangely aroused despite his confusion.

"Mo-Mom? Luke...?"

At last, Mario's words finally broke free, interrupting his own reverie and bringing an end to the blissful moment he was enjoying. Both Luke and his mom stopped fucking abruptly as they turned simultaneously to stare at Mario, still sitting on the floor.

Luke glared viciously at Mario and grinned widely. "I told you my birthday party was gonna kick ass!"

While I wait for your votes to come in, I will be redoing some commissions I've had done to better suit what I really wanted, as well as some brutal bytes I never got to. I'll also add more ideas for voting too, but four seems like a good number to keep it at. Hope you guys are enjoying this! ;D

Mom the Birthday Clown (Mom based on Danica Collins)

Two teenage boys argued in front of a beautiful house in the middle of an idyllic neighborhood. The lawn was carefully manicured and a neatly trimmed hedge framed the property. The argument between these two rivals seemed to have no end.

The older boy, Mario, paced back and forth while gesturing wildly with his hands.

"No way! You can't possibly convince any of the dancers to come to your lame-ass party! They wouldn't even give you a second glance!"

Mario said, laughing loudly at Luke. "You're probably better off just using your own hand anyway."

Luke took a moment to look Mario up and down in disgust before responding, "Listen here, you little rat! I bet if I asked my Dad for some cash, he could easily hire all the strippers in town to come hang out with me! Hell, even your fat titted mom would probably work it for that much money!"

Mario's eyes widened in rage as he lunged toward Luke, fist raised. But before he could strike, another voice rang out from behind him:

"Mario! What are you doing?! Stop fighting and get inside—it's time for dinner!"

It was Mario's mother, Maria, standing in the doorway with her arms crossed disapprovingly. Her giant breasts pressed against her shirt, making it clear that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Mama! You don't understand! He called you a stripper!" Mario protested, pointing an accusatory finger at Luke.

Maria narrowed her eyes at Luke and then looked down at her son with a stern expression on her face. "Mario! Enough! No one in this neighborhood is going to respect us if you keep acting like a delinquent!" She grabbed hold of Mario's arm and pulled him toward the door.

Luke grinned smugly as he watched Mario being dragged away by his furious mother.

After pushing her son inside, Maria turned to Luke and gave him a scathing glare. "My son isn't bothering you is he?" she asked, her tone heavy with suspicion.

"Not anymore, Mrs. Ramos." Luke smiled wickedly and bowed his head in mock politeness, ignoring the way she was staring at his crotch.
Luke stared at the pretty woman's huge breasts and licked his lips lecherously, wondering if she'd ever consider giving him a private dance.

"Say, Mrs. Ramos. Would you like to come to my birthday party next week? It's gonna be a real rager," he said, winking suggestively at her.
But before Maria could answer, Mario came back outside and pushed Luke hard enough that he stumbled backward onto the pavement.

Mario stood between his enemy and his mother, looking furious and determined. "Get out of here! This is my house, and you're not welcome!"

Luke straightened up and brushed himself off casually, staring at Maria's bulging cleavage again. "Well, if I had a mom like that, I wouldn't want anyone else around her either." He laughed mockingly.

Mario stepped forward again but was stopped by his mother grabbing him by the arm. "Baby, this is not how you treat your friends!" she scolded, glancing apologetically at Luke.

Luke smirked triumphantly and waved goodbye. "See you around, Maria! Don't forget to wear something sexy for my party next week!"

Mario pulled his arm away from his mom. "That fucker ain't my friend, mom! He's just a racist dickhead who gets off on teasing me!" He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Maria shook her head in exasperation. "Okay, honey. We'll talk about this later."

"But there's no way you're going to his party, right?" Mario asked hopefully.

Maria sighed and shook her head. "Why not? He seems like a nice enough boy."

Mario stared at her incredulously. "Are you kidding me?! That asshole doesn't deserve to be in the same room as you, mom!"

Maria rolled her eyes and turned to walk back into the house, leaving Mario staring after her in shock and disbelief. He watched as her sizable ass jiggled with every step, unable to believe that his own mother was considering attending Luke's party.

Unable to contain his fury any longer, Mario stomped up the stairs to his bedroom, slammed the door behind him, and threw himself onto his bed in despair. He was tired from the shitty day he had, as his own mom was now siding with his worst rival.
Mario tossed and turned in his sleep, his forehead creased with worry and his mouth drawn in a tight line. Suddenly, he began to see flashes of a giant cake, which was shaped like a giant boob. In his dream, he watched helplessly as Luke started singing "Happy Birthday" and opened the massive present. Out popped his mother, completely naked and smiling seductively. Maria then threw herself at Luke, straddling him while he grabbed her huge tits and groped her body.

"Luke, don't do it!" Mario tried to shout, but his voice didn't carry. He felt himself grow angry as he watched Maria slip Luke's cock into her pussy and start riding him furiously. Mario could see his mom's tits bouncing wildly as she moaned in ecstasy. He could feel tears running down his cheeks and a lump forming in his throat.

Suddenly, Mario heard loud music blaring and realized that people were entering the room. A group of older men in suits gathered around them, watching as Luke fucked his mother in front of everyone. The men grabbed Maria's tits, pinching her nipples and slapping her ass as they cheered her on.

"Please stop, Mommy! Don't do this!" Mario screamed. But once again, his voice remained silent.

Maria looked over at her son and giggled mischievously. She leaned back, spreading her legs further apart as she allowed Luke to thrust his hard cock into her dripping cunt. Mario could see his mom's pussy juices oozing out of her pussy as Luke's dick slid in and out of her hole.

"Oh yes! Fuck me harder! Fill my pussy with cum!" Maria cried out, her eyes rolling back in her head as she continued to get fucked by Luke.

Mario gasped and sat up in bed, his breathing labored and his heart pounding.

"Son, what's wrong?" Maria asked, peeking into his room to check on him. She was still awake and had seen the commotion.

"Mom, it was just a nightmare." Mario mumbled, wiping the sweat from his brow. "But please promise me you won't go to Luke's party. I'm begging you!"

Maria sighed and shook her head. "Sweetie, it's okay. It was just a dream. Why don't you lie down and try to get some rest."

Mario nodded, too afraid to speak. "Please mom, just stay away from Luke. There's something off about him," he pleaded.

Maria shrugged and went back to bed. But as Mario drifted off to sleep again, he knew that his mom wouldn't respect his wishes. She was extremely stubborn, a trait that ran in the family....

Mario awoke the following morning and tried to shake off the lingering effects of his disturbing dream. After eating breakfast alone (as his mom was at work already), he decided to go outside for a bit. The weather was beautiful; sunny and warm. As he strolled along the sidewalk, enjoying the fresh air, a familiar sound drew his attention:

"Oh yeah! Get it baby, get it!" It was Luke, lying in the grass, jerking off in broad daylight. "Take it, Mario's mom, give me those fat fucking tits! Suck me dry!"

He groaned as he came violently all over the ground. His penis seemed larger than usual, as if his orgasm had inflated it somehow.

Mario shuddered in disgust, watching as the rivulets of white semen dribbled down Luke's shaft.

"You sick fucker! Stay the fuck away from my mom! Or else..." Mario yelled, but Luke just smirked at him.

"Your mom loves big white cock. I bet she can't wait to suck mine at my party." Luke snickered and started masturbating again, pumping his dick wildly as more sperm erupted from its tip.

Mario ran off in disgust, unable to bear witness to the scene anymore.

Later, at home, Mario tried to tell his voluptuous mother just how sick and perverted Luke really was. But she would not listen to him.

"Baby, you need to let things go. Luke's going through a tough time right now. His parents got divorced, he barely passed the ninth grade, and he's trying to fit in at school. It's not easy for someone like him."

"And what does that have to do with me?" Mario argued back. "How many times has he said nasty shit to me at school?!"

Maria put her hands on her son's shoulder and looked straight at him with her large brown eyes. "Listen, I know that life hasn't been fair to you either, son. You're a good kid, a little quiet sometimes, but that doesn't change the fact that you have your whole future ahead of you. So stop worrying so much about some other boy and focus on yourself instead." She smiled kindly at her son, hoping to ease his mind.

But Mario kept shaking his head. "No, no, no! Listen, Luke is an evil son of a bitch! He was masturbating to you mom! While he calls you nasty names, he keeps playing with his dick, getting off to your image! The fucker even had a wet dream about you last night!"

"Son! Enough! You've got too big of an imagination!" Maria's huge tits bounced as she scolded him.

Mario stared at the ground in frustration. "Mom, please don't go to his party. For me, I'm begging you!" He gazed imploringly into his mother's beautiful brown eyes, searching desperately for any sign of compassion or understanding.

"Of course, I will go to his party. I'm his neighbor, and we owe him a gesture of kindness," Maria answered in her most mature sounding tone. "Now go to your room and stay there, your nasty stories about Luke have earned you a time out".

Maria walked away, swinging her curvy hips as she headed back to work. Mario sighed miserably and turned to stare sullenly out the window. What was he going to do?

Suddenly Mario spied a smug looking Luke walk up to his front door, ringing the bell.

"Mrs. Ramos, have you decided to come to my party?" Luke shouted.

"Mario, honey, get the door," Maria called out to her son.

Mario opened the door reluctantly, feeling defeated and hopeless. He stared at Luke and felt his fists clenching involuntarily.

"Yes, I'll be at your party," Maria called out to Luke, interrupting their silent standoff.

"Awesome! I got you a special costume for my party tomorrow. I'll bring it later, Mrs. Ramos!" Luke exclaimed, winking conspiratorially at Mario.

Mario scowled at Luke, hating the way he smirked at him. "Get out of here, you loser!" he spat angrily.

As Luke backed away slowly, Mario tried to push past his mother, who was blocking the doorway. But she caught him by the shoulders and held him firmly in place.

"Baby, why are you being like this? Luke is just trying to be nice, and you're acting like an idiot!" Maria shook her head in disappointment and pulled him inside.

Later that evening, Mario watched as Luke rang the doorbell again, holding a costume box under his arm. He knew instantly that he should never have trusted his mom not to go to Luke's party.

"Here, Mrs. Ramos! I got you a sexy costume and everything! Put this on tomorrow, and you'll be the belle of the ball!" Luke grinned maniacally, eyeing her voluptuous curves hungrily.

"Oh, that's so sweet of you, Luke!" Maria gushed as she took the costume box from him. "I can't wait to surprise all of Mario's friends with my sexy costume!"

"Sure thing, Mrs. Ramos. And speaking of surprises, I'm planning a huge one for Mario. When you arrive at my party, you might just find him tied up to a pole," Luke chuckled malevolently.

Mario shuddered in horror at the thought of his mom arriving at Luke's party, wearing that costume. He could imagine her big tits bulging obscenely from her low cut top, and her thick thighs flashing indecently. Luke would use the opportunity to grope his mom shamelessly, and worse still, she'd probably enjoy it.

"What's wrong, son?" Maria asked, seeing the look of terror etched across Mario's face.

"Nothing, mom. You won't care about what i want anyway." Mario said quietly before stormily slamming shut his bedroom door.

The next night, Mario stood nervously in the kitchen, waiting for his mom to emerge from her bedroom wearing Luke's surprise party costume. He knew she looked stunning, but he was terrified at what Luke might have planned for her.

When Maria finally made her appearance, she was a clown?!

She wore a red rubber nose, bright red lipstick, black face paint around her eyes, a garishly pink wig, and a skimpy harlequin costume that showed off far too much of her curves. Her enormous breasts bulged obscenely from her outfit and threatened to pop out at any moment.

"Look at me! I'm a sexy clown!" Maria laughed brightly as she pranced around the house, showing off her ridiculous costume.

"Mom, why would you put that awful stuff on?" Mario complained bitterly.

"Oh stop whining, son! Luke wanted to cheer me up, and this is a great way to help him celebrate his birthday," Maria replied dismissively.

"Luke is a sicko, and you look like a slut!" Mario snarled viciously.

Maria frowned and walked over to her son, towering above him as she put a finger to his lips.

"Don't tell you're jealous son. Bet you wish I went to your birthday dressed like this," Maria said seductively.

Mario flushed bright red and turned his gaze away from hers. "Well, maybe a little," he mumbled softly, his cheeks burning hotly. "But you need to know that Luke is an evil pervert!"

Maria sighed impatiently and rolled her eyes. "Baby...that's enough," she said firmly. "Go sit down in the car. It's time for us to leave now. We don't want to be late!"

She grabbed hold of her son's arm and pulled him towards the door, pushing him out ahead of herself as she slammed it shut behind her.

She then guided him quickly towards their old station wagon. Mario watched his mom's full meaty chest globes bounce beneath her shirt, transfixed as she bent over slightly to open the passenger side door.

They drove away in silence, Mario glaring angrily out the window the entire ride, thinking how horrible this party was going to be. Soon they arrived at Luke's house where several cars were already parked outside. He followed his mother nervously, trailing behind as she skipped happily toward Luke's front door, oblivious to the stares she received from neighbors and passersby alike.

"Woah check out that fat titted clown!" a young boy no older than perhaps 13 said upon catching a glimpse of Mario's voluptuous mom.

"Lucky fuck, that clown belongs to that fucker Luke, he's gonna get the best piece of ass tonight!" another boy replied as they both lewdly ogled her huge tits and ample curves.

Maria ignored the vulgar comments from the two teens, turning instead to greet Luke, who had thrown his door open to welcome her. She hurried inside excitedly, eager to start partying and show off her sexy clown costume.

Luke gave Mario a knowing look, laughing loudly before grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it close. Mario sat down reluctantly, watching warily as Luke knelt before him, taking hold of Mario's wrists and binding them with rope.

"Damn it! Why did you tie me up?" Mario growled furiously.

"Relax bro, just a little kinky fun, nothing sinister," Luke chortled and slapped him roughly across the face. "Your mom is mine, spic, you just watch," Luke smirked.

Mario struggled desperately against his bonds, desperate to free himself. He had no idea what kind of party this was, but he knew it couldn't be anything good. He glanced anxiously around the room, searching for something to cut through the ropes binding him to the chair. But there was nothing in reach.

Maria ignored Mario's struggles and pranced merrily into the kitchen, giggling hysterically as she saw dozens of costumed people dancing in the living room. Everyone's gaze seemed focused directly at her oversized tits and thick juicy thighs. Even Mario seemed awestruck at his mother's voluptuous curves.

Mario stared helplessly at Luke's grinning face. The asshole was clearly pleased with himself.

"Man I wonder if Luke will let us fuck that hot ass milf clown after he's done!" a strange voice broke Mario from his trance.

"Yeah that big titted clown is making me hard right now," a second voice agreed enthusiastically.

"I hope the spic gets to see his mom get gangbanged!"

"Oh shit that's that beaner's mom? It's over for that loser, I bet every friend that loser has ever had has fucked those huge tits!," one of Luke's
goons spoke up in a condescending tone, which caused Mario's blood to boil.

As Maria danced around like an idiot, she suddenly noticed Mario struggling futilely in his chair. Then she stopped dead in her tracks as she felt an invisible force rip her flimsy costume apart, revealing her voluptuous naked curves for all eyes to see. Mario's jaw dropped to the floor as he saw his mom standing exposed, completely unaware of what happened. Her large firm breasts jiggled enticingly with every slight movement she made while her shapely rear swayed gently behind her, drawing even more attention from the crowd around her.

"Holy crap that MILF is built like a brick shithouse!" a male voice shouted gleefully, causing everyone else to roar in approval.

Mario stared agog at Luke, wondering if he had used some sort of telekinesis to tear her clothes apart. It was impossible, but the sight of her bare body sent goosebumps down his spine.

"M-Mom! What's happening?!" Mario stammered nervously, trembling uncontrollably in fear. "Where are your clothes?!" he demanded frantically.

Zoo Trip (Mom based on Danica Collins)

Michael stared at the back of Ned's head, his mouth slightly agape at how thick and greasy the other boy's hair was. He could smell it from where he was sitting, a musky and foul odor that made him scrunch up his nose in disgust.

It was hard for Michael to believe that he was only a few inches taller than the obese boy, but it had always been that way. Ned had barely moved from the front row of their elementary school classroom all those years ago, and now he was stuck behind him in high school as well.

Just like with everything else, Ned didn't seem to care about how awful he looked or smelled. He just lumbered around the halls, laughing loudly at jokes that nobody understood and shoving people out of his way when they got too close.

Ned suddenly groaned, shifting uncomfortably in his chair while Michael and the rest of the class stared at him. No one knew what had come over the boy, and Michael couldn't help but hold his breath as he realized that something terrible might be about to happen.

Finally, Ned let out a loud fart, its stench filling the air and making everyone gag. The teacher turned around, her face twisted in disgust as she yelled at the boy to open a window immediately.

Michael glanced at Ned, who shrugged nonchalantly at all the attention and calmly rolled down his window before slouching back in his seat. He clearly couldn't care less about the gas he had just let out, which was so bad that several people were already walking out of the room.

"As I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted," the teacher said, shooting Ned a dirty look before turning back to the board. "We will be having a field trip to the zoo next Wednesday."

There was a collective cheer from the class, and Michael felt himself getting excited at the prospect of seeing real live animals up close.

However, Ned's obnoxiously loud voice cut through the noise.

"No way, my mom won't want to go!" he exclaimed. "She says zoos are evil and all the animals should be set free."

Michael rolled his eyes at Ned's ridiculousness, but the teacher ignored him and continued writing on the board. She seemed unbothered by the comment, but Michael couldn't help but feel sorry for Ned if his mom really thought like that.

The foul smelling Ned turned around to face Michael and whispered "Is your mom going?" with a sly grin on his face.

Michael knew it wasn't a compliment, and he didn't bother responding. He turned away to focus on the teacher instead, determined not to get involved in any more of Ned's nonsense.

Michael's mom was a very attractive Latina woman, with long dark hair and an ample chest. Her breasts were so big that they threatened to spill out of whatever low-cut dress she was wearing that day, and her ass was round and firm. Ned had seen her a few times around the school but thankfully Michael was able to keep the nasty fucker away from his gorgeous mother. Needless to say he did not want her to attend the trip due to the horny boys in his class, but he needed a signed permission slip from her so he had to tell her about the trip anyway.


Later that day at home, Michael stewed over whether to mention the trip to his mom or not. He really wanted to go but then thought about her forcing her way onto the trip and embarrassing him in front of his classmates, or worse being around Ned.

"Mom, can you sign this?" asked Michael, thrusting the form towards his mom. She raised her perfectly manicured eyebrow, looking at him skeptically.

"Of course I'll sign it, mijo," she replied. "What exactly is this for? It looks like it's asking for parent permission for something."

"Well," said Michael sheepishly, avoiding his mom's gaze. "It's for a trip to the zoo."

"Oh, that sounds lovely!" she exclaimed, grabbing the form. "Let me just grab a pen from the other room."

A few minutes later, Michael heard his mom's heels clacking down the hall. She entered the kitchen with her usual sashay, revealing a little bit more cleavage than normal as she leaned over the table to sign the form. Michael tried not to stare at her massive tits, but it was hard to resist.

"Parents are encouraged to attend," she read aloud. "Huh, guess I'll have to see what my schedule looks like that day. It sounds like it could be fun!"

Michael didn't know how to respond. While he wanted to go on the trip, he really didn't want his mom tagging along.

Michael didn't know how to respond. While he wanted to go on the trip, he really didn't want his mom tagging along.

"It's alright mom, you don't have to go with me," said Michael quickly. "You're probably busy anyway."

"Well, I don't know..." His mom pursed her lips. "I guess I could take a few hours off work. How many other parents will be attending?"

"Not sure. But we need at least 5 or the trip will be canceled" Michael said truthfully, instantly regretting his comment.

"Then I'm definitely coming," his mom stated, signing the form before walking out of the room. Michael sighed as he watched her go, knowing that his mom attending would be both awesome and humiliating at the same time.


The morning of the trip arrived and Michael's mom insisted on driving them there herself. As Michael climbed into the passenger seat of their car, he saw that his mom was dressed to impress in a sexy white tank top and short jean skirt that revealed most of her thighs. She winked at Michael as they pulled out of the driveway, making him blush slightly as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

They reached the school where most of the students who didn't have parents attended were getting on the bus. Michael could already sense Ned's presence near him, and he prayed his mom wouldn't get close enough to notice him.

Suddenly he saw Ned being pulled off the bus by the driver, who shook his head in disgust. Apparently, Ned had passed out in his seat due to eating too much candy before boarding and stunk up the entire bus.

Ned looked full of despair as he tried asking parents of other students to give him a ride to the zoo, but most of them just ignored him. Michael laughed inside to himself until he spotted his mom get out of her car and wave at Ned.

"I'll take him to the zoo, poor thing." she said sweetly, putting her arm around Ned. "He just wants to learn about animals, right Ned?"

"Uhm...yes, Mrs. Flores." Ned nodded, blushing hard. He stared at the light brown skinned woman's huge cleavage and grinned.

"Mom" started Michael, but before he could finish, his mom had dragged Ned to her car and they were on their way to the zoo, with an angry Michael keeping his sour thoughts to himself.

Michael's mom and Ned made small talk in the car while Michael sulked in the passenger seat. She made a stop to get treats and told

Michael to go inside the store and buy a few things. When Michael came back out, Ned had somehow squeezed himself into the passenger seat while his mom was busy applying her makeup in the rearview mirror. Michael was infuriated.

As soon as Michael saw Ned sitting in the front seat of his mom's car, his anger bubbled over.

"Get out," he said, pointing a finger at Ned.

"What do you mean, mijo?" his mother asked, confused.

"He shouldn't even be here, he didn't pass out on the bus! He just wanted to get a ride from you!" Michael yelled. "And he took my seat, which is unacceptable!"

"Oh please Michael, I didn't see you sitting there." Ned smirked, patting Michael's shoulder condescendingly. "Now give me that candy bar you bought, I'm starving."

"You fucking pig!" Michael screamed, lunging at Ned. He was about to throw a punch when his mother jumped in between them.

"Alright, alright, settle down boys. This trip isn't about fighting, it's about learning about animals."

Michael glared at Ned, who shrugged nonchalantly as he scarfed down the chocolate bar he had stolen. His stomach rumbled as he chewed, the sound reminding Michael that he hadn't eaten anything either.

"Here, let's just stop for lunch before we get to the zoo." his mom suggested, pulling onto the next exit. "Everyone needs some food in their tummy, right Ned?"

"Hell yeah!" Ned shouted, causing his mom to giggle.

Michael sulked the whole time they were at the restaurant, glaring daggers at Ned across the table while his mother fawned over him. He knew that his mom was attracted to younger guys, but Ned was disgusting. Just thinking about his greasy hair and wide fat body made Michael sick to his stomach.

But he also couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of his classmate. Ned had someone to care about him and give him attention, despite his gross personality. Michael had his mom, but she never paid as much attention to him as he wished.

Back in the car, Michael sat behind his mom as she chatted with Ned the rest of the way to the zoo. She drove fast and recklessly, which annoyed Michael even more as he clung to the backseat handle to stay steady. He could tell that his mom was really enjoying the drive, especially with Ned talking her ear off as they approached the entrance.

"Alright boys, we're finally here!" exclaimed his mom, parking the car near the zoo's front gates. "Let's have a wonderful day learning about animals."

The three of them got out, and Michael was once again pushed to the back as his mom wrapped her arm around Ned's neck. He could feel his jealousy bubbling over, and before he could stop himself, he blurted out:

"Can you stop pretending to like him, mom?! You can't stand him, and I don't understand why you pretend you do!"

His mom whipped around, her eyes wide. "Excuse me, young man! Who do you think you are to disrespect your mother like that?" she yelled.

Before Michael could respond, Ned walked up to him and punched him square in the face. "Fucking shut up, you annoying little bitch. She doesn't have to put up with you."

With that, Ned left, walking toward the zoo's entrance as Michael held his now swollen nose. His mom stood there awkwardly before she sighed.

"Look, Michael, I know you hate Ned but...I kind of like him, ok? I know it's weird but, he makes me happy. Maybe you can try being nicer to him instead of yelling at me all the time, huh?"

Michael was stunned. He could hardly believe what his mom was saying, and part of him wanted to run after her as she headed towards the zoo to find Ned. But he stayed put, trying to wrap his head around the fact that his mother actually liked someone who was not only extremely gross but also a bully.

He sniffled back tears of frustration before he took one last look at the zoo. If he was going to suffer through this day, he might as well enjoy it. So he wiped his bloody nose, took a deep breath and walked through the zoo's entrance alone.

Michael found Ned and his mom near the otters exhibit. His mom was taking a photo of Ned making a funny face while petting an otter, which Michael thought was absolutely revolting. He scowled at them and continued walking around the zoo on his own, but as he looked around the other exhibits he couldn't help feeling a bit jealous. Ned got to spend the whole day with his mom, who seemed genuinely happy in Ned's company while Michael was all alone.

Every once in a while, Michael would glimpse his mom and Ned in the distance, but it became obvious that the two were totally focused on each other. His mom would hang on Ned's every word and laugh at all of his jokes, no matter how stupid. They also walked around the zoo with their arms linked together and his mom occasionally even rubbed Ned's balding head or touched his gut to show affection, actions that caused Michael's anger to simmer further.

By the end of the day, Michael's mood was even darker as his mom and Ned stopped in front of the panther enclosure. The boy watched as his mom took another picture of Ned with his arm wrapped around a stuffed tiger, while Ned gave the camera a thumbs up.

"One day I'm going to be the world's greatest zookeeper," Ned declared proudly. "People will come from far away just to see my magnificent beasts!"

"Hahahaha!" laughed Michael's mom, pinching Ned's cheek playfully. "You're so silly, Ned."

The two smiled at each other and then looked at the large cats in the cage, their expressions becoming serious. After a while of silence, his mom put her hand on Ned's shoulder.

"So," she said softly. "How about a kiss for good luck? I'd love to be the girlfriend of the world's best zookeeper."
Ned grinned at her, showing off his crooked teeth. "Only if you kiss me first, hahaha!"

Michael saw his mother's face fall at the suggestion, but then she planted a wet smooch on Ned's cheek. He winced as she kissed him, seeing Ned's ugly face go red with happiness. Ned hugged Michael's mom tightly, lifting her up and twirling her around the grass before setting her down.
Michael stood by himself as he watched his mom walk towards the zoo's exit with Ned. Both of them were smiling widely while chatting excitedly about the zoo date, leaving Michael all alone without a second thought.

After a while, Michael went back to his mom's car which he had to search for as she had moved to a more secluded area. He was shocked to see the car bouncing up and down violently with moans and thuds echoing loudly from the inside. Through the glass, Michael could make out his naked mom straddling the fat boy. Her large dark breasts bounced up and down on Ned's chest as she rode him and squealed in pleasure.

Michael watched with shock as he saw how his mom's juicy butt slammed against Ned's round pot belly. The obese teen moaned and thrust upwards uncontrollably into her tight hole, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle rapidly as if it was made of gelatine. She giggled in delight as the rhythmic slaps echoed through the windows of her car.
Mo-om?" Michael stuttered, looking at her face scrunched up in an ahegao expression of lust and pleasure. He couldn't believe what he was witnessing, but the more he thought about it, the more he began to realize something strange; that despite the fact that Ned was an idiot and he was physically repulsive, his mom still preferred him over his son. Michael frowned angrily at this realization and he shook the car, but neither of them responded to him or even noticed he was there, too enveloped in their animalistic coupling.

Michael banged on the car window until his fist hurt, but his efforts were useless as his mom kept riding Ned's dick without pause.
Michael saw that his mom was wearing only a yellow bra with black straps that showed off her perky dark nipples. Her huge breasts were bulging out of her undergarment to such a degree that Michael felt his cock growing in response to the sexy display.

"Shit, I forgot how hot your mom is," one of the other boys called out, startling Michael as he glanced to his right.

"Holy shit! Mike's mom is fucking nasty ass Ned!" exclaimed another.

Several more teens gathered around the car to watch as the married Latina woman grinded her thick bubble butt up and down Ned's greasy body.

Michael was livid with rage as his classmates and peers watched his mother hump away at the fat pig.

"Fuck, look at those huge fucking tits!" one kid yelled out.

The others immediately chimed in with catcalls and hoots as they ogled Michael's mom's beautiful body.

Her long dark hair waved around her shoulders, a wild mass of curls that bounced freely with every movement.

Her large brown eyes sparkled with joy as she rode her lover and her wide lips were parted slightly. She looked at the boys with excitement, as if inviting them to join her.

Another round of cheers and whistles filled the air, and Michael swore that if it weren't for the car blocking his view, he would've been able to see the faces of his fellow students clearly.

Michael continued watching as his mom's sweaty, naked figure danced to a rhythm that was uniquely her own, rocking back and forth atop
Ned's big, fat belly. As she increased the tempo, Ned started groaning louder than ever, arching his back as he jerked underneath her, grabbing her enormous ass and squeezing her taut butt cheeks as hard as he could. Michael's eyes widened when he saw the cum shooting out of the pig's cock and spraying all over his mother's large, creamy boobs.

Then his mom cried out in ecstasy. She threw back her head and stretched her arms over her head, displaying her firm round belly with its cute little navel and her perfectly shaped, tiny waist, while her plump thighs and wide hips wiggled deliciously with every move.

Ned gasped and heaved heavily under her weight, and her entire body shivered with pure joy as he slowly slid off his oversized meat stick.

"Fuck that was intense, Ned." Michael's mom panted happily, sliding off Ned and climbing into the driver's seat. "You got any plans for the rest of the night?"

Ned rolled over to face her, wiping his sweaty forehead on his arm before grinning. "Not really. Do you wanna fuck again?"

"Of course! Let's just get away from all these nasty perverts first," she giggled, starting the car's engine and waving goodbye to everyone as she pulled onto the road.

Michael watched as his mom and his gross classsmate Ned sped off with all their clothes strewn across the passenger seat floor, leaving Michael and a bunch of other horny highschoolers standing dumbfounded in the parking lot.

"Damn, Mike, does this make Nasty Ned your dad now?" laughed one of them as the others followed suit. "He sure knows how to keep your mommy happy, huh?"

"T-this can't be happening..." mumbled Michael, staring at the empty parking spot where his mom's car was just a minute ago. His whole life felt like it was crashing down on top of him, and he couldn't bear to accept the horrible truth.

But it was real. And there was nothing he could do about it.

With trembling fingers, Marco unbuttoned his jeans and slid his hand inside. He couldn't stop thinking about Chase's rough hands on his mom's skin as he stroked himself, imagining what it would be like to watch him finger her wet pussy...

Meanwhile, downstairs, Mrs. Lopez leaned forward to peck Chase on the cheek. "You're so bad!" she laughed.

"Yeah well, I didn't realize that your son was spying on us the whole time! That kid has issues, Mrs. L." Chase grimaced.

Mrs. Lopez shook her head sadly, "I know. Sometimes I feel like I don't know my own son anymore. But he'll be ok, just give him space for now."

Chase grinned, his cock hardening in his pants as he imagined Marco's reaction if he knew what was actually going on between them.

"Right, space... Whatever you say, Mrs. Lopez."

Back in his bedroom, Marco was desperately close to orgasm when he heard footsteps approaching outside his room. In panic, he pulled up his pants and hastily wiped away the mess.

Just as he finished, the door creaked open and Mrs. Lopez poked her head through.

"Can I talk to you for a second?"

Marco nodded slowly, steeling his expression. He watched as his mom sat down on the bed next to him, avoiding eye contact.

She cleared her throat. "I'm sorry you had to witness what happened earlier between Chase and I, honey. I didn't want you to know about our secret relationship. It's nothing to get worked up about, we're just friends and nothing more, ok?"

Marco struggled to remain calm, knowing his mother wouldn't understand the truth. How could she be so blind to Chase's manipulative behavior? And why wasn't she disgusted by the idea of being with a much younger boy?

"So why don't you come and play some games with us now? You should give it another chance; Chase is actually quite fun." She gave her son's arm a gentle pat before rising and leaving the room. Marco watched as his mom's huge asscheeks clapped together as
she sauntered away from him.

As soon as she was gone, he threw himself backwards onto the bed and moaned in frustration. No matter how much he hated this, his cock still twitched eagerly every time he thought about his mother fucking Chase. It was hopeless; Marco knew that he would never be able to resist the temptation. He might as well just suck it up and get used to this. Maybe it's for the best?

Marco stepped into his mom's room to find her lying next to Chase, giggling as she flicked him in the side of the head. His heart pounded wildly at the sight. Were they really only playing video games? Or were they fucking in here without him?

"Hey baby, do you mind sitting on the floor? Chase and I have gotten so comfortable on the bed. You don't mind, right?" Mrs. Lopez smiled warmly at him.

Marco scowled, his cock twitching slightly in response. "I guess..." he muttered, settling on the carpet beneath them.

"So, Marco, what games do you want to play?" Chase asked, giving him a friendly elbow.

"Let's go with Smash Bros., or Call of Duty. Those are my favorites."

"Those are awesome!" Chase agreed enthusiastically.

The three of them began to play, laughing and teasing each other as usual. Eventually, the conversation took a dirty turn.

"Mrs. Lopez, you've got such big titties, I wish I could suck them dry," Chase teased, leaning in close to her and running his tongue along the underside of her boobs.

His mom giggled nervously. "Cut it out! Stop trying to make me blush, you little devil."

Marco froze mid-match, unsure how to respond to this sudden display of affection. He tried to focus on the game while his voluptuous mother and "friend" fooled around on the bed right behind him.

Marco saw in his mom's mirror the image of her slowly pulling up the covers over her and Chase. A few seconds later, he heard her whispering in Chase's ear.

"Hey babe, can you massage my breasts for me? They're getting really sore."

The two of them started giggling quietly, and soon enough Marco began to feel the rhythmic movement under the sheets and hear his mom's soft moans of pleasure. His heart thumped loudly in his ears as he realized what was happening.

As Marco stared blankly at the TV screen in front of him, trying not to notice the sounds coming from behind him, he heard Chase whisper in Mrs. Lopez's ear.

"Your breasts are perfect, they're even better than pornstar's ones I've seen."

Chase continued to kiss Marco's mom, sucking her tits as he listened to her breathing. Meanwhile, the boy's hands traveled over her body and under the covers until he was gently stroking her hairless pussy with the tips of his fingers.

Once more, Marco looked up and saw his reflection in his mom's mirror, only this time he noticed her hand reaching under the blankets and grabbing Chase's erection through his pants.

"'re so hard." She murmured in a husky voice. "Do you like my body, Chase? Tell me."

Chase whispered something Marco didn't quite catch. The words went straight to the teenager's groin, however; it sounded like he was saying 'don't tease me, you slut!' Marco wanted so badly to know what else Chase had planned for his mom. He wished desperately to see her naked body, to touch her breasts with his bare hands...

Eventually, Chase and Mrs. Lopez stopped giggling and became very quiet. The movements under the sheets ceased entirely, leaving only silence. After a long pause, Marco glanced over at his mom's bed. She and Chase lay still, staring at each other with wide smiles on their faces. Neither seemed to care that their new relationship had been discovered by a third party.

"Marco, are you having fun? Chase and I are just going to take a short break, okay?" She called softly.

Marco shrugged and turned away, pretending to pay attention to the game. He watched in the bedroom mirror as his mom began to straddle Chase. Soon, the boy had slipped out from underneath the blanket to reveal he was completely naked, save his socks.

As he pulled down Marco's mom's panties, Chase looked over at him and grinned. "It's ok man, this doesn't bother you... does it?"

Marco's face burned red, but he said nothing. Instead, he focused on his game, ignoring the pair behind him.

Marco's mom huge tits pressed against Chase's tiny white head. Her nipples hardened instantly and she moaned softly at the sensation.

Chase moved his mouth up and down her breast, taking time to lick around its perimeter and kissing it gently. Next, Chase starting sucking on her giant brown tits like a baby, while his dick hardened against her stomach.

With a moan of ecstasy, Marco's mom threw her head back and lifted her leg to hook over Chase's shoulder, exposing her swollen pussy.

Chase quickly buried his face in between his mom's thighs and started licking hungrily.

As Chase eagerly tasted the juices from Marco's mom's vagina, he closed his eyes tightly and began to stroke her clit with his finger. Her pussy was already soaked and ready for penetration, but she enjoyed the added stimulation immensely.

Mrs. Lopez let out a high pitched whimper, arching her back as Chase fingered her sensitive clitoris. She gripped the comforter tightly and closed her eyes as Chase lapped up the sweet fluids seeping from her body.

Marco couldn't stand it any longer, his erection ached so bad. As he unzipped his pants and released his throbbing member from the confines of its prison, he turned to look at the couple beside him. Just as he did so, Chase plunged his index finger deep inside of Marco's mom's hole.

Marco's cock jumped violently at the sight. Chase looked up from where he knelt between the woman's legs, grinning smugly at him.

Marco stared in fascination as his friend withdrew his finger from within the folds of Mrs. Lopez' tight tunnel. Chase brought the dripping digit to his lips and sucked greedily. Then, without warning, he shoved it back into the moist depths.

Mrs. Lopez bucked wildly at this new sensation, gasping with surprise. Chase's fingers probed deeper still until he found the small nub hidden in the folds of her inner walls.

The pressure on Marco's shaft became too intense and he gave in to the urge to start pumping his raging erection. He desperately wished that the action was being performed on his own cock.

The friction provided by his mom's luscious body as he thrust against her thick ass drove Chase mad with lust. He fucked her faster and faster, increasing the tempo of his strokes as his balls slapped audibly against her pubic mound.

Finally, the pair reached their limit. With one final shuddering thrust, they collapsed upon the bed in exhaustion. Both gasped for breath, utterly drained and blissfully satisfied. Chase rested his chin between Marco's mom's ample breasts as she idly traced shapes on his back with her fingertip.

Marco lay silently next to them, his own penis now spent and limp. He fought to maintain control as he gazed upon his mother's post-sex glow. She lay completely naked on top of the rumpled sheets, her curvy body covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her enormous brown tits and ass lay in contrast to Chase's skinny white body. They both stared into each other's eyes.

After what felt like an eternity, Chase finally broke the silence. "So...uh, Marco, did you enjoy that?" He inquired coyly.

"I dunno..." Marco stuttered. "I mean, yeah...I guess... I mean, it's cool, right?"

Both Chase and his mother burst out laughing. Marco felt blood rush to his cheeks as he tried unsuccessfully to hide his embarrassment.

"Yeah, nerd, your mom is definitely cool," Chase said, chuckling as he slapped the woman's huge tits together one final time.

Hey guys I'm not getting commissions anymore but I thought I'd still share some of my creative side with you in the form of these NovelAI prompts I've come up with. They will very much closely resemble the commissions I've had done throughout the years, {} with different characters but based on many of the models I love like Danica Collins, Shanie Gaviria, etc. I will post accompanying pictures but a quick google will find you plenty of material on the woman. They will be short but sweet, I will try to have both a bit of slow burn as well as a quick payoff at the same time.

I'm locking the thread so it doesn't get endlessly flooded but if you guys like any of these stories or just want to tell me something just pm me. And feel free to take any characters/ideas you want from here and run with them, I'm doing this for free so I don't care. Also all characters are 18+ regardless of how I describe their physical traits. Just consider the boys to be manlets  ;D

Just Another Cool Mom (Mom based on Shanie Gaviria) (Written with Novelai's Kayra)

Meet Marco, a shy 18-year-old Latino boy who lived in a small town just outside of Boston. Marco had always been the quiet type, keeping to himself and rarely engaging in social activities. But despite his introverted nature, he couldn’t help but be intrigued by his younger next-door neighbor, a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy named Chase. Marco often found himself staring at Chase from afar, marveling at his bright personality and effortless charm.

Despite their differences, the two boys had one common interest – gaming. Marco was a self-proclaimed nerd, obsessed with anything related to computers and video games, while Chase was more of a casual gamer, content with playing a few rounds of Mario Kart or Street Fighter.

One afternoon, while both boys were sitting in their respective bedrooms, Marco couldn’t help but overhear the faint sound of Chase screaming profanities as he played Call of Duty. Unable to resist the temptation, Marco stepped out of his room and walked over to Chase’s house.

Marco stood outside Chase's front door, hesitant to knock. Finally, he mustered up the courage and rapped on the door softly. A moment later, the door opened, revealing a smirking Chase.

"Hey man, what's up?" Chase said nonchalantly. "I didn't think you were much of a gamer."

Marco rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Yeah... I'm pretty good actually," he replied modestly.

"Well, why don't you come in and prove it?" Chase motioned for Marco to follow him inside.

Over the next few weeks, Marco and Chase engaged in many heated battles online, each boy trying to prove his dominance in every game they played. Despite his best efforts, Marco was unable to beat Chase at anything other than Super Smash Bros. Chase taunted him endlessly, calling him a "nerd" and a "loser" whenever he failed to win.

One day while Marco was gaming with Chase, his mother walked into the room wearing a tight tank top that exposed her massive cleavage. "Marco honey, are you sure you shouldn't be doing your chores right now? The dishes need to be washed!" she exclaimed, unaware of the effect her curves were having on the boys. Marco blushed deeply, embarrassed by his mom's display of skin. Chase smirked, watching as his nerdy friend struggled to formulate a response.

"Actually Ms. Lopez, would you like to play with us? It's not very fun without some competition," Chase suggested slyly. Mrs. Lopez smiled sweetly at the charming blond boy. "Why yes, I'd love to play with you boys! Can I use Marco's laptop or is there a spare controller?"

Without waiting for an answer, Marco's mother pulled up a chair and sat down beside Chase, exposing her full breasts as she leaned forward to pick up the controller. Marco could feel his cock growing hard inside his pants, and he tried to adjust himself discreetly.

Mrs. Lopez quickly got bored with the first-person shooter game Chase had set up, and she insisted on playing Super Smash Bros., which was her favorite game. The three players soon found themselves in an intense battle, with Marco and Chase working together to defeat his mom's Princess Peach.
 As the match ended, Chase glanced over at Marco and winked, sending a jolt of electricity down Marco's spine.

However, the feeling didn't last long as Mrs. Lopez declared herself the victor. She flashed her large tits at both boys, making them blush simultaneously. "Well, it looks like I won! Maybe you should take a little break and start doing the chores," she giggled.

With a defeated look on his face, Marco slowly put away his laptop and headed to the kitchen to do the dishes. Chase watched him leave, feeling a sense of victory over his nerdy neighbor. He turned his attention back to Mrs. Lopez, who was currently beating him in Super Smash Bros.

As Marco began washing the dirty dishes, he couldn't help but feel jealous of Chase and how easy it seemed for him to win over women. Marco sighed, scrubbing the stubborn grime from the sink drain. Meanwhile, his mother and Chase were laughing loudly, sharing stories and trash-talking each other.

A sudden wave of anger rushed through Marco, causing him to drop a glass plate. The dish shattered into pieces on the ground, sending bits of glass everywhere. His mom must have been so preoccupied playing with Chase that she didn't notice. Feeling frustrated and humiliated, Marco threw the rest of the dishes onto the floor and stomped out of the kitchen.

Moments later, he walked up to his room to see his door closed and the muffled sound of video game noises coming from inside. He slammed his fist against the door angrily.

"Mom, why the fuck is my door closed?!

His mother's voice responded with annoyance, "How dare you speak to me in that tone? I raised you better than this!"

"Open this door right now!"


"Mom, please open it! I just want to talk to you."

After several minutes of silence, Marco hears his mother's footsteps walking towards the door. Slowly, the door opens to reveal Chase smirking smugly at him.

Marco burst into his room, his eyes darting between his mother and Chase.

"What's going on?" he demanded.

"Your mother and I were just chatting, no big deal," Chase shrugged, clearly amused by the situation.

"But why was my door closed?"

Mrs. Lopez rolled her eyes. "You're such a baby, Marco. We were having fun, and we didn't want to be bothered by all the noise you were making downstairs"

Marco frowned. "I wasn't making any noise! You know what? Forget it."

As he turned to leave, his mother grabbed his arm roughly. "Stop being dramatic! All you want to do is play video games, but you never seem to take care of anything else," she huffed.

Marco glanced at Chase, who was sitting on his bed grinning. He wanted so badly to punch the stupid smile off his face.

"Uh I guess I better get going now. This seems like something the two of you need to work out on your own," Chase stood up and began to walk towards the door. As he passed Marco, he whispered in his ear, "She's all yours..."

"Chase, wait, let me walk you to the door!" Mrs. Lopez exclaimed, rushing past her son to escort Chase outside. "I'll be back in a sec, ok?"

The sound of his mother's footsteps descending the staircase did nothing to ease Marco's nerves. How could she side with Chase, a complete stranger? He clenched his fists tightly, his face reddening with fury.

Moments later, he heard his mother return to the room.

"Don't you ever you profanity at me again, young man!" She scolded him before slapping him across the face. Her palm struck him with such force that tears sprang from his eyes.

"I'm sorry Mom... please stop," he begged weakly.

Instead of accepting his apology, his mother slapped him even harder than before. "Do not make me tell you twice."

The pain coursing through his body was unbearable, but it soon gave way to rage as he felt betrayed by his own flesh and blood.

That night, Marco fell asleep with his face pressed against his pillow, still fuming over the events of the day. However, his anger soon shifted to something else when he awoke to find Chase straddling his mother, her large breasts bouncing wildly as he thrust into her.

Marco watched in awe as Chase pounded his mother mercilessly, her moans echoing throughout the room. He knew he should be disgusted, but he couldn't deny his growing arousal as his cock strained painfully beneath his shorts.

Suddenly, Chase looked up and made direct eye contact with Marco. Smirking mischievously, he picked up the pace, driving his hips into Mrs. Lopez's ass with reckless abandon.

As Marco lay there, unable to tear his gaze away, Chase's words echoed through his mind:

"I told you I'd get your mom first, nerd."

Finally, Marco woke up, his cock throbbing desperately and covered in sticky wetness. Shaking his head in disbelief, he glanced at the clock beside his bed. It was 1 am, which meant he only had about 5 hours of sleep to go before he had to wake up. What a terrible nightmare, he thought to himself. But deep down he was turned on, and ashamed about it....

Marco came downstairs the next morning to find his mother sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of toast and scrambled eggs in front of her. He sat down in the seat across from her, unsure of what to say. After an awkward silence, his mother finally spoke.

"Marco, I'm so sorry about last night. I didn't mean to get so upset with you."

Her son shook his head. "It's okay Mom, I forgive you."

"And...about the door incident...that was pretty wrong of me to lock you out. I'll try not to let it happen again."

Marco smiled sheepishly. "Thanks, Mom."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Both Marco and his mother glanced at each other nervously, unsure of who was knocking this early in the morning. Hesitantly, his mother opened the door to reveal none other than Chase standing there with a box of muffins in his hand.

"Good morning! I just wanted to bring you guys something to eat and apologize for everything that happened. I hope we can be friends again soon." Chase flashed his signature grin, causing Mrs. Lopez's cheeks to turn pink. She kissed Chase on the forehead, squeezing her enormous breasts against him.

"Of course, dear," she cooed, giggling slightly.

Marco watched the scene with disgust. Why would his mother kiss him like that when he's clearly a jerk?

After finishing the muffins that Chase brought, Marco's mother decided that the boys should play more video games while she took a shower. They agreed, eager to bond over their shared love of gaming.

However, Marco couldn't help but feel a knot in his stomach as his mother disappeared up the stairs. Chase smirked at him devilishly, and

Marco knew that he was planning something.

"So, what game do you want to play today, nerd?" Chase asked.

"Mario Kart?" Marco suggested.

"Oh yeah, that sounds good!"

The boys began their game, each determined to beat the other.

 As Marco began to fall behind, he noticed that Chase was adjusting the controller, a subtle shift in position that allowed him to steer more smoothly and speed ahead.

Anger bubbled up inside of him as he realized that Chase was cheating. Determined to catch him off guard, Marco reached out and pulled on one of Chase's legs, causing him to lose balance and fall off the track.

"What the hell was that for? You're such a loser, Marco."

Ignoring his comment, Marco continued to play, managing to pass Chase and win the game.

"That was a close call, eh nerd?" Chase nudged Marco, laughing.

"Yeah, whatever," Marco muttered. He hated Chase more and more with each passing minute.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lopez appeared Marco's room, wearing only a towel draped loosely around her hips. She sauntered over to the boys, her boobs jiggling deliciously under the flimsy fabric.

"Hey boys, how are you doing?" she smiled warmly.

Marco grimaced, feeling self-conscious under his mother's stare. "We're fine, Mom. Don't you need to get dressed or something? This is kind of weird..."

His mother raised an eyebrow, "Nonsense, honey! I don't see anything inappropriate going on here. Besides, I want to know what games you're playing today."

Chase nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, I was thinking maybe Super Smash Bros. or Call of Duty!"

Marco groaned internally. "No, Mom, that's not really your style..." he protested.

His mother smiled at him reassuringly, "I can handle a little violence in my life, Marco. Now, who wants to play Super Smash Bros.?"

Chase raised his hand eagerly, "Me, me!"

Marco reluctantly handed his mother a controller, unable to stop staring at her large breasts and tiny waist. There was definitely no way in hell his mom was slutty enough to be interested in his newfound friend. Chase grinned widely at Marco as he watched him admire his mom's body. He elbowed him, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

They began the game, and as expected, Chase immediately beat everyone. He laughed triumphantly, celebrating with Marco's mom.

"Well done, dear! That was so fun!" she squealed, pressing her breasts up against him. "What should we play next?"

Marco stared at Chase and his mother in horror as they played against each other. He couldn't believe that his mom was acting like such a slut, encouraging Chase to grab her tits and push his pelvis up against hers.

As the match ended, Mrs. Lopez jumped up and down, excited that she beat Chase once.

"That was amazing, Chase! You're the best!" she gushed.

Marco glared daggers at Chase, disgusted by his behavior towards his mom. "Okay, that's enough," he snapped. "This isn't cool, Chase."

Chase raised his hands in defense, "I'm just having fun, bro! It's not my fault you don't know how to have fun!"

"Well, you should probably leave. Now," Marco growled.

Chase sighed, rolling his eyes. "Fine. Later, dude."

As Chase made his way out of the house, he flashed his trademark grin at Mrs. Lopez one last time. She returned the favor, giving him a flirtatious wink.

Marco stared after Chase, fuming. This guy seriously needs to go...

After Chase left, Marco's mom turned to her son. "What was that all about?"

"What was what about?" Marco snapped.

"The way you treated Chase," she responded, folding her arms across her chest.

Her son shook his head. "Are you seriously defending that jerk right now? He practically had his cock rubbing against you!"

Mrs. Lopez frowned, "That's no way to talk about a guest in our home, Marco. And I think you might be a little jealous. Am I right?"

Marco scoffed. "What? Jealous? Don't be ridiculous."

His mother smirked, "I knew it! You just wish you could be more like him..."

He knew he wasn't being entirely honest, but his feelings were hurt by her accusations. "Whatever, Mom. I just thought you were better than that. You really stooped low tonight."

"Stooped low? Are you talking about the fact that I kissed him on the cheek? Big deal! At least someone cares about me." She stormed out of the room, leaving Marco alone with his thoughts.


As the days turned into weeks, Marco found himself growing increasingly distant from his mother. He was still angry that she had acted so slutty that day around Chase, and remained distant towards her. Chase had not come over his house since.

One afternoon, Marco arrived home from school to find his bedroom door closed and the sound of voices coming from the inside. He cautiously opened the door to reveal his mom and Chase sitting cross-legged on the floor, playing Mario Kart.

Marco froze in shock. What the fuck are these two doing together?

"Hey, Marco! Come join us!" his mother said cheerfully.

"Why is he back here?" Marco hissed.

Mrs. Lopez frowned. "Honey, we're all friends now, okay? I thought you two made up last week."

Marco shook his head incredulously. "That's not true at all! He's just using you, Mom, don't you see it?"

His mother's face flushed red. "Using me? Get a grip, Marco. You need to learn how to get over things instead of being such a drama queen."

The words stung as she spat them out. Was his own mother seriously siding with this guy over him?

"Well if you don't want to play with us, I'm taking the console to my room," his mother announced, packing up the game and exiting the room. "Then you can have the room to yourself while Chase and I have fun".

"Don't be such a baby, Marco! Your mom is great," Chase commented nonchalantly as he followed her. Marco watched his mom's huge asscheeks bounce together in her yoga pants as she left his room with the skinny white boy tagging right behind her.

Furious, Marco sat down on his bed and sulked. Why won't anyone take me seriously anymore?

Several hours passed, and eventually Marco ventured downstairs to grab some food. As he walked by his mother's room, he heard the sounds of fighting characters and giggling girls. Deciding to investigate further, he inched open the door and peeked inside. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Marco's mom and Chase were sprawled out on the bed, laughing hysterically as they played the fighting game together. Her large breasts bounced enticingly under her tight tank top, causing Chase to stare openly and occasionally touch her thighs. His mother seemed oblivious to Chase's advances, focusing intensely on the screen.

As Marco watched, Chase reached over and pulled on Mrs. Lopez's shirt, revealing her cleavage to his hungry eyes. When she glanced down, surprised, he moved his hand to squeeze her tits aggressively, causing them to spill out over the tops of her bra cups.

"Chase! Cut it out!" she giggled, shoving his hand away. "This isn't funny."

Chase grinned mischievously. "Come on, Mrs. Lopez. Let me see your titties. I've been dying to check those puppies out for a while now."

Mrs. Lopez blushed bright red, struggling to put her boobs back in their proper place. "Stop being ridiculous, Chase. If you're not going to behave, I'm sending you home!"

"Uh, mom? What's going on?"

Chase and Mrs. Lopez jerked upright as they realized that Marco was standing in the doorway.

"Shit...nothing's happening here, dude. Your mom and I were just playing video games." Chase cleared his throat.

"Video games?" Marco seethed.

"Yes, Marco, we're friends! We both enjoy video games, and you don't have to get so mad about everything," his mother said matter-of-factly.

Marco stared at them in shock. Is my own mother seriously defending Chase right now?!

Frustrated, he spun on his heels and ran back upstairs to his room, slamming the door behind him. Tears of anger burned his eyes as he replayed the scene over and over again in his head. He felt sick to his stomach, thinking of his mother with that slimeball. And then he remembered the time when Chase bragged that he would steal her before him. Had that already happened?

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